BERINBA PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                     P&C NEWS    Term 2 Week 9 2010
 President: Sharon Kemp                Canteen Convener: Liz Rhodes                     Book Club: Wendy Kelly
 Secretary: Janelle Waters             Uniform Shop: Raygan Davis              Sports Convener: Sherree Bush
 Treasurer: Michelle Sutton            School Banking: Angela Parker                    Grounds: Ray Claydon

  BERINBAS FAVOURITE RECIPES                                            INFANTS GALA DAY
Thank you to those who have sent recipes in                   The special Sports Gala afternoon held for K-
already. Keep contributing recipes for the                    2 was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
recipe book by sending them to                                Congratulations to the K-2 staff for organizing
                                                              the activities. It was great to see so many                               parents supporting the afternoon and it is
                                                              hoped that some will return to assist with the
   Please include you childs name and class
                                                              regular Wednesday sports afternoon
                 with your recipe.
If you don’t have access to email then please
 send your handwritten recipes to the school                      KITCHEN EQUIPMENT NEEDED
       office labeled ‘P&C Recipe Book.’
 Our next meeting is on Tues 22nd June 2pm                    Mrs. Baston’s class has been busy producing
 in the canteen. Anyone interested in helping                 some mouth watering meals for staff as part
   with the recipe book is welcome to attend.                 of their life skills program. The P&C are
   Apologies to those who made the effort to                  working with Mrs. Baston to equip the
  attend the last meeting that was cancelled.                 kitchenette with suitable utensils. If you have
                                                              crockery, cutlery, saucepans, or other excess
  SCHOOL SPECTACULAR CHOIR                                    kitchen equipment gathering dust at home
                                                              please contact the office with your offer and
Congratulations to Mrs. Dawes, Mrs. Armour                    either Sharon Kemp or Mrs. Baston will make
and all the students involved in this year’s                  contact.
choir who have been accepted into the school
spectacular program for 2010. The P&C                                   NEW SPORTS SHIRT
decided at their last meeting to donate $500
towards the group’s trip.                                     Orders are still being accepted for the new
                                                              sports shirt until Friday 25th June.
                                                              Order forms are available from the front
                                                              office. Families who are experiencing
The items for the proposed new girl’s school                  financial difficulty with the purchase of these
uniform are still on display in the front office.             shirts are urged to contact the school
Current options for the boys are also on                      principal to discuss available options.
Please take the opportunity to view them.                               CHOCOLATE DRIVE
Please complete the attached survey and                       The schools annual chocolate drive will be
return to the front office by                                 taking place early next term. Each family will
                  FRIDAY 25TH JUNE                            be asked to sell a box containing 48 Freddo
 .Please respond as your comments will                        frogs of varying flavours. A note will be sent
determine what we suggest to the school                       home week 1 of Term 3 with more detailed
executive staff as our new school uniform.                    information including the options of parent
                                                              pick up and parent request not to participate.
                                                              This is our biggest fundraiser for the year so
                                                              please assist if possible.
             Tues 10th August 2010                                           UNIFORM SHOP
                                                                        OPEN EVERY MONDAY
              Staff Common Room
                                                                           8.30 – 9.30am

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