Senior English 12 Syllabus by 3xjl68x


									English 12: Senior English (Includes College
Bound and AP Literature)rd
Mrs. Andrea Hooper (Planning Period: 3 10:15-11:00)
Room 156 PHS     968-6334

      Classroom Management and Procedures:
      Each day, the student is expected to come in before the tardy bell, to be seated, to
       prepare for class to begin, and to complete the WRITEAMIN of the day, read the
       Press Blooper of the day and read the Poem of the Day (see projector screen).
       Tardy: out of seat when tardy bell rings

      Students are expected to bring all books, paper, pen, pencil and any other required
       materials for the day’s lesson with them to class. No returns to locker during

      Please take care of personal bathroom needs between classes. I will sign your
       bathroom pass once a week, so save it for an emergency. You must have your
       planner in order to leave the room.

      No food or drink in the classroom. Do not let me see drinks or food. Keep them
       put away and off of the desk and off of the floor.


      Keep your space clean. Throw away trash.

      Observe all Pottsville School policies and procedures in the student handbook.

      Materials:
      Grammar and Composition Handbook Grade 12
      The British Tradition Literature
      Access to Microsoft Word or another processing program/copy paper
      Access to Microsoft PowerPoint and to Internet
      Black ink pens
      Pencils
      Notebook paper: college ruled (no spiral notebook sheets)
      Most assignments will be turned in digitally on MOODLE.
      Grading:
       Writing       25%
       Tests         20%
       Quizzes      15%
       Projects     20%
       Homework 10%
       AR and AR Vocab 10% Requirement: Take the Vocab. Quiz that goes along
       with the novel you read for AR points.

      Course Description: The 12th grade English course covers all English/Language
       Arts Curriculum Frameworks set by the Arkansas Department of Education.
       Student learner expectations cover three main standards of Oral and Visual
       Communications, Writing, and Reading with many curriculum strands within the
       standards. The 12th grade focuses on British Literature. The goal for each student
       is proficiency in all requirements at previous and current grade level. Practical
       application of English skills for life is also a focus.

      Late Work Policy: Students must turn in work on time!
                        Penalty for Late Work:
                        One day late-minus 10 points
                        Two days late-minus 20 points
                        More than two days late-student makes a zero.

**Late Work Policy for AP Literature: One day late: half credit
                                      More than one day late: zero

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