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									                                      “The Good News iN educaTioN”                       •   August, 2009

Back to School Schedule                                                                 Grade Level Parent/Guardian Meetings

Welcome Back Fair -                                                                              *   Meet Grade Level Teachers
         Thursday, August 13; 6:00 pm - Begins in                                                *   Learn Grade Level Issues
                 Haddad Gym                                                                      *   Review Grade Level Calenders
First Day of Classes - (All green day classes meet)                                              *   Grade Level Forum
         Monday, August 17th, 8:20 start with 12:20 Dismissal
Second Day of Classes - (All white day classes meet)                                    Sixth Grade
         Tuesday, August 18th, 8:20 start with 3:20 Dismissal                                   Monday, August 10, 2009, 6:00 pm
First School Mass of the Year -
         Wednesday, August 19th; 9:40 a.m. St. Paul Chapel                              Seventh Grade
Parent Open House-                                                                              Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 6:00 pm
         Monday, August 24th; 6 p.m.
Fall Picture Day -                                                                      Eighth Grade
         Thursday, August 27th; Regular Uniform                                                 Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 6:00 pm
Labor Day Holiday -
         Monday, September 7th, No Classes                                              Twelfth Grade
Early Dismissal for Faculty Meeting -                                                           Monday, August 17, 2009, 6:00 pm
         Tuesday, September 1st

                                                     Gorman Welcomes Four New Staff

                                                             New teachers to Gorman this year are Ms. Michele Vaughn teaching Middle
                                                     School Math; Ms. Liane Beachham long-term sub for the semester in Middle School Art;
                                                     Ms. Elizabeth Sword teaching part-time Latin: and Deacon Bill Necessary teaching part-
                                                     time Theology.
  Welcome Back Fair
        Thursday, August 13, 2009
               6:00 p.m.

  First Day of Classes
         Monday, August 17, 2009
                 8:20 am to 12:20 pm

    table of contents                                                                    Ms. Elizabeth Sword
                                                                                           BA, UT - Tyler
                                                                                              HS Latin
     summer snaps...........................
     sports practices..........................
     cheerleaders...................            3
     of community interest ..........           4
     college news. ................                        Ms. Michele Vaughn
                                                5          BA, Hendrix College
     summer projects..................                                                                               Deacon Bill Necessary
                                                6              MS Math
     rincon..................................... 7                                                                      BA, UT- Tyler
                                                                                                                         HS Theology
     pto auction............................ 8
                                                                                        Ms. Liane Beacham
                                                                                         M Ed, UT- Tyler
                                                                                      Long-term Sub, MS Art
2   summer snaps - 2009                                                   Bishop thomAs K. gormAn CAtholiC sChool

                                                   Military History Class

              Summer                                                                               Students
              Continues                                                                          Always Ready
            the Learning

                                                          TKG’s Erin Carney, a NASA
                                                           Scholar, Posing in Front of
                                                            the Saturn V Thrusters at
                                                             Kennedy Space Center

                                                                                         SummerBridge-Survival Camp: First Aid
     T KG Crusader Band at St. Louis School for Freedom                                  with William Milawski, Kathy Joseph and
        Concert with Luis Vasquez and Noel Gamez.                                                     Becca Waters
Bishop thomAs K. gormAn CAtholiC sChool                                                                                        sports       3
                                                                 Pre-Season High School Practice Information
                From the Business Office
                                                                 Boys and Girls’ Cross Country
          Tuition contracts for the 09/10 school                 Head Coach:             Chris Alexander
         year must be signed and tuition must be                 First Day of Practice:  Monday, August 3rd
      current before student athletes are allowed to             Practice Schedule:      6:00 – 7:30 a.m.
    participate in pre-season sport workouts. As a re-           Meeting Place:          McCallum Stadium Press Box
  minder,	tuition	is	due	on	the	first	of	the	month	and	will	     What to Bring:          Filled water bottle
    be	considered	late	after	the	fifteenth	of	the	month.         Parent Meeting:         Wednesday, August 5th at 6 p.m. in the
                                                                                                  school cafeteria.
        Schedules will be released at the Welcome
          Fair as long as the July and August tu-                Volleyball
           ition payments have been received.                    Head Coach:                Frances Davies
                                                                 First Day of Practice:     Monday, August 3rd
                                                                 Practice Schedule:         7:30 – 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                 Meeting Place:             Middle School Gym/High School Gym
MS and HS PE Uniform Packets                                     What to Bring:             Court shoes, running shoes, knee pads,
                                                                 	        	        	        	        filled	water	bottle
          The TKG Spirit Store is selling PE Uniform             Parent Meeting:            Wednesday, August 5th at 6 p.m. in the
Packets, approved by the Athletic Department.                                                        school cafeteria.
          The girls PE packet includes green shorts
with white trim around the legs and a 3 inch in-                 Football
seam, a gray TKG t-shirt and a Crusader drawstring               Head Coach:                Reggie Wilson
bag. The boys PE packet includes green shorts with               First day of Practice:     Monday, August 4th
a 9 inch inseam, a gray TKG t-shirt and a Crusader               Practice Schedule:         10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
drawstring bag. The boys packet can be purchased                 Meeting Place:             Field House
by girls if they prefer longer shorts. The prices for            What to Bring:             Tennis shoes
the packets are $30 for the Girls PE Packet and $35              Parent Meeting:            Wednesday, August 5th at 6 pm in the school
for the Boys PE Packet.                                                                             cafeteria
          The items can be bought individually.
Those prices are: Boys shorts: $20; Girls shorts:                Cheerleading
$15; T-shirts: $15; Drawstring bags:$10. New for                 Head Coach:                Michelle Nemec
this year, sweatshirts may be ordered at $35.00                  Cheer Camp:                 Monday – Thursday, August 3rd-6th
each or 2 for $50.00.                                            Departure Time:             6:30 a.m.
          If you have any questions please call or               Meeting Place:              High School gym
email Rea Lynn Becker at 903/539-7224 -                          Parent Meeting:             Saturday August 1st at 2:00 p.m. at High or Michelle Ihrig at 903/245-                                              School Gym.
2508 -                             Contact Jarrod Bitter at at 903. 561. 2424 with any questions.

      High School Early Release Program

    Any Juniors or Seniors who are eligible for
      early release during the high school ath-
   letic block can obtain an Early Release form
  through the athletic web site under “General
  Information” or through the main school web
     site under “Forms”. Early Release paper-
  work must be submitted to the athletic office
                 by August 18, 2009.

    All athletic physicals must be
    in to the Athletic department
                 prior                                         Shown above are the 2009-2010 Varsity Cheerleading Squad, (Top row) Rachel
                  to                                           Callender, Allee Buzbee, Maddie Cosentino, Courtney Johnson and Sarah
  the start of fall sport practices.                           Beck. (Middle row) Gabby Navetta, Ashton Ihrig, Marissa Merrill, Lauren
                                                               Pittman and Isabell Aldredge. (Front row) Kathryn Huchton, Cheer Captain
                                                               Caroline Williams and Morgan Simpson.
4   of community interest                                                  Bishop thomAs K. gormAn CAtholiC sChool
    Class of 2009 Casino Night Thanks                                  After-school Concessions
                                                                                 After school concessions will begin for the new school
             A thank you goes out to all the Senior 2009 parents.      year on Wednesday, August 19, 2009.
    The Casino Party would not have been the success it was with                 Volunteers are needed to work the concessions from
    out dedicated help! Also, a sincere thank you is extended to the   3:00 to 3:45 each afternoon. This is a great way to get volunteer
    school community families who graciously donated prizes. The       hours.
    graduates were able to purchase great prizes with their winnings             All volunteers need to have taken the Ethics and Integ-
    at the end of the evening.                                         rity session through the Diocese.
              Special kudos go out to Benji & Randy Permenter,                   Please contact Amy Cole at 903.595.1938 or
    Marcia Floyd, Patsy Cogdill, Kim Brunson, Mary Navetta,    to sign up to help.
    Mary Vander Vorste, Susan Weeks, Cathy Langas, Mireya                        All proceeds from after-school concessions help fund
    Hicks, and Allyson Sullivan for their expertise in record keep-    Academic and Fine Arts efforts throughout the year.
    ing, party planning, decorating, and prize shopping. A special
    thank you is also extended to Lisa Mueller for organizing the                   Christian Service Opportunity
              God bless the community and the new alumni as they                St. Vincent dePaul Garage Sale is Friday August 7,
    prepare for college.                                               2009 and Saturday, August 8, 2009. Students can earn service
                                                                       hours the days of the garage sale from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. In
                                                                       addition, strong workers are especially needed setting up on
                                                                       Monday and Tuesday (August 3 and 4) from 9 a.m. until 4
    Back To School - Households of Holiness                            p.m. and cleaning up on Saturday from noon until 3 p.m.
              Community Retreat at Immaculate Conception Cathe-                 Please contact Kelly Jackman at
    dral on Sunday, August 9th from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. The Back to        or 903.570.1800 if you are interested in helping.
    School Family Retreat is an intergenerational workshop/mini-
    retreat	to	reflect	on	how	households	will	grow	in	holiness	in	
    the coming school year.
              English speaking families will meet in the Cathedral
    Center. Spanish speaking families will meet in St. Gregory's                                   Band
    Carney gym. Participating families are invited to bring dona-                                 Garage
    tions of school supplies for St. Vincent de Paul.                                              Sale

                                                                                              August 14-15,
                                                                                          7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    After School Extended Day Care
                                                                                       Drop off items this summer in
              The registration and supply fee is $25.00 per semester                          the Band Hall.
    per	child.		Weekly	fees	are	$30.00	($6.00	Daily)	for	the	first	
    child and $25.00 weekly ($5.00 daily) for each child thereaf-                 Please volunteer to help set-up, sell and
    ter,	to	be	paid	at	the	Middle	School	Office	or	to	the	Extended	                             take-down.
    Day staff. All elementary or middle school students left on                       Email
    campus after 3:45 will be sent to Extended Day Care
    and charged the daily fee. For more information, call Mrs. Van
    Doorne at 903.597.2920.                                                         Booster Club Sports Program
              Any day that school is in session, Extended Day will
    be held. Exceptions will be snow days, 12:20 dismissal days,                Please support your child’s sports and programs by
    and the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.                               putting ads in the upcoming sports program for 2009/2010. For
                                                                       questions and inquiries, please email Robyn Hillin at
                                                              or call (903) 216-7793.
                                                                                Thanks for your contuinued support.

     Alumninum Recycling Program Reminder
                                                                                     The Booster Club Spirit Shop
              The aluminum can recycling basket resides behind
                                                                                The Spirit Shop is taking orders for PE Uniforms.
     the high school Haddad gym. Half the proceeds of this
                                                                       Order forms can be picked up and turned in at the Gorman of-
     recycling effort go to St. Vincent de Paul Society and half to
     environmental	science	beautification	projects.		Thanks	for	
                                                                                The Booster Club Spirit Shop order forms will also be
                                                                       available on the Gorman website at Check the
                                                                       weekly blog for upcoming announcements.
Bishop thomAs K. gormAn CAtholiC sChool                                                     class needs * college news                 5
                                                                      INVITATION TO PREVIEW STUDENT SCHEDULE

                                                                                High school students along with their parents are
           Any help that you can provide in                           invited to meet with Mrs. Manley to preview the student’s
    acquiring these materials would be greatly                        schedule for the upcoming year on Monday, August 10, 2009,
    appreciated.                                                      using the following guideline.
                   The AP Biology class is in                                   Parents may discuss all students at the same chosen
    need of the following items for the 2009-10                       time. Please feel free to e-mail for alternate arrangements if
    school year:                                                      needed -

             * Six CBL's (Calculator Based Labora                                     Class of 2010: 4:30 - 5:00 pm
               tory System) by Texas Instrments
               with pressure and oxygen sensors                                       Class of 2011: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
             * Small desk lamps
             * 5 Binocular Light Microscopes                                          Class of 2012: 6:00- 7:00 pm
             * Electronic Scales.
                                                                                      Class of 2013: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

                                              College Application Suggestions

         Many students have been busy this summer visiting colleges, working on application essays and even submitting a few ap
         plications to colleges which have applications open. Students are invited to let Mrs. Manley preview applications
         before submission. The following are a few points to take into consideration.

         Some of the colleges/universities start the review process as soon as they have a completed application, which may actually
	        be	before	applicants	are	finished	submitting	material	that	they	would	like	to	have	considered	with	their	application.		

         Students who have decided which teachers would be best to ask if they can write a “positive letter of recommendation”
         might correspond with those teachers via e-mail before school begins.

         Seniors who have a December 1st scholarship or application deadline should realize the only tests that can guarantee report
         ing by that deadline are ACT - and SAT. Register now for the ACT []and the SAT [].

         Plan on attending the Senior/Parent meeting Monday, August 17, 2009 at 6:00 pm to explore the year ahead and what to
         expect as a senior.

 At A Glance: Gorman Class of 2009

 Graduates: 58
 Percentage Attending College: 100%
 College Applications: 314
 Number of Colleges to Which Graduates Applied: 125
 Letters of Acceptance: 163
 Percentage Attending College Out of Smith County: 43%
         Percentage Out of Texas: 19%
 Total Scholarships Offered: $4.3 Million
 Average Scholarship Dollars per Student: $74,138
 Number of Seniors taking SAT: 45 or 77%
 Highest SAT Score: 2260/2400
 SAT Average: 1121 / 1600
         Reading: 560 / 800
         Math: 540 / 800
        Writing: 560 / 800
 SAT 1100 or Higher: 55%
 Percentage Taking AP Exams: 69%
 Percentage Entering College with AP Passing Scores: 42%
                          (National Average: 15.2%)
6   summer projects * rejuvenation                                  Bishop thomAs K. gormAn CAtholiC sChool

    TKG Summer Projects

         * Haddad Gym front entrance bathroom renovation
         * Renovation of school clinic: replacing old wallpaper with new textured walls, painting walls and countertops
    	    *	Renovation	of	new	TCSS	Business	Office	(old	Development	Office	on	HS	Side)
    	    *	Completion	of	vehicle	fleet	summer	maintenance
    	    *	Stripping	and	waxing	of	all	floors	in	main	building	
         * Updating of immunization records
         * Planning of website renovations
    	    *	Maintenance	of	fields	and	grounds
         * Planning with Tyler Youth Orchestra
         * Attending National Advanced Placement Conference
         * Attending AP Summer Institutes
         * Planning Faculty-Staff In-service
         * Resurfacing South Tennis Courts
    	    *	Relocating	of	MS	Coordinators	office	(Old	TCSS	Business	office	location	on	MS	side)
    	    *	Completion	of	Milam	Joseph	Center	floor	rewaxing
    	    *	Renovation	in	Milam	Joseph	Center	-	New	energy	efficient	lighting	and	new	ceiling	tiles
         * Repainting Milam Joseph Center Interior
         * Replacing all computers in the Computer Lab
    	    *	Steam-cleaning	carpet	in	main	office	and	library
         * Repairing parking lot and driveways
    	    *	Developing	Macy’s	Plaza	and	new	flag	poles	
    	    *	Planting	flowers,	reworking	patio	area	and	installing	retainer	walls	in	the	Master’s	Garden	
         * Repainting classrooms
         * Replacing white boards in many classrooms
         * Refurbishing and painting lockers
         * Refurbishing HS student parking lot, sidewalks and curbing
         * Painting of exterior Haddad Gym
         * Revision of Faculty Handbook
         * Revision of Student Handbook
         * Attending NCEA Theology Teacher Conference
         * Visiting Intituto Guadalupano, Homduras, Gorman’s sister school
    	    *	Refurbishing	choir	room	floor
         * Patching and strengthening MS parking lot
         * Attending Acton University
         * Planning budgets
Bishop thomAs K. gormAn CAtholiC sChool                                                                 rincon    7

                                                                                   
                                  
                                                           
                   
                        
                        
                      
                                         
                                        
                                      
                                        
                                              
                                                           
               
                    
                         
        
          
                                                                    
             
                
                
                                                                   
                     
               
                  
               
                                 
                                                           
                          
                            
                   
         
                                  
                                                                                   
         
                                                           
                                                           
                  Tyler Catholic School System                          NONPROFIT ORG
                  Bishop T. K. Gorman Catholic School                    US POSTAGE
                          A Top 50 Catholic High School
                  1405 ESE Loop 323
                  Tyler, Texas 75701-9199                                     PAID
                  Phone: 903.561.2424
                  Fax: 903.561.2645                                         TYLER, TX
  Celebrating                                                           PERMIT NO 307
 Fifty Years of
Catholic School

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                                            NO                            ate
                                                 V E M BE R 7, 2 0 09

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