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									Sample Essay Questions - Either a "Short Essay" ( SE )     or "Critical Essay" ( CE )

Unit 1 - Introduction & Historical Perspectives -

1-1. List in chronological order the first THREE MAJOR technological
     revolutions, approximately when they occurred, and how they influenced the
     lives of humans living at that time. CE

1-2. Discuss the technological revolution which is considered to
      have been the PRIMARY factor leading to the initial formation and growth
      of cities, some systems required to support large groups, and TWO risks associated
      with living in close proximity. CE

1-3. Define technology as a system, and discuss three of the six interacting
     aspects of this system. CE

1-4. Name and describe the TWO MAJOR categories of tools used by
     early humans. SE

Unit 2 – Social Perspectives -

2-1. Briefly explain the theories of "social contructionism" and "technology
     determinism." How much influence do you feel each exerts on our lives? SE

2-2. Give an overview of how and why the Amish control technology. To what extent do you
     believe they have been successful? What are the PRIMARY external pressures impacting
     their lives and how have they adjusted to change? CE

2-3. Discuss the period of great technological change in the US and how TWO technological systems
     transformed our country. SE

2-4. Discuss the concept of the "theory of invention" and its relationship with the economic status of two
     different regions of the world. Describe the role technology plays into this process? SE

Unit 3 – Ethical Perspectives -

3-1. Name and describe the TWO MAJOR ethical theories and the
     TWO major sub-categories under each. CE

3-2. Name and describe the THREE LEVELS of moral responses in order of their rigor, giving one
     example of each. SE

3-3. Identify the TWO KEY REASONS why "TRADITIONAL" ethics might
     no longer be adequate for today's world. How important do you think it is
     that we adopt new values as a result of these changes?  CE

3-4. Describe and briefly discuss TWO historical sources of moral
     codes and how they have interacted.  SE

Unit Four - Computers, Surveillance Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence
1. In your view, why is privacy an important issue to many today? Discuss TWO MAJOR potentially negative
      if your privacy is violated. SE

2. Discuss the MAJOR way a robot with "AI" would be different than a typical robot produced today. SE

3. Although much personal information is and has been in the public domain, why do many fear that computers
      today pose a threat to our privacy and security? SE

4. According to many, what will be the greatest leap in the development of computers? What issues might arise in
      future if this technological breakthrough occurs and what PRIMARY ethical issue could arise? CE

5. Describe the THREE PRIMARY functions of a computer and discuss why one of them is felt to be a
    contributing factor to job losses in our country? SE

6. Discuss TWO major ways in which various types of computers and related technological
devices are being incorporated
     into animals or humans today. Where might this ultimately lead and what potential issues
might this raise? SE

Unit Five - Globalization and Economic Development

1. Describe TWO KEY technologies and their development which have impacted the expansion of globalization.

2. What are TWO MAJOR conditions existing in many LDCs which give those countries what some call an
        advantage" over workers in MDCs when competing for jobs? SE

3. Briefly describe the concept of "out-sourcing" and discuss ONE MAJOR positive and ONE MAJOR negative
impact of it. SE

4. Discuss TWO PRIMARY reasons why Henry Ford paid his workers $5 a day when other automobile companies
       paying half of that amount? SE

5. What MAJOR CATEGORY of U.S. jobs were initially "outsourced" and how has that changed today?
   What is one KEY incentive offered by LDCs to lure companies to relocate? CE

6. Name TWO major characteristics of globalization and explain ONE MAJOR WAY EACH
why globalization
   is BOTH beneficial and harmful to you. CE

7. Discuss the MAJOR difference between how and why factories building the Model T Ford
and A 380 differ? CE

Unit Six - Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
1. What is the MAJOR ethical issue related to the debate over embryonic stem cell research often used to oppose
    this technology? What do those who support this research claim are possible benefits of this technology and
why? CE

2. Briefly describe the TWO MAJOR types of cloning and briefly explain why one might be ethically acceptable
while the
     other one may not? SE

3. Describe the TWO PRIMARY ways in which organisms change in nature and TWO MAJOR
    reasons genetic engineering has become popular to many today? CE

4 Define "eugenics" as practiced during the 1930's and 1940's in Nazi Germany. Discuss the ONE ethical principle
     which would justify such programs and the other ethical principle which finds them morally unacceptable. How
does this
     matter relate to the PGD process? CE

5. Explain the MAJOR limitation of using the "One shouldn't play God" statement to justify why a
      technological procedure is not ethically permissible?   SE

6. What aspect of the ART process of in vitro fertilization is related to stem cell research and
how is that issue
    addressed in some countries? SE

7. Name TWO MAJOR conditions which lead medical professionals to recommend to a
woman that PGD be
    considered and why? SE

Unit Seven - Population, Energy, and the Climate Change

1. Discuss the extent to which MDCs and LDCs each contribute to world population growth and their
    respective environmental impacts. Given current patterns of population growth, what ONE change do you feel
    would be most beneficial in moving toward a more sustainable and "just" world. CE

2. What are TWO PRIMARY reasons why Americans should care what happens in LDCs and what ethical theory
is primarily
      involved with EACH one? CE

3. Briefly explain the theme of the "Tragedy of the Commons". What is the rationale for Hardin's solution to the
     posed and to what extent would you be willing to support it? CE

4. Population growth is widely believed to be a MAJOR contributing cause of many environmental problems.
What issues
     are related to this condition and what is ONE PLAUSIBLE solution you suggest to solve it? CE

5. If global warming is at least partially the result of human action, what is ONE MAJOR way to deal with the
problem and how
      would you insure that the majority of people acted appropriately? SE

6. Describe TWO KEY ways in which the U.S. government could encourage the use of more environmentally-
friendly fuels? SE
7. Discuss TWO MAJOR underlying reasons for increased consumption today which is of
concern to many. Describe ONE way
     you feel this problem might be addressed. CE

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