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									                           Reading School                       Erleigh Road, Reading, RG15LW.

                                                                                           Chris Evans,
                                                                                           South house,
                                                                                      Reading School,
                                                                                          Erleigh Road,
                                                                                             RG1 5LW.
                                                                                         0118 9871812


Dear Boarding Parents,

         We are currently reconsidering our marketing strategy for boarding to ensure that we continue to
get the highest possible number of outstanding applicants in the coming years. As you will appreciate
this is greatly to the benefit of the boarding community.

       As part of this review we have realised that parents haven’t been surveyed in recent years, and
we would very much like to use your experiences to help us in the coming months as we make decision
about where and how to advertise in the future. It would be a great help therefore if you were able to
complete the attached survey and email/ post it back to Eve Canniffe, Reading School, Erleigh Road,
Reading, RG1 5LW. I apologise that we do not yet have the capacity for completing this form online –
hopefully its something we can build into the boarding website in the coming years!

        This form is designed to help us identify the geographical areas, types of marketing, appropriate
newspapers and timeframes through which our advertising will be most successful. Therefore, having
already been greatly helped in this task by a couple of parents who have offered suggestions, and ideas,
as well as sending copies of prospectuses for other schools etc., I am particularly eager that if you have
any brainwaves about how we could most effectively market boarding you might let me know!

       With thanks in advance for your feedback,

       Chris Evans,

       South House Housemaster.

www.readingschool.reading.sch.uk       cevans@readingschool.reading.sch.uk         0118 9015600
                           Reading School                         Erleigh Road, Reading, RG15LW.
                                         Boarding Parents Survey

1. What is the first half of your postcode?            RG24

2. How did you hear about Reading School?
Worked at RBH and watched Saturday sport while on call (many years pre-children)!
Have friends who have had children at school

3. What attracted you to Reading School?
Grammar school style education – good for easily distractable bright boys. When visited was impressed
by attitudes of those boys we met and warmth of boarding masters when being shown around.
General air of school compared very favourably vs others we saw.

4. Where did you seek information about the Schools you considered applying for?
Friends who had children attending
Visits to schools
Local knowledge.
Review of exam results

5. Were there any educational supplements, magazines or resources you consulted?
On-line resources re exam results

6. What local newspapers do you read?
Basingstoke Gazette

7. Would you consider this a useful place to advertise boarding at Reading School?
   Yes/No No

8. Did you visit Reading School before applying?
   Yes/No Yes

9. Entrance tests for boarding are sat in January during Year 6 of a student’s time in primary school.
   Which of these statements best describes when you were most actively searching for your son’s next

Before the start of year 5/ At the start of Year 5/ During year 5/ At the end of year 5/ At the start of year 6

10. Please list the other schools to which you applied:
Robert Mays – Odiham
Costello Technology College (catchment school)

11. Would you recommend Boarding at Reading School – if so, why?
Yes definitely.
We have two boys who are boarders at Reading. Boarding has been great for them in many ways.

www.readingschool.reading.sch.uk         cevans@readingschool.reading.sch.uk           0118 9015600
                           Reading School                         Erleigh Road, Reading, RG15LW.

From a purely practical point of view, they don’t have time-consuming and tiring travelling every day.
They appreciate being able to roll out of bed, off to breakfast and into class! Also, having lots of their
friends around is a plus.
They have lots of the school facilities on hand – playing fields, gym, pool etc – and have been able to
utilise these. They have enjoyed the clubs etc after school.
They have both matured a lot in attitude and outlook as boarders, are well motivated, more organised
and more self-sufficient. They have made good friends in the boarding community both with other
students (across the years) and with the boarding staff. The boarding community feels like a large
extended family with lots of support from different sources on hand.

12. Any other comments?
Re marketing – what about getting the boys to make a video about boarding.
Would it be useful to do a would-be boarders evening as they do for day boys and have some parents on hand as

www.readingschool.reading.sch.uk         cevans@readingschool.reading.sch.uk           0118 9015600

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