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        By Meggie
    The Origin Of The Piano

The first known grand pianoforte was
invented by the Italian harpsichord(大鍵
琴)maker Bartolomeo Cristofori(1655-
1731). Although the correct date of
Cristofori’s first piano is unclear, it is
widely acknowledged that Bartolomeo
Cristofori built the first piano with a
hammer mechanism around 1709.
   The famous person of piano

Frederic Chopin(蕭邦):
   Chopin (Frederic Francois, 1810-1849,
    one of the best-known and best-loved
    composers of the Romantic period.
    Chopin was born in Poland and lived
    most of his life in Paris. Chopin's entire
    musical output was devoted to his
    favorite instrument, the piano.)
 The famous person of piano

Beethoven 1770-1827, German composer.
The greatest composer of his day, he began
to lose his hearing in 1801 and was deaf by
1819. His music, which formed a transition
from classical to romantic composition,
includes 9 symphonies(交響樂), 5 piano
concertos(協奏曲), a violin concerto, 32
piano sonatas(奏鳴曲), several other sonatas,
2 Masses, and an opera(歌劇).
   The famous person of piano

• Liszt Franz(李斯特):
   Liszt Franz (October 22, 1811 – July 31,
 1886) was a Hungarian(匈牙利人)virtuoso
 pianist and composer of the Romantic period.
 He was a renowned performer throughout
 Europe during the nineteenth century, noted
 especially for his showmanship and great
 skill with the keyboard. Today, he is
 generally considered to be the greatest
 pianist in history, despite the fact that no
 recordings of his playing exist.
    The famous person of piano

• Mozart(莫札特):
  Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791,
   Austrian composer considered among the
   greatest and most prolific composers in
   history. Of his more than 600 compositions,
   the finest works, including his last three
   symphonies (1788) and the operas Don
   Giovanni (1787) and The Magic Flute (1791),
   were written in the last five years of his
   short life.)
1. How long has Frederic Chopin lives?
 A: 40 years.
2. When does Beethoven start to lose his
  A: In 1801 years.
3. In October 22, 1811~July        are Liszt
  Franz life.
  A: 31, 1886.
The End~

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