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									                          Permission Slip for
                        Six Flags New England
                           Friday, June 17th
                            This trip is sponsored by FRESH.
   Veronica DeMio and Christine Abraham, FRESH Site Coordinators, will be chaperoning.

We will be leaving the Twin Valley High School at 8:00am and returning by 11:00pm. (The
park is open 10am – 8pm. It takes about an hour and half to get there.) We will be car pooling;
Veronica and Christine will be driving as well as other students.

This trip will cost a total of $30. The ticket to Six Flags is $25. This covers admission to the
park, Hurricane Harbor (water park) and parking fee. The other $5 will be going to the drivers to
cover gas.

What to bring:
•Comfortable clothing- Please wear appropriate, non-offensive clothing. Six Flags does have a
dress code. Bathing Suits are only allowed in Hurricane Harbor. If planning on going into the
water park, please remember to bring a towel and dry clothes.
•Lunch- We will be stopping at SubWay prior to entering the park to get lunch or you may bring
a bagged lunch from home. No outside food is allowed in the park, so we will be meeting for
lunch to picnic just outside the gates. (We recommend not purchasing food at the park, too
•Sealed Water Bottle- Six Flags allows each person to bring in ONE SEALED WATER
BOTTLE. Once inside the park there are water fountains to refill the bottle. (Remember, it must
be sealed. No Nalgins, Siggs, or pre-opened bottles!)
 •Spending Money- Either as a “just in case” or if you want to by souvenirs. Please don’t bring a
large amount, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Also, there are lockers available
inside the park.

Please fill out the second page of this form, keeping this first page with Veronica’s contact
information. Veronica must have the SIGNED permission slip by Friday, June 17th or you
will not be able to join us.

Veronica DeMio
WINGS Site Coordinator-TVHS
Just Bead It- General Manager, VT
Cell: 609.713.1783
Work: 802.464.1617
                Permission Slip for Six Flags New England
                           Friday, June 17th, 2011
                Please return to Veronica DeMio by Friday.
Student’s Name: ____________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Home phone: ______________________________________
Student’s Cell phone: ________________________________

Behavior Expectations:
Negative conduct is being defined as “any action taken by a student that is considered rude,
disrespectful to the program leader or peers, dangerous, damaging or property where program is
taking place and disruptive to the community or environment.”

Negative conduct is not permitted. All applicable school rules do apply and will be enforced.

Violent behavior, use of drugs or alcohol and extreme insubordinance will result in immediate
dismissal. A parent/guardian will be asked to come pick up their student.

By signing below, I agree to abide by all expectations above.
Student’s signature:____________________________________________________

I give, ______________________, permission to attend a trip to Six Flags New England in
Agawam, MS. I understand that participants will be riding in private cars. I release Six Flags
New England, the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union, the Wings Community Programs
and their staff from all liability for any injury that may occur while my child is participating in
this activity. In event of illness or injury, I give my consent to provide medical care.

_________________________________________ _________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                       Date

Parent Name Printed

Emergency Contact Information:

Any allergy or emergency medical information that we may need to

Contact Person
Name:_____________________________ Relation to student:_____________
Phone: ___________________________ Cell: __________________________

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