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virus by xiuliliaofz


									Virus type                 Definition of virus
virus                      A virus is a small piece of software that attaches it self on to real programs,
                           when you open the real program, you will also open the virus. Giving it a
                           chance to multiply and create havoc.
Trojan horse               A trojan horse is a computer program, when you run it you think your
                           running a normal program but instead it does damage when you run it.
worm                       A worm is a small piece of software that uses computer networks to replicate
                           it self.

Six important steps in virus protection is:

-“Do make sure that anti-virus software is installed on every machine, even if the machine is not
capable of running e-mail. Viruses can sit undetected in files on any machine.” Source:

-“Do configure the anti-virus program to scan all files — not just executable programs. Viruses come in
all sorts of files and just scanning executables is not enough.” Source:

-“Do enable scans of the memory, master and boot records, and system files upon start up of every
machine. It doesn't take long for an anti-virus program to complete these scans and it's just plain silly
not to enable these features.” Source:

-“Don't allow your e-mail programs to "auto open" attachments.” Source:

-“Do use the security features that come with the product. This includes preventing general users from
being able to make changes in the program. Some users try to turn off the virus detection and you don't
want them to be able to do that.” Source:

-“Do update anti-virus signature files and scanning engines regularly. A weekly update is good,
although daily is better. If your company has a central anti-virus server, it can install updates on other
machines on the network. However, a computer must be turned on for this to work. If a machine was
not turned on at the time of the update, it will have to be updated manually.”

“The most popular worm right now is W32.Conficker.Worm aka Conficker Worm. Onficker worm
spreads through Windows MS08-067 server service vulnerability, shared network with weak passwords
and copying itself to removable storage devices like pen drives.When the worm file is executed, copies
itself to Windows System folder with a random file name in the background. Then it modifies registry
services section to load automatically on the next start up. The registry modification is given below.”

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