The New Deal Affects Many Groups 2012 by xiuliliaofz


									New Opportunities for Women
  Francis Perkins
      First Female appointed Secretary of labor
  First Female Ambassador
  Several Female Federal Judges

What could be the political consequences of the
above actions?
 Mary McLeod Bethune
   Headed the National Youth Administration, The Office of
    Minority Affairs
      To ensure the hiring of African Americans within the NYA and
       provide job training and other benefits
      Helped build a “Black Cabinet” to help advise the President.
 Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier sought to
  reverse the forced-assimilation policies in place since the
  Dawes Act of 1887.
 He promoted the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (the
  Indian “New Deal”), which encouraged tribes to preserve
  their culture and traditions.
 Not all Indians liked it; 77 tribes refused to organize under its
  provisions (200 did).
 Motion Pictures and Radio
   Provided an escape from everyday life and hardships
   1st radio station and broadcast was in Paterson NJ
 Movies
   Many reflected social and moral themes in society
      Gangster Films: The Public Enemy
      Dramas: Gone With the Wind
   Many entertained the public
      Slap Stick Comedy (physical)
      Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, &
       the Three Stooges
 Embodied the democratic spirit
   By the end of the 30s, about 90% of all homes had a radio
   Offered a great variety of programming
   Several radio program would later became fixtures on
    American TV
 Helped along with the WPA
   Inspired many public works and productions
   Federal Art Project
      Decorated many public buildings around the nation
        Diego Rivera
      Individual art
        Edward Hopper NY painter
        Grant Wood Iowa artist
 Literature
   Captured the real America
      Richard Wright, An African-American Author
        Native Son: Biopic of his youth in the face of racism
      Zora Neale Hurston
        Their Eyes Were Watching God
        A young women growing up in rural Florida
      John Steinbeck
        Captured the effects of the Depression
        The Grapes of Wrath, In Dubious Battle, Of Mice and Men

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