Game Schedule 9-12 Golf by ChuckHazey


									                                                    Arcola Jr./Sr. High School                                              06/12/09
                                                        351 West Washington Arcola
                                                        Illinois 61910-Phone
                                                        (217)268-4962      Fax

                                                           Game Schedule
                                                              9-12 Golf
DAY             DATE OPPONENT                                            LEVEL          LOCATION                   TIME(S)
Mon           08/24/09     Tuscola                                     Varsity          Tuscola                   4:00 pm

Tue           08/25/09     Okaw Valley                                 Varsity           Arcola                   4:00 pm

Thu           08/27/09     Meridian                                    Varsity        Moweaqua                    4:00 pm
Mon           08/31/09     Casey                                       Varsity           Casey                    4:15 pm

Tue           09/01/09     Sangamon Valley                             Varsity          Decatur                   4:00 pm
                           Tri-County also at this meet.
Tue           09/08/09     Charleston                                   Varsity           Arcola                  4:00 pm
                           Tuscola also at this meet.
       09/12/09-09/12/09    Blue Ridge Invitational                     Varsity           Farmer City             8:00 am
Mon           09/14/09     Villa Grove                                  Varsity           Villa Grove             4:30 pm
                           Marshall also at this meet. This is on a 3 year rotation. Next year this meet will be at Arcola and the next year it
                           will be at Marshall.
Tue           09/15/09     Windsor                                      Varsity         Windsor                   4:00 pm
       09/19/09-09/19/09   Windsor Invitational                         Varsity         Windsor                   8:00 am
Mon           09/21/09      Sullivan                                    Varsity           Arcola                  4:15 pm
                           Also at this meet will be Sangamon Valley, and Beecher City.
Tue           09/22/09      Bement                                      Varsity           Arcola                  4:00 pm
Thu           09/24/09      Casey                                       Varsity         Effingham                 4:00 pm
       09/26/09-09/26/09    LOVC Golf Tournament                        Varsity           Arcola                  8:30 am
Tue         09/29/09       Okaw Valley                                  Varsity           Arcola                  4:00 pm
                           Also at this meet is Cumberland and Okaw Valley an                       T-Town
Thu           10/01/09     Villa Grove                                  Varsity        Villa Grove Villa Grove                                    4:00 pm
       10/06/09-10/06/09                                                Varsity            TBA
       10/07/09-10/07/09   Boys Golf Regional                                              TEA
       10/10/09-10/12/09   Girls Golf Regional                          Varsity            TBA
       10/16/09-10/17/09   Boys and Girls Golf Sectional                                   TBA
'Conference                Boys and Girls State Golf Meet               Varsity

                                                        Printed on June 12. 2009

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