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									  St. Paul’s Epistle
Monthly Newsletter                           www.stpaulsosseo.org                                   January, 2012

                                                          Christian church on earth. That is the specific duty
                                                          and privilege of every individual Christian.
                                                          As we start a new calendar year in Christ, let each
                                                          one of us make this resolution - that we will bring
      THE GOSPEL WRITER ST. MARK –                        someone we know to our powerful Savior by inviting
            THE WINGED LION                               them to come to church. After all, Jesus gives us this
                                                          promise in Mark’s Gospel – “Whoever believes and
The Scripture readings we use in our worship              is baptized will be saved”. So, be a lion like Mark.
Services change each year. They rotate in a three year    Be courageous. Introduce someone to Christ. You
cycle – Series A, B, and C. Each cycle features a         have nothing to lose and everything to gain – a
different Gospel writer – Series “A” mostly uses the      brother or sister for the Lord.
Gospel of Matthew, Series “B” mostly uses the
Gospel of Mark, Series “C” mostly uses the Gospel                                      PASTOR TYLER
of Luke. Readings from the Gospel of John appear
interspersed throughout all three Series. This three
year cycle gives our readings in our worship Services
more variety and a larger scope as opposed to just
using the same readings year after year.                                            PRAYER LIST
                                                               (We hope this list can be used as a guide when saying your
                                                               prayers each day.)
We are presently in the Series B and will continue in        Pray . . .
it through the month of November. The featured                 for Shut-ins: Melitta Tonn and Carrie Hackler.
                                                               for the family of Donald Aeshliman, who passed away on
Gospel writer is St. Mark.                                      December 6th, and whose funeral was at St. Paul’s.
                                                               for those in nursing homes: Don Schuetz, Joyce Lee, ElDoris
The four Gospel writers are depicted in Christian art           Shores, Richard Nordstrom, Joyce Erickson, Mary Brandt and
as various winged beings – Mark is shown as a                   Ted Brandt.
                                                               for Ellen Boettcher as she deals with physical problems.
winged Lion. That’s because the Gospel of Mark                 for Ivy Myrlie, who is recovering from surgery.
stresses the power and activity of Christ –                    for A.J. Pitts, who is serving overseas in the Army National
emphasizing His strong deeds. Mark’s Gospel also                Guard.
                                                               for our troops who are serving abroad and here in the United
emphasizes the Divine nature of Jesus as is evident             States. For their safety and for those they are fighting for and
from its opening words: “The beginning of the                   against.
gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Christ, to            for the families of those who have lost their lives or were
whom Mark bears witness, is the King of kings, as               injured in the fight for freedom.
                                                               for peace and reconciliation world-wide.
the lion; by reason of his strength is the king of             for our nation, for President Obama, and the leadership of the
beasts. By His great power Jesus took up His own                United States during these trying times, that God’s will be done.
life again on Easter. He is the Lion of Judah.                 for the Governor and leadership of the state of Minnesota

There is much our Lord has told us through the           *We apologize if we have missed anyone. Please call the office if
evangelist Mark – especially this: “Go into all the      someone has been omitted who should be on this list.
world and proclaim the gospel to the whole
creation.” That is the marching orders for the entire
                                                                The season of Epiphany is a season of revealing; revealing
                                                                who Jesus is, what He did, and what He continues to do
                                                                for and with us today. Let’s not spend our entire lives in
                                                                the “water”. Allow the “water” to work in us – the water
               GET OUT OF THE WATER
                                                                of Baptism – the water which contains the Holy Spirit.
                                                                The water which gives life – when it is within us, not
Sunday, January 8, we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord.
                                                                when we are within it. So climb up onto that riverbank;
The readings for the day reflect concepts such as light;
                                                                share this living water with the unbelieving world around
creation; burial; and, of course, Baptism. When Christ
                                                                us. It’s good news – spread it around.
was baptized in the Jordan River, this was no ordinary
baptism. There was an opening of the heavens; a dove            See you in church -
descending; and the voice of the Father – “This is my           Cantor Duane Esterly
Beloved Son.”

But there is one point of interest that is not listed in the
first chapter of Mark which is very important.
Kretzmann, in his New Testament commentary, tells us
that “when Jesus was ascending the bank of the river,
when he was leaving the water, there was a manifestation
of the Trinity, of which the Christians of all time should
know. Jesus had just set foot on dry ground, when the
heavens were cleft open above Him, as though cut apart          Evangelism and Stewardship:
by a knife . . .” (Popular Commentary, Vol. 1, p.166)
                                                                Thank You for all who came out to discuss the challenges
Therefore, it is safe to say that the miracles of the           of the Funeral Committee. All expressed well their
Godhead did not take place until after Jesus got out of the     concerns. We are working on keeping the Committee
water. He got out of the water to start His ministry.           working, and much the way it has in the past. We have a
These manifestations took place when action commenced.          couple of volunteers training to take over the Committee
                                                                and continue the Lunches. They appreciate all the help the
We would probably enjoy as much time in our own                 many members have given over the years to keep this
“Jordan River” as possible. We envision it as if it were        important witness to the love of Jesus Christ, alive among
our own bathtub. The water would either be warm or              us.
cool, depending on the day, and very comfortable. We
would not want to get back on land and go back to our           The Offering Envelopes for all members are in your mail
tasks at hand; we would wish to relax as long as possible       boxes in the Narthex. We Thank You for their faithful
in the gently moving river. Many of us make our own             use this past year. We ask a blessing on the Offerings for
“Jordan River” by never taking that first step towards          the coming year.
helping to build the Kingdom of God. We enjoy our
comfortable lives. We revel in the blessings we receive         Invite others to attend the special services over
from God, but we never make use of them so others will          Christmastide that they may hear the Gospel preached
also enjoy such blessings by becoming people of faith.          and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, who comes to us
We keep them all to ourselves. Christ got up out of the         again in Grace.
water to start healing; feeding; raising the dead; and
teaching the disciples about Himself.                           Thank You for all the decorators and the Krauses for the
                                                                beautiful trees. Thank You also to all who gave Flowers
We need to think about that Jordan River as it is in reality;   for the Altar, not only at Christmas, but throughout the
treacherous, fast moving, and probably extremely unclean.       year.
We would want to get out of that water as fast as we can –
and get to safety – the safety of the life in Christ. A life    Thank You to all of you who made this a wonderful year
which enables us to get down to the work of the Kingdom.        of serving our Lord, Jesus Christ, in various ways! May
What “dry land” can you walk on? Does it involve                God continue to bless our congregation and those who He
teaching children about Jesus? Does it involve singing          calls to walk with us!
His praises? Does it involve sharing your wonderful
Gospel news with a neighbor? These are only some of the         A very Blessed Christmas and New Year in the Lord to all
opportunities put before us here at St. Paul’s for another      of you.
                                                                Rev Tom
                                                         The Holidays are now over at CROSS. Many clients
                                                         received hams and holiday food. And about 900 children
Mite Box Sunday: January 8th. ((Note this is a date      were signed up to get toys. The actual numbers are not
change!))                                                available yet.

LWML Meeting: January 11, 2012. 1 PM in the              Thank you for all your donations which make all this
fellowship room. We will decide on what Missions         possible.
to support – bring your ideas. Spring Rally is at St.
Paul’s to host. We need your ideas for date, time,       The Maynard’s benefit for CROSS netted $6,048.15.
and type of meal to serve.                               Thank you to all who went.
LWML met December 14th. Six were present. Ideas
discussed were:                                          While saying Thank You, we wish to thank Colleen Tyler
                                                         for being treasure for CROSS. She will be missed.
    1. Final plans for luncheon after Christmas
                                                         Colleen was also the board member for St. Paul’s to
       Program.                                          CROSS. A new board member is needed. This position
    2. Fall Bazaar was a success and we hope to do       requires a once a month evening meeting at a church in
       it again next year. Thank you to all who          this area. Pease let Brian Hines know if you could serve.
       helped.                                           CROSS has a lot of history with St. Paul’s. Vic Saldana
    3. Funeral Committee is still a part of LWML.        and others helped get CROSS and Meals-on-Wheels
       Sandy will work with the chairperson              started. Perhaps you could continue this association with
       concerning the financial issues.                  CROSS for St. Paul’s.
    4. Shut-ins have been visited.           Church
       ornaments were well received. Need to visit       Events Coming Up:
       them more often.                                     1. Blue Grass Concert – “Monroe Crossing”
                                                                Friday, February 10th. 7pm at Word of Peace in
    5. The Kitchen will be managed by LWML –
       cleaning date in the future – although               2. Spaghetti Dinner – Sunday, February 19th. 4 to 7
       everyone should leave it clean after use.                pm at Osseo United Methodist.
       Coffee and cleaning supplies will come from          3. “Frog and Toad”. CROSS Community Players.
       the Board of Evangelism budget.                          February 17th- March 4th. See the ad for dates,
                                                                times and tickets.
Quilting: Saturday January 21st at 9 AM.
                                                         Food needs list: Peanut butter and jelly, creamed soups,
Thank you to all who helped with the luncheon after      soap (bar or liquid).
the Christmas Event on the 18th. Hope everyone
enjoyed it.                                              Thank you.

                                                         Happy New Year from
LWML District Convention is June 22-24, 2012.
                                                         Gene & Pat Otto
The convention will come quickly. Our Zone is
                                                         St. Paul’s CROSS Representatives
already working on favors and centerpieces. The
next work day is January 10th at 6:30 at Eternal Hope.
Come if you can. We will car pool-call Sandy Slack.
We also need 2 delegates from St. Paul’s to go to
Mankato for the convention. If interested, talk to
Sandy Slack or Pat Otto. Financial help is available.

                                                            “Anniversaries in
                                                                                            Date            Years
                                                       Travis & Camille Jensen               01/07            6
                                                       Charles & Connie Ziegler              01/28            12
“Birthdays in January”
 1/1   Janice Emerick     1/19    Kathy Thoemke
       Verdell Schleif    1/21    Marlin Born               Let the office know if we have missed your birthday or
 1/2   Cheryl Finnvik             Tony Hall                                       anniversary.
       Allen Haslach      1/22    Bob Ehret
 1/5   Heidi Ebert                Steven Hall
       Erik Glauvitz              Holly Lahd
 1/7   Jeremy Radtke              Moriah Pitts
 1/8   Xavier Lundberg    1/25    Kyle Glauvitz               HELP! Trust us, it WILL
       Amanda Sunram              Ryan Sunram          snow! And St. Paul's will be in big
1/10   Einar Finnvik              Forrest Zoll         trouble without some volunteers! We
       Jean Jones         1/26    Jody Slack           have had ONE person sign up to clear
1/11   Vicky Ehret        1/27    Randi Zinter         sidewalks with the church snowblower and shovels. Can
       Jenny Hines        1/28    Dylan Braiedy        you/your family take a week? Volunteers have cleared the
       Katie McCullough           Amber Higbee         sidewalks for the past few years and have saved the
1/16   Allison Kolden             Randy Weese          congregation considerable cost. But it is essential that the
1/18   Terry Benson       1/29    Bob Trafton          work be done; the prospect of hiring sidewalk snow removal
       Leslie Gravatt     1/30    Courtney Gamrath     looms in our future (at several hundred dollars a snowfall).
       Christopher Hall           Ashley Groenke       The sign-up sheet is in the narthex. Someone will contact you
       Sophia Schmidt     1/31    Rebecca Iten         with clear directions. Serve the Lord with a shovel.


                                      2 & 1 CLUB
                  (St. Paul’s members-couples or singles ages 21 to 121)
                              FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2012
                                        7-9 PM
                               ST. PAUL’S AUDITORIUM

                              Please join us for a dance party.

                No dance experience required. Basic instruction provided.
                 If you don’t want to dance, come and listen to the music
                        and get to know fellow St. Paul’s members.
                    Music provided by THE FUN ACCORDION CLUB

                      7-7:30       basic dance instruction
                      7:30-8:30    dance and/or listen to the band
                      8:30-9       enjoy treats

Please bring a treat to share. Beverages provided. If you have any questions or suggestions,
                       please call Einar or Cheryl Finnvik 763 427 2950
                               CHURCH COUNCIL MINUTES
                                  December 13, 2011
        Meeting was called to order by President Brian Hines. Pastor Tyler led the group in an
Advent prayer. The Secretary’s report was approved. Board of Finance chair Lynette Jensen
reported November receipts of $20,107. Vickie Ehret, incoming chair, is being trained for the
position. Outdated equipment that Lynette has been able to sell has totaled $75 which will be
added to the Balcony Fund.
        Treasurer Bruce Thompson’s report listed the checking account at $34,929.93 with the
Savings account at $22,872.76. The principal of the loan on the balcony project now stands at
$22,547. The scholarship fund (to aid prospective church workers) is at $3,309 and has not
been accessed for a number of years.
        Brian reminded the group that the fuel bill for the past month was nearly $900; Brad
Newton explained that the high amount was due to a malfunction and was not typical.
        Pastor Tyler distributed planning calendars to the group and noted the following dates—
               Sunday, December 18 at 10:30---Children’s Christmas Program
               Saturday, December 24 Christmas Eve at 4 PM
               Sunday, December 25 Christmas Day at 10:00 AM
               Sunday, January 1 New Years Day – Services at 8:00 and 10:30 with Communion
               and Installation of Officers at both services
        Pastor indicated special concern for Marlys Aeshliman whose husband recently passed
away. ElDoris Shores has been released from the hospital and is improving. Ivy Myrlie has
returned home but is still somewhat confined to her home.
        Pastor Tyler also reported a Circuit vacancy at Shepherd of the Grove in Maple Grove.
Pastor Inanelli has taken a call to Missouri.
        Pastor Colgrove was not in attendance.
        Board of Elders chair John Pitts reported the following official act—
        --death and funeral of Don Aeshliman December 6 and 9 respectively.
Permission was requested for the 2 and 1 Club (the adult fellowship social group) to bring in a
polka band for its January 20 activity. No alcohol will be served, but dancing would be part of
the entertainment. By consensus permission was granted. The 2 and 1 Club has had excellent
response with 25 or more participants at each of the group’s monthly activities.
        Brad Newton, Board of Trustees, expressed concern about the lack of volunteers for
sidewalk snow removal. One person has signed up and his week is over! If no more volunteers
come forward, the work would need to be hired at several hundred dollars per snowfall.
Notices will be placed in both the bulletin and the newsletter. A decision will be made at
January council meeting.
        Brad also reported that the broken pew has been repaired.
        Leah Pitts, Board of Christian Ed, reported that plans have been made for the Christmas
program and for the Jesus Birthday Party lunch on December 17. The Sunday School is most
satisfied with the speaker system which picked up ALL voices at the December 10 rehearsal.
        Keith Kaaria, Board of Stewardship/Evangelism, reported that the 2012 offering
envelopes have been distributed. Jenny Hines, Board member, will visit Pastor Tyler’s Adult
Information Class and give an overview of opportunities for service in the congregation. The
2012 Veterans’ event is on the board’s planning schedule. Discussion took place regarding a
simple postcard with service schedule and an invitation to worship. Cards could be given to
new neighbors. Board will look into producing such a card.
        Volunteers are needed to start coffee for the fellowship hour. Goodies would be
appreciated, but cookies are always in the freezer. Four airpots of coffee plus one pot of hot
water are needed for each Sunday.
       Board of Youth and Family Ministries chair Sherry Glauvitz reported the following
upcoming activities.
       Mary’s Place event and Super Bowl party in February
       Linus project in January
       Plans are being made for the March Lock-In
       Watch the weekly Youth bulletin for additional information
       Ushers’ schedule is in place, noted Co-Head Usher Shirley Everson. Christmas Eve ushers
will be aware of available seating in the sanctuary so that visitors are not left to find a place on
their own. Kids’ Choir will take only one bench that night and use chairs immediately in front of
the pews. Seating space will be available behind them.
Old Business---
Funeral Committee—Shirley Everson and Char Lieder will assume leadership positions with the
Funeral Luncheon Committee. The LWML will be in charge of Kitchen Administration.
Alice Rooney, Jan Harff, and Pat Otto are to be commended for their long service as the
Funeral Luncheon Committee. Many thanks, Alice, Jan, and Pat.
New Business---
28 volunteers showed up to decorate the sanctuary and the Christmas trees on December 5.
The work was done quickly. The sanctuary and the Krause trees are spectacular! Thanks to
president Brian Hines for the pizza.
The meeting was adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Emmans, congregational secretary

15 in attendance

                                              THOSE WHO SERVE IN JANUARY – 2012

ELDERS:                                                                     ACOLYTES:
8 AM Worship                             10:30 AM Worship                   8 AM Worship             10:30 AM Worship
 Roger Zeman       Jan 1                   Norm Lerbs      Jan 1 & 8         Samantha Harff              Braxton Picket
 Jeff Tobias       Jan 8, 15, 22, 29       Heath Hill      Jan 15, 22, 29    Jacob Coenen                Kaylee Andersen

8 AM Worship                           10:30 AM Worship
  Newton Family                          Duane Opsal                        January Counting Schedule:
  Troy Braiedy *                         Judy Opsal
  Carrie Braiedy                         Randy Dalluge *                    TBD
                                         Sharon Dalluge

(Head Ushers *)
                     SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS FOR JANUARY 2012
        At the time this article is being written we are all just regaining consciousness from the
Sunday School Christmas program. We could not be happier about the finished product! We
hope you will allow us to briefly (?) review—
        Perhaps the biggest “star” in the “Christmas from A to Z” program was our magnificent
speaker system! “We could hear every word!” was the comment heard often. Even the
smallest voices were perfectly audible. No squeaks or squeals or pops! What a pleasure!
        We loved the Glauvitz brothers’ tree! It was exactly what was needed for the kids’
letters. And the stagehands, Bryton Hines and Alek Glauvitz, placed the heavy tree perfectly
and without knocking anyone over. They also kept track of the letters as the speakers
ascended the stage.
        What about our eighth graders! Could they have been any more “eighth-graderish”.
They pulled off their parts with expression and realism. Lots of memorizing for these busy kids.
They will be a tough act to follow, for sure.
        We received a gift from the family of Leona Neumann with which we purchased the set of
die-cut letters. The letters were made of foam core—so they didn’t curl when painted or glued.
When the price was quoted, it seemed high. However, after cutting the big N ourselves, we
understood why the sign company charged what they did.
        Thanks to parents who helped kids decorate their letters and memorize their speaking
parts. We think they told the story of Jesus’ birth in a unique and effective way.
        Thanks to Bonnie Faue, the phantom ironer; it wasn’t until after the program concluded
that the perfectly-ironed stage skirt was noticed. Duh! The skirt (stored in a box from year to
year) gets pretty crushed between Christmases. Marlin Olson, with the help of volunteers,
handled the stage and risers this year, and we thank him.
        We appreciate the courageous kids who participated in the pre-service mini-concert.
It’s a fun way to feature some exquisite talent and to note kids’ progress from year to year.
        Hope you agree that the singing seemed especially enthusiastic this year. It helps to
have Duane Esterly, our valiant accompanist, who read minds and provides traveling music
without direction. At 11:30 on Saturday we said our table prayer before lunch, and it occurred
to this writer that the kids had been practicing for TWO hours! If there was any grumbling or
complaining, we didn’t hear it. Thanks to the Pitts family, youth, Leah Olson, and the Vosses
who prepared and served the lunch. It was much appreciated after the hard work.
        Watching the Sunday School staff in action during program prep is a thing of beauty.
After all these years, everyone has his/her role. Crowd control, lyrics master, prompter, no
one even asks. Meanwhile Joyce Hardy and crew are providing age-appropriate activities for
the little guys in the West Wing. How lucky and blessed we are to have these servants of God!
        The LWML luncheon--what a lovely gift to the congregation and its guests! A quick,
efficiently-served meal was just what families needed. Many thanks.
        Boo-boo #1—sorry if we didn’t make it clear that the offering was for both your regular
envelopes AND for the Orphan Grain Train. We expected you to read our minds.
        Boo-boo #2—we didn’t mention WHERE you could sign up for a DVD of the program. If
you didn’t find the clipboard, just call and leave a message with Judy, the church secretary.
She’ll sign you up and we’ll let you know when the DVDs are ready.
        Sunday, January 8 we’ll watch the DVD. If you missed the program or want to see it
again, feel free to join us.
                                            Sunday, December 18th, 2011
                                                       Chair: Sherry Glauvitz
                                                        Home: 763-432-6844
                                                Email: mncpca@yahoo.com

       Friday, January 27 8pm-8am
        Movie night at the Pitts’ home!
        We will be watching a movie and incorporating our December and January bible studies (Parts 3 and 4 of the DVD reality series)
        Please bring a snack to share

       Sunday, February 5 5pm
        Please meet in youth room at 5pm
        Please bring a snack to share

                       Friday, February 24-Saturday, February 25

        Youth Conference at Grace Church in Eden Prairie
        Watch for Details!
        Dare2Share.org

Ongoing Fundraisers:
        At Home America – Sherry Glauvitz
        Tupperware – Robyn Edwards
        Scentsy – Kandi Newton
        Recycling old Cell Phones and ink cartridges – in basket under table in Narthex
        Treat table downstairs by the library

            Board of Youth:
   Sherry Glauvitz, David Glauvitz, Aleksander Glauvitz, Katie McCullough, Blake Iverson, Kandi Newton, Paulette Harff, Amanda
   Harff, and Madi Glauvitz

   Youth leaders in training: Moriah Pitts and Spencer Newton
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
710 East Broadway Street              Non-Profit Organ.
Osseo, Minnesota 55369                U.S. Postage Paid
Office Telephone: 763-425-2238   0.      Permit #7
                                      Osseo, MN 55369


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