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					A MAGAZINE FOR ALUMNI & FRIENDS OF THE          Vol. 38, No. 3   Spring 2006

                                         Special Donor Issue
           March 3, 2006
From the Director                                           Corby Kemmer                                       Contents

      ast and furious would describe my first
                                                                                                               From the President ..2
      month on the job as Director of
      Development and Alumni Relations at                                                                      Focus on Board ........2
the University of Minnesota, Crookston
(UMC), and all positive!                                                                                       Happenings ................3
  My fourth day on the job I had the privilege
                                                                                                               Proulx ..........................8
to spend time with Minnesota Governor Tim
Pawlenty while he was in the city of Crookston.                                                                Inauguration ............10
Right up there with my time with the
Governor was the day I met with UMC alum-                                                                      Kopischke..................12
nus, Cindy Bigger, what energy and commit-                                                                     Week in the Life ....14
ment! Getting out of the office and meeting
alumni, friends, university employees and the                                                                  Kovacovich ..............16
                                                              Corby with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.
Crookston community has been my top goal in                 Corby met Pawlenty on his fourth day on the job.   Alumni Basketball....18
my first month and will continue to be a major
objective.                                          alumni and friends you set the bar for UMC’s               Stordahl ....................20
  Some upcoming events I’m looking forward          future growth. I can’t stress enough the impor-
to are “Fun Nite,” the athletic fund-raiser on      tance of private funds and philanthropic giv-              Sports Review..........21
April 28, commencement on May 6, the                ing for public institutions. Your continued
                                                                                                               Sports Preview ........24
Northwest School Reunion on June 24 and 25          financial support of UMC creates greater
and Homecoming, 2006 which takes place on           opportunities for current and future UMC stu-              Bill Tyrrell ..................26
September 29 and 30. (Please remember to            dents while leaving legacies for you and your
take part in the Athletic Hall of Fame and          family on this campus for generations to come.             Hogfoss ....................27
Outstanding Alumni Recognition that week-           Please show your support with a gift that you              Annual Donors........29
end).                                               can be most proud of. !
  UMC and Crookston have become home to                                                                        Alumni News ..........33
my fiancée, Sherry and our seven-month old          “Our lives are to be used and thus to be lived as fully
daughter, Jordyn. Sherry began working in the       as possible, and truly it seems that we are never so       In Memory................36

UMC Admissions and Records Department in            alive as when we concern ourselves with other people.”
early February. We are so excited and proud to                                        ~Harry Chapin
be living and working in such a positive and
proactive community and university.                   Corby Kemmer, Director
  There continues to be successful happenings         Development & Alumni Relations
on this tremendous campus and that is due to
skilled and committed faculty and staff, but as                                                                On the cover:
                                                                                                               UMC senior and
                                                                                                               Golden Eagles
                                                                                                               women’s basketball
                                                                                                               player, Karna Plaine,
Public Comment Sought on UMC                                                                                   goes up for a shot
                                                                                                               against Minnesota

       he University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC), is seeking comment from the public about                   State-Mankato on
       the University in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency.           December 10, 2005.
                                                                                                               UMC won the game
       The University will undergo a comprehensive evaluation visit April 24-26, 2006, by a team               76-72. Photo taken by
representing the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central                           Rand Hughes of
Association of Colleges and Schools. The University of Minnesota, Crookston, has been accredited               Hughes Photography.
by the Commission since 1964. The team will review the institution’s ongoing ability to meet the
Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation. The public is invited to submit comments regarding the
              Public Comment on University of Minnesota, Crookston
              Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
              North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
              30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400
              Chicago, IL 60602
  Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its aca-
demic programs. Comments must be in writing and signed; comments cannot be treated as confi-
dential. All comments must be received by March 23, 2006. !
    From the President                                                   Korey Hegreberg
                                                                  in Kiehle. While you’re

             reetings UMC Alumni! As 2006 begins,
              we celebrate the inauguration of a new              there, say “Hi” to the
              Chancellor for UMC. On March 3, Dr.                 Development Divas,
    Charles Casey was bestowed the title of                       Rose, Sue and Liz, they
    Chancellor and we are excited to see what the                 are always excited to
    future holds for UMC. Chancellor Casey has                    hear from alumni and
    been very active this past fall and winter at                 are looking for ways to
    numerous UMC events and his enthusiasm                        bring you back to
    towards UMC is very prominent.                                UMC.
      The new year also brought with it an outstand-                As always we ask you
    ing Ag Arama. Ag Arama 2006 had a great                       to mark your calendars
    turnout of UMC alumni that made it a huge suc-                now for                                Korey Hegreberg
    cess. It’s always exciting to meet new alumni and             Commencement on                    UMC Alumni President
    to visit with the friends that made the time at               May 6 and
    UMC go by so fast! A special thank you from the               Homecoming 2006 on September 29-30. I would
    UMCAA to all the alumni who were able to                      also like to encourage nominations for
    make it back for the weekend.                                 Outstanding Alumni and the Athletic Hall of
      Ag Arama weekend also gave us the opportu-                  Fame. If you know of someone that you feel is
    nity to meet the new Director of Development                  worthy of this title, now is the time to honor
    and Alumni Relations, Corby Kemmer. Corby                     them. Don’t forget to drop the Development
    comes to us from Mayville State and brings with               Divas a line, let them know what you’ve been up
    him the motivation to see the potential for the               to and stay connected with UMC.
    UMC Alumni Association. Stop in and see Corby                                                   – Korey Hegreberg ‘98
    at the Development and Alumni Relations office

                                                                                        Kevin Poppel

            evin Poppel ’03 works for Triangle Agronomy Services in Lake Park, MN and has since he
            graduated from the University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) with his degree in
              agricultural business. Kevin lives in Detroit Lakes, but is originally from Breckenridge, MN.
    He was very involved as a student in both the Crookston Student Association (CSA) as a senator and
    in other clubs and organizations.
      Kevin joined the UMC Alumni
    Association Board in 2004 and enjoys par-
    ticipating in the board’s work. Kevin and
    fellow board member Nikki Krueger
    Massman ’03 are working on a special proj-
    ect in the area of alumni and recruitment
    of new students.
      “I enjoy having input and sharing in the
    camaraderie the board members share,”
    Kevin says, “I care about UMC, and this is a
    great way for me to continue to be a part
    of the campus. Last month we had a board
    development session that helped us gener-
    ate ways in which our board can be more              Kevin accompanied his grandparents, Lawrence and Ruth Ann Poppel of
    visible, I am looking forward to it!” !              Breckenridge, MN, at a banquet held at UMC on Saturday, February 25,
                                                                 where his grandparents were honored with a 2006 Valley Farmer and
2                                                                                                              Homemaker Award.
           UNIVERSITY OF
   MINNESOTA, CROOKSTON                          Happenings  Law Enforcement Aviation majors in North
Snow Daze Royalty Crowned
  The SnoDaze                                                America. (
Royalty for 2006 are:                                        ents/notices02-03/Aviation-new.htm) The pro-
  Seated (l to r)                                            gram at UMC is lead by Chief Pilot, Mike
Queen Erin Flynn,                                            Vivion, a long-time pilot biologist with the
Bloomer, WI, and                                             U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska. On
King Spencer Berg,                                           Wednesday, February 15, Vivion invited Cal
Cyrus, MN                                                    Rector from the Minnesota State Patrol (MSP)
  Standing (l to r)                                          to speak to the Natural Resources Law
Prince Brent                                                 Enforcement Applications class. The campus
Messner, McVille,                                            mall became a landing pad for the MSP heli-
ND, and Princess                                             copter that arrived around 5:00 p.m. that
Britney Thronson,                                            evening.
Hillsboro, ND
  The theme for                                              International Dinner Series
Sno Daze at UMC                                                 A series of international dinners began at
was “Frozen in Time” and coronation took                     UMC, March 6. The location for the dinner
place on Thursday, February 23. Boxes &                      series is Bede Ballroom in the Student Center
Walls, an interactive museum that provided a                 beginning at 6:00 p.m. each evening. Dates for
historical perspective on various oppressed                  the dinners and featured countries are as fol-
groups while creating situations where partici-              lows:
pants experienced discrimination or could                       Monday, March 6 featured Korea. Students
relive an event in history, was a part of a entire           will prepared Korean food and served it family
week of activities surrounding Sno Daze 2006.                style at the tables.
                                                                Monday, March 20 featured Mali. Harouna
MST Department Hires New                                     Maiga shared an evening of authentic food
Administrative Specialist                                    and great conversation.
  Amber Bailey was hired as a                                   Monday, March 27 will feature Russia.
senior administrative specialist                             Nikolay Seregin is a Russian student majoring
in the Math, Science, and                                    in natural resources. He will share information
Technology department.                                       about his culture, food, and the Green Span of
Amber previously was the assis-                              Russia.
tant to the director & Web                                      Wednesday, April 5 will feature an interna-
master for the Crookston                                     tional dinner: The International/Multicultural
Development Authority.                      Amber Bailey
                                                             Club invite you to an evening of international
                                                             food, music, dancing, karate demonstrations,
                                                             and much more.

                                                             BMM Online Degree Approved
                                                               University of Minnesota Board of Regents
                                                             approved UMC’s request to deliver another
                                                             degree entirely online. The Bachelor of
                                                             Manufacturing Management a (BMM), a 4-
                                                             year degree that is career-oriented was
                                                             approved for online delivery at the Board of
                                                             Regents meeting in Minneapolis in February.
                                                             The BMM degree prepares students to man-
     From the right: Dan Svedarsky, MN State Patrol Pilot
                                                             age people and machines in a manufacturing
  Cal Rector, Aiken; Mike Vivion; Captain Dick Wittenberg,
          NW Detachment Commander,Thief River Falls.         environment. It was approved for online deliv-
                                                             ery and awaits higher learning commission
Helicopter Landing                                           accreditation approval.
  The University of Minnesota, Crookston
(UMC) has the only Natural Resources and                                                   Continued on page 4

    UMC News cont…                                                      landscape studies programs at several area colleges
                                                                        and universities. The scholarships are designed by
                                                                        MNLA and its member companies to help grow
    New Student Experience/Parent                                       future leaders in the nursery and landscape industry.
    Coordinator Named
                                                                        Increase in Applications for 2006
      Sara Kasier was named Student
                                                                          UMC reports an increase in the number of appli-
    Experience/Parent Coordinator. The
                                                                        cants for fall semester 2006, up 51.9% from the previ-
    position was formerly titled director
                                                                        ous year. This increase is recorded in the out of state
    of First Year Experience. Kaiser has a
                                                                        applicants, up 24%, as well as in the applications by
    degree in communication with con-
                                                                        students of color, up 42%. These numbers are the
    centrations in public relations and
                                                                        highest since 2003 and are significantly higher than
    sports information from the               Sara Kaiser               at any time during the period from 2003 to 2005.
    University of Indianapolis. She is
    originally from Crookston and has worked on the
    campus as an admissions counselor since September
    2004. She assumed her new duties on March 6.

    New Director of Communication
      UMC named Krista Lemos the new director of
    communication. Lemos comes to
    UMC from Monterey, CA, where she
    currently serves as the community
    education and outreach coordinator.
    Lemos will be joining UMC in late
    March to take over her new responsi-
    bilities, which include serving as
    media spokesperson; developing key
                                               Krista Lemos
    messages and coordinating commu-
    nication strategies for the campus; and overseeing
    development and execution of marketing efforts                      Ag Arama Royalty
    along with image building.                                            Ag Arama celebrated its 31st coronation at the
                                                                        University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC). The fac-
                                                                        ulty of the agriculture department at UMC nominate
                                                                        the candidates and a panel of judges selects the male
                                                                        and female students who they feel best reflect the
                                                                        goals and spirit of the UMC agriculture department.
                                                                        Selection is based on congeniality and involvement in
                                                                        the department and campus activities. This year’s roy-
                                                                        alty are (l to r) Prince Austin Aasness, Fergus Falls,
                                                                        MN, Princess Amy Schwartz, Monticello, MN, Queen
                                                                        Jessica Robinson, Morton, MN, and King Craig
                    Dan Williams (left) and Earl Evans (pictured with
                                                                        Roerick, Swanville, MN.
                  Rep. Denny McNamara of Hoffman and McNamara
             Nursery and Landscaping) were awarded the Minnesota
          Nursery and Landscape Association Foundation Scholarship.     Ag Arama “True Grit” Award Winner
                                                                           Ag Arama 2006 was held on Friday and Saturday,
    MNLA Scholarships Awarded                                           January 27 & 28, 2006 at the
    to Two UMC Students                                                 University of Minnesota,
      Two students in the horticultural studies program                 Crookston (UMC). Winner of
    at University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC)                         the most coveted of all awards
    recently received scholarships sponsored by the                     at Ag Arama, the True Grit
    Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association                         Award, was UMC student
    (MNLA) Foundation. Scholarship recipients are Earl                  Alison Stone, a senior from
    Evans, Crookston, MN, and Dan Williams,                             Lakeville, MN, majoring in Ag
    Thompson, ND.                                                       Business. The True Grit Award
      The MNLA scholarship program recognizes supe-                     is dedicated to the memory of
    rior students enrolled in horticultural, nursery or                 Todd Opsahl a UMC student

in 1973-74. Todd was extremely active in cam-       Business Management. Miller is pursuing a
pus activities especially in the Ag Division        master’s degree in Public, Health and Human
where he studied animal science. Todd’s life        Service Administration from Minnesota State
was cut short by leukemia. In his remem-            University, Moorhead.
brance, the True Grit award is presented to
the student who best demonstrates Todd              Armstrong to Present at
Opsahl’s active participation and encourage-        National Conference
ment of others.                                       UMC senior, Vanessa Armstrong, from
                                                    Fisher, MN, was recently notified that her
                                                    abstract, “THE EFFECTS OF THREE
                                                    POTENTIAL ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS
                                                    ON THE SEXUAL REPRODUCTION OF
                                                    THE ROTIFER BRACHIONUS CALYCI-
                                                    FLORUS,” has been accepted for a poster
                                                    presentation at the 20th Anniversary
                                                    National Conference on Undergraduate
                                                    Research (NCUR)® at the University of
                                                    North Carolina Asheville, April 6-8, 2006.
                                                    Presenters must be available to discuss their
                                                    displays during an assigned two-hour session at
                                                    the conference. Armstrong and UMC assistant
                                                    professor in biology Brian Dingmann, Ph.D.
                                                    worked on rotifer research as part of the
Governor Pawlenty Wears                             University of Minnesota’s Undergraduate
                                                    Research Opportunity Program (UROP).
Maroon & Gold
  Two of the University of
Minnesota, Crookston Alumni
                                                    New Chief Pilot
Association’s (UMCAA) board                            Mike Vivion an experienced
members along with UMC                              natural resources pilot from
mascot, Regal Eagle, celebrat-                      Fairbanks, AK was hired as
ed Maroon & Gold Friday                             UMC’s Chief Pilot. He has
with Minnesota Governor Tim                         flown for the U. S. Fish and
                                       Tamara Yon   Wildlife Service for over 25
Pawlenty in Crookston on                                                                   Mike Vivion
Friday, January 20, 2006. The governor was in       years. Natural Resource
Crookston to broadcast his weekly radio pro-        Aviation and Law Enforcement Aviation were
gram and announce the appointment of Jeff           added as areas of emphasis within the aviation
Remick, a Crookston attorney with Odland,           program at UMC three years ago. Vivion will
Fitzgergald, Reynolds and Remick Law Office         replace retired Chief Pilot, Larry Leake.
and Tamara Yon, a Crookston attorney with
Johannson, Rust, Yon, Stock and Rasmussen           New Development Director
Law firm to the Ninth Judicial District trial         Corby Kemmer was appointed the new
court bench. Yon is an adjunct professor at         director of development and alumni relations.
UMC and teaches the Legal Environment in            He comes to UMC from the Mayville State
Business course.                                    University Foundation where
                                                    he served as development
Miller at UMC’s Center                              associate and assistant director
                                                    of the Comet Athletic Club.
for Adult Learning                                  He was responsible for the
  Rhonda Miller is the new                          annual fund drive at Mayville
Program Associate in the                            over the past three years and
Center for Adult Learning at                        coordinated the Northwest
the University of Minnesota,                        Hall Renovation Project for      Corby Kemmer
Crookston (UMC). Miller, a                          the campus. His involvement with donor devel-
native of Greenbush,               Rhonda Miller
                                                    opment will be an important aspect of his new
Minnesota, graduated from UMC in the sum-           role as development director at UMC.
mer 2005 with a B.S. in Information
Technology Management and a minor in
                                                                                    Continued on page 6

    UMC News cont…
    Joe Massey Retires
      UMC’s Senior Vice Chancellor for
    Academic Affairs and Dean Joe
    Massey announced his retirement.
    He came to UMC in July 2004 as
    vice chancellor for academic affairs
    and was appointed chief executive
    officer in November 2004 where he            Joe Massey
    served until the appointment of Chancellor Charles                                               Traci Richter, Dan Bjornson, Aaron Motl, Jessi Fandrich
    H. Casey in September 2005. A search will begin for
    a new vice chancellor of academic affairs in March                            Students Raise Poinsettia Crop
    with the anticipation of having a new vice chancellor                           Christmas began in September for a group of six
    in place by July 1, 2006.                                                     students at the University of Minnesota, Crookston
                                                                                  (UMC). As members of UMC’s “Commercial
                                                                                  Floriculture Crops, fall” class, Laura Culver, Maple
                                                                                  Grove, MN; Aimee Grosam, Brownsdale, MN; Jessi
                                                                                  Fandrich, Richardton, ND; Traci Richter, Bertha,
                                                                                  MN; Aaron Motl, Staples, MN; and Dan Bjornson,
                                                                                  Arvilla, ND, began working with the Horticulture
                                                                                  Department’s annual poinsettia crop at the begin-
                                                                                  ning of fall semester.

                                                                                  Collegiate Crops Judging Team marks
                                                                                  another successful year
                                                                                    UMC’s Collegiate Crops Judging Team has a long
                                                                                  history of success. This year’s team, while smaller, is
                                                                                  no exception. Crop judging teams usually consist of
                                                                                  three members, but this year, UMC had only two:
                                                                                  Rob Proulx from
           John and Deb Zak with Pam Holsinger-Fuchs, interim vice                Crookston, MN and
           chancellor for student affairs and enrollment management
                                                                                  Tony Barteng from
                                                                                  Roseau, MN.
    Clock donated to Minnesota Room                                                 It was the only team
      Deborah and John Zak donated a mantel clock to                              in the competition
    the Minnesota Room in the Student Center. The                                 with two members,
    clock will grace the old Bede ballroom mantel that                            but the results of
    was restored for the conference room. The                                     these two individuals
    Minnesota Room also features the lights from the                              were not diminished
    old dining hall.                                                              by their lack of a
                                                                                  third team member. The team placed sixth overall in
                                                                                  both the National Collegiate Crops Contests in
                                                                                  Chicago and Kansas City. Rob Proulx received the
                                                                                  second place award in both contests continuing
                                                                                  UMC’s legacy of success.

    The Torch                                     Support Staff                                                  Send address changes and information
    The UMC TORCH is a publication of the UMC     Rose Ulseth,                                                   for the magazine to:
    Alumni Association.                           218-281-8439                                      UMC Alumni Association
    Director of Alumni & Development              Sue Dwyer,                                                                 115 Kiehle Building
    Corby Kemmer,                                 218-281-8401                                       2900 University Avenue
    218-281-8434                                                                                    Crookston, MN 56716-5001
    Director of Athletic Fundraising              UMC Alumni Board
    Bill Tyrrell,                                 Leah (Stratton) Reitmeier ’93, Dave LeGare ’89,                Phone: 218-281-8439 or 1-800-232-6466, Ext. 8439
                                                  Korey Hegreberg ’98, Kari Torkelson, Kevin Poppel ‘03,         FAX: 218-281-8440
    218-281-8436        Nikki (Krueger) Massmann ‘03, Kylene (Odegaard)
    Assistant Director of                                                                                        E-mail:
                                                  Lehman ‘01, Cindy Bigger ‘79, Jon Christenson ‘70,Tom
    Development & Alumni Relations                DeBoer ‘03, Mandy (Johnson) Cymbaluk ‘04, Kari Vallager ‘03.   Editor: Liz Tollefson
    Liz Tollefson,                                Ex Officio: Corby Kemmer, Liz Tollefson ‘02,                   Photos: UMC and Media
    218-281-8432        Rose (Iraci) Ulseth ‘87, Sue (Noss) Dwyer ‘74
 Former CEO Joe Massey, Chancellor Charles Casey, Founding Provost Stanley Sahlstrom, and Chancellor Emeritus Donald Sargeant.

The University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) had the distinct pleasure of having four of
its leaders present during a retirement reception on Tuesday, February 14 for Joe and Jinny
Massey. Joe Massey served as UMC’s Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean
and Jinny is an instructor in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences department. The
reception was an opportunity to recognize them for their many contributions to UMC.
                                                                                                                                                        Photo by John Zak.

Calendar of Events
International Dinner Series (Featuring the Ivory Mali) ..........................................................................March 20
Boxes & Walls Tolerance Museum, 12 – 4 p.m., Bede Ballroom ..........................................................March 23
Men’s Basketball vs. Concordia-St. Paul (8:00 p.m.) ..............................................................................March 24
Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) Hunt Seat Show ................................................March 25-26
International Dinner Series (Featuring Russia) ........................................................................................March 27
Technology Expo Conference, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Bede Ballroom and Kiehle Auditorium ..........March 28-29
Red River Valley Emerging Leaders Recognition Banquet ..........................................................................April 1
International Dinner ............................................................................................................................................April 5
Floating Holiday..................................................................................................................................................April 14
Centennial Tea with Susan Hagstrum, 10:30 a.m. Bede Ballroom, Student Center............................April 18
Beautiful U Day ..................................................................................................................................................April 20
Academic Advisement & Registration – Merit Scholarship Recipients ................................................April 21
National Youth Service Day ............................................................................................................................April 22
Earth Day ............................................................................................................................................................April 22
Higher Learning Commission (HLC) On-Site Visit..............................................................................April 24-26
Academic Advisement & Registration – Merit Scholarship Recipients ................................................April 24
Last Day of Instruction ....................................................................................................................................April 28
Teambacker Fun Nite........................................................................................................................................April 28
Final Exams ..........................................................................................................................................................May 2-5
Grad Dance, Northland Inn ................................................................................................................................May 5
Commencement ....................................................................................................................................................May 6
May Session Begins ................................................................................................................................................May 8
Academic Advisement & Registration ......................................................................................................May 10-12
MN ACE Network Regional Conference ......................................................................................................May 18
Memorial Day Holiday........................................................................................................................................May 29
    Rob Proulx Receives
    Frances Klein-Fortie Scholarship
       In 1946, the Experiment Station celebrated 51                      Secretary of the Navy at the Pentagon.
    years since its founding. T.M. McCall who                               One of Frances’ fondest memories was when
    served as superintendent at that time, had been                       she represented the U.S. Marine Corp in a
    an integral part of the Station and the                               “First Day of Issue” ceremony for a three-cent
    Northwest School of Agriculture (NWSA) for 35                         stamp honoring women in the Armed Services.
    years. William Barron was teaching classes in                         President Harry S. Truman presided over this
    field machinery, tractor, and motors. Edwin                           event. The photograph of Frances representing
    Bennett was coaching cross country and                                the U.S. Marine Corps was taken with President
    wrestling, and Fae Hughbanks was instruct-                                  Ray K. Jonson, Cincinnati, Ohio and Lorraine Anderson
    ing students in shorthand and typewriting.                                  Nesland, Long Beach, California, members of the
    There were almost 400 students that year.                                   Northwest School of Agriculture, Class of 1946,
       Audrey Linde and Alvin Naplin served as                                  spearheaded the drive to honor their classmate and
                                                                                establish the Frances Klein-Fortie Scholarship.
    the class advisors. Mr, Naplin had to be
    replaced when he left to join the Navy and                            Truman along with the 3¢ stamps issued in 1952
    Alvin Nordvold took his place as advisor. When                        are permanently together, framed, and hanging
    the class was in their junior year, they planned a                    in the Development and Alumni Relations
    prom with the theme “The Deep Blue Sea” cre-                          Office at UMC. Eventually, the photograph will
    ating the atmosphere for a long-remembered                            be hung in the Heritage Room in the Kiehle
    evening. The class motto became “Forward                              Building.
    ever; backward never.” With Edward Nelson as                            In 1997, the class of 1946, paid tribute to their
    class president, the class of 1946 won the annual                     classmate by creating a scholarship fund in her
    song contest and when they graduated they
    knew it was just the beginning of each of their
    lives’ and that each of them still had much to
       Frances Klein, nicknamed Fran, from
    Warroad, Minnesota was one of the members of
    the class of 1946. She was an attendant to home-
    coming queen, Geneva Iverson, along with
    Colleen Skeie, Ellen Johnson, Iris Sinclair, and
    Lillian Qualley. Frances enjoyed her years at the
    NWSA, she was member of the “Agony Sisters”
    with Ellen Johnson of Lancaster and placed sec-
    ond in the annual all-student variety night in
    January of 1946. She played “Hyacinth” in the
    senior class play, “Brother Goose.” She was on
    the class honor roll a number of times and
    involved in choir, basketball, and volleyball. She
    loved attending the NWSA.
       After her graduation, she went to
    Minneapolis, and in 1951, she enlisted in the
    U.S. Marine Corps. She received her basic train-
    ing at Parris Island, South Carolina and was
    later assigned as a receptionist to the Under

           Rob Proulx, recipient of the Klein-Fortie Scholarship, holds the
             photograph of Frances Klein in 1952 with President Truman.

name to help students at
the University of
Minnesota, Crookston
                                                                                             Frances Klein (far
(UMC) to pay for their                                                                       left) served in the
education. In 1998, the                                                                      U.S. Marine Corps
Frances Klein-Fortie                                                                         which led to a
                                                                                             personal visit with
Scholarship was created,                                                                     President of the
and it has helped stu-                                                                       United States, Harry
dents at UMC ever since.                                                                     S.Truman.
This year’s recipient is
                                                                                             Earl Proulx (left)
Rob Proulx from Red                                                                          listed becoming an
Lake Falls, Minnesota.                                                                       athletic coach as one
His grandfather, Earl                                                                        of his ambitions in
                                                                                             the 1947 yearbook.
Proulx of Argyle,
Minnesota, attended the
Northwest School and
was a junior in 1946 the same year Frances    ni have given so much to UMC students.
was a senior.                                 The student scholarship application is
  Earl was an outstanding athlete and         filled with support from the Northwest
football co-captain in 1947. He also served   School. UMC has changed over the years,
as president of the “A” Club. The             but the legacy is still here. We appreciate
Northwest Monthly reported another of his     the help we receive from the alumni.”
successes: “At the Awards Assembly held          Rob started attending college at
on January 9, trophies for outstanding        Concordia in Moorhead as a business
accomplishment in student summer home         major, but when he decided to change
project work in 1947 by students at the       majors and schools, he looked immediate-
Northwest School of Agriculture were won      ly at UMC. “It is a school with a great rep-
by Phyllis Anderson of Caledonia, North       utation in agriculture,” Rob stated. That      “There is
Dakota, and Earl Proulx of Red Lake Falls.    reputation influenced Rob’s decision to
                                                                                             something about
Phyllis Anderson ranked first in five Home    attend UMC. Four out of the five Proulx
Economics home projects and Earl Proulx       children attended UMC so Rob not only          the legacy that
finished seven home projects with high        had the influence of his grandfather, but      lives through
grades in each.” Earl enjoyed the             he also had the influence of siblings who      scholarships that
Northwest School and holds the school in      had attended. His younger brother, Eric, is
                                              a freshman this year so Rob is not the last    reaches out to
high regard.
  His grandson, Rob is no stranger to suc-    of the Proulx’s to choose UMC.                 students over
cess either. A senior majoring in plant          There is something about the legacy that    many miles and
industries management, Rob, placed sec-       lives through scholarships that reaches out
                                                                                             over the years.”
ond in the National Collegiate Crops          to students over many miles and over the
Contests in Kansas City on November 15,       years. If you are interested in supporting
2005 and again in Chicago on November         students at UMC through scholarship giv-
19. He has been named to the                  ing, please contact the Office of
Chancellor’s 4.0 Club more than once.         Development & Alumni Relations at 218-
The first year after Rob transferred, he      281-8439 or 800-862-6466 ext. 8439.
was a tutor in the Academic Assistance        Scholarships help students like Rob reach
Center, and he is currently a member of       their goals, you can be a part of helping
the Agronomy Club. Rob will graduate in       UMC students by your gift to the Heritage
the spring 2006 and is considering attend-    Fund Drive or establishing a scholarship
ing graduate school in agronomy or a          of your own. Thank you for considering a
related field when he is finished.            contribution and for the gifts that have
  Rob appreciated the help scholarships       made such a difference throughout
provided. “In the ag area,” Rob explains,     history. !
“there are so many scholarships and alum-

     Dr. Charles H. Casey Inauguration
                                                           Candy in Grand Forks, ND and note cards that

              r. Charles H. Casey was inaugurated
              March 3 as the fourth chancellor of the      feature prints by local artist LaVonne Forsberg
              University of Minnesota, Crookston           of Thief River Falls. She was commissioned to
     (UMC). His inauguration was a day long cele-          paint three watercolors for the Kiehle Building.
     bration for the UMC campus. The ceremony,             The watercolors featured the new Student
     attended by nearly 400 people, took place at          Center, the Kiehle Building, and the Gazebo on
     2:30 in Kiehle Auditorium and was followed by         the campus mall.
     a reception in the Northern Lights Lounge in            Following the meal was a centennial dance
                                       the Student         featuring a jazz ensemble from the University of
                                                                   If you would like to learn more about
                                                                   the inauguration, visit the web at:
                                       felt the enthusi-   North Dakota. The entire celebration was the
                                       asm and excite-     highlight of the centennial year and a day that
                                       ment surround-      will be long remembered. It is also a bright har-
                                       ing Chancellor      binger of the future. !
                                       Casey’s appoint-
       In the evening, nearly 190 UMC faculty, staff,
     alumni, community members, and other friends
     celebrated not only the inauguration but the
     centennial at a social and dinner, which fea-
     tured locally grown foods. Local producers fea-
     tured at the dinner included wine from Two
     Fools Winery in Plummer (owned and operat-
     ed by Senator LeRoy Stumpf and his wife),
     locally grown potatoes from Lonnie Spokely ‘03
     of Nielsville, MN, and even homemade breads
     made by a 4-H club in Clay County. Coffee and
                                        wild rice came
                                        from White
                                          There were
                                        candles made
                                        by the Bridge
                                        Street Candle
                                        Company in
                                        which the horti-
     culture students from UMC used in their
     arrangements for the tables. Gifts for the plat-
     form guests were created by Marv Lundin of
     Thief River Falls. He does woodworking and his
     special lazer engraved clocks commemorating              LaVonne Forsberg was one of the local artisans featured at the
                                                              inauguration of Chancellor Casey. She is pictured working on a
     the event were given to the platform guests.                                         watercolor of the Kiehle Building.
       Gifts for those attending the ceremony includ-
     ed centennial chocolates made by Widman’s
Still for the Birds, After All These Years!                                                   Chancellor Casey fill-
                                                                                              ing the feeder- 2005.

        arlier this winter, UMC
                                                                                              From left; Natural
        Chancellor Charles H. Casey,                                                          Resources Club
        Interim Vice Chancellor for                                                           President – Jennifer
Student Affairs Pam Holsinger-Fuchs,                                                          Tepovich, Heath
                                                                                              Estey, Michael Hill,
and natural resources students gave                                                           Tamara Saxton,
the “feathered folks” at UMC a boost                                                          Amanda Williams,
by filling the “Nature Nook” bird                                                             Casey, Pam
feeder. Interestingly enough, it is the                                                       Holsinger-Fuchs,
                                                                                              Melissa Lance, Alisha
same bird feeder that was inaugurat-                                                          Flemming, and
ed in 1974. It was originally built by                                                        Richard Rice.
Bill McWaters, campus carpenter,
and painted by the Conservation
Club but has gone through a couple
of face lifts and repairs since then.
The Provost at that time was Stanley           Forest, Coniferous Forest, and Tallgrass
Sahlstrom, shown filling the feeder in         Prairie. So far a number of trees and
1974. In the original article in the           shrubs have been moved in with a tree
February 14, 1974 issue of the UMC             spade to complement a butterfly garden,
Commentator, Sahlstrom noted, “Our             raingarden, and wildlife tree. The raingar-
avian friends are a very important part of     den is a depression
the total environment and this is dedicat-     planted to native
ed in the hope that all of us will develop a   aquatic plants to
better appreciation of the total environ-      catch and purify
ment in which we live.” Two of the stu-        runoff water from
dents present at the initial dedication have   the buildings.
certainly gone on to appreciate and            Other possibilities
improve the environment. Mike                  include a small
Kovacovich is the current manager of           peat bog and water
Itasca State Park, the crown jewel of          garden with a
Minnesota’s state parks. David Thom, is        small waterfall.
now the Resources and Planning Staff             So far, the
Officer of the Black Hills National Forest     Nature Nook area
in South Dakota.                               has attracted many
  Originally the bird feeder was in the        fall migrant birds
sunken garden in front of what is now the      and the feeder                                 Provost Sahlstrom
Sahlstrom Conference Center but is now         daily hosts a number of house sparrows         filling the feeder –
located in the Nature Nook wildlife devel-     and up to 4 gray squirrels. “The feeder        1974. From left,
                                                                                              Michael Kovacovich,
opment area between Owen and Hill              really adds a lot of interest to students as   Robert Pollock,
Halls. Nature Nook is a joint project of       they walk down the hallways on 2 levels        Sahlstrom, David
UMC’s Student Chapter of The Wildlife          and can note the activity,” according to       Thom, Jeff Becker,
Society, advised by John Loegering, and                                                       Unidentified, and
                                               Nate Emery, former Student Chapter of          Doug Albin.
the Natural Resources Club (formerly           The Wildlife Society President and UMC’s
Conservation Club) advised by Phil Baird.      2005 Man of the Year. Emery authored the
Club members secured $2,000 in grant           grant applications to obtain start-up funds
funds from the Minnesota Chapter of The        for Nature Nook. The club will be devel-
Wildlife Society and the Rocky Mountain        oping interpretive placards in the hallways
Elk Foundation to develop Nature Nook.         to identify feeder visitors and explain
When completed it will host a micro-cosm       interesting natural history notes. !
of Minnesota’s 3 biomes – Deciduous

           The King (Homecoming, that is)
           Who Would Be President
                                                                                work-study students who

                    he year was 1972, the UMC basketball
                    team coached by Marv Bachmeier fin-                         would spend evenings clean-
                    ished the season with fourteen wins and                     ing up after the food prepa-
            eight losses, and Pablo Ronderos would be                           ration labs. One of the
            named most valuable player and chosen a mem-                        things Kevin recalls is
            ber of the All-State junior college team. One of                    President Richard Nixon’s
            his fellow teammates would be named Athlete                         trip to China in February of
            of the Year. That student was Kevin Kopischke.                      1972 because the HRI divi-         Kevin Kopischke in his
                                                                                                                  yearbook photo in the
            Kevin was an honor student and letterman in                         sion hosted a “Salute to the             1972 yearbook.
            both basketball and baseball. He served as vice                     Orient” dinner that year in
                                             president of the stu-              recognition of the trip.
                                             dent senate, tour                    Kevin remembers the great leadership in the
                                             guide, and 1971                    HRI division with Nestor and Brian Harron, but
                                             homecoming king to                 he also fondly remembers Joe Mazzitelli, Jerry
                                             Queen Mary Copp.                   Knutson, Lynnette Mullins, and Dave Hoff.
                                               Kevin received a                 Provost Stan Sahlstrom stands out vividly in
                                             UMC Service Award,                 Kevin’s memory along with his wife, Mil, whom
                                             one of nine to receive             he refers to as a “great lady.” Kevin had an
                                             the award in 1972.                 opportunity to get to know the Sahlstroms
                                             Nine of his class-
                                                                                         If you would like more information on the HRI program
                                             mates received                              or any of the other programs offered at UMC, please
                                             recognition when                            visit:
                                             they were elected
                                             to Who’s Who                       through the catering the HRI program did in
                                             Among Students in                  the Sahlstrom home. He could not leave out his
                                             American Junior                    coaches Marv Bachmeier and Phil Engleman
                                             Colleges. They were                and, of course, Herschel Lysaker, who all influ-
 Queen Mary Copp and King Kevin Kopischke    chosen for their                   enced his life as a student at UMC. He gives a
          at homecoming in the fall of 1971. scholarship, service,              lot of credit to these role models. “By the luck
            leadership, and potential based on faculty vote                     of the draw, I ended up at UMC and off to a
            and approval by the national organization. The
            group included Stephanie Arnston, Evelyn
            Boser, Jerry Jacobson, Elton Hendrickson,
            Stephen Hottinger, Darrell Larson, Jerome
            Jansen, Clare Olson, Harlan Rademacher, and
            Kevin. He recalls, “UMC was the perfect place
            for me to be, and I remember it as a very enjoy-
            able time of my life.”
              The division of Hotel, Restaurant, and
            Institutional Management (HRI), chaired by
            Ralph Nestor, was growing fast through their
            innovation and hard work. Kevin came to UMC
            in the fall of 1970 to major in HRI because his
            father had a café and the work interested him.
            The oldest of seven children growing up in
            Morgan, Minnesota, Kevin became one of the

                             Kevin Kopischke was athlete of the year in 1972.
                                           He played basketball and baseball.
great start. I will always be appreciative of           Alexandria, and
that,” Kevin reflects.                                  he believes that
   Kevin went to work after graduation for              it is serving a
Mannings, Inc., a national food service                 vital role in
management corporation. He lived in big                 training stu-
cities like Omaha and Denver, and along                 dents to not just
the way, realized that he would like to                 get a job, but
return to Minnesota. Kevin completed a                  also create jobs
marketing education degree from St.                     for others.
Cloud State University in 1976 and did his                 Kevin remem-
student teaching at Alexandria Technical                bers and relish-        Kevin Kopischke graduated in 1972 with a degree in Hotel,
College. Following graduation, he would                 es the time he                           Restaurant, and Institutional Management
teach for the next ten years in Alexandria.             had at UMC, “When I reflect, I know how
                                     He began           UMC was lead by Stan [Sahlstrom], a very
                                     working on         aggressive and respected man with high
                                     his master’s       standards. He built a college that had
                                     degree in          excellence as a benchmark. His example
                                     1986, when         set us all out on a path to be good at what
                                     he received a      we do and to be proud of it.” Kevin has a
                                     call from          lot to be proud of both personally and
                                     Brainerd           professionally. His years at UMC were
                                     offering a job     influential in developing his leadership
                                     as a vice presi-   skills and professional life. No matter what
                                     dent at the        students choose to do as a career, partici-                  “When I reflect, I
                                     Brainerd           pation in college life helps create a foun-
                                                                                                                     know how UMC
                                     Technical          dation on which to build. Kevin Kopischke
  Kevin Kopischke and his daughter,                                                                                  was lead by Stan
           Lindsey, a student in the College. He        has done that as well as anyone. !
                nursing program at accepted                                                                             (Sahlstrom), a
       Alexandria Technical College. knowing that
                                                                                                                        very agressive and
                                     he wanted the
opportunity to gain experience at what                                                                                  respected man
would become his new passion, higher                                                                                    with high stan-
education administration. He and his fam-                                                                               dards. He built a
ily lived and worked in Brainerd for five
                                                                                                                        college that had
   When a position opened up in                                                                                         excellence as a
Alexandria, Kevin, his wife, Donna, and                                                                                 benchmark. His
their three children, Kristi, Jay, and                                                                                  example set us all
Lindsey, would move back, and Kevin
would take over as vice president in the                                                                                out on a path to
area of customized training. He earned                                                                                  be good at what
his Ed.D in 1995 at the University of                                                                                   we do and to be
Minnesota. Later, he would become chief
                                                                                                                        proud of it.”
of staff under then president, Larry
Shellito. When Minnesota Governor Tim                                                                                    — Kevin Kopischke
Pawlenty appointed Shellito adjutant gen-
eral, Kevin became president of
Alexandria Technical College—a job he
loves. His passion for higher education
and his background in marketing make                               Kevin Kopischke sits at a table in his office with
him a strong proponent for the campus in                     prints by art students at Alexandria Technical College
                                                                                                 in the background.

     A Week in the Life of a
     Student Athlete    By Beth Jacobson

          t is hard to keep up with a college student’s busy life, and if you are
          a student athlete, it is even harder. Take a look at a week in the life
          of UMC student athlete, Karna Plaine, a senior from Hatton, ND.
     Fellow athlete, Beth Jacobson, will take you on a photo journey of what
     it is like to be a UMC Golden Eagle women’s basketball player. !

     11:00:         Wake up, eat and shower
     12:00:         Chemical Principles II
     1:00:          Lunch
     2:00-5:00:     Chemical Principles II
     5:00:          Foot treatments (ultrasound/ice)
     6:00-8:00:     Practice (1)
     8:00-9:00      Eat, shower
     9:00-9:30:     Real World/Road Rules
                    Challenge (MTV)
     9:30-10:30:    Homework
     10:30:         Computer time
                    (email, chatting with friends),

     6:00AM:        Wake up
     7:00-9:00:     Practice                               1
     9:00:          Genetics
     10:00-12:00:   Nap time/ Eat
     12:00:         Chemical Principles II
     2:00:          Individual meeting with Coach Roux
     3:00-5:00:     Genetics Lab (2)
     5:00-7:00:     Eat, TV
     7:00-8:00:     Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting
     8:00-9:00:     American Idol
     9:00-10:00:    Homework, Bedtime

     10:00:      Work on Chemical Principles problems
     12:00:      Chemical Principles II
     1:00-1:30:  Social half hour in the Student Center
     1:30-2:45:  Healthcare Policy & Comparative Systems
     2:45:       Foot treatments
     3:30-5:30:  Practice
     5:30-6:30:  Lifting (3)
     6:30:       Eat
     8:00:       W.O.W. Event;
                 Fear Factor                                              2
     9:00-11:00: Homework, TV,
    8:15:          Wake up
    9:00-10:00:    Genetics                                                             4
    10:00-2:00:    TV, eat, get packed, nap (4)
    2:30:          Foot treatments                             5
    3:00-5:00:     Practice
    5:00-12:30:    On the road for basketball (Marshall, MN)
    12:30:         Arrive at hotel in Marshall, MN (5)

    8:30-9:00:     Wake up and eat breakfast
    10:00-11:00:   Shoot around
    11:30-12:30:   Watch film
    1:30-2:30:     Go eat pre-game meal
    4:15:          Leave for gym
    6:00:          Game time (6)
    8:00:          Watch men’s game and eat
    10:30:         Drive to Wayne, NE
    2:00AM:        Arrive in Wayne (7)          6

    9:00-9:30:     Breakfast (8)
    11:00-12:00:   Shoot around
    12:30-1:30:    Watch film

                                                                                                     HUGHES PHOTOGRAPHY
    1:30-2:30:     Eat pre-game meal
    4:15:          Leave for gym

                                                                   HUGHES PHOT
    6:00:          Game time (9)
    8:00:          Watch men’s game and eat
    10:30:         Drive home                                                               6
    5:30AM:        Arrive at home
    2:00PM:        Wake up
    3:00PM:        Do homework and relax



     Just Another Day in the Park…
                                                                   “From the very first day,” Mike remembers, “I

                hile the snow falls quietly through the
                pines, the beauty that has been Itasca             was impressed with the campus and the staff. I
                State Park for a more than a century               loved the small class size. UMC turned out to be
     continues to awe its visitors. The brand new                  a great choice.”
     Mary Gibbs Interpretive Center and the
     four-year old Brower Welcome Center are                              For more information on the Natural Resources program
                                                                          at UMC, please visit
     wonderful additions to Minnesota’s oldest                            or call 218-281-8569 or 800-UMC-MINN
     state park. Tucked into this magnificent
     setting is one of University of Minnesota,                        Favorite memories include Dan Svedarsky’s
     Crookston’s (UMC) own, Michael (Mike)                          classes, Phil Buckley, who served as his advisor
                                                                                           for part of the time, Bruce
                                                                                           Beresford’s horticulture classes,
                                                                                           and Wendell Johnson’s science
                                                                                           classes. Mike graduated with a
                                                                                           double major in horticulture and
                                                                                           natural resources conservation.
                                                                                           He did an internship in the
                                                                                           Chippewa National Forest and
                                                                                           that internship helped with the
                                                                                           evolution of his degree at UMC
                                                                                           and his lifelong career in the
                                                                                           park system.
                                                                                              “I had the opportunity to
                                                                                           become a well-rounded student,
                                                                                           something I wasn’t in high
                                                                                           school,” Mike explains, “I loved
                                                                                           the classroom, and the clubs
                                                                                           were important to me.” The fact
                             Bruce Beresford was advisor for the horticulture club.        that Mike was almost 300 miles
                                       Mike is in the front row third from the left.
                                                                                           from home made staying on the
                                                                                           weekends necessary. It helped
     Kovacovich ’75. Every morning he goes to work                  Mike develop some great friendships. “Kurt
     in one of the most beautiful places in                         Haugland, Brad Davenport, Jeff Becker, Bob
     Minnesota as the park’s manager.                                                              Swanson, Malcolm (Max)
       Mike came to UMC from Robbinsdale High                                                      Ray, and I had some great
     School where he graduated one of nine hun-                                                    weekends at the Agassiz
     dred students. He really had no intention of                                                  National Wildlife Refuge,
     going on to college when he graduated from                                                    the natural history area
     high school in 1972, but after a year of working                                              across from the campus,
     “in the real world,” Mike decided to call on his                                              rabbit hunting, and in the
     high school counselor. “Although I was no                                                     winter, we played a lot of
     longer in high school, my guidance counselor                                                  cards.” One time after a
     sat down with me,” Mike explains, “ and after                                                 storm, there was a huge
     visiting with me about what I had in mind, he                       Mike Kovacovich and
                                                                                                   drift behind Owen, and
     suggested Crookston.” On a visit to his uncle’s                     his signature railroad    they carved a huge snow
     home in Thief River Falls, he and his parents                       cap. He even wore it      shelter out of it—not for
                                                                          after the bill fell off. any real reason, just
     visited the campus, and Mike was hooked.

because they all loved
the outdoors and it                                                                          Mike Kovacovich ’75
was an excuse to                                                                             stands in the pines in
                                                                                             Itasca that surround
enjoy it.
                                                                                             his park office.
   Mike qualified for
workstudy so he asked
if he could work in
the dining hall. “Not
many students asked
to work there,” Mike
said, “but I liked the
flexibility of the
   After graduation,
Mike began working
in the state park sys-
tem in the fall of
1976. He became assistant manager at          wife, Dawn. Later, he went back to Jay
Flandrau State Park near New Ulm, MN,         Cooke State Park as manager. In 1989, he
and from there served as assistant manag-     took the job as park manager of Itasca
er at McCarthy Beach, north of Hibbing,       State Park and has been there ever since.
Scenic State Park at Big Fork, William        During the time he has been at Itasca,
O’Brien State Park near Stillwater, and       Mike and Dawn have also been busy rais-
then, Jay Cooke State Park near Duluth.       ing their three children: Laura, Katie, and
He became manager of the Savannah             Brad.
Portage State Park near McGregor. While         Mike serves on the natural resources
he worked there he met and married his        Program Improvement Audit Committee
                                              (PIAC). Through his work on the commit-
                                              tee, he has the opportunity to review class-
                                              es and the different degree programs and
                                              have input about what is relevant to work-
                                              ing in the state park system. He is also
                                              able to network with people outside his
                                              own agency, something he enjoys.
                                                “What was relevant to me as a student at
                                              UMC, is still relevant today,” Mike said,
                                              “the smaller setting, instructors who really
                                              care, plus you receive a prestigious
                                              University of Minnesota degree when you
                                              graduate from UMC.” Mike also feels that
                                              the laptops are a real plus and improves
                                              access to professors even more. “If you
                                              add the locale and size of the classes and
                                              programs, and the fact that you won’t get
                                              lost in the crowd,” Mike said, you get a
                                              great deal when you attend UMC.” And…
                                              maybe one day… you can say like Mike,
                                              “Everyday is just another day in the
                                              park!” !

                                            Mike Kovacovich in his 1970s groove.

Bringing Back the Memo
                                                             Later that evening many of the alumni came to sup-

         n February 4, 2006 at 2:00 P.M., Lysaker gym-
         nasium was host to the first Golden Eagle         port the Women’s Basketball team play against
         Women’s Basketball alumni game. Many              Bemidji State. It turned out to be a close game
familiar faces filled the court players like: Amy Kuznia   throughout with the Beaver’s coming out with a victo-
(2004), Bev McNamee (2002), Brenda Johnson                 ry. There was a social with lots of great food for all the
(1986), and Jody Oien (1979) just to name a few. The       current and former Women’s basketball players after
game brought back many laughs for the alums and            the game. At halftime of the Men’s Basketball game,
some “old school” moves that haven’t been seen in          all the alumni who made it to the events for the day
awhile. It was a hard fought game and at the end, the      were introduced. Turned out that thirty-one alumni
“Black team” came out victorious.                          came to this event! It was a much better turnout than
                                                           expected, and we can only hope that number will
What was your favorite                                                      grow as the years go on! !
part of UMC basketball?

                                                                    “Defensive privilege drills
                                                                    in practice! The team and
                                                                         friendships rock!”
                                                                        - Kim Pinske, 2004

                                                                       “My favorite part was
                                                                      the friendships formed
                                                                        and all of our crazy
                                                                         times together”
                                                                          - Sherry (Staff)
                                                                           Nelson, 1986
               “Traveling with
                my team, our
              - Jodi Oien, 1979

             formed from sweat,
              and teamwork that
               lasts for years!”
           - Bev McNamee, 2002

                                                                                                                         WOMEN’S         E
                                                                                                                              ALUMNI G
                                              LUMNI GA      LL                                                                 WHITE TEA
                                             BLACK TEA                                                                                     Hometown
                                                       M                                                             Maiden    Graduated
                                                                                        No.        Name                                    Halma, MN
      No.      Name                                                                                                              1986
                                 Maiden      Graduated                                  12         Arla Meyer
                                                                                                                                  2003     Paynesville, MN
               Sonia Kraft                                 Hometown
                                               1991                                      13        Amber Michaelis                         Alvadrado, MN
      20      Kim Pinske                                   Oslo, MN                                                               1997
                                                                                                                 r Olson
                                              2004                                       20        Ronda Biermaie                           Crookston, MN
      22      Amy Kuznia                                   Gary, MN                                                               1986
                                              2004                                       22        Sherry Nelson                            Stephen, MN
   24                                                     Stephen, MN                                                             1986
              Lana Leach                                                                                         n Ignazewski
                                              1999                                        40       Brenda Johnso                            Mahnomen, M
  34         Sara Miller                                  Glyndon, MN                                                              2002
                                             2000                                         42        Bev McNamee                             Hoople, ND
  42         Katie Carlson                               Mahnomen, M                                                               2000
                                                                    N                                               Lietz
                                             2005                                         45        Brandy Chaffee                           St. Paul, MN
  44         Kari Torkelson                              Mora, MN                                                                  1979
                                             1991                                            32      Jody Oien                               Ada, MN
 45         Meghan Messe                                 Thief River Falls                                                          2000
                          rschmidt                                        ,   MN                     Sheila Roux
 50                                          2002                                             50                                    1998     Dalton, MN
            Allison Kluck                                Inver Grove He
                                                                       ights,                                     son
                                                                                             54      Karla Thormod
 52         Tiffany Hasbro                           Hawley, MN
                          uck                                                                               Roux
Coach: Abby He                              2004     Crookston, MN                            Coach: Sheila
     Not Your “Typical” Student
                                                                        class schedules with classes that would transfer

                  hat is typical about college students is
                 that often times they are not typical.                 to the University of Minnesota. In two years, Jim
                 For example, if you went to a class-                   had taken enough credits that he was ready to
     room at UMC today, you might find students                         graduate with a double major and almost every
     who are only juniors in high school who partici-                   other feasible transferable credit in his major.
     pate in the Post Secondary Enrollment Options                      “Don Keith was a great advisor and had an
     program or you might find someone in their                         amazing memory for people,” said Jim, “he also
     fifties or older. Jim Stordahl ’86 was not your                    had the great gift of genuinely caring for stu-
     typical college student when he attended UMC                       dents.”
     either, but that is one of the reasons why
                                                                                If you would like to learn more about UMC’s agriculture
     UMC was such a great choice for him.
                                                                                programs, please visit:
        An Extension Educator with the                                          or call admissions at 218-281-8569 or 800-UMC-MINN
     University of Minnesota for Polk and
     Clearwater Counties, Jim attended UMC after he                        Jim goes on to say, “UMC provided me with
     graduated from the McIntosh Winger High                            the type of atmosphere that really made a dif-
     School, but only as a “winter quarter student.”                    ference in my ability to succeed in my pursuit of
     He attended, like many others at the time, dur-                    my bachelor’s degree.” Chuck Habstritt is some-
     ing the time of the year when farm work was a lit-                 one that Jim considers a real mentor and anoth-
     tle less predominant and he could get away to                      er one of UMC’s instructors who cared about
     attend classes. He did this for several years, but as              students. Jim participated on the Crops Judging
     he became more                                                                 Team that placed nationally and he
     involved in the family                                                         recalls, how “Chuck went above and
     farming operation,                                                             beyond the call of duty when it came to
     school was put on                                                              students.”
     hold.                                                                             When Jim completed his graduate
        It wasn’t until 1983                                                        degree, he began working on a Ph.D.
     that Jim came back                                                             but when his dad became ill, Jim went
     to school in earnest,                                                          home to help. The events that sur-
     graduating in 1986                                                             rounded that year and the next one cir-
     with a double major                                                            cumvented his return to school to com-
     in crop production                                                             plete the degree. While he was home,
     and crop science and                                                           he became involved in some research
     headed to the Twin                                                             by some area farmers and setting up
     Cities campus to                                                               vegetable plots. That experience led
     complete both his                                                              into work in extension and except for
     B.S. degree in agron-                                                          the five years in Moorhead as an exten-
     omy in 1988 and his                                                            sion educator, Jim has worked out of
     M.S. in animal sci-                                                            McIntosh. He and Roxanne have two
     ence in 1998. When           Jim Stordahl ’86 works as an extension educa-     boys, one attending school at Texas
     Jim came back to                tor for both Polk and Clearwater Counties.     A&M and the other a recent graduate
     UMC, he and his wife, Roxanne, were both                           of Bemidji State University.
     EMTs. Jim worked 24-hour shifts and he remem-                         Being a student is not defined by age, but
     bers Cheryl Pankow’s willingness to go over the                    rather being a student is being someone who is
     math lessons with him on a one-to-one basis.                       in pursuit of a goal or a dream. If you think you
     “She was so accommodating for someone with a                       might be interested in attending UMC, please
     schedule like mine. I needed her to spend time                     visit and find out what
     outside the classroom to keep me up on track                       UMC has to offer you. With online degrees, and
     and she did it so willingly,” Jim says.                            a variety of other options, UMC might be the
        Jim knew he wanted to get his bachelors                         perfect place for you. Jim wasn’t a “typical” stu-
     degree and so his advisor, Don Keith, planned                      dent, and you don’t have to be either! !
Golden Eagles Conclude Winter
Sports Seasons; Prepare for Playoffs
                                                The two would continue to outpace the

            ith the turning of the calendar
           comes the conclusion of another      conference for the entire season, scoring
           season of winter sports at the       nearly 20 points per game each. Through
University of Minnesota, Crookston. This        the season’s first 11 weeks, the tandem
season would also bring an end to three         would hold six NSIC Player-of-the-Week
outstanding careers. Patrick Knutson (Sr.,
East Grand Forks, MN), Lee Roberts (Sr.,
Cushing, MN), and Karna Plaine (Sr.,
Hatton, ND) have each been leaders on
their team since the moment they walked
on campus four years ago. Each has
amassed many honors and accolades in
their time as a Golden Eagle, and each
will be missed after their time here is
   Women’s Basketball - Following a season
that saw the Golden Eagle Women’s
Basketball team finish with the most wins
                                                 Kari Score earned her 1,000th point in her Golden Eagle
in school history, the future looked bright        career with a three-pointer against Concordia St. Paul.
and a quality core of returners was back to
lead the way. However, the departure of         awards, with each having three.
three of last season’s starters to graduation     “Karna Plaine has proven night in and
left some holes to fill. The young players      night out that she is a dominant Division
from last season would be asked to step in      II basketball player. She has led the con-
and fill those rolls. With the new season       ference in scoring the entire season while
brought a new head coach and the opti-          playing on a bad foot,” says Head
mism that comes along with it. Sheila           Women’s Basketball Coach Sheila Roux.
Roux would return to her alma mater to          “Karna is one of those kids that you feel
command the team she once played for.           privileged to coach and know what great
Roux would bring with her a wealth of           things she is going to do in her life.”
knowledge and a history of success, being       Coach Roux adds, “Kari Score has consis-
an assistant to two different playoff bound     tently gotten better and better this season.
programs.                                       She plays with a lot of confidence and
   Now in her final season Plaine was sure      she’s really done a great job rebounding
to be a highlight night in and night out,       this season for us. She will be looked
and she would not disappoint. Plaine            upon next season to be a big leader for
would start the season shooting hot, tying      the Golden Eagles.”
the Pepsi Tip-Off Tournament (Mankato,            In the first exhibition of the season,
MN) record by scoring 56 points in two          Beth Jacobson (Jr., Mayville, ND) would
games. She would score 25 points in the         tear her ACL and be lost for the season.
first game and follow up by scoring 31 the      Jacobson was expected to play a major
next night. For that effort she would also      role on the team this season and without
earn the first NSIC Player-of-the-Week          her, the Golden Eagles were left a player
award of the season. Plaine would lead the      short and trying to fill the void. An early
NSIC in scoring all season, while following     Christmas present to the new coach was a
close behind the entire way would be            win on December 3rd over Chadron State
teammate, Kari Score (Jr., Boyceville, WI).     in the Southwest Minnesota State
                                                                                   Continued on page 22

     Hardee’s Classic for Coach Roux’s
     first career win. Also following the
     tournament Plaine and Carly Score
     (Jr., Boyceville, WI) would garner
     All-Tournament honors for their
     dominant play. Plaine and the twin
     Score sisters would be the trio that
     led the Golden Eagles all season
     with each ranking among the top
     scorers in the conference. As the
     conference season opened up, the
     Golden Eagles would start 1-0 get-
     ting a win over the host Warriors of
     Winona State. The following night                                      Patrick Knutson scored his 100th career point.
     in St. Paul against Concordia                            and leave Minot State with nothing but a des-
     University Kari Score would net the 1,000th              peration shot as time expired. The Beavers
     point of her Golden Eagle career with a three            would have no such luck and the Golden Eagles
     pointer for the Golden Eagles’ first points of           would get the first win of the young season.
     the game. As the season rolled on, the emer-             Following such a dramatic game, UMC may
     gence of Theresa Crance (So., Timber Lake,               have been prime for a let down as rival
     SD) and Joan Ebnet (Sr., Pequot Lakes, MN) as            Minnesota, Morris came to town just two nights
     consistent scorers became a key to the success           later. The Golden Eagles followed their first win
     of the team.                                             with an impressive victory over the Cougars, this
        Men’s Basketball - The Golden Eagle Men               time with less dramatics. Following the win
     started the season looking to make an impact in          came a stretch of games against tough NCC
     the NSIC during Coach Oseth’s third full sea-            teams such as Minnesota State, Mankato, St.
     son. Lee Roberts (Sr., Cushing, MN) and Pat              Cloud State, Augustana College, and the
     Posl (Sr., Bird Island) were back for their senior       University of South Dakota to close out the non-
     campaigns and ready to lead the Golden Eagles.           conference season. With the opening of the
     The top four scorers were gone from a year ago,          conference season, came the first conference
     but the core of the team remained, and the               win as the Golden Eagles beat Red River Valley
     blend of new recruits had the team excited for           rival Minnesota State University, Moorhead 72-
     what lie ahead. Roberts and the men created              58. The game would see Thompson net a dou-
     some excitement that had not been seen in                ble-double as he finished with 23 points and 10
     Lysaker Gymnasium for some time. On                      rebounds to lead UMC to the win.
     November 29 Minot State University came to                 “We have a very young team with only two sen-
     Crookston with the Golden Eagles looking for             iors. This group has worked extremely hard
     their first win. After a close first half the visiting   and the future of Golden Eagle basketball looks
     Beavers held the one point advantage at 37-36.           bright,” states Head Men’s Basketball Coach Jeff
     A back and forth second half saw the guests              Oseth. “We may have come up a little short on
     ahead in the final minutes of the game. Garry            the scoreboard at times, but the respect our
     Thompson (So., Elk River, MN) would hit a pair           opponents have for these young men and the
     of free throws late to bring UMC to within two.          program is very rewarding. This has been a
     Following a pair of missed shots by each team            blue collar type of team and it has been very
     and an offensive rebound by the Golden Eagles,           fun to coach.”
     Roberts was left open in the corner. With the              The trio of Roberts, Posl, and Thompson
     crowd on their feet, Roberts would nail a three          could always be looked to when the Golden
     pointer to put UMC up by one with three sec-             Eagles needed them. Mario Bonner (Jr.,
     onds left. He would also be fouled on the shot           Milledgeville, GA), Jordan Grafsgaard (So.,
     and hit the free throw to complete the four              Ulen, MN) and Antwon Miller (So., Moreno
     point play and put the Golden Eagles up two              Valley, CA) would be pleasant surprises as they

provided quality minutes off the bench,        period shootout saw each team find the
and became more and more productive in         net three times and head to overtime tied
the offense as the season wore on. New         at four. This time it was Concordia College
comers Josh Foust (Jr., Williston, ND),        escaping with the 5-4 victory. Three nights
Mike Thompson (Jr., Apple Valley, CA),         later, a scoreless third period led to a
and Matt Pelzer (Fr., St. Cloud, MN) all       scoreless overtime and the Golden Eagles
made an immediate impact as each found         earned the tie. The following night UMC
themselves in the starting lineup at differ-   got their first win, this time in regulation
ent points during the season.                  with a 3-1 win versus Lawrence University,
  Hockey - Under the direction of Coach        winning the series with Lawrence going 1-
Garry Warren the Golden Eagle Hockey           0-1 on the weekend. Following the series
Team has seen much success. Warren has         Golden Eagle goalie Kyle Knudsen (Jr.,
directed UMC to a berth in the MCHA            Mead, WA) earned Defensive Player-of-
Championship game in each of his four          the-Week after making 74 saves, with a
previous seasons as head coach, while win-     1.92 GAA, and .949 save percentage in the
ning the Tournament Title in the 2002-03       two games. The next victory for the
and 2003-04 seasons. The Golden Eagles         Golden Eagles was over Northland College
were also regular season champions in the      and would bring along with it a milestone
2002-03 season. There was no reason to         for Coach Warren as the win was the
expect any different from the Golden           400th of his career. In the same game
Eagles in 2005-06. Patrick Knutson was         Patrick Knutson would net a hat trick to
back to lead the Golden Eagles one last        leave him just two points shy of becoming
time. In the season’s early games UMC          the second Golden Eagle to score 100
would find themselves having to work           career points. The following night UMC
overtime to earn that first win. Against the   would beat Northland earning #401 for
Milwaukee School of Engineering the            Coach Warren and a weekend sweep of
Golden Eagles would score the last three       the Lumberjacks. Following the sweep,           “This group has
goals of the game to get the score back to     Brent Groenke (So., Morden, MB) would           worked extremely
even and force the extra session. The          earn MCHA Player-of-the-Week honors             hard and the
Raiders found the back of the net first and    with a seven point (2G/5A) weekend. In
                                                                                               future of Golden
stole the win. Three nights later a third      the following game Knutson would get his
                                                        100th career point after assisting     Eagle basketball
                                                        on a pair of UMC goals in a loss to    looks bright.”
                                                        MSOE. Knutson would continue
                                                        the season chasing Brock                  — Head Men’s
                                                        Anundson’s career point record of       Basketball Coach
                                                        112 (51G/61A) while already sur-
                                                                                                       Jeff Oseth.
                                                        passing him in goals with 55.
                                                        Throughout the season, injuries
                                                        would take their toll on the team as
                                                        key players would fall and young
                                                        players were asked to step up.
                                                        Along with Groenke, fellow sopho-
                                                        mores Teal Plaine (So., Hallock,
                                                        MN) and Matt Hann (So.,
                                                        Crookston, MN) as well as junior
                                                        Ryan Leadens (Jr., South St. Paul,
                                                        MN) would be among the teams
                                                        top scorers all season. !

                                                      Coach Warren celebrates his 400th win.

     Golden Eagles Spring Sport Preview
               en’s Golf - The Golden Eagle Men’s             Baseball - Strong leadership returns to the

     M         Golf team will start the 2006 Spring
                season with a goal of staying in the
     top eight in the Central Region and getting a
                                                            Golden Eagle Baseball team to compliment a
                                                            talented group of newcomers this season. It is a
                                                            combination that will result in a competitive
     bid to the NCAA Division II Championships              squad in the NSIC for the 2006 baseball cam-
     May 1-3. The Golden Eagles finished the fall           paign.
     2005 stretch of the season rewriting almost all          “We have great leadership returning to our
     team records and placing third in the NSIC             team with players like Brandon Wolf (P/SS,
     Championship at Pebble Creek Golf Club in              Sauk Centre, MN) and Aaron Motl (C, Staples,
     Becker, MN, behind Winona State and Bemidji            MN). Both Motl and Wolf were NSIC All-
     State. Going into the Spring half of the season,       Conference Honorable Mention players last
     the Golden Eagles are ranked 6th in the Central        spring and have improved their play through-
     Region. Most often the top eight in each region        out the off season,” says Head Baseball Coach
     get bids to the first round of the NCAA Division       Steve Olson.
     II Championships, which will take place this             Joe Nelson (3B, West Fargo, ND), Matt Morin
     year at Prairie Bluff Golf Club in Joliet, Illinois.   (OF, East Grand Forks, MN), Kyle Nyquist (2B,
     Participant from last spring’s 2005                    Cokato, MN) and Zach Schneider (P/IF,
     Championships/Super-Regional, Matt Hiller              Sheboygan, WI) are returning players that have
     (Sr., Crookston, MN), Branden Schwartz (Sr.,           started at their respective positions for the
     Brooklyn Park, MN), and Steven Busho (So.,             Golden Eagles.
     Blooming Prairie, MN) are all eager to return.           Key newcomers include Cameron Routon
     Coach Jason Tangquist is also expecting good           (IF/P, Moose Lake, MN), Adam Knebel (IF/P,
     things this spring from Garrett Scott (Fr., Red        Warroad, MN), Adam Johnson (IF/P, Motley,
     Deer, Alberta), Nate Dahl (Sr., Ventura, CA),          MN), Laudyn Nelson (IF, Middle River, MN),
     Trent Senenfelder (Jr., Walker, MN), Steven            Stephen Funk (OF, Sebeka, MN), Pablo Garcia
     Zutz (So., Red Lake Falls, MN), Brent Groenke          (OF, Crookston, MN), Josh Bullivant (OF,
     (So., Morden, Manitoba), James Matthews (Jr.,          Dassel, MN), Johnny Johnson (OF, Macon, GA)
     Spring Green, WI), and Nick Nelson (Fr., Cold          and Erick Martin (OF, Grasston, MN). Garry
     Spring, MN).                                           Thompson (OF, Elk River, MN) and Lee
        Coach Tangquist commented on the spring             Roberts (OF, Cushing, MN) will also join the
     season, “Our senior captains Branden Schwartz          team after completion of their Golden Eagle
     and Matt Hiller are eager to end their college         basketball season.
     golf careers on a high note. Participating as a          Versatility is the key for the Golden Eagles this
     team at the Super-Regionals in May is the priori-      spring. UMC has several players who can play
     ty, but both men are ranked high enough in the         multiple positions. With a large number of posi-
     Region individually to advance if for some rea-        tion players who also pitch, many different play-
     son we do not advance as a team. The team has          ers will get opportunities to play and contribute
     been working hard in the fitness center with           to the success of the team.
     our off-season conditioning and lifting routines         “Our players have been working extremely
     and they hit regularly as well. We are really look-    hard and I am looking forward to their contin-
     ing forward to a great spring for our program.”        ued progress,” says Coach Olson. “I am excited
        The Golden Eagles will start the Spring por-        about the leaders we have on our team this year
     tion of the season with invites at Augustana           and I am also excited to watch our kids com-
     (April 1), the University of South Dakota (April       pete against some great competition.”
     2-3), Winona State (April 9) and Mankato State           The Golden Eagle baseball team opens up the
     (April 10-11), and finish up with the NSIC             2006 season at Northwest Missouri on March 12.
     Spring Invite at Concordia St. Paul (April 17-         The first home contest will be April 8 against
     18).                                                   NSIC opponent Southwest Minnesota State.

  Softball - The Golden Eagle Women’s           will be looked upon to use her NSIC expe-
Softball team is looking forward to the         rience to “quarterback” the infield. The
challenge of the upcoming season. The           shortstop position will see a familiar face as
team opens the 2006 season with a Spring        Crookston native Shawna Steinbrink
Break trip to Pittsburg, Kansas to play in      (Crookston, MN) who transferred to UMC
the Gorilla Invitational. UMC will play         last fall will take a majority of the reps.
eight games in four days in Pittsburg           Tracy Nyhus (Almena, WI) will be the
before returning home to play at Mayville       Golden Eagle second baseman for a major-
State on March 23. The first home game          ity of the games this season. She will share
for the Golden Eagles is March 28 as the        time with Lorelei McGee (Moose Lake,
team hosts the University of Minnesota,         MN) who will take most of her reps in the
Morris. UMC will also host the 2006 NSIC        outfield. First base will see a trio sharing
Conference Tournament on May 5-6, 2006.         time throughout most of the season.
The Golden Eagles return four dedicated         Courtney Nohre and Britney Winkelman
players from last year’s squad; Kacee           will share time when they aren’t pitching
Biederman (Senior, Captain), Chris              with newcomer Cassie Yates (Buffalo, MN)
Carlson (Senior, Captain), Lisa Erickson        who joined the team following the comple-
(Junior, Captain) and Kristen Beyak             tion of the Golden Eagle Volleyball season.
(Senior). Inexperience will be the major        Yates has outstanding speed and will also
obstacle this season as those four players      be looked upon as a utility player to pinch
will be the only on the team to have            run, play outfield, first base and be a desig-
Division II softball experience. The team       nated player when needed. The outfield
will look to two college transfers and six      will boast the most experience with the
true freshmen to carry the rest of the load     return of Kacee Biederman (Milaca, MN)
for the team. The hectic March schedule         in left field and Kristen Beyak (Calgary,
will help solidify the line-up and gel the      Alberta) in centerfield. Playing a majority
team as a whole. Although young, the            of her time in the outfield will be                “Our defense was
Golden Eagles look to be competitive with       Marybeth Eckstrom (Hines, MN), who will            solid again this fall
the help of the newcomers. They are look-       also be looked upon as a courtesy and              so our focus will
ing forward to gaining experience and           pinch runner.
becoming more competitive throughout               “The inexperience of the team will be           be putting runs on
the season. Pitching for the Golden Eagles      the biggest concern for me this season.            the board to take
will be the freshmen duo of Courtney            However, our overall athletic ability has          the pressure off
Nohre (Bemidji, MN) and Britney                 carried us well past where we were last sea-
                                                                                                   of our pitchers.”
Winkelman (Foley, MN). Both pitchers            son at this time,” says Head Women’s
have good control and deceptive off speed       Softball Coach Mitch Bakken. “Our                    - Head Women’s
pitches that will keep the opposition off       defense was solid again this fall so our
                                                                                                       Softball Coach
balance. Returning to call the games            focus will be putting runs on the board to
behind the plate this season will be senior     take the pressure off of our pitchers. The              Mitch Bakken
Chris Carlson (Hines, MN). Chris was a          team has been in the weight room and
leader both offensively and defensively last    batting cage religiously and I am already
season and is expected to make an impact        seeing results. The team’s hard work and
this season. Sharing time will be Itasca        dedication will result in a more offensive
Community College transfer Stacey               team that will be a true competitor in the
Villebro (Hill City, MN). Stacey has great      NSIC,” coach Bakken adds.
speed and will be utilized any way she can;        Women’s Tennis - After a six year hiatus,
catching, in the outfield, or as a designated   UMC has reinstated their Women’s Tennis
player. The infielder positions have gone       Program. Seven new players have joined
through almost a complete overhaul from         the inaugural team this fall.
a year ago. The only returner will be Lisa         The Golden Eagle squad consists of
Erickson (Wadena, MN) at third base. Lisa       some local as well as regional talent. Tara

                                                                            Continued on page 26

     Sylvester (Crookston, MN) and Christie                    (Langdon, ND), and Holly Robinson (Roseau,
     Chappell (Ottawa, Canada) are the two seniors             MN); sophomore Vanessa Houle (Ashland, WI);
     on the team.                                              and Freshman Lindsey Johnson (Crookston,
       Tara, a standout from Crookston High School,            MN). Johnson, another Crookston High School
     which has an outstanding reputation in the                prodigy, competed in the Minnesota State AA
     state for their tennis program, will lead the             Tennis Championships last year as a doubles
     team this spring. “Her skill and knowledge of             player.
     the game will definitely help this program have             “Our team has been working hard to improve
     a successful season,” says first year coach Abby          everyday. I have a great group of student-ath-
     Hearn. Christie, a four-year soccer player for            letes that really want to get better and love to
     UMC, who is also been recognized as the most              play tennis. I’m excited to see how far we’ve
     successful soccer player in UMC history, joins            progressed at the end of the season,” says Coach
     the team as the team’s only dual-sport athlete.           Hearn.
     “Her quickness and athleticism will be critical to          The Golden Eagles play a very competitive
     her singles and doubles matches. She is a true            schedule, playing some very tough non-confer-
     competitor,” notes Coach Hearn. Both Tara and             ence matches this season, as well as a strong
     Christie will be looked upon to provide leader-           conference schedule. UMC opens up the 2006
     ship for this young squad.                                season on the road against Winona State
       Other players rounding out the team include;            (2005 NSIC Champions) in St. Cloud on
     juniors Susan Turner (Echo, MN), Jackie Baird             March 19. !

     Introducing Bill Tyrrell
                                                               in. This option also now includes our non-schol-

         would like to take this time to say hello to all
         of you that I do know and introduce myself            arship sports which include hockey and eques-
         to those of you I have not met. On August             trian, though these young men and women can-
     29, 2005, after nineteen years as the Head                not be given scholarships the money can go
     Athletic Trainer at UMC I became the Director             towards the their budgets to help with expenses.
     of Athletic Fundraising.                                     On April 28, we will be having our annual Fun
       Though I miss the day to day activity with the          Nite and I encourage all alumni to attend. This
     student-athletes and coaches I am enjoying my             is our biggest fundraiser for athletics for the
                            new job very much and am           entire year. Tickets are $35 each which includes
                            excited about the future
                                                                      You can contact Bill Tyrrell at:
                            of athletics at UMC.
                              I would like all of our                 (218) 281-8436 or
                            alumni to consider contribut-      a great meal from the Crookston Eagles and
                            ing to our UMC Teambacker          also qualifies you for drawings for the entire
                            organization especially those      evening.
                            of you who participated in           We also have four golf tournaments scheduled
                            athletics while at UMC. I have     for this summer. Friday, June 16 is the UMC
                            tried to contact as many of        Teambacker/Heart of The Valley golf tournam-
               Bill Tyrrell you as possible and will con-
                                                               net in Ada, MN. Saturday, July 16 is the annual
                            tinue to do so but if I have not   UMC Teambacker Golf Classic at Minakwa Golf
     please contact me. It is important that we in the         Club in Crookston. The UMC Women’s Golf
     development office have updated information               Tournament will be held in early August at the
     on all of you.                                            Minakwa Golf Club. The Mark Olsonawski
       As of mid February we have 285 Teambacker               Endowment Scholarship Tournament held each
     members and have raised about $106,000                    year in Hallock, Minnesota should be set soon.
     towards athletic scholarships and I am working            Please consider joining us for one or more of
     daily to increase these numbers. It is also impor-        these tournaments.
     tant to know that you may now direct your con-              I look forward to hearing from you and would
     tribution a specific sport if you are interested by       appreciate the opportunity to visit with you
     simply contacting me and letting me know or               about UMC Teambackers. !
     writing it down when you send you contribution
Computers and Agriculture Make a
Perfect Team

     n the spring of 2003, Jay Hogfoss had
     just graduated with a degree in ag sys-
     tems management (ASM) with an
emphasis in precision agriculture and a
minor in information technology manage-
ment (ITM). He was able to adapt his
computer classes to agriculture and his
education led him to his first position at
Titan Machinery, one of the largest Case
IH dealership networks in the U.S. and
from there to Trimble Navigations.
   Working for Trimble has Jay based out
of the main Case New Holland plant in
Racine, Wisconsin, where he provides sup-
port for all the auto guidance systems. Jay
loves working with the Case New Holland
auto guidance systems and seeing all the
new technology about a year in advance.
                                                           Jay Hogfoss ’03 works today for Trimble Navigations, based out of the main
That fact makes Jay’s work interesting and                                             Case New Holland plant in Racine,Wisconsin.
exciting for him. “The job is unique
because I get to work with the new prod-         The ASM program with an emphasis in
ucts from two different companies,             precision agriculture seemed to peak Jay’s
Trimble Navigation and Case New                interest. “With this degree,” Aakre
Holland,” says Hogfoss. He also does their                                                                     “With this degree,
                                               explains, “Jay could apply his computer
prep work for farm shows, magazine             skills and still be actively involved in help-                  Jay could apply his
photo shoots, and training programs.           ing others with their production agricul-                       computer skills
   He feels that his education at the          ture challenges. The ASM program has
University of Minnesota, Crookston                                                                             and still be
                                               nearly 30 credits of electives that students
(UMC) helped him get where he is now.          can use to tailor their education to fit indi-                  actively involved
He liked UMC’s close student/faculty rela-     vidual goals. This allowed Jay to add a                         in helping others
tionships. The size of UMC continues to        minor in ITM.”                                                  with their
be an advantage for its graduates.               The guidance positioning system experi-
Professors Paul Aakre and Bruce Brorson        ence that Jay had at UMC made a differ-                         production
were two of Jay’s favorite professors. They    ence to his future employers. They liked                        agriculture
helped to advise Jay of which classes would    that he already had some experience on                          challenges.”
help him reach his goals. Thanks to            which to build. A few of the classes to
UMC’s small class sizes, these professors      which Jay owes some of his success are                                 — Professor
had time to work with him after class and      Application in Precision Agriculture,                                    Paul Aakre
in the field. It gave him an edge in the job   Microcomputer System Architecture,
market.                                        Computer-Aided Drafting, and
   Aakre was Jay’s advisor in the              Topographical Mapping and Spatial
Agricultural Systems Management pro-           Analyses. The courses offered with the
gram. “Jay was introduced to me after his      hands-on approach to learning found at
first year as an ITM major at UMC. He          UMC were just what he needed.
liked to work with computers, but he real-       Outside of class, Jay was a member of
ly wanted to be involved in agricultural       the Ag Industries Club, the highly success-
applications where he could use his com-       ful North American Colleges and Teachers
puter skills.”                                 of Agriculture (NACTA) team, and Delta
                                        Theta Sigma (DTS).                           Jay has always kept in contact with his advisors
                                        Of his membership in                       and teachers at UMC; he felt very comfortable
                                        UMC’s agricultural                         about dropping by just to chat and or ask ques-
                                        fraternity, Jay says,                      tions. This good habit has also carried to his
                                        “The great part of the                     working career. Two years after graduation, Jay
                                        DTS fraternity is all                      still calls up advisors Paul Aakre and Gary
                                        the good times that I                      Wagner (precision ag consultant, instructor,
                                        had at the house
                                        and all of the                                        If you would like to know more about ITM or
                                                                                              the ASM degrees at UMC, please visit
                                        good friends
                                        that I met being
                                        one of the fraternity                      and local farmer) to let them know what he is
       Jay Hogfoss is a graduate of the brothers. I am proud                       up to. Occasionally, he is called by his former
     ag systems management program to say that I am part                           employers to answer technical questions regard-
           with a minor in information
              technology management. of the DTS fraternity,                        ing their precision ag products.
                                        and I am still to this                       The ASM degree develops students into prob-
                                        day meeting other                          lem solvers. Jay Hogfoss is a professional prob-
     people and friends that were in other chapters                                lem solver working for Trimble Navigation and
     of our fraternity.”                                                           Case New Holland. !

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     Mary Feller            Irene Johnson          Michael & Barbara      Donald & Shirley        Elliott Solheim           Wilder
     First State Bank of    Richard Johnson           Menzhuber             Osborne               Linda Solheim          Linda Wilkens
        Fertile             Joanne Johnson         Michael & LaVonne      Jeffrey Oseth           Tom Sondreal           Owen & Linda
     O. Flaat               Norman Johnson            Meyer               Otter Tail Power        Lonnie & June             Williams
     Kevin & Laura Forde    Richard & Sandra       Philip & Catherine       Company                  Spokely             Laurie & Daniel
     Four Season’s             Johnson                Meyers              Overland Insurance      Mike St Onge              Wilson
        Clothing            Lynn Jurek             Microsoft Corp           Agency Inc.           Jill Stangeland        Xcel Energy
     Frank W. Veden         KROX Radio             Mid-State Chapter of   Catherine               Star Lake Galaxy          Foundation
        Charitable Trust    Brenda Keith              Minnesota Society     Oxborough                Resort              Myron Yearous
     Helen Freberg          Walt & Margee Keller      of CPA’s            P J S Inc               Vernon & Linda         Cheryl Zachman
     George & Rae           Lonn & Debra Kiel      Mid-Valley Grain Co-   P K M Electric             Stassen             John & Deborah Zak
        French              Michelle King             Op                    Cooperative Inc.      Linda Stassen          Charles Zammert
     Francis & Marjorie     Gerry & Elaine Kluck   Midwest Dairy          Richard Pals            Shannon & Jodi         Gary Zitzer
        Froehler            Dale & Mary Ann           Association         Ralph Pester               Stassen
     G F W C Woman’s           Knotek              Corky & Elaine         Sharon Peters           State Farm Co Fdn
        Club                Ardell & Sandy            Miller              William & Debra         State of Minnesota
     Cheryle Gagner            Knudsvig            Eugene & Arline          Peterson              Dale & Cheryl Stauss
     Gasper Air Spray Inc   Margretta Knutson         Miller              Curtis & Alice Pierce   Sterling Insurance
     GMAC Residential       Jerome Knutson         Minakwa Country        Raymond Pierce             Agency Inc
        Funding Corp        Rose Koch                 Club                Prudential Fdn          W. Daniel & Vicki
     Grand Theatre          Richard & Deborah      Minnesota Approved     Christopher                Svedarsky
     Grant Johnson             Koop                   Seed Conditioner      Przemieniecki         Vera Swanson
        Appraisals          David & Rebecca           & Marketing Assn    Gary & Patricia         Ronald Taintor
     Stacey Grunewald          Koplin              Minnesota FFA            Purath                Dennis Tangen
     Barry Grunzke          Doug & Kim Kraska         Foundation Inc.     R K Construction Co     Jason & Renee
     Charles Habstritt      Russell & Susan        Mobo Hobo Catering     Nathan Rasch               Tangquist
     Jay Haley                 Kreager             V. Moser               Elaine Rasmus           Jean Tate
     Amelia Hansen          Damon Krekelberg       Mosher’s Graphics &    Red Lake Falls Vet      Teambackers
     Brock Hanson           Mitchell Kreps            Print Brokerage       Clinic                Virginia Thirlkel
     Rolf & Linda Hanson    Clarice Lacey             Inc                 Red Power               Murray & Patti
     Silas & Marjorie       Land O’Lakes           Vaughn & Renee           International Inc        Tiedemann
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        Hasbrouck              Larson                 Nelson
MINNESOTA, CROOKSTON                          Alumni News                                                                 Compiled by Rose
                                                                                                                          Ulseth. Please send
60s                                                         travel. The recently got a new Samoyed puppy and she          news items and
Mike Hagen att ’67-’69, Roseau MN has joined the            is enjoying life as it throws in a surprise now and then.     photos to Rose
Farm Credit Services of Grand Forks team as a finan-        Loves to spend time with friends, especially UMC. Best        by email:
cial services officer for the Roseau area. He has been a    to all classmates of the early eighties.            ,
self-employed farmer since 1973, raising wheat, barley,     Email Nancy at                             via mail:
canola, grass seeds, soybeans and feeder pigs. He also                                                                    UMC Alumni
worked as a farm business management instructor from        Flor Portillo Lopez ’83, Grand Rapids MI is an adminis-       Association,
1995-1998 and at the FmHA office in Roseau from             trative assistant for an attorney. She was remarried a        2900 University
1980-1983.                                                  year ago and she has two beautiful boys ages 13 and 14.       Avenue,
                                                            Email Flor at                             Crookston, MN
70s                                                                                                                       56716-5001 or
                                                            Mary (Schroeder) Story ’85,                                   submit on line at,
Dennis Bizek ’70, Surprise AZ has retired after 20+
                                                            Douglasville GA married David                                 see the website
years in mortgage banking. Dennis and his wife, Bev,
                                                            Story on October 22, 2005. They                               at left.
will be full-time RVing in their new Class A motor
                                                            are both employed by Primerica
home. They will travel during the summers and spend
                                                            Financial Services which is the dis-
winters in Arizona. Their summers will be in the Pacific
                                                            tribution HUB for Citigroup.
Northwest but do plan a trip to Minnesota in 2007.
                                                            Paul Mickelsen ’89, Elbow Lake
Susan (Hagen) Cummings ’73, Roseau MN. Since grad-
                                                            MN is a power system operator for
uating in 1973, she has lived in Minneapolis and
                                                            Otter Tail Power Company. He has been married for 12
worked at the University of Minnesota Hospitals for 15
                                                            years and has three children, Kyle, 9; Emily, 7 and
years where she met her future husband. When he
                                                            Hunter, 5. Email Paul at
retired in 1987 they moved to San Diego so he could
golf and she worked for a medical transcription compa-
ny for 15 years. In 2001 they returned to Roseau to be
married among friends and family. They returned to          90s
San Diego until April 2003 when they moved to Roseau        Andy Bates ’90, Dayton TX. Email Andy at
to be closer to family. Her husband passed away in May
2003 and Susan continues to reside in Roseau. She is                                                                      Don’t forget to
still working for the same company that she did in San      Randy DeMers ’92, Big Lake MN is the business manag-
                                                                                                                          send a photo
Diego but she is able to do so from home. She has           er for his father-in-law’s business, They
reunited with a few friends from the class of 1973 but      have four websites that keep him quite busy. Randy and        with your news!
would like to hear from more of you out there.              his wife have two sons, Garrett, 8 and Brady, 4. Email
Email Susan at or                      Randy at
                                                            Jason Kainz att ’92-’94, Tracy MN is an
Ron Dvergsten att ’77-’79, Thief River                      assistant football coach in the Tracy
Falls MN is the dean of management                          Schools as a defensive coordinator and
education at Northland Community                            offensive/defensive line coach. He has
and Technical College in Thief River                        recently returned to teaching in the
Falls. He recently graduated from the                       Tracy area.
Academy for Leadership and
Development which is a year-long pro-                       Gary Schindler att ’93-’94, Red Lake Falls MN is a phys-
gram that includes an initial week of on-site training; a   ical therapist at RiverView Healthcare in Crookston and
practicum experience involving implementation of an         is a certified athletic trainer. Gary and his wife, Sarah,
individualized professional development plan that           have three children, Madison, 6; Olivia, 3; and Grace,
focuses on the application of skills learned during         10 months.
                                                            Corey Jamieson att ’95-’96, Oslo, MN is a
                                                            heavy equipment operator and is employed
                                                            by Robinson Excavating. He married
Bob Bartlett ’80, Reynolds ND is a
                                                            Monica Sands on November 26, 2005.
member of the board of directors of the
Third Street Clinic in Grand Forks ND.
                                                            Mark Suska ’97, Royalton MN and his wife,
He has been pastor of Cottonwood
                                                            Jessica, have two sons. Gavin is 5 and
Community Church for the past 11
                                                            Grayson is 3. Mark is a district sales manag-
                                                            er for Producers Hybrids and covers the northern half
                                                            of Minnesota. Email Mark at mark.suska@producershy-
Nancy (Kotval) Salentine ’81, Fergus Falls MN.
Continues to consult part-time as a dietitian and is
involved with the district association. She enjoys spend-                                          Continued on page 23
ing some winter months in Peoria AZ and any other
     Tara Audette ’98, Lincoln NE is a nutrition educator for         Laura Pikop ’01, Stephen MN married
     Family Services Child Care Food Program. She has a five year     Jeremy Clow on June 18, 2005 at the Inn
     old son and a six year old bulldog. Tara and her husband         at Maple Crossing on Maple Lake. Email
     recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Email Tara at     Laura at
                                                                      Ryan Blechta ’02, Big Sky MT is an assis-
     Jon Fridgen ’98, Tolono IL is a research scientist for the       tant superintendent at The Yellowstone
     Institute for Technology Development and NASA. Jon and his       Club. Email Ryan at
     wife are expecting their second child in May. Email Jon at
                                                                                       Alaina Burt ’02, Jacobson MN is a graduate
     Melissa (Lund) & Ben Lindquist ’98, Perham MN have three                          student in the Journalism and Mass
     children, Rylee, 5; Rowdie, 4 and Rorey, 17 months. Ben is a                      Communications program at South Dakota
     nutritionist for the Perham Cooperative Creamery and Missy is                     State University and recently received the
     a licensed daycare provider and coaches JO volleyball for                         highly coveted International Stockmen’s
     Perham. Email them at                                         Educational Foundation Travel Fellowship to
                                                                                       the 2006 International Livestock Congress
     Marlene (Raddatz) Niemann ’98, Grafton ND                        that was held in Houston TX on March 1-2, 2006.
     has been promoted to team leader for Farm
     Credit Services office in Grafton ND. Along                      Amy (Peterson) Lubarski ’02, Crookston
     with this role, she continues to work as a finan-                MN married Nathan Lubarski on January
     cial services officer for the Grafton area.                      21, 2006. Amy is the senior administrative
                                                                      specialist in the agriculture department at
     Tanya (Waller) Hazeldine att ’97-’98, Coon                       UMC.
     Rapids MN. Email Tanya at

     Eileen Todahl ’99, Fosston MN is currently working at Ultima
     Bank Minnesota in the Winger MN branch. Email Eileen at                               Steve & Amy (Lampi) Miller ’02 and att                                                                 ’00-‘02, Savoy IL were married August 20,
                                                                                           2005 in Duluth MN. Steve is a network
     00s                                                                                   administrator with Hobbico and Amy is a
     Trevor Bjerke ’00, Manhattan KS is attending Kansas State in                          veterinary assistant at VCA Heritage
     the veterinary medicine program and will graduate in 2009.                            Animal Hospital, both in Champaign IL.
     He married Jenniefer Irmen on July 22, 2005 in Fargo ND.
     Email Trevor at
                                                                      Kyle Smith ’02, Mountain Lake MN and his wife, Jessica, are
     Shane Naslund ’00, Dane WI and his wife, Rebecca, are            proud to announce the birth of their first daughter, Ada
     expecting their second child in July. Email Shane at shane-      Marie, on February 4, 2005. Kyle works as a farm equipment                                              salesman and Jessica is an elementary teacher. Email Kyle at
     Brittany Sedler att ’00-’04, Fargo ND is employed by IdeaOne
     Telcom in Fargo.                                                 Mindy (Fowler) Wolford ’02, Minneapolis MN is a senior vet-
                                                                      erinary technician at the Large Animal Hospital of the
     Luciana Forati ’01, San Diego CA is an assistant women’s soc-    University of Minnesota. Email Mindy at
     cer coach at Southwestern College in Chula Vista CA and has
     continued her education in California.
                                                                      Baizhou Chen ’03, Oakland Gardens NY was awarded his MBA
     Deb (Wosick) Kolling ’01, Grand Forks ND and her husband,        in public accounting from St. John’s University in New York
     Shane, are the proud parents of Jack Michael Kolling. Jack was   and received an offer to join Ernst & Young, LLP. Email Chen
     born on December 12, 2005.                                       at

                          Kylene (Odegaard) Lehmann ’01, Fertile      Adam Coe ’03, International Falls MN is the administrator of
                          MN is employed by RiverView Healthcare      the Good Samaritan of International Falls.
                          Association and JJ’s Body Shop in
                          Crookston. She married Darin Lehman,                      James Lamb ’03, Grand Forks ND is a teller for
                          on March 11, 2006.                                        Alerus Financial at its Banksouth location in
                                                                                    Grand Forks.

     James Mages ’01, Alexandria MN and his wife, Tricia, had twin
     boys, Grant and Kyle, on November 7, 2005.                       Nicole (Wolkenhauer) Larson ’03, Fargo ND. Email Nicole at

                                                                      Anna Anderson ’04, St. Cloud MN. Email Anna at

Todd Dvorak ’04, E Grand Forks
MN farms in the Tabor MN area.                                Mark Gangler ’05, New Hope MN. Email Mark at
He will marry Kailee Rivard on                      
March 25, 2006.                                                                                                           Compiled by Rose
                                                              Rosemary Ketring ’05, Kingshill VI is a research analyst    Ulseth. Please send
                                                              at the Agriculture Experiment Station at the University     news items and
                                                              of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix. She is involved with      photos to Rose
                                                              research done with the native hair sheep of St. Croix.      by email:
                                                              She married Kaleb Driscoll on January 7, 2006. Email,
                    Laura (Anderson) & Joshua Efta            Rosemary at                            via mail:
                    ’04 & ’99, Mayville ND were mar-                                                                      UMC Alumni
                    ried October 22, 2005 in Warren           Melissa Martin ’05, Apple Valley MN is an account           Association,
                    MN. Joshua is working for May-            development manager for the Midwest North Division          2900 University
                    Port Farmers as an agronomist             of Frito Lay located in Bloomington MN. She manages         Avenue,
                    and Laura is working for Mayville         and calls on 10 accounts in Minnesota as well as 7 sur-
                                                                                                                          Crookston, MN
                    State Child Development                   rounding states. Email Melissa at melissa.l.martin@frito-
                                                                                                                          56716-5001 or
Programs as a preschool teacher. Email them at lander-
                                                                                                                          submit on line at,
                                                                                                                          see the website
                                                              Rhonda Miller ’05, Crookston MN is a program associ-
                                                                                                                          at left.
Jennifer Goeller ’04, Juneau WI. Email Jennifer at            ate in the Center for Adult Learning at UMC. She                                            works will the College in the High School program,
                                                              PSEO online students along with all online and off site
Melissa M. Miller ’04, Bagley MN is working for the           students.
University of Minnesota Extension Service as a 4-H
coordinator. Email Melissa at                Chad Vien ’05, Fergus Falls MN is an assistant manager
                                                              for Sherwin Williams Paint Company. Email Chad at
Samuel Trausch ’04, Grand Island NE. Email Sam at   

Eva Cernegova ’05 North Ridgeville OH. Email Eva at

  Memorial Gift Account                                                                                                   Don’t forget to
  UMCAA has a memorial fund set up to receive memorial contributions honoring departed alum-                              send a photo
  ni, friends and loved ones. If you wish to honor an individual, please make your gift to the
                                                                                                                          with your news!
  UMCAA and send it to our office and we will notify the family that our office is in receipt of a
  memorial gift. Amounts will not be disclosed. Please consider your alumni association family for
  future memorial gifts.

     Please Support the Herschel Lysaker Endowment Fund
  Name ____________________________________________________________________ Class of ___________

  Address ______________________________________________________________________________________

  City/State/Zip _________________________________________________________________________________

  Phone __________________________________________ Email _______________________________________
  I/we would like to support the Herschel Lysaker Endowment Fund. My/our commitment will be made as follows:
  J With the enclosed sum of $___________. Please make your check payable to Herschel Lysaker Endowment.

  J Please bill my credit card.    J Visa     J MasterCard       J Discover      J American Express

  Account number_______________________________________________________________ Expires _________

  V-Code _______________ (3-digit verification code at the end of the signature panel on the back of the credit card.)
  Signature _____________________________________________________________________________________

  Please send your contribution to: Office of Development, 2900 University Ave., Crookston, MN 56716-5001

     UMC’s Herschel Lysaker Leaves Legacy
     in Sports and Music
     From the Grand Forks Herald
     By Lisa Gibson, Herald Staff Writer

                                                                In Memory
               erschel Lysaker, clarinetist and recognized
               athlete, died Wednesday, February 8, 2006 at
                age 95.
        He had been residing in the Villa St. Vincent Nursing
     Home in Crookston since July 2004.
        Lysaker loved music. He began playing the clarinet in
     sixth grade, crying because his mother made him prac-
     tice two hours per day. The practice paid off though,
     and Lysaker held first-chair at Concordia College and
     also played solo clarinet in the Fargo-Moorhead sympho-
     ny. Lysaker joined the Ninth District Band about this
     time and eventually became the business manager.
        He continued to play in the band as he coached foot-
     ball and basketball and served as the athletic director at
     the University of Minnesota, Crookston, where the
     Lysaker Auditorium is named after him. UMC also has
     established the Herschel Lysaker Endowment Fund to
     honor his legacy as a coach and athletic director.
        “He loved what he was doing,” said his wife, Yvonne
     Lysaker, whom he married in 1997.
        Lysaker was inducted into the Minnesota Football Hall
     of Fame, the Concordia College Hall of Fame, and the UND Athletic Hall of Fame, where he
     received the Tom Clifford Award.
        Lysaker retired from UMC in 1976, after 32 years of service.
        “It never failed,” said Yvonne Lysaker, “whenever we would go to meetings, men would put a hand
     on his shoulder and say, ‘How’s my old coach?’” Yvonne added, “I would laugh because they usually
     looked older than he did.”
        Herschel Lysaker remained active in the Ninth District Band until 2002 when he retired at age 91,
     saying, “It is time for someone else to take over, and I will help out as long as I can.”
        “He didn’t miss a convention or parade,” Yvonne said. Lysaker was very dedicated to the band and
     is quoted as saying, “I’ll quit when I can’t march anymore.”
        Yet, even after retirement, Lysaker joined the band again this past summer and played with them
     at many venues.
        Yvonne recalls being told many times by many different people that they would not be where they
     are if it weren’t for Herschel Lysaker.
        “He was a giving person and was concerned about others,” said Yvonne Lysaker. “If someone need-
     ed help, he was always right there. He was a very, very special man.”

     Ag Ar
2006 ted to

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      n                                            Ag Arama 2006
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