Anatomy Homework 1 by 2IU1PX


									        Anatomy Homework
1.   Define cell and organelle.                        Chapter 1 (Continued)

2.   Describe the general structure and function of    5.   Define homeostasis.
     the plasma membrane.                              6.   What is the consequence of loss of
                                                            homeostasis, or homeostasis imbalance?
3.   Describe the general composition and function     7.   Describe the anatomical position.
     of the cytosol and inclusions of the cytoplasm.
                                                       8.   On what body surface (Anterior of Posterior)
4.   Name the cellular organelles and explain the           is each of the following located: Nose, calf of
     function of each of the following:                     leg, umbilicus, and fingernails?
                   Microfilament, Microvilli,          9.  Several pairs of structures are given next. In
                   Cilia, Flagella, Ribosome,              each case, choose the one that meets the
                   Endoplasmic Reticulum,                  condition given first.
                   Mitochondria, Nucleus                           a. Distal—the knee/the foot
                                                                   b. Lateral—the cheekbone/the nose
5.   What is the difference between active and                     c. Superior—the neck/the chin
     passive transport processes?                                  d. Anterior—the heel/the toenails
                                                                   e. External—the skin/skeletal muscles
6.   Define diffusion, osmosis, filtration,            10. What kind of section would have to be made
     exocytosis, endocytosis, phagocytosis, and            to cut the brain into anterior and posterior
     pinocytosis.                                          parts?

                                                                           At the Clinic
                                                                            1. A nurse informed John that
Chapter 1
                                                                            she was about to take blood
Short Answer Essay
                                                                            from his antecubital region.
1. Define anatomy and physiology.
                                                            What part of his body was she referring to?
                                                            Later, she came back and said that she was
2.   Why would you have a hard time trying to
                                                            going to give him an antibiotic shot in the
     learn and understand physiology if you did not
                                                            deltoid region. Did he take off his shirt or
     also understand anatomy?
                                                            drop his pants to get the shot. Before John left
                                                            the office, the nurse noticed that his left sural
3.   List the 11 organ systems of the body, briefly
                                                            region was bruised. What part of his body was
     describe the function of each, and then name
     two organs in each system.
                                                       2.   How is the concept of homeostasis (or it’s
4.   In addition to being able to metabolize, grow,         loss) related to disease and aging? Provide
     digest food, and excrete wastes, what functions        examples to support your reasoning.
     must an organism perform it if is to survive?     3.   When we begin to become dehydrated, we
                                                            usually become thirsty, which causes us to
                                                            drink fluids. On the basis of what you now
                                                            know about control systems, decide whether
                                                            the thirst sensation is part of a negative or
                                                            positive feedback control system and defend
                                                            your choice
                                                       4.   Jennie Dip fell off her motorcycle and tore a
                                                            nerve in her axillary region. She also tore
                                                            ligaments in her cervical and scapular regions
                                                            and broke the sole bone of her right brachial
                                                            region. Explain where each of her injuries is

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