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Car wash equipment can be used in many different situations. This article considers some questions that commonly arise when a purchasing decision is being considered.

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									Car Wash Equipment FAQs
Car wash equipment can handle some tough vehicle cleaning jobs. As a result, it has
numerous commercial applications and is used in a variety of industries. The
following answers offer clarification on a number of the most common questions
that buyers have in regards to these machines.

Will these machines have a long life?
Car wash equipment is built to be used by professionals. As a result, it is designed to
be robust and reliable. All of the individual parts of the machine are manufactured to
a high standard, with the aim of ensuring a long working life. These machines offer a
substantial investment for any business, and manufacturers recognise that it's
important that they should provide value for money.

Will the machine corrode?
These machines are specifically built to come into regular contact with water. With
this in mind, a number of features ensure that corrosion should not occur. These
include the presence of a heavy-duty chassis and body, which are resistant to

Can car wash equipment be used to wash trucks?
Yes. These machines have a range of applications and can certainly be used for
washing trucks. They are regularly used in truck wash facilities, manufacturing plants
and within the building industry.

Are these machines safe to use?
Car wash equipment includes a range of safety features. These machines are
designed to keep customers, staff members and operatives safe at all times.

Is a lot of training required in order to operate these devices?
All of these machines are built to be easy to use. Operatives only require relatively
basic levels of training before using car wash equipment.
How much do these machines weigh?

The exact weight of an individual machine will depend upon its size, power output
and specific parts. These machines are, however, designed to be fully mobile. If you
are concerned about the weight of a particular machine, you should consult with
your supplier, prior to purchasing.

How great a water flow rate do these machines achieve?
The water flow rate varies, depending upon the individual machine. High
specification car wash equipment can be expected to achieve a flow rate of around
20 litres per minute. Less powerful machines will reach lower rates of flow.

The above details should provide some additional information, for those considering
purchasing one of these machines. Car wash devices can be used in a number of
different circumstances and are able to offer a reliable, robust, effective and easy to
use cleaning solution for many businesses.

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