Dear Summer Guest, by HC120308235645


									Dear Summer Guest,
        We have prepared the following list as a guideline when packing for your upcoming
safari with us.

                Sleeping Bag                                Flashlight (extra batteries)
                Camera & film                               Warm Jacket
                Hat and gloves                              Rain gear
                Riding Boots with heel                      Sneakers
                Personal hygiene care items                 Bug repellent
                Approx. 2 changes of clothes                sweater
                Towel & washcloth                           Bathing Suit


Pad for sleeping bag (we do have some we can provide)
Any personal beverage (beer, pop, liquor, etc.) Not included in your weight limit
Fishing License (upon arrival, 2 – 6 day license is $15.00 - $35.00)
Fishing Gear: All hook sizes should be small – about #12 size

                Spinning equipment                          Fly fishing Equipment
                Packable spinning rod                       Packable Fly Rod
                 (break down to 36” or less)                 (break down to 36” or less)
                Reel with 6 – 10 lb test line               Reel w/line and leader 4-10 lb test
                Various colored lures                       assorted dry trout flies
                 Panther martin                              royal coachman/royal wolfe
                 “Mepps” 1/16 – 1/20 oz                      Joe Hoppers
                 clear bobber                                Black Knat / Black Ant
                 # sm. Hooks                                 Adams / Mosquito


Experienced cook, wrangler and guides
Complete western menu, satisfying nutrition and taste
Solar Shower
Sleeping tents
All riding, packing & cooking service and equipment
Water bottle
        If there is any other items you feel you may need please feel free to pack them. However,
please be weight conscious and avoid seldom used gadgets or an extra pair of this or that. Please
pack your gear into Army style, GI duffel bags approx. 36” long. (We do not want extra large
duffel bags). Please try to not exceed a 35 lb total. Thank you and we look forward to sharing a
wilderness adventure with you soon.

Happy trails,

Rocky and Lorell

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