Needs Assessment Template: Portfolio Analysis by n6q4b0


									                                                                Campus Improvement Needs Assessment
                                                                         School Improvement Resource Center                                                           Updated 9-7-2010
School: Texas MS                                                         District: Central ISD                                               Region:
Address: 100 Bluebonnet Lane, Maddington, Tx                             Phone: 512-333-2222

 School Year                2006-07
   Principal               Jane Doe
Site Visit Date         February 2007
   Site Visit   John Smith & Mary Lane, Diane
     Team       Jones, CAM
  CAM/TAP                Diane Jones
 SIP Stage/Yr            Stage 1, Yr. 1
                         Reading/ELA                               Reading/ELA                              Reading/ELA                                Reading/ELA
                         All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP      All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP     All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP       All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP
                         Math                                      Math                                     Math                                       Math
 Indicator(s)            All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP      All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP     All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP       All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP
   Missed                Participation -       Read/ELA            Participation -       Read/ELA           Participation -       Read/ELA             Participation -       Read/ELA
                    Math                                         Math                                     Math                                     Math
                         All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP      All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP     All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP       All   AA   H      W    ED   SP   LEP
                         Attendance/Graduation                     Attendance/Graduation                    Attendance/Graduation                      Attendance/Graduation
 AEIS Rating        AA

School          Focused math staff development to
Need            address specific & targeted student
Observations/           No specific math content staff
Comments                 development provided even though
                         3 of the 6 math teachers are new to
                        No real analysis of data from TAKS
                         2007 or the 2 district benchmark
                         tests (fall/spring) Math Dept. chair
                         has only 1 yr. prior experience
                        Math department meetings have no
                         structure & have been infrequently
                   January 2007-principal required all
                    departments to meet at least 1x a
Possible           Ensure that 2 new teachers hired
Action(s) for
                    to replace current math staff
                    have strong experience/success
                   Work at district level now to
                    purchase & develop aligned math
                   Use ESC as a resource & schedule
                    summer math staff training
                   Recommend training in
                    classroom mgmt. &
                    differentiated instruction,
                    problem solving for all math staff
                   Analyze 2007 TAKS data for
                    specific strengths & weaknesses
                    of students, targeted objectives,
                   Plan & schedule on-site focused
                    math staff development to
                    address math gaps
                   Review student achievement
                    data from 2 elementary schools
                    for incoming 7th graders. What
                    does this info tell you?
                   Purchase math calculators; train
                    teachers on integrating into
                   Purchase math instructional
                    software for TLC lab; train
                    teachers; schedule lab
School        Strengthen instructional delivery &
Need          utilization of instructional strategies
              geared toward increasing levels of
              student engagement in all content
Observations/  No clear instructional
                   expectations have been
                   communicated to staff
               New teachers are lost; no
                   mentoring assistance
Possible       Staff training in collaborative
Action(s) for
                   learning strategies to increase
                   levels of student engagement
               Staff training on classroom
                   discipline management to
                   expand quality learning time
               On-site, specific staff training in
                   core subject areas, to include
                   instructional modeling and
               Frequent classroom observations
                   w/feedback to teachers
School        Strengthen administrative
Need          instructional leadership
Observations/   Principal thinks he will be retiring
Comments        within next year. Staff is aware that
                he plans to leave & they are
                concerned. Staff morale is very low
                w/little motivation to improve the
Possible         Build leadership capacity in
Action(s) for
                    administrative staff during
                    summer training: at-risk
                    populations, instructional
                    structure development
                   Work with admin/core
                    leadership group to develop
                    common understanding & vision
                    for higher expectations
                   Use summer to develop
                    instructional intra-structure; be
                    prepared for school start-up
                   Develop a comprehensive school
                    improvement plan w/core
                    leadership input & share it with
                    staff during summer/August (a
                    work in Progress)


Action(s) for

Action(s) for
                                                          TAP Role/TAP-Principal       TAP Role/TAP-Principal Relationship:   TAP Role/TAP-Principal Relationship:
Initial Requested Qualities of TAP:

Please rank the top 5 Suggested Skill Set –
1 Math                __ Instructional Leadership
__ At-risk             3 Reading/ Language Arts
__ Using Data         __ Alt. Ed./ Charter
2 ELL/ Bilingual       5 Special Education                                             Suggested Skill Sets to Continue       Suggested Skill Sets to Continue or
__ School Improvement __ Systems                          Suggested Skill Sets to      or Add (Use #s or NC-No Change):       Add (Use #s or NC-No Change):
                                                          Continue or Add (Use #s or
4 Prof. Dev.
                                                          NC-No Change):
__ Curriculum Alignment/Development
Strengths           School renovations have been
on Which             completed & improvements
to Build             facilitate “department/teaming”
                    Science labs have been
                     renovated & instructional
                     materials have been purchased
                    Academic VP joined staff in
                     January; she is in process of
                     developing instructional focus for
Areas of            45% of staff have 3 or less years
Concern              of experience
(other than         Low staff morale impacts
AYP indicators
                     instructional program
                    Overall classroom management
                     is weak & admin. assistance is
                     inconsistent & minimal; little
                     follow-through with
                      Math across all sub pops
Other AYP             Participation rate
to Watch
Possible             Math curriculum is in place (have
Goals/                suggested purchasing curriculum
Programs              from ESCs)
to Review           Instructional structure at
for Next              department level
Year                Classroom management is
                      improved; school-wide discipline
                      is improved
Current             School choice is not an option as
Stage                 district has only 1 middle school
Specific            Principal had no real input into
Information           SIP budget
(SIP spending,
                   Campus will most likely move to
use of SES,        Stage 2
Highly Qualified
Plan, etc.)

Possible Stage        Supplemental Education Services        Supplemental Education            Supplemental Education Services      Supplemental Education Services
Requirements       Corrective Action                      Services      Corrective Action      Corrective Action                    Corrective Action
for Next Year         Restructuring Plan                     Restructuring Plan                Restructuring Plan                   Restructuring Plan
Based on              Alternative Governance                 Alternative Governance            Alternative Governance               Alternative Governance
Most Recent        Other:                                 Other:                            Other:                               Other:
Feedback              Recommend strong TAP with
for SIRC               success experience
(What do you          Continue field support &
need from
SIRC? How can          updated resources to assist in
SIRC better            AYP areas
serve you?)

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