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					COP2011            ADVANCED VISUAL BASIC.NET                                          MIDTERM
Chapters 7, 13-14 & PowerPoints                                                        REVIEW
                                      TRUE & FALSE

1.    Know what a LinkLabel is capable of opening.                                    (Ch 14)
2.    Know what types of files can be used with PictureBoxes.                         (Ch 14)
3.    Know which key can be pressed to transfer the focus between several controls
      quickly.                                                                        (Ch 14)
4.    Know what type of data structure arrays are.                                     (Ch 7)
5.    Know the process of exception handling including Try and Catch blocks.          (Ch 13)
6.    Know what graphical user interfaces are.                                        (Ch 14)
7.    Know which property is capable of sorting the items in a ListBox in
      alphabetical order.                                                             (Ch 14)
8.    Know the features of the .Net Strategy.                                       (VBA01)
9.    Know what sets the dimensions of a control to the dimensions of the parent
      container at all times.                                                         (Ch 14)
10.   Know where controls can be placed.                                              (Ch 14)
11.   Know where all of the controls are kept organized in Visual Basic.              (Ch 14)
12.   Know what garbage collection is used for and its characteristics.               (Ch 14)
13.   Know what happens when exceptions cause a program to terminate
      when thrown.                                                                    (Ch 13)
14.   Know the components of Common Language.                                       (VBA01)
15.   Know what happens in the CLR.                                                   (Ch 13)
16.   Know what Key event can be used to determine if non-ASCII keys have
      been pressed.                                                                   (Ch 14)
17.   Know how exceptions are handled.                                                (Ch 13)
18.   Know what events are generated when a key on the keyboard is pressed down. (Ch 14)
19.   Know what, when referring to an array element, the position number contained
      within the parentheses is called.                                                (Ch 7)
20.   Know the components of the Debugger.                                       (Appendix H)

                                   MULTIPLE CHOICE

21.   Know which component allows the user to access a range of values that
      normally cannot fit in the controller’s container.                                 (Ch 14)
22.   Know what the various commands that are listed in an expanded menu are
      known as.                                                                          (Ch 14)
23.   Be able to recognize a statement that refers to a particular element within
      an array.                                                                           (Ch 7)
24.   Know what happens in the CLR when it detects a problem.                            (Ch 13)
25.   Know what exception handling statements typically consist of.                      (Ch 13)
26.   Know how a separator bar can be inserted into a menu.                              (Ch 14)
27.   Know how VB handles exception handling.                                            (Ch 14)
28.   Certain types of resources must be explicitly returned to the system to avoid
      what types of problems?                                                            (Ch 13)
29.   Know how error handling helps deal with synchronous errors and what
      synchronous errors are.                                                           (VBA01)

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COP2011            ADVANCED VISUAL BASIC.NET                                    MIDTERM
Chapters 7, 13-14 & PowerPoints                                                  REVIEW
30.   Know what has occurred when the KeyPress event is triggered.                     (Ch 14)
31.   Know how to describe the Simple style of a ComboBox.                             (Ch 14)
32.   Know what braces are used for when declaring an array.                            (Ch 7)
33.   Know how to clear a listbox of all values.                                       (Ch 14)
34.   Know what happens if no exceptions occur in a Try block.                         (Ch 13)
35.   Know what the keyword is that before the array can be used, the programmer
      must specify the size of the array and allocate memory for the array.             (Ch 7)
36.   Be able to describe events where the user interacts with the GUI.                (Ch 14)
37.   Know what event is generated when a MDI child is closed or activated.            (Ch 14)
38.   Know the characteristics that should be followed in Bug Prevention.              (Ch 14)
39.   Know the characteristics of GroupBoxes and Panels.                               (Ch 12)
40.   Know what is not included in an exception’s stack trace.                         (Ch 13)
41.   Know the features of the Debugger.                                         (Appendix H)
42.   Know the differences between the ListView control and the ListBox.               (Ch 14)
43.   Know what will happen if an exception is thrown in a Catch handler.              (Ch 13)
44.   Know what property specifies an image object to be displayed.                    (Ch 14)
45.   Know the features of the .Net Strategy.                                        (VBA01)
46.   Know what program enables users to edit multiple documents at one time.          (Ch 14)
47.   Know what control displays text with the specific purpose of being clicked
      by the user to trigger a specific action.                                        (Ch 14)
48.   Know how to reference an element in an array.                                     (Ch 7)
49.   Know what the NumericUpDown’s ReadOnly property indicates.                       (Ch 14)
50.   Know what operator(s) may cause overflow(s) when used with
      integral data types.                                                             (Ch 13)

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