Picture Liturgical Bingo by Y5AMwS1P


									Picture Liturgical Bingo
Need: milk caps to be markers, bingo cards

(Print bingo cards out on card stock. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper to make
them last.)

Directions: Students play regular bingo, but they answer questions about Liturgical
items used at Mass. The teacher asks one student at a time a question or clue from the list
below. The student answers the question and the class looks for the picture on their
bingo card. The first student who gets three in a row (up, down, across, or diagonal) on
their bingo card first, wins. Use the cards from Liturgical Go Fish/Memory to show the
students if they need help with identifying the objects that are called out.

(Do not do the questions and clues in order.)

What is the name of the table of the Lord in the Sanctuary? (Altar)

This is the large pulpit where the Word of God is proclaimed. (Ambo)

What is the holy water sprinkler called and what it is dipped into? (Aspergillum and

This is rung during the consecration of the Mass. (Bells)

Contains all four gospels and is used by the priest or deacon to read the gospel of the day
during the Mass. (Book of the Gospels)

The consecrated wine. (Blood of Christ)

The consecrated bread. (Body of Christ or
                         Blessed Sacrament)
This cup is used by the priest/Eucharistic ministers for the Blood of Christ. (Chalice)

This cup has a lid and is for the Body of Christ in the Tabernacle. (Ciborium)

What is the name of the small white cloth placed in the center of the altar? (Corporal)

These small pitchers hold water and wine for the Mass. (Cruets)

This small podium is where the lector reads the Lectionary at Mass. (Lectern)

A book of scriptures that is read at the Liturgy of the Word. (Lectionary)
Contains all of the appointed Scriptures, acclamations, and prayers from the Sunday
Lectionary and Sacramentary, as well as 150 musical selections. Sacraments, devotions,
and other prayer services are included as well. (Missal)

Used to display the consecrated Eucharistic Host, during Eucharistic adoration or
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. (Monstrance)

A stiff, white board placed over the chalice. (Pall)

A small dish usually used with the chalice. (Paten)

This cloth covering is used to hide the chalice and paten up to the offertory and after
Communion. It is selected by the liturgical color for the service. (Peplum)

This wooden bench has a straight back and you sit in it during Mass. (Pew)

The priest who presides at Mass stands at this chair for Opening Rites, sits in this chair
for Scripture Readings, and stands at this chair again for the Communion Prayer and
Concluding Rites. (Presider’s Chair)

This cross is carried in and out of the Mass. (Processional Cross)

Small white cloth used with the chalice. (Purificator)

What book does the priest pray from during Mass at the altar? (Sacramentary)

This special lamp is fueled by oil or wax and is kept alight to indicate and honor the
presence of Christ. (Sanctuary Lamp)

What is the font or holy water fountain at the entrance to the church called? (Stoup)

This ornate receptacle is used to place the Body of Christ in. (Tabernacle)

The container used for burning incense and the container for holding the incense.
(Thurible and Boat)

*All graphics/images/clipart etc. used on this game are not my own and are from various
internet sources.

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