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									Good day, I humbly write to notify you of the many horrible things that were done to me by and US Airways. I have tried unsuccessfully to get refunded the money taken from me
over the phone but to no avail. I have been advised to try the BBB or attorney general as my first
option, so I write seeking your assistance in this matter. I have lost a lot of money and been the subject
of lots of pain, suffering and stress because of them.

I booked a trip to Ethiopia for myself leaving from Nassau Bahamas on December 10th and returning to
the Bahamas on December 20th. I also booked a trip for a friend who would be travelling on the same
flights as me on December 20th to the Bahamas and she would return to Ethiopia 3 months later.

I wanted to make certain arrangements and make sure everything went smoothly so I purposely called
an expedia rep and had them make my booking for me over the phone as opposed to doing it online
myself. When booking my trip I specifically asked about travel insurance in case I needed to change the
dates of my tickets. The rep described three different options they had. The most expensive option
(which the rep said would allow me to change the dates of my travel without “any” penalties) was not
available to me without booking a hotel. So I booked a hotel for my stay so that I could purchase this
option. On the return trip to the Bahamas I also booked a hotel in 2 days in the Bahamas specifically so
that I could purchase this insurance. I definitely did not need a hotel in the Bahamas as this is and has
been my home for 36 years. However, I booked it specifically so that I could purchase the insurance and
not be penalized should I need to change or cancel travel arrangements.

I left for my trip on December 10th and experienced problems almost immediately. My trip had various
transits to get me to Ethiopia and one of them was through Tel Aviv, Israel. The agent in Nassau told me
that they checked my bags all the way through to Ethiopia, and if you check the baggage claim check
attached you will see that it shows my luggage being check all the way through to Ethiopia. When I got
to Tel Aviv I found out that the security regulations there required that you get your bags and go
through security screening with them and then check them in again. I had no problem with this, these
are the rules. I went to the designated carousel to look for my bag and it never showed up. I notified
the US Airways agent at the counter and was told that my bags did not come to Tel Aviv and it was in
fact in South Carolina at the moment and then later it would be in Germany and then after that it would
go to Ethiopia on a different flight and day from me. I had my mother contact the airline for me about
the problem (I was roaming with my phone so could not spend a lot of time on the phone with the
airline). They said they had an agreement with Ethiopian Airlines (which handled the last leg of my
flight) concerning such matters. They gave her a series of letters and numbers that they called an “on
hand file number”. They said to go to the Ethiopian Airlines counter when I arrived in Ethipian and give
the agent the number and they would deliver my bag to me at the hotel once it arrived. The on hand
file number given to me was “CLTUS02547590”. When I gave them the number in Ethiopia, the lady said
this number is incorrect and is not the correct length. She said it should only have 5 numbers at the end
and yours has 8 numbers at the end. She said, I cannot do anything to help you locate your bag,
however you are free to check in the back to see if you see it. I did this every day for three (3) days and
never found my bag; this is evidenced by the fact that I still have the baggage claim check which you can
see in the appendix. I had to purchase clothing and other items etc for the rest of my time there
because they were all in the bag that US Airways had, not to mention the gifts for friends that were in
my bag. I only had a few items that were in my carry on; most of my clothing as well as gifts for my
friends were in my suitcase. I have never received any compensation or even an apology for this.

On December 13th I had my mother contact Expedia to notify them that I needed to come home earlier
(I have a medical condition, sickle cells and was not feeling well). The agent cancelled my current
arrangements and put me on a flight for the 15th. A few minutes after this (literally about 10 minutes)
this same agent called me at my hotel and said that they told my mother they had me on a flight for the
15th and she thought she was able to get me on the flight but they were unable to book it. I stated that
my mother just spoke to an agent and she confirmed me on the flight for the 15th, the lady said I am the
same person that just spoke to her and I thought I had you confirmed but I was unable to place that
booking. I then stated “ok just leave it as it is for the 19th then”. She then said I cancelled the bookings
for the 19th when I was trying to get you on for the 15th and the price has already changed for those
bookings of the 19th and the price is higher now (my original bookings I already paid for, now higher
because they did not check before removing my bookings). I told her ok fine just put it back at the 19th.
She then said oh looks like those tickets you had for the 19th are now gone. I then told her well try the
16th, 17th or 18th, I will take whatever is available. She checked all those dates and could not find
anything available until the 20th which was after my original bookings. So I ended up paying higher
ticket fees, penalties, as well as extra hotel and meal fees because of their error (I paid penalties
because she cancelled my arrangements and did not confirm beforehand and made me stay longer and I
am penalized).

I also notified the lady from at this same time that I wanted to suspend the ticket for my
travelling companion as she wanted to use it at a later date when I am feeling better. She said she
thinks that US Airways is going to charge additional penalties (again) for this but that she could transfer
me to the US Airways agent so that I could speak to them directly about the matter. I asked her to do
that and after speaking with US Airways the person I spoke to spoke to her manager and they agreed to
waive the penalty. During the month of January after receiving my bank statement I noticed that US
Airways did not keep their word and I had numerous extra penalties from US Airways. In fact they
charged me not 1, but 3 separate fees in the amounts of $240.40, $467.78 and $253.13 for a total of
$961.31 just in penalties alone. The bank statement in the link shows proof of this.

On top of this, apart from the initial call made by my mother, I had to make numerous calls to expedia
over the course of my trip, totaling several hours. The calls along cost me many hundreds of dollars as
my only option for calling them most times was from the hotel phone. The Ararat hotel where I stayed
charged $10 USD for every 3 minutes of a phone call. This can be verified with the Ararat Hotel in Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia. I will not even get into most of the issues I had with this hotel such as being without
power in my room for many hours every single day, and one day the power was off all day long until late
at night not because the main power was off, but because someone turned off the switch from the
panel in the hallway and did not turn it back on or the toilet that never flushed.

After staying until the 20th I finally left for the airport and got there more than 3 hours early to check in.
I checked in and went through customs and security etc. When it was time to board the flight and the
gate agent went to take my boarding pass he said please wait here at the side. He did this to one other
person that I noticed. I waited at the side for more than 40 minutes with no explanation of what I was
waiting on even after trying to get one. The agent just continued to serve all the other customers in line
in back of me. Another flight started to be boarded at the same time (a flight to India) and this one
agent was now collecting boarding passes from lines on two sides of him, the ones going to India and
the ones going to or in transit through Brussels (my group). I witnessed a near riot as the Brussels group
became irate that this agent was serving the other side which came after before even finishing the
Brussels side, there was lots of pushing and shoving at this point. After everyone had boarded from
Brussels and India another Ethiopian Airlines agent from upstairs came down and the first agent said
something to him. He took my passport and without saying anything did a full sprint with my passport
up the stairs. I had to sprint behind this person because I did not know where he was going with my
passport. After I caught up to him upstairs at the desk I asked what the problem was. He said oh we are
just checking that you do not need a Visa to transit through Brussels. I did not believe this, but that’s
what he told me. After a few minutes they sent a bus to take me and the other lady who was waiting to
the flight. We were the last to board and the flight did not leave on time. After arriving in Brussels and
going through security again I went to check in at the desk and get my boarding pass. The agents took
an extremely long time to give me the pass, more than 20 minutes and said they were having a problem
with the system. I didn’t think anything of it and boarded my flight from Brussels to Philadelphia. Once
in Philadelphia I had to go through US immigration and customs and collect and check my bags again. I
got as far as immigration and then the immigration officer said to me “did you have a long wait when
trying to board any of these flights?” I said yes, the officer then said that “US Airways has here that you
did not board this flight, but I can see that is impossible because you are standing right here in front of
me.” I was detained and he said that because of this error I would have to take a this red file that he
gave me to “Secondary Inspection” and the officers in there would have to create a flight manifesto etc
before I would be allowed to go any further. I went there and handed them my file and had to wait as
there were others ahead of me. When my name was called, the agent asked me a few questions and
then stamped my documents so that I could go on. This process alone cost me almost 90 minutes of
“extra” time. After this I collected my bags and rechecked them. The US Airways agent at this point
“STILL” did not give me a boarding pass and gave me something (printed on the same type of paper but
not a boarding pass) that she said would get me through security and then I would get my boarding pass
on the other side. I went through security and of course when I got to the other side my connecting
flight had already left 20 minutes prior to me getting there. I almost broke down from all the frustration
from this airline and had to be consoled by the agent. The agent told me to go to the US airways
customer service desk for further assistance. I did this and explained what had happened and I stated
emphatically that it was US airways fault because they did not list that I boarded the flight, causing me
to be held up in immigration. After waiting for the rep (whose name badge said Valerie N.) to talk to the
help desk she said there was no way possible to get me home to the Bahamas any more that day and I
would have to go to Washington on the 6am flight in the morning and then go from Washington to the
Bahamas. She gave me a hotel voucher for four points hotel and I spent the night there. At this point I
was irate because I had been sick for a number of days now and had to wait even longer again. I
returned the next morning early again to get on my flight and learned (of course) that the gate that was
on my boarding pass was incorrect and that I had to catch the shuttle to another gate. I was surprised
to meet numerous persons there who had experienced the same problem with US Airways, in fact some
of them had even slept at the airport.

I finally made it home after these last two transits and I can say with confidence that I will never use or US Airways again. In fact I did not receive what I paid for and they caused me extra
expense, pain, time away from my family and lots of stress. Because of the amount of money involved
and the amount of physical and mental anguish caused to me, I vowed not to let them get away with
doing this to me. I only even put up with their nonsense in the beginning because I was in Africa so far
away from home and had no choice. I refuse to pay those penalties that they agreed to waive and
would like my money back for that as well as compensation for my bag and the other ticket they are
holding because we would definitely never fly on this airline ever again.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes for justice for myself, I beg your assistance. If you require proof of
anything I said I can provide witness statements, documented proof, boarding passes, emails, pictures,
bag claim forms and video evidence. I have proof of everything and I humbly ask that you assist me.

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