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					                                                                                                              September 2008

Serving Santa Barbara
                                                        101 bikepath in jeopardy
We’re a countywide advocacy
                                      Our Bicycle Coalition officers Wilson Hubbell and
and resource organization that
promotes bicycling for safe           Ralph Fertig have attended three Caltrans’ meet-
transportation and recreation.        ings since August 2007 concerning bicyclist safety
                                      along a section of Highway 101. The six-mile
How to reach us                       section in question is targeted for a $151 million
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
PO Box 92047
                                      roadway widening project between Mobile Pier in
Santa Barbara CA 93190-2047           Ventura County, and Casitas Pass Road in Santa
phone 962-1479                        Barbara County.
email                     During the two recent meetings in February
                                      and June, they were shown photo simulations of
September 2nd meeting                 a proposed bikepath between the highway and
Join us for our general meeting:      the Union Pacific railroad. Bicyclists today have
Tuesday, September 2nd                to ride on the highway shoulder in non-standard         Currently, cyclists ride on the shoulder of Highway 101,
12:00 noon                            conditions; the proposed bikepath would offer           here contending with the entrance road at La Conchita.
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
                                      us a separate, safer means of travel all the way
Community Room                                                                                   If the bikepath is constructed, it will connect
1021 Anacapa Street                   between Ventura and Santa Barbara, either on
                                                                                              the old Rincon Highway with Bates Road. North-
Santa Barbara                         bikepaths or the quiet Rincon Highway.
                                                                                              bound cyclists would be prohibited from using
                                          At the June meeting, we extensively discussed
Online email list                                                                             the highway shoulder; southbound cyclists would
                                      safety issues, especially dealing with bicyclist con-
We sponsor a free online email                                                                have the option of using the 101 shoulder, or tak-
forum where you can post and
                                      flicts at an upcoming pedestrian tunnel under the
                                                                                              ing the bikepath.
read messages about regional          road at La Conchita. We left the meeting feeling
                                                                                                 Caltrans is holding another public meeting
bicycling issues. To subscribe,       optimistic that safer cycling was coming for thou-
send an email to:                                                                             where these and other options will be discussed:
                                      sands who pedal there.                                                                        Tuesday, September 9, 6:00 PM
                                          Caltrans, however, just published an Initial
Leave the subject and body
                                      Study/Environmental Assessment that now says                        Carpinteria Middle School
                                      that the bikepath is a project option. Option A will           5351 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria
Join our Coalition                    keep us on the highway shoulder. Option B would         Please consider attending and speaking out for
You can help improve bicycling        provide an 8-foot bikepath. We feel strongly that       our safety. If we don’t get this bikepath funded as
safety and conditions in
                                      the bikepath is a major safety improvement.             part of a major highway project, we can forget it.
Santa Barbara County by
joining others in our bicycling
advocacy group. See page 6.
                                           Cyclists finish cross-country Bike and Build tour
CycleSmart program
The Santa Barbara Bicycle
                                      Since 2003, the nonprofit Bike and Build has organized summer bike tours across the US for young
Coalition’s CycleSmart bicyclist      people. Each year, they have added another east-to-west route, and for 2008, a group of 31 pedaled from
education program offers                                                                        Boston to Santa Barbara for the first time.
bicycling skills classes. Details                                                                  The tours are more than just rides. Every few
at CycleSmart/
                                                                                                days, they stop and spend a day or more working
apply.html, or email
coordinators at CycleSmart@                                                                     on low-income housing projects. The money that                                                                                     each cyclist raises for the trip is used to help fi-
                                                                                                nance such projects. Over the past five years, they
Bici Centro program                                                                             have raised over a million dollars, and pedaled over
Bici Centro of Santa Barbara
is our community bicycle
                                                                                                2.2 million miles.
program, helping people who                                                                        On August 14th, family, friends, plus the Bicycle
bicycle. Look at www.sbbike.                                                                    Coalition’s Drew Hunter and Ralph Fertig were at
org/bici/BiciCentro.html, or                                                                    East Beach to welcome the cyclists. Following that,
phone 617-3255.
                                                                                                Fertig led a tour of Santa Barbara’s low-income
                                                                                                housing projects, bicycle facilities, and city land-
 Quick Release is published                                                                     marks to those who couldn’t stop biking.
 monthly by the Santa Barbara
 Bicycle Coalition, PO Box                                                                         Next year, perhaps we can organize some celebra-
 92047, Santa Barbara, CA
                                      Stoked Bike and Build cyclists celebrate their arrival in tory event for them? To learn more, go to http://
 93190. Subscribe for $25 per
                                      Santa Barbara on August 14th.                   
 year. Issue # 203.
       August Coalition                                 Coalition asks UCSB to replace bikepath
       meeting topics                            A new campus bikepath is slated for re-
Our August 5th monthly Bicycle Coalition         moval as part of the proposed Ocean Sci-
meeting was held in Downtown Santa Bar-          ence Education Building (OSEB). Concerned
bara, attracting 16 people to discuss these      at the loss of the bikepath on the west side
topics:                                          of Lagoon Road, our Bicycle Coalition has
                                                 expressed dismay and proposed that a new
   Ralph Fertig reported on UCSB’s proposed
   bikepath removal to make space for the        one be built on the east side to replace it.
   Ocean Science Education Building.                The $7.5 million OSEB is a collaborative
   Bikelane construction progress and sign       effort between UCSB and the National Oce-
   changes at Mission Street/Highway 101         anic and Atmospheric Administration. It
   undercrossing were described.                 will be located on the northwest corner of
   Pierre Delong described motorists pulling     the intersection of Lagoon and UCEN Roads.
   over the State Street bikelane and sidewalk      In an August 20th letter to the Univer-
                                                                                                   This shows the current unpaved path along the
   before exiting Five Points shopping.          sity’s office of Planning and Design, we          east side of Lagoon Road, one that could become a
   Ralph Fertig said that he will be attending   objected to removing the one bikepath that        paved all-weather bikepath.
   the Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference in Seattle   would service the new building. We wrote,
   in September.                                 “The Bicycle Plan for Construction guidelines        We proposed a mitigation for the loss of
   Ed France described numerous activities at    adopted by the Campus Planning Commit-            the current bikepath by providing a continu-
   the Bici Centro community bike program,       tee last April states that new buildings and      ation of the existing one on the east side
   noting that their Youth Earn-a-Bike program   expansions must have a bike route that con-       of Lagoon Road south to the intersection
   is continuing.                                nects to a dedicated bike parking area at the     of UCEN Road. It would entail relocation of
   A possible visit and presentation by Prof.    building. We see none.”                           some palm trees. The unpaved path there
   John Pucher in October was discussed.            The University’s draft environmental as-       shows bike tire treads indicating that it’s
   Lori la Riva described the great start of     sessment document says that bicyclists cur-       already a convenient path for bicyclists. The
   the Commute Challenge program open to         rently using the Lagoon Road bikepath will        Lagoon/UCEN intersection could become a
   bicyclists and others.                        be redirected to the path north of Bren and       4-way stop, serving motorists and those en-
   Judy Keim described taking a car-free fam-    concludes “the proposed project will not ef-      tering and leaving the new bikepath.
   ily on local bike and kayak tours.            fect bicycle access.” However, that route will       Our letter finally notes a proposed new
                                                 be longer, busier and more twisting than the      bike parking area west of the OSEB, along
                                                 current one for some campus trips. What           UCEN Road, but there’s no indication of
                                                 some will do is bike on narrow Lagoon Road        how bicyclists will reach it. We’ll follow the
                                                 itself, blocking motorists.                       project and let you know what’s happening.

                                                    Pardall work begins                               New Carpinteria
                                                 It’s taken eight years of planning, but finally
                                                 bicyclist and pedestrian improvements
                                                                                                    bridge signs installed
                                                 have started for Pardall Road in Isla Vista.
                                                 Through motorists will be stopped by a
                                                 mid-block island, and wider sidewalks will
                                                 encourage walking. New bike racks and
                                                 trees are coming, part of the IV Master Plan.

                                                                                                   New Santa Ynez Avenue signs remove confusion
                                                                                                   for both motorists and bicyclists.

                                                                                                   Thanks to Jon Lewis and Carpinteria’s Traf-
                                                                                                   fic Safety Committee for removing “WALK
                                                                                                   ALL BICYCLES OVER BRIDGE” signs on Santa
                                                                                                   Ynez Avenue crossing of Highway 101.
                                                 An overgrown island that blocked views for
                                                 motorists and bicyclists has been removed at      We’re pleased to see new signs “NARROW
                                                 Pardall Road and Camino Pescadero.                BRIDGE” and “WATCH OUT FOR CHILDREN.”

Quick Release ~ September 2008 ~ Page 2
    Street Skills Class                                 EcoBike opens in                                Bike/Walk forum set
   September 18-20th                                      Carpinteria                                     for October 18th
Every other month, we offer our Street Skills     A new electric-assist bicycle is available at        Our Bicycle Coali-
for Cyclists classes. This is your chance to      EcoBike outlet at 4193 Carpinteria Avenue,           tion is working with
save gas money and hone your bicycling            Unit #3, in Carpinteria. The bikes come              COAST to bring Pro-
knowledge and skills for biking confidently       from Scott Shaw who was the designer be-             fessor John Pucher
around town. Tell others about our class:         hind Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company          to give a presenta-
       Street Skills for Cyclists Class           that closed a year ago. What Shaw learned            tion as part of a
  Thursday, September 18, 5:30-8:30 PM            from that experience was that bikes should           2-hour forum on bi-
 Saturday, September 20, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM          be sturdier, be well equipped for local trips,       cycling and walking.
      Granada Garage, Santa Barbara               and have a longer range under power.                 Pucher, currently at
The class is open to anybody 16 years of                                                               Rutgers University,
age or older, or younger with supervision.                                                             has specialized in bi- Professor John Pucher.
The class costs $30, however ask about                                                                 cycle and pedestrian
scholarships. Learn more about the class at                                                            issues for 20 years, publishing numerous Direct
                                                                                                       papers dealing with facilities and safety.
questions to Dru van Hengel at 564-5544                                                                   Pucher’s presentation will be followed
or email her                                                            by a forum with Supervisor Janet Wolf,
                                                                                                       Councilman Grant House, and CEC Energy
                                                                                                       Program Associate Michael Chiacos. Mark
 Union Valley Parkway                                                                                  your calendars, it will be here:

  to have bikelanes                                                                                              Saturday, October 18th
                                                                                                                   10:30 AM-12:30 PM
               by Wilson Hubbell                                                                         Santa Barbara Library’s Faulkner Gallery
Caltrans, Santa Maria and the County of                                                                Watch for more details of this exciting event
Santa Barbara are working collaboratively                                                              coming in October Quick Release.
to build a major east-west roadway in the
Santa Maria/Orcutt area. On August 12 they
rolled out four possible roadway alignments                                                              Bici Centro expands
                                                                                                          to meed demand
to a large audience of local residents at the
                                                  Scott Shaw stands in front of his Carpinteria shop
Santa Maria Marriott, and then began taking
                                                  with his new folding EcoBike model.
comments.                                                                                              Bici Centro of Santa
    The proposed Union Valley Parkway             There are currently two models, both “step-          Barbara, our local
would be a new, four-lane arterial roadway        through” designs with aluminum frames,               community bike
extending 2½ miles from Blosser Road to           lithium ion batteries, front suspension,             program, is pleased
Highway 101. The $36 million proposal has         fenders, racks, front and read LED lights,           to report that it’s
two components: The construction of the           and bells. One of the bikes is a folding             Youth Earn-a-Bike
road—with Class II bikelanes along the en-        model that comes with a carrying bag. The            program was a
tire length—and the construction of a new         battery pack pulls out for recharging, so            success for both of its summer sessions.
freeway interchange where the road inter-         riders can pedal without it, or slip it in for       Youth classes will resume the fourth week
sects with Highway 101.                           travel up to 20 miles.                               of September for students 12-16 years old.
    Cyclists in the Santa Maria Valley have           In Santa Barbara, the EcoBikes are also          Register in person at Bici Centro, 601 East
long complained about the scarcity of east-       available at VeloPro. There will be a grand          Montecito Street, Santa Barbara.
west bicycling facilities in the Orcutt area.     opening of the Carpinteria shop on Septem-              The popular summer adult bike mainte-
Although a four-lane arterial with 45 MPH         ber 10-13, so stop by.                               nance class was also full. The next 8-week
traffic is not something that a bicyclist would                                                        session will begin the fourth week of Sep-
normally see as desirable, 2½ miles of new               Exercise essential to prevent                 tember. Registration is on a first-come ba-
bikelane extending east-west across the en-                   weight loss regain                       sis on their website
tire Orcutt community is being viewed as a          A study of 5000 men and women who lost                Regular shop hours will continue
positive development for cyclists.                  an average 70 pounds, and kept the weight          through the fall: Thursdays 4:00-8:00 PM,
                                                    off for six years, shows that large lifestyle
    All four of the roadway alignment pro-                                                             and Saturdays 1:00-7:00 PM. Newly added
                                                    changes—like bicycling 60 to 90 minutes a
posals include the bikelanes. Our Coalition         day—were needed to keep them slim.                 will be a Tuesday 4:00-8:00 PM program
will be monitoring the progress of the proj-        Brown University’s Professor Rena Wing             for volunteers who wish to build their own
ect and providing comments to Caltrans,             reported that those who successfully               bicycles from parts.
Santa Maria and the County of Santa Barba-          kept weight off now rarely go to fast food            Volunteers are always welcome, as are
ra. More project information, including pic-        restaurants, watch little TV, eat breakfast        any bike components and road bike dona-
                                                    each day, and maintain a high level of
tures and maps, is available at http://www.                                                            tions. For more information, phone 617-
                                                    physical activity.                                                                     3255 or email

                                                                                                         Quick Release ~ September 2008 ~ Page 3
Coalition recommends Measure A for better                                                                      Upcoming bike
 Purisima roundabout   and safer biking                                                                      meetings and events
Following Caltrans’ July 16th public meet-                The Measure A transportation tax renewal
                                                                                                            Summer is passing, but fall is perhaps the
ing on proposed safety improvements along                 will be on the November 4th ballot, and our
                                                                                                            best season for biking. Check our website
Highway 246 between Buellton and Lompoc,                  Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors urges
                                                                                                            for ongoing updates and longer event de-
we mailed comments to Caltrans on inter-                  you to vote for it because it will fund local
                                                                                                            scriptions at
section options at Purisima Road and 246.                 street maintenance, safe routes to schools,
                                                          and bicycle projects.                             September 2, Bicycle Coalition General
                                                             A new website with information about           Meeting, sponsored by our Bicycle Coali-
                                                          the measure is at www.YesOnMeasureA2008.          tion. Meeting at noon, Community Room at
                                                          com. Volunteers are needed to help the mea-       the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust building,
                                                          sure attain the necessary 2/3 vote. Details       1021 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara. Phone
                                                          are on the website.                               president Ralph Fertig, 962-1479 or email
                                                                                                            him at with questions.

                                                                   Wet Willy Sez
                                                                                                            September 5, Safe Routes to School Task
                                                                                                            Force Meeting, sponsored by COAST. This is
                                                          Dear Wet Willy: The brakes on the rear            a planning meeting for the upcoming school
                                                          wheel of my bike squeal like crazy and it’s       year. It’s at 10:00 AM at the Santa Barbara
                                                          embarrassing. The bike is less than 1 year        Bank & Trust’s Community Room, 1021
                                                          old and the brakes are decent (Shimano            Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara. Details from
In spite of clear views in all directions, intersection   105). Other people I ride with have simi-         Eva Inbar at 964-0472.
users tend to misunderstand others’ movements.            larly equipped bikes and their brakes don’t       September 6, Gourmet Challenge, spon-
Here is the view from Purisima Road looking south
toward Highway 246.
                                                          squeal. Any ideas? — Noisemaker                   sored by Jim Sobell. This charity event, run
                                                          Dear Noisemaker: Brake squeal can occur           out of Santa Ynez, benefit the Lance Arm-
The choices offered by Caltrans are con-                                                                    strong Foundation. Choose from 62-mile
                                                          for several reasons. Because your brakes are
trolling that high-crash intersection with                                                                  or 31-mile rides, or 5K or 10K walk/runs.
                                                          good quality and the pads are probably not
either traffic signals or a roundabout. In                                                                  Details and registration at www.thevineyard-
                                                          too worn, I’ll guess that either (1) your rims
our August 10th letter, we said “Of the two                                                        Fundraising required.
                                                          and/or brake pads are contaminated with
alternative safety improvements for the
                                                          road gunk, or (2) the rear portions of your       September 9, Highway 101 Widening Pub-
intersection, we feel that the roundabout
                                                          brake pads are contacting the rims before         lic Hearing, sponsored by Caltrans District
alternative is preferable. It’s partly because
                                                          the front portions do.                            7. This meeting will seek public comments
signals too frequently fail to detect bicy-
                                                             I’d remove the wheels from the bike            on an Initial Study/Environmental Assess-
clists, but mostly because of the overall
                                                          and clean the braking surfaces on the rims        ment for the proposed freeway widening
motorist safety improvement.” According
                                                          and brake pads with a wet rag. They may           plus new bikepath along Highway 101 near
to statistics distributed by Caltrans, motor-
                                                          not look like they’re dirty, but you’ll be        La Conchita. Meet at Carpinteria Middle
ist crashes are 67% lower with roundabouts
                                                          amazed at how much gunk comes off. Be             School, 5351 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinte-
compared with signaled intersections.
                                                          prepared to rinse the rag out several times       ria at 6:00 PM.
   We continued, “We are concerned with
                                                          before you’re through. Next, take a piece of
the roundabout design speed, however,                                                                       September 10-13, Carpinteria Grand Open-
                                                          sandpaper and sand the shiny part off of
and hope that the 20-25 MPH that we were                                                                    ing, sponsored by EcoBike. Stop by the new
                                                          the braking surfaces of the pads, and check
told at your July 16 workshop is indeed ac-                                                                 EcoBike shop at 4193 Carpinteria Avenue,
                                                          to see that no stones, dirt or other stuff is
curate. Because bicyclists are wise to ‘take                                                                Unit #3 to see their new electric-assist bikes.
                                                          embedded in the there too. Cleaning every-
the lane’ to avoid being cut off by exiting                                                                 Check their website
                                                          thing and sanding the pads should make
motorists, too great a speed differential can             the brakes quiet down.                            September 18 &20, Street Skills for Cy-
be dangerous to everybody.”                                  If the brakes still squeal after cleaning      clists, sponsored by our Bicycle Coalition.
   We’ll be following what happens there                  and sanding, the brake pads probably need         Tune up your bicycling skills with our two-
and be looking at designs as the project                  to be adjusted or replaced so that the front      day, 10-hour class. Learn about it and regis-
progresses.                                               portions of the pads (the part toward the         ter at
                                                          front of the bike) make contact with the          September 20-21, Bike MS Southern Cali-
         More bikes, fewer crashes
                                                          rims slightly before the rear portions do. I’d    fornia Ride, sponsored by the National Mul-
 In the three years since the Lyon, France
 “Vélo’v” bike sharing program started,                   recommend replacing the existing Shimano          tiple Sclerosis Society. Multiple choices be-
 bicycling in the city has tripled. However,              pads with Kool Stop salmon red pads that          tween Santa Barbara and Camarillo. Details
 the bicyclist crash numbers have stayed the              you can find at your local bike shop.             at
 same. This means that risk has decreased
 to a third of what it was four years ago.                                                                  September 28, Carpinteria Triathlon, spon-
                                                          “Wet Willy” is an advice column authored by
 The more cyclists on the roads, the more                                                                   sored by the City of Carpinteria. Choose
                                                          Coalition Vice President Wilson Hubbell. Please
 respect they receive.                                                                                      Courses with a 15K or 40K bike leg. Limit of
                                                          submit any questions you have about cycling
 — Jean-Louis Touraine, Deputy Mayor                                                                        800 participants. Details available at www.
                                                          issues to him at

Quick Release ~ September 2008 ~ Page 4
   Vision-impared cyclists take off                                                   We thank our active members
                                                                                  Please thank and support the following Bicycle Coalition business
                                                                                   	 Bicycle Bob’s, Santa Barbara
                                                                                   	 Nett & Champion Insurance Services, Santa Barbara
                                                                                   	 Open Air Bicycles, Santa Barbara
                                                                                   	 Pedal Power Bicycles, Santa Maria
                                                                                   	 Chris King Precision Components, Portland OR
                                                                                   	 Run Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
                                                                                   	 Hazard’s Cyclesport, Santa Barbara
                                                                                  In addition, we welcome our new members Carlos Morales, Bas-
                                                                                  tian Brintrup, Jair Alexis Herrera, Jorge Santana, Greg Burek,
                                                                                  Geraldo Trujillo, Peter Hale, Daniel Guerro, Alberto Maguña, and
                                                                                  Shiva Polefka.
                                                                                  And we greatly appreciate those who renewed their memberships:
                                                                                  Matt Dobberteen, Lane Anderson, Sally Lombrazo, Karen Gum-
                                                                                  tow, Paolo Gardineli, Amy Frease, Glenn Reinhart, Greg Janee,
Excited cyclists take off from Santa Barbara’s Braille Institute on the Cycling   Yolanda Blue, and Bruce Davis.
for Sight ride.

On August 1st, a group of 50 cyclists took off from Santa Barbara
for a three day ride to San Diego. Nothing too unusual except that
11 tandem bikes were included, consisting of a sighted “captain”
and a blind or vision-impared “stoker.” The ride was the fourth an-
nual, 200-mile Cycling for Sight event.
   The purpose of the ride was to raise awareness about blindness
and retinal diseases, and help fund the Braille Institute’s Youth
and Career Services program.
   Michael Lazarovits, director of the Santa Barbara Braille Insti-
tute, commented that San Diego has a strong cycling program, and
most of the Cycling for Sight riders came from there. He would
love to offer local young people a similar opportunity; however
they currently have no tandem bikes nor volunteer captains.
   This fall, Lazarovits would like to put together a program that
would entail training from next January to August for the fifth
annual Cycling for Sight. If you have a bike you wish to donate,
or want to help youngsters enjoy bicyling, contact Lazarovits at
682-6222 or at The ride website is

       Duvendeck represents us in
            Olympic cycling
                               Our Santa Barbara cyclist Adam
                               Duvendeck teamed up with two
                               other Americans to compete in the
                               Men’s Team Sprint in the Olympic
                               velodrome track. While Great Britain,
                               France and Germany sprinted away
                               with the medals, Team USA came in
                               eighth out of 13 teams, a step up for
                               Duvendeck over an 11th place at the
                               Athens Olympics.
   There were 24 cyclists in Team USA, and the only ones to bring
home medals were three BMX racers: Jill Kintner, Mike Day, and
Donny Robinson. It was the first Olympic appearance for BMX rac-
ing, and it will certainly make the sport more appealing to those
using our local Santa Maria and Santa Barbara tracks.

                                                                                                          Quick Release ~ September 2008 ~ Page 5
                        “If you bicycle, you should join the Bicycle Coalition”                                                  Shop discounts
                             Application for Membership                                                                      Bicycle Coalition members
                                                                                                                             benefit from discounts at local
              Yes! I want to help make bicycling better for all of us in Santa Barbara County.                               shops. It’s another reason to join
      ❏ Individual, 1 year $25      ❏ Student/Senior, 1 year $12           ❏ Household, 1 year $40                           our group. To get your discount,
      ❏ Individual, 2 years $45     ❏ Student/Senior, 2 years $22          ❏ Household, 2 years $75                          take your copy of Quick Release
      ❏ Business, 1 year $100       ❏ Business, 2 years $180               ❏ Lifetime $1000                                  to the shop and show them your
      name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________           address label that says “MEM-
      address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________          BER” on it. Or cut out the label
      city, state, zip _______________________________________________________________________________________________       box and take it.
      phone ___________________________________ email _____________________________________________________________             Discount details are online at
      ❏ New membership ❏ Renewal membership                                                                        
      ❏ Email me Adobe PDF files of Quick Release newsletters instead of printed ones.                                       Please patronize these shops:
      Make payable to Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. Mail to Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 92047,                Bicycle Bob’s
                                                                                                                             250 Storke Road #A, Goleta
                                                                                                                             15 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition          Regional bicycle clubs & groups           Road repair contacts
President, Ralph Fertig, 962-1479        The Cutters                               Caltrans                                  Bicycle Connection                         Mark Langowski, 937-3252                   223 W. Ocean Avenue, Lompoc
Vice President, Wilson Hubbell, 683-               Carpinteria                               Hazard’s Cyclesport
  1240,            Echelon Santa Barbara                       Tom Evans, 684-5405 x402
                                                                                           110 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara
Secretary, Mark McClure, 967-5031          Kim Weixel, 689-1633                             Goleta                                    Mad Mike’s Bikes
                                         Goleta Valley Cycling Club                  Bill Millar, 961-7575                   1108 E. Clark Avenue #G, Santa
Treasurer, David Bourgeois, 899-3728                                       
                                           Doris Phinney, 968-3143                                                           Maria                               Lompoc
Director, Judy Keim, 687-2912            Lompoc Valley Bicycle Club                  Larry Bean, 736-1261                    Main Street Cycles                                                                           311 East Main Street, Santa Maria
                                           Rick Hummel
Director, Don Lubach, 722-2349                                                     Santa Barbara City
                                         SB Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers                                                   Open Air Bicycles
                                           John Berberet, 681-0048                   Dru van Hengel, 564-5544
Director, Ed France, 310-936-0857                                                     224 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara
                                                                                           Santa Barbara County                      Pedal Power Bicycles
                                         Santa Barbara Bicycle Club
Director, Michael Chiacos, 284-4179        Dave Court                                Matt Dobberteen, 568-3576               1740 Broadway, Santa Maria                  
Director, Erika Lindemann, 569-1544                                                Santa Maria                               Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle
                                         Santa Barbara BMX                                                                   Phone 275-2335                    Dale Bowers,         David Whitehead, 925-0951 x227
Advisor, Dru van Hengel, 564-5544                                                   VeloPro Cyclery
                                         Tailwinds Bicycle Club          David Cantero, 937-4097                 Solvang                                   633 State Street, Santa Barbara
Advisor, Matt Dobberteen, 568-3000                    Brad Vigro, 688-5575
                                                                                            5887 Hollister Avenue, Goleta                        UCSB Cycling Club
Advisor, Lori La Riva, 961-8919            Maksym Fatyga, 559-360-1365             UCSB                            Dennis Whelan, 893-7009

                                                                                                        RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                           SANTA BARBARA,
P.O. Box 92047                                                                                                                                   CA
Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047                                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 647

                                                                              MEMBERSHIP IS VALID IF LABEL BELOW SAYS “MEMBER”

                                                                                      Is an address label missing?

                                                                                 Put your name here by joining the
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