CeBIT 2012 wrap-up

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					CeBIT 2012 wrap-up

For better or worse, our week in the frigid German city of Hannover has come to a close,
bringing with it the end of this locale's days-long tourist season. All of the local
highlights were in the region's Messe, and were focused around CeBIT, which draws
visitors from every corner of the globe. There's no question that IT remains the focus of
this giant European trade show, but buried amongst the servers, point-of-sale terminals
and countless cloud-based solutions were a handful of gems. Ultrabooks stole the show
from a CE perspective, with Intel's touchscreen-equipped solution making its hands-on
debut, but we also came across a multitude of tablets, and even a pink Samsung Galaxy
We also spent some time wandering a virtual living room with a pair of head-tracking VR
glasses, played a classic arcade game using only our mind (and our eyes), and got a front-
seat demo of Audi's new gesture-based entertainment system, which lets you navigate
your car while focusing on the road. We've gathered all of these demos and more for an
inside look at everything CeBIT, which you'll find just past the break. Now, it's time for
one more currywurst before we make our way back home.