What to Bring to Camp Orkila Check List by 2IU1PX


									                     What to Bring to Camp Orkila Check List
A few words of advice:
        • Activities happen rain or shine, so be sure to pack appropriately!
        • If you are missing something on the required list, ask your teacher to help you find
           what you need.
        • Bring old clothes. New clothes will come home looking very old!
        • Mark your name on everything you bring.

           A daypack and water bottle are a MUST. No student will be allowed to leave
             the HT campus without one! Students will be carrying these everywhere!
                   _____ Daypack (school backpack is fine)
                   _____ Warm sleeping bag (or 3-blanket bedroll)
                   _____ Pillow
                          (HAVE BOTH IN LARGE, RAIN-PROOF
                          CONTAINER OR GARBAGE BAG)
                   _____ Pajamas
                   _____ Sturdy walking shoes (2 pairs)
                   _____ Daily change of socks and underwear
                   _____ Shirts (both heavy and light weight)
                   _____ Warm sweater and/or sweatshirt
                   _____ Long pants (2 pairs)
                   _____ Raincoat, rain pants, rain hat
                   _____ Waterproof boots (or extra shoes so others can dry)
                   _____ Shorts
                   _____ Warm jacket
                   _____ Hat and gloves/mittens
                   _____ Plastic bag for dirty clothing
                   _____ Bathing suit for shower house (not for swimming)
                   _____ Flip-flops for shower
                   _____ Bath towel, hand towel, washcloth
Toiletries         _____ Toothbrush and toothpaste
                   _____ Soap and shampoo
                   _____ Deodorant
                   _____ Comb or brush
                   _____ Sunscreen lotion, lip balm
Camp Equipment _____ Water bottle
                   _____ Flashlight and extra batteries
                   _____ Inexpensive camera and film
                   _____ Books
                   _____ Paper and sharpened pencils or pens
Do Not Bring
                          Money or other valuables
                          Radios, tape/CD players, electronic games, cell phones
                          Knives, matches, fireworks
                          Food, candy, gum, soda pop, or other beverages
                          Hairdryers, curling irons, other electric appliances
                          Cosmetics, hairspray

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