Supervisor's Safety Checklist - Conveyors by 3xjl68x


									                        Supervisor’s Safety Checklist - Conveyors
 Department/Area                                                       Date

Yes              No     Checklist Area
All employees who work near conveyors:
                        Know the locations and operation of controls
                        Know to report damaged or worn parts
                        Know not to wear loose clothing
                        Have correct personal protective equipment
                        Know not to attempt unauthorized repairs or adjustments
                        Understand they are not to attempt to un-jam a moving conveyor
                        Know how to properly load and unload the conveyor
                        Know to keep hands away from moving parts
Conveyor Area Safety Check
                        No slip or trip hazards
                        Adequate lighting
                        No loose packing material
                        Clearly marked controls
                        Warning and Caution signs in place
                        Adequate aisle or work space
Pre-Startup Checks
                All persons clear before starting
                        All emergency stop controls work
                        Warning buzzers and/or warning lights work
                        All machine guards and sideboards in place
                        No worn or damaged parts

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                         Supervisor’s Checklist – Machine Safety
   Department/Area                                                                    Date

         Yes             No
   Area Safety Check
                                  guards เครื่ องจักรทั้งหมดที่อยูในสถานที่
                                  Hazard areas are clearly markedพื้นที่ภยจะทาเครื่ องหมายไว้อย่างชัดเจน
                                  Interlocks are not by-passed
                                  Hazard & warning signs & labels are readable
                                  All controls are labeled
                                  Operators do not have to reach through, over or under a hazard
                                  If machine guards are removed the equipment is Locked & Tagged
                                  If interlocks are by-passed the equipment is Locked & Tagged
                                  No hazardous accumulation of scrap
                                  No sharp or jagged edges
                                  Adequate lighting is provided
                                  Push sticks are available for clearing or feeding equipment
                                  PPE for specific equipment is identified and available
   Employee Training -workers are trained
                                  That only authorized employees may operate equipment
                                  To properly start and stop equipment
                                  In emergency operating procedures
                                  In what PPE is required for each machine
                                  In the proper use, inspection and limitations of specific PPE
                                  To immediately report damaged equipment
                                  To not use damaged equipment
                                  To report all unguarded hazards
                                  To not repair equipment unless trained & authorized
                                  To never by-pass or disable safety interlocks
                                  To never remove machine guards unless for repair or cleaning

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                                    Safety Inspection for New & Modified Equipment

Equipment                                                   Department

Date of Inspection                                          Conducted by

Maintenance Review                                          Operator Review

Safety Committee Review                                     Management Review

Equipment Status                                                Leased                            Modified

                  Area Inspection                YES   NO                                                        Yes          NO

No Slip - Trip - Fall Hazards                               Applicable Warning Signs posted

Fire Extinguishers not blocked                              No overhead hazards

22" minimum passage clearance                               Eyewash - shower not blocked

Adequate area lighting                                      Doors not blocked

Electric panels not blocked                                 Floor drains not blocked

              Equipment Inspection               YES   NO                                                       YES      NO

Adequate machine guards                                     Hazards & Warning signs posted

Operating procedure posted                                  Access panels fastened

Electrical connections proper                               Pipe & hose fittings tight

Equipment secured to foundation                             No sharp edges

Controls accessible                                         Controls are labeled

Indicating lights work                                      Emergency stop properly located

Emergency stop works                                        Safety interlocks work

LOTO procedure developed                                    Electrically grounded

Equipment test procedures written                           Equipment maintenance procedures

Equipment tech manual available                             Operator training completed

Area floor plans modified                                   Planned Maintenance identified

Operational check completed

                                  Deficiencies                                     Corrected by                        Date

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       Equipment Status                      Signature                 Date
All deficiencies corrected

Equipment ready for use

Equipment released for use

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