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                    Can We Transfer the New iPad to Mac?

For most iPad users, the question if they can transfer or backup their iPad to Mac had
already bothered them for along time. If you are one of the new iPad users, then you
may also come cross the similar painful issue. Then can we transfer the new iPad to
Mac. The answer is absolutely yes. Bring in some third-party programs, you are able
to backup files from any model of iPad (even the new iPad) to Mac without any hassle.

The iMacsoft iPad to Mac transfer is just such a third-party tool which can help you
backup files from iPad to Mac in a quick way. It can support you to transfer the new
iPad to Mac as well as to the iTunes Library on Mac by simply clicking a few buttons.
No matter you want to transfer the movies, songs, photos, books, TV shows, podcasts
and more files stored on the new iPad to Mac, this well-designed iPad to Mac transfer
tool will help you achieve the goal perfectly.

Just follow our steps below to free try this wonderful iPad transfer software by
yourself now!

Tip: For Windows users who want to backup the new iPad, the iPad to Computer
Transfer would be more helpful.

Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1: Download and install the iPad transfer tool. Connect the new iPad to Mac and start
the transfer. Then all the new iPad info and stored files will be list in the open up interface.

Step 2: All the new iPad files are categorized in the left panel. You can simply select your
target files by clicking on the corresponding file categories.
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Step 3: Mark and check the files you want to backup. Then click            to set an output
folder and start to transfer and save the new iPad on Mac.

Ok, we've finished all the steps of how to transfer the new iPad to Mac. Do you think it is
easy enough for you to copy files from the new iPad to Mac? If yes, then why not let this
practical iPad Transfer for Mac to help you backup the new iPad right now!

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