FORUM met at Warwick on 19 April 2005


           North Warwickshire Borough Council
           Councillor Peter Fowler

           Peter Staveley

           Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council

           Barry Scotchbrook

           Rugby Borough Council
           Councillor Catherine Robbins

           Andy D. Smith
           David Johnson

           Stratford-on-Avon District Council
           Councillor Alan Akeister

           Chris Dobson

           Warwick District Council
           Councillor Margaret Begg (Vice Chair)

           Richard Dobbs

           Warwickshire County Council
           Councillor Ken Browne (Chair)
           Councillor Jose Compton
           Councillor Chris Davis
           Izzi Seccombe

           Roy Burton
           Glenn Fleet
           Jean Hardwick
           Ian Marriott
           Martin Stott
           Kalen Wood

05-04-19              1.
                             Also Present:

     Councillors Eithne Goode (Warwickshire County Council).
     Councillor Bob Crowther (Warwick DC)
     Steve Ogilvie and Jim Poll (AEA Technology)
     David Badger (Arup Consultants)

1.   Apologies

     Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillor Geoff. Ashford
     and Councillor Balder Sandar (Warwick DC).

2.   Disclosures of Personal and Prejudicial Interests


3.   Minutes of the meeting held on 25 January 2005

     Resolved that the minutes of the Forum meeting held on 25 January
     2005, copies having been circulated, be approved and signed by the

4.   Presentation by Steve Ogilvie and John Poll, AEA Technology Plc.
     on the Markets for Products from Waste Treatment.

     Roy Burton explained that, as part of the Government’s free consultancy
     service, the consultants, AEA Technology, had been commissioned to
     carry out an investigation into the markets for products from waste.

     Steve Ogilvie and Jim Poll, with the aid of a power point presentation
     (attached) summarised the findings of the study undertaken by AEA
     Technology to inform the Forum of the potential regional markets for the
     likely products from waste treatments.

     The conclusions of the study found that the –

              Local markets for compost produced from source separated
               material were developing;

              Markets for glass and plastic produced by some types of MBT
               process might be limited;

              Markets for compost products produced by MBT plants were
               limited. No potential local market was identified;

              Markets for fuel products produced by MBT plants were currently
               limited, but might develop. A possible local market for some of
               the product that would be produced had been identified.

     Following questions and a brief discussion –

05-04-19                                2.
      The Chair thanked the consultants for their helpful and informative

5.   Waste Strategy – Summary of Results of Consultation Workshops
     and Programme for Completion.

     Kalen Wood presented the report of the Director of Planning, Transport
     and Economic Strategy detailing the results of the public consultation on
     the draft waste strategy. She highlighted that, despite a disappointing
     low attendance, the workshops were well received and the majority of
     participants were positive about the preferred options.

     Kalen Wood said that further consultation would need to take place on
     the draft Strategy. Referring to paragraph 3.1 of the report she said that
     a Statement of Strategy had been submitted to Defra on 13 April 2005
     and that the final draft Strategy would be ready by the end of
     July/beginning of August. This revised timetable would require an
     additional meeting of the Forum to be convened at the end of May, after
     the election.

     Resolved that –

     (1) the report be noted;

     (2) an additional meeting of the Forum be arranged, to take place after
        the 17 May 2005 (the first Cabinet meeting after the elections).

6.   Warwickshire Waste Partnership

     Members considered the report of the Director of Planning, Transport
     and Economic Strategy outlining the review carried out by Arup following
     the Waste Forum’s Away Day.

     David Badger, representing Arup, presented the proposals discussed at
     the Away Day. He highlighted paragraph –

              2.1.1 and reported that Hampshire County Council had indicated
               that it might withdraw from its Partnership because it considered
               that the districts did not share a common vision.

              2.1.5 and the need for a mechanism for agreeing and sharing

              2.1.7 and the need to agree the adoption of an overall countywide
               standard for waste collection and recycling levels which would
               help to encourage economies of scale.

           Discussion followed as to how this proposal should be progressed.
           The general view was that the officers needed to discuss the

05-04-19                                 3.
           proposal further to reach agreement before discussion by the district
           and borough’s relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees, after the

     Resolved that the Forum –

       (1) adopts the new title of “Warwickshire Waste Partnership”,

      (2) asks the officers to discuss the partnership proposal further to reach
          agreement on a way forward for consideration by the Forum and
          then each Council

7.   Any other business


8.   Future Meeting dates

     Resolved to note the provisional dates for future meetings as follows (to
     be confirmed after the Elections):-

                       Tuesday 13th September 2005 (provisional)
                       Tuesday 15th November 2005 (provisional)
                       Tuesday 24th January 2006 (provisional)

                                                           Chair of Forum

The meeting closed 3:30 p.m.

05-04-19                                4.

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