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					Carpet Cleaning Equipment FAQs

There are different types of a carpet cleaning equipment that is used in different
situations and environments. Because of the variety that is available, it can be
difficult to determine which is ideal for your needs and which is not. You don’t want
to purchase equipment and find that it is not enough to take care of the tough
cleaning jobs within your business, nor do you want to buy a machine that is too

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions when buying carpet
cleaning equipment:

What types of carpet cleaning equipment is available?
There are truck mount units, which are mainly used by carpet cleaning companies to
handle heavy-duty cleaning jobs. There are also portable carpet cleaners, walk
behind carpet extractors, and encapsulation carpet cleaners. The latter three are the
types most likely to be used within your business.

Can carpet cleaners clean surfaces other than just carpets?
Truck mount equipment and portable carpet cleaners can clean upholstery, hard
surfaces, tile, and grout. Walk behind carpet extractors can also clean upholstery,
while encapsulation carpet cleaners can clean, strip, wax, and polish a variety of

What size carpet cleaner do I need?
The size you choose will depend upon a number of factors. First, you have to
evaluate how much space you will be cleaning. If you are cleaning long hallways,
large open areas, or you need multiple surfaces to be cleaned, a walk behind carpet
extractor may be best. Encapsulation carpet cleaners work well on large areas and
clean them without using a lot of moisture, so they can be ideal for use in the long
hallways within office buildings that receive a high amount of traffic. Nonetheless,
small areas are ideal for portable carpet cleaners. If you will be cleaning a small
office, a classroom, or you just need to spot clean now and then, portable will work
just fine. You have to consider that you do not want the waste tank to fill too quickly
or you will be spending more time emptying the waste tank and refilling the solution
tank than what you should.
What does an encapsulation carpet cleaner do?
Ideal for businesses with multiple surface types, an encapsulation carpet cleaner will
clean carpets, hardwood floors, tile, and a variety of other surfaces. Department
stores, schools, and hospitals benefit greatly from this type of carpet cleaning
equipment because while one area may be carpeted, other areas that need to be
cleaned may be hard flooring. Rather than use multiple machines, one machine
becomes sufficient for doing the job. The encapsulation carpet cleaner cleans, strips,
waxes, and polishes hard flooring and cleans carpet with as little moisture as

What qualities should I look for in carpet cleaners?
You want durability, waste tanks that are large enough to handle the jobs that you
need to do, and you need user-friendly operation. Dual mode cleaning is another
feature to look for, as well as all of the functions and attachments that you need.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning equipment means having a much cleaner business
environment. When you are able to clean, strip, wax, polish, or perform and
successfully complete the desired cleaning task, your floors will look cleaner because
they are and they will also last longer. Carpet cleaning equipment protects floors
from a certain degree of wear and tear, which means not having to replace flooring
before it reaches the end of its intended lifespan.

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