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					                 T H E R E V E L AT I O N
                         OF SAINT JOHN THE DIVINE

              CHAPTER 1                       kingdom and the quiet strength of
 1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ             Jesus, was in the island which is
which God gave him so that his                named Patmos, for the word of God
servants might have knowledge of              and the witness of Jesus.
the things which will quickly take             10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s
place: and he sent and made it clear          day, and a great voice at my back,
by his angel to his servant John;             as of a horn, came to my ears,
 2 Who gave witness of the word of             11 Saying, What you see, put in a
God, and of the witness of Jesus              book, and send it to the seven
Christ, even of all the things which          churches; to Ephesus and to Smyrna
he saw.                                       and to Pergamos and to Thyatira and
 3 A blessing be on the reader, and           to Sardis and to Philadelphia and to
on those who give ear to the prop h-          Laodicea.
et’s words, and keep the things                12 And turning to see the voice
which he has put in the book: for             which said these words to me, I saw
the time is near.                             seven gold vessels with lights bur n-
 4 John to the seven churches which           ing in them;
are in Asia: Grace to you and peace,           13 And in the middle of them one
from him who is and was and is to             like a son of man, clothed with a
come; and from the seven Spirits              robe down to his feet, and with a
which are before his high seat;               band of gold round his breasts.
 5 And from Jesus Christ, the true             14 And his head and his hair were
witness, the first to come back from          white like wool, as white as snow;
the dead, and the ruler of the kings          and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
of the earth. To him who had love              15 And his feet like polished brass,
for us and has made us clean from             as if it had been burned in a fire;
our sins by his blood;                        and his voice was as the sound of
 6 And has made us to be a kingdom            great waters.
and priests to his God and Father; to          16 And he had in his right hand
him let glory and power be given for          seven stars: and out of his mouth
ever and ever. So b e it.                     came a sharp two-edged sword: and
 7 See, he comes with the clouds,             his face was like the sun shining in
and every eye will see him, and               its strength.
those by whom he was wounded;                  17 And when I saw him, I went
and all the tribes of the earth will be       down on my face at his feet as one
sorrowing because of him. Yes, so             dead. And he put his right hand on
be it.                                        me, saying, Have no fear; I am the
 8 I am the First and the Last, says          first and the last and the Living one;
the Lord God who is and was and is             18 And I was dead, and see, I am
to come, the Ruler of all.                    living for ever, and I have the keys
 9 I, John, your brother, who have a          of death and of Hell.
part with you in the trouble and the           19 Put in writing, then, the things

                                 R E V E L AT I O N

which you have seen, and the things            8 And to the angel of the church in
which are, and the things which will          Smyrna say: These things says the
be after these;                               first and the last, who was dead and
 20 The secret of the seven stars             is living:
which you saw in my right hand,                9 I have knowledge of your trou-
and of the seven gold vessels with            bles and how poor you are (but you
burning lights. The seven stars are           have true wealth), and the evil
the angels of the seven churches:             words of those who say they are
and the seven lights are the seven            Jews, and are not, but are a Syna-
churches.                                     gogue of Satan.
                                               10 Have no fear of the things which
              CHAPTER 2                       you will have to undergo: see, the
 1 To the angel of the church in              Evil One will send some of you into
Ephesus say: These things says he             prison, so that you may be put to the
who has the seven stars in his right          test; and you will have great trouble
hand, who is walking in the middle            for ten days. Be true till death, and I
of the seven gold lights:                     will give you the crown of life.
 2 I have knowledge of your doings,            11 He who has ears, let him give
and of your hard work and long                ear to what the Spirit says to the
waiting, and that you will not put up         churches. He who overcomes will
with evil men, and have put to the            not come under the power of the s e-
test those who say they are Apostles          cond death.
and are not, and have seen that they           12 And to the angel of the church
are false;                                    in Pergamos say: These things says
 3 And you have the power of wai t-           he who has the sharp two-edged
ing, and have undergone trouble b e-          sword:
cause of my name, without weari-               13 I have knowledge that your li v-
ness.                                         ing-place is where Satan has his
 4 But I have this against you, that          seat: and you are true to my name,
you are turned away from your first           and were not turned away from your
love.                                         faith in me, even in the days of A n-
 5 So keep in mind where you were             tipas, my true witness, who was put
at first, and be changed in heart and         to death among you, w here Satan
do the first works; or I will come to         has his place.
you, and will take away your light             14 But I have some things against
from its place, if your hearts are not        you, because you have with you
changed.                                      those who keep the teaching of B a-
 6 But at least you hav e the credit of       laam, by whose suggestion Balak
hating the works of the Nicolaitans,          made the children of Israel go out of
as I do.                                      the right way, taking food which
 7 He who has ears, let him give ear          was offered to false gods, and going
to what the Spirit says to the                after the desires of the flesh.
churches. To him who overcomes I               15 And you have those who keep
will give of the fruit of the tree of         the teaching of the Nicolaitans.
life, which is in the Paradise of              16 See, then, that you have a
God.                                          change of heart; or I will come to

                                 R E V E L AT I O N

you quickly, and will make war                 till I come.
against them with the sword of my               26 He who overcomes, and keeps
mouth.                                         my works to the end, to him I will
 17 He who has ears, let him give              give rule over the nations,
ear to what the Spirit says to the              27 And he will be ruling them wit h
churches. To him who overcomes I               a rod of iron; as the vessels of the
will give of the secret manna, and I           potter they will be broken, even as I
will give him a white stone, and on            have power from my Father:
the stone a new name, of which no               28 And I will give him the morning
one has knowledge but he to whom               star.
it is given.                                    29 He who has ears, let him give
 18 And to the angel of the church             ear to what the Spirit says to the
in Thyatira say: These things says             churches.
the Son of God, whose eyes are like
a flame of fire, and his feet like po l-                    CHAPTER 3
ished brass:                                    1 And to the angel of the church in
 19 I have knowledge of your works,            Sardis say: These things says he
and your love and faith and help and           who has the seven Spirits of God
strength in trouble, and that your             and the seven stars: I have
last works are more than the first.            knowledge of your works, that you
 20 But I have this against you, that          seem to be living but are dead.
you let the woman Jezebel say she is            2 Be on the watch, and make strong
a prophet and give false teaching,             the rest of the things which are near
making my servants go after the d e-           to death; because as judged by me
sires of the flesh and take food o f-          your works have not come up to
fered to false gods.                           God’s measure.
 21 And I gave her time for a change            3 Keep in mind, then, the teaching
of heart, but she has no mind to give          which was given to you, and be
up her unclean ways.                           ruled by it and have a change of
 22 See, I will put her into a bed,            heart. If then you do not keep
and those who make themselves u n-             watch, I will come like a thief, and
clean with her, into great trouble, if         you will have no knowledge of the
they go on with her works.                     hour when I will come on you.
 23 And I will put her children to              4 But you have some names in Sa r-
death; and all the churches will see           dis who have kept clean their robes;
that I am he who makes search into             and as a reward they will go in
the secret thoughts and hearts of              white with me.
men: and I will give to every one of            5 He who overcomes will be
you the reward of your works.                  dressed in white, and I will not take
 24 But to you I say, to the rest in           his name from the boo k of life, and
Thyatira, even to those who have               I will give witness to his name b e-
not this teaching, and have no                 fore my Father, and before his a n-
knowledge of the secrets of Satan,             gels.
as they say; I put on you no other              6 He who has ears, let him give ear
weight.                                        to what the Spirit says to the
 25 But what you have, keep safe               churches.

                                R E V E L AT I O N

 7 And to the angel of the church in          16 So because you are not one
Philadelphia say: These things says          thing or the other, I will have no
he who is holy, he who is true, he           more to do with you.
who has the key of David, opening             17 For you say, I have wealth, and
the door so that it may be shut by no        have got together goods and land,
one, and shutting it so that it may be       and have need of nothing; and you
open to no one.                              are not conscious of your sad and
 8 I have knowledge of your works            unhappy condition, that you are
(see, I have put before you an open          poor and blind and without clothing.
door which may be shut by no one),            18 If you are wise you will get
and that you have a little strength,         from me gold tested by fire, so that
and have kept my word, and have              you may have true wealth; and white
been true to my name.                        robes to put on, so that your sh ame
 9 See, I will make those of the             may not be seen; and oil for your
Synagogue of Satan who say they              eyes, so that you may see.
are Jews, and are not, but say what           19 To all those who are dear to me,
is false; I will make them come and          I give sharp words and punishment:
give worship before your feet, and           then with all your heart have sorrow
see my love for you.                         for your evil ways.
 10 Because you have kept my word             20 See, I am waiting at the door
in quiet strength, I will keep you           and giving the sign; if my v oice
from the hour of testing which is            comes to any man’s ears and he
coming on all the world, to put to           makes the door open, I will come in
the test those who are on earth.             to him, and will take food with him
 11 I come quickly: keep that which          and he with me.
you have, so that no one ma y take            21 To him who overcomes I will
your crown.                                  give a place with me on my high
 12 Him who overcomes I will make            seat, even as I overcame, and am
a pillar in the house of my God, and         seated with my Father on his high
he will go out no more: and I will           seat.
put on him the name of my God, and            22 He who has ears, let him give
the name of the town of my God, the          ear to what the Spirit says to the
new Jerusalem, which comes down              churches.
out of heaven from my God, and my
new name.                                                 CHAPTER 4
 13 He who has ears, let him give             1 After these things I saw a door
ear to what the Spirit says to the           open in heaven, and the first voice
churches.                                    came to my ears, like the sound of a
 14 And to the angel of the church           horn, saying, Come up here, and I
in Laodicea say: These things says           will make clear to you the things
the true and certain witness, the            which are to come.
head of God’s new order:                      2 Straight away I was in the Spirit:
 15 I have knowledge of your wor ks,         and I saw a high seat in heaven, and
that you are not cold or warm: it            one was seated on it;
would be better if you were cold or           3 And to my eyes he was like a jas-
warm.                                        per and a sardius stone: and there

                                R E V E L AT I O N

was an arch of light round the high           1 And I saw in the right hand of
seat, like an emerald.                       him who was seated on the high
 4 And round about the high seat             seat, a book with writing inside it
were four and twenty seats: and on           and on the back, shut with seven
them I saw four and twenty rulers            stamps of wax.
seated, clothed in white robes; and           2 And I saw a strong angel saying
on their heads crowns of gold.               in a loud voice, Who is able to make
 5 And out of the high seat came             the book open, and to undo its
flames and voices and thunders. And          stamps?
seven lights of fire were burning b e-        3 And no one in heaven, or on the
fore the high seat, which are the            earth, or under the earth, was able
seven Spirits of God;                        to get the book open, or to see what
 6 And before the high seat there            was in it.
was, as it seemed, a clear sea of             4 And I was very sad, because ther e
glass; and in the middle of the high         was no one able to get the book
seat, and round about it, four beasts        open or to see what was in it.
full of eyes round about.                     5 And one of the rulers said to me,
 7 And the first beast was like a l i-       Do not be sad: see, the Lion of the
on, and the second like an ox, and           tribe of Judah, the Root of David,
the third had a face like a man, and         has overcome, and has power to u n-
the fourth was like an eagle in              do the book and its seven stamps.
flight.                                       6 And I saw in the middle of the
 8 And the four beasts, having every         high seat and of the four beasts, and
one of them six wings, are full of           in the middle of the rulers, a Lamb
eyes round about and inside: and             in his place, which seemed as if it
without resting day and night, they          had been put to death, having seven
say, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God,             horns and seven eyes, which are the
Ruler of all, who was and is and is          seven Spirits of God, sent out into
to come.                                     all the earth.
 9 And when the beasts give glory             7 And he came and took it out of
and honour to him who is seated on           the right hand of him who was sea t-
the high seat, to him who is living          ed on the high seat.
for ever and ever,                            8 And when he had taken the book,
 10 The four and twenty rulers go            the four beasts and the four and
down on their faces before him who           twenty rulers went down on their
is seated on the high seat, and give         faces before the Lamb, having every
worship to him who is living for e v-        one an instrument of music, and
er and ever, and take off their              gold vessels full of perfumes, which
crowns before the high seat, saying,         are the prayers of the saints.
 11 It is right, our Lord and our             9 And their voices are sounding in
God, for you to have glory and ho n-         a new song, saying, It is right for
our and power: because by you were           you to take the book and to make it
all things made, and by your desire          open: for you were put to death and
they came into being.                        have made an offering to God of
                                             your blood for men of every tribe,
            CHAPTER 5                        and language, and people, and n a-

                                R E V E L AT I O N

tion,                                        from the earth, so that people might
 10 And have made them a kingdom             put one another to death: and there
and priests to our God, and they are         was given to him a great sword.
ruling on the earth.                          5 And when the third stamp was
 11 And I saw, and there came to my          undone, the voice of the third beast
ears the sound of a great number of          came to my ears, saying, Come and
angels round about the high seat an d        see. And I saw a black horse; and he
the beasts and the rulers; and the           who was seated on it had scales in
number of them was ten thousand              his hand.
times ten thousand, and thousands             6 And a voice came to my ears,
of thousands;                                from the middle of the four beas ts,
 12 Saying with a great voice, It is         saying, A measure of grain for a
right to give to the Lamb who was            penny, and three measures of barley
put to death, power and wealth and           for a penny: and see that you do no
wisdom and strength and honour an d          damage to the oil and the wine.
glory and blessing.                           7 And when the fourth stamp was
 13 And to my ears came the voice            undone, the voice of the fourth
of everything in heaven and on earth         beast came to my ears, saying,
and under the earth and in the sea,          Come and see.
and of all things which are in them,          8 And I saw a grey horse, and the
saying, To him who is seated on the          name of him who was seated on it
high seat, and to the Lamb, may              was Death; and Hell came after him.
blessing and honour an d glory and           And there was given to them autho r-
power be given for ever and ever.            ity over the fourth part of the earth,
 14 And the four beasts said, So be          to put to destruction by the sword,
it. And the rulers went down on              and by taking away their food, and
their faces and gave worship.                by death, and by the beasts of the
             CHAPTER 6                        9 And when the fifth stamp was u n-
 1 And I saw when the Lamb undid             done, I saw under the altar the souls
one of the stamps, and the voice of          of those who had been put to death
one of the four beasts came to my            for the word of God, and for the
ears, saying as with a voice of thu n-       witness which they kept.
der, Come and see.                            10 And they gave a great cry, sa y-
 2 And I saw a white horse, and he           ing, How long will it be, O Ruler,
who was seated on it had a bow; and          holy and true, before you take your
there was given to him a crown: and          place as judge and give punishment
he went out with power to ove r-             for our blood to those on the earth?
come.                                         11 And there was given to every
 3 And when the second stamp was             one a white robe, and they were o r-
undone, the voice of t he second             dered to take their rest for a little
beast came to my ears, saying,               time, till the number was complete
Come and see.                                of the other servants, their brothers,
 4 And another horse came out, a             who would be put to death, even as
red horse; and it was given to him           they had been.
who was seated on it to take peace            12 And I saw when the sixth stamp

                                R E V E L AT I O N

was undone, and there was a great            on their brows, a hundred and forty-
earth-shock; and the sun became              four thousand, who were marked out
black as haircloth, and all the moon         of every tribe of the people of Isr a-
became as blood;                             el.
 13 And the stars of heaven were              5 Of the tribe of Judah were
falling to the earth, like green fruit       marked twelve thousand: of the tribe
from a tree before the force of a            of Reuben twelve thousand: of the
great wind.                                  tribe of Gad twelve thousand:
 14 And the heaven was taken away             6 Of the tribe of Asher twelve
like the roll of a book when it is           thousand: of the tribe of Naphtali
rolled up; and all the mountains and         twelve thousand: of the tribe of M a-
islands were moved out of their              nasseh twelve thousand:
places.                                       7 Of the tribe of Simeon twelve
 15 And the kings of the earth, and          thousand: of the tribe of Levi twelve
the rulers, and the chief captains,          thousand: of the tribe of Issachar
and the men of wealth, and the               twelve thousand:
strong, and every servant and free            8 Of the tribe of Zebulun twelve
man, took cover in the holes and the         thousand: of the tribe of Joseph
rocks of the mountains;                      twelve thousand: of the tribe of
 16 And they say to the mountains            Benjamin were marked twelve tho u-
and to the rocks, Come down on us,           sand.
covering us from the face of him              9 After these things I saw a great
who is seated on the high seat, and          army of people more than might be
from the wrath of the Lamb:                  numbered, out of every nation and
 17 For the great day of their wrath         of all tribes and peoples and lan-
is come, and who may keep his                guages, taking their places before
place?                                       the high seat and before the Lamb,
                                             dressed in white robes, and with
             CHAPTER 7                       branches in their hands,
 1 After this I saw four angels in            10 Saying with a loud voice, Salv a-
their places at the four points of the       tion to our God who is seated on the
earth, keeping back the four winds           high seat, and to the Lamb.
in their hands, so that there might           11 And all the angels were round
be no moving of the wind on the              about the high seat, and about the
earth, or on the sea, or on any tree.        rulers and the four beasts; and they
 2 And I saw another angel coming            went down on their faces before the
up from the east, having the mark of         high seat, and gave worship to God,
the living God: and he said with a           saying,
great voice to the four angels, to            12 So be it. Let blessing and glory
whom it was given to do damage to            and wisdom and praise and honour
the earth and the sea,                       and power and strengt h be given to
 3 Do no damage to the earth, or the         our God for ever and ever. So be it.
sea, or the trees, till we have put a         13 And one of the rulers made an-
mark on the servants of our God.             swer, saying to me, These who have
 4 And there came to my ears the             on white robes, who are they, and
number of those who had the mark             where did they come from?

                                R E V E L AT I O N

 14 And I said to him, My lord, you           6 And the seven angels who had the
have knowledge. And he said to me,           seven horns made ready for soun d-
These are they who came through              ing them.
the great testing, and their robes            7 And at the sounding of the first, a
have been washed and made white              rain of ice and fire, mixed with
in the blood of the Lamb.                    blood, was sent on the earth: and a
 15 This is why they are before the          third part of the earth, and of the
high seat of God; and they are his           trees, and all green grass was
servants day and night in his house:         burned up.
and he who is seated on the h igh             8 And at the sounding of the second
seat will be a tent over them.               angel, it was as if a great mountain
 16 They will never be in need of            burning with fire was sent into the
food or drink: and they will never           sea: and a third part of the sea b e-
again be troubled by the burning             came blood,
heat of the sun:                              9 And destruction came on a third
 17 For the Lamb who is on the high          part of the living things wh ich were
seat will be their keeper and their          in the sea, and on a third part of the
guide to fountains of living w ater:         ships.
and God will make glad their eyes             10 And at the sounding of the third
for ever.                                    angel, there went down from heaven
                                             a great star, burning like a flame,
             CHAPTER 8                       and it came on a third part of the
 1 And when the seventh stamp was            rivers, and on the fountains of w a-
undone there was quiet in heaven             ter.
for about half an hour.                       11 And the name of the star is
 2 And I saw the seven angels who            Wormwood: and a third part of the
had their place before God; and se v-        waters became bitter; and a number
en horns were given to them.                 of men came to their end because of
 3 And another angel came and took           the waters, for they were made bi t-
his place at the altar, having a gold        ter.
vessel for burning perfume; and               12 And at the sounding of the
there was given to him much per-             fourth angel, a third part of the sun,
fume, so that he might put it with           and of the moon, and of the s tars
the prayers of all the saints on the         was made dark, so that there was no
gold altar which was before the high         light for a third part of the day and
seat.                                        of the night.
 4 And the smoke of the perfume,              13 And there came to my ears the
with the prayers of the saints, went         cry of an eagle in flight in the mi d-
up before God out of the angel’s             dle of heaven, saying with a great
hand.                                        voice, Trouble, trouble, trouble, to
 5 And the angel took the vessel;            all on the earth, because of the other
and he made it full of the fire of the       voices of the horns of the three a n-
altar, and sent it down on the earth:        gels, whose sounding is still to
and there came thunders and voices           come.
and flames and a shaking of the
earth.                                                   CHAPTER 9

                                R E V E L AT I O N

 1 And at the sounding of the fifth          angel of the great deep: his name in
angel I saw a star falling from hea v-       Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the
en to the earth: and there was given         Greek language Apollyon.
to him the key of the great deep.             12 The first Trouble is past: see,
 2 And he made the great deep open           there are still two Troubles to come.
and a smoke went up from it, like             13 And at the sounding of the sixth
the smoke of a great oven; and the           angel a voice came to my ears from
sun and the air were made dark b e-          the horns of the gold altar which is
cause of the smoke.                          before God,
 3 And from the smoke locusts came            14 Saying to the sixth angel who
out on the earth; and power was              had the horn, Make free the four a n-
given them, like the power of sco r-         gels who are chained at the great
pions.                                       river Euphrates.
 4 And they were ordered to do no             15 And the four angels were made
damage to the grass of the earth, or         free, who were ready for the hour
any green thing, or any tree, but o n-       and day and month and year, that
ly to such men as have not the mark          they might put to death a third part
of God on their brows.                       of men.
 5 And orders were given them not             16 And the number of the armies of
to put them to death, but to give            the horsemen was twice ten tho u-
them great pain for five months: and         sand times ten thousand: the number
their pain was as the pain from the          of them came to my ears.
wound of a scorpion.                          17 And so I saw the horses in the
 6 And in those days men will be             vision, and those who were seated
hoping for death, and it will not            on them, having breastplates of fire
come to them; and they will have a           and glass and of burning stone: and
great desire for death, and death            the heads of the horses were as the
will go in flight from them.                 heads of lions; and out of their
 7 And the forms of the locusts were         mouths came fire and smoke and a
like horses made ready for war; and          smell of burning.
on their heads they had crowns like           18 By these evils a third part of
gold, and their faces were as the            men was put to death, by the fir e,
faces of men.                                and the smoke, and the burning
 8 And they had hair like the hair of        smell which came out of their
women, and their teeth were as the           mouths.
teeth of lions.                               19 For the power of the horses is in
 9 And they had breastplates like            their mouths and in their tails: b e-
iron, and the sound of their wings           cause their tails are like snakes, and
was as the sound of carriages, like          have heads, and with them they give
an army of horses rushing to the             wounds.
fight.                                        20 And the rest of the people, who
 10 And they have pointed tails like         were not put to death by these evils,
scorpions; and in their tails is their       were not turned from the works of
power to give men wounds for five            their hands, but went on giving wo r-
months.                                      ship to evil spirits, and images of
 11 They have over them as king the          gold and silver and brass and stone

                                 R E V E L AT I O N

and wood which have no power of                from heaven, saying, Go, take the
seeing or hearing or walking:                  book which is open in the hand of
 21 And they had no regret for put-            the angel who has his place on the
ting men to death, or for their use of         sea and on the earth.
secret arts, or for the evil desires of         9 And I went to the angel, and said
the flesh, or for taking the property          to him, Give me the little book. And
of others.                                     he said to me: Put it in your mouth;
                                               and it will make your stomach bi t-
             CHAPTER 10                        ter, but in your mouth it will be
 1 And I saw another strong angel              sweet as honey.
coming down out of heaven, clothed              10 And I took the little book out of
with a cloud; and an arch of col-              the angel’s hand and did as he said;
oured light was round his head, and            and it was sweet as honey in my
his face was like the sun, and his             mouth: and when I had taken it, my
feet like pillars of fire;                     stomach was made bitter.
 2 And he had in his hand a little              11 And they said to me, You are to
open book: and he put his right foot           give word again of what is coming
on the sea, and his left on the earth;         in the future to the peoples and n a-
 3 And he gave a loud cry, like th e           tions and languages and kings.
angry voice of a lion: and at his cry
the voices of the seven thunders                            CHAPTER 11
were sounding.                                  1 And there was given to me a
 4 And when the seven thunders had             measuring rod: and one said, Go up
given out their voices, I was about            and take the measure of the house of
to put their words down: and a voice           God, and the altar, and the worshi p-
from heaven came to my ears, sa y-             pers in it.
ing, Keep secret the things which               2 But do not take the measure of
the seven thunders said, and do not            the space outside the house; because
put them in writing.                           it has been given to the nations: and
 5 And the angel which I saw taking            the holy town will be under their
his position on the sea and on the             feet for forty-two months.
earth, put up his right hand to hea v-          3 And I will give orders to my two
en,                                            witnesses, and they will be prophets
 6 And took his oath by him who is             for a thousand, two hundred and si x-
living for ever and ever, who made             ty days, clothed with haircloth.
the heaven and the things in it, and            4 These are the two olive -trees and
the earth and the things in it, and            the two lights, which are before the
the sea and the things in it, that             Lord of the earth.
there would be no more waiting:                 5 And if any man would do them
 7 But in the days of the voice of             damage, fire comes out of their
the seventh angel, when the sound              mouth and puts an end to those who
of his horn is about to come, then             are working against them: and if any
will the secret of God be complete,            man has a desire to do them damage,
of which he gave the good news to              in this way will he be put to death.
his servants the prophets.                      6 These have the power to keep the
 8 And the voice came to me again              heaven shut, so that there may be no

                               R E V E L AT I O N

rain in the days when they are               enth angel there were great voices
prophets: and they have power over           in heaven, saying, The kingdom of
the waters to make them into blood,          the world has become the kingdom
and to send every sort of disease on         of our Lord, and of his Christ, and
the earth as their pleasure is.              he will have rule for ever and ever.
 7 And when they have come to the             16 And the four and twenty rulers,
end of their witness, the beast which        who are seated before God on their
comes up out of the great deep will          high seats, went down on their faces
make war on them and overcome                and gave worship to God, saying,
them and put them to death.                   17 We give you praise, O Lord
 8 And their dead bodies will be in          God, Ruler of all, who is and who
the open street of the great town,           was; because you have taken up
which in the spirit is named Sodom           your great power and are ruling
and Egypt, where their Lord was put          your kingdom.
to death on the cross.                        18 And the nations were angry, and
 9 And the peoples and tribes and            your wrath has come, and the time
languages and nations will be loo k-         for the dead to be judged, and the
ing on their dead bodies three days          time of reward for your servants,
and a half, and will not let their           the prophets, and for the saints, and
dead bodies be put in the earth.             for those in whom is the fear of
 10 And those who are on the earth           your name, small and great, and the
will have pleasure and delight over          time of destruction for those who
them; and they will send offerings           made the earth unclean.
one to another because these two              19 And the house of God which is
prophets gave great trouble to all on        in heaven was open; and the ark of
the earth.                                   his agreement was seen in his house,
 11 And after three days and a half          and there were flames and voices
the breath of life from God went i n-        and thunders and an earth -shock and
to them, and they got up on their            a rain of ice.
feet; and great fear came on those
who saw them.                                            CHAPTER 12
 12 And a great voice from heaven             1 And a great sign was seen in
came to their ears, saying to them,          heaven: a A woman clothed with the
Come up here. And they went up i n-          sun, and with the moon under her
to heaven in the cloud, and were             feet, and on her head a crown of
seen by those desiring their death.          twelve stars.
 13 And in that hour there was a              2 And she was with child; and she
great earth-shock and a tenth part of        gave a cry, in the pains of chil d-
the town came to destruction; and in         birth.
the earth-shock seven thousand per-           3 And there was seen another sign
sons came to their end: and the rest         in heaven; a great red dragon, hav-
were in fear, and gave glory to the          ing seven heads and ten horns, and
God of heaven.                               on his heads seven crowns.
 14 The second Trouble is past: see,          4 And his tail was pulling a third
the third Trouble comes quickly.             part of the stars of heaven down to
 15 And at the sounding of the sev-          the earth, and the dragon took his

                               R E V E L AT I O N

place before the woman who was               ing the knowledge that he has but a
about to give birth, so that when the        short time.
birth had taken place he might put            13 And when the dragon saw that
an end to her child.                         he was forced down to the earth, he
 5 And she gave birth to a son, a            made cruel attacks on the woman
male child, who was to have rule             who gave birth to the male child.
over all the nations with a rod of            14 And there were given to the
iron: and her child was taken up to          woman two wings of a great eagle,
God and to his high seat.                    so that she might go in flight into
 6 And the woman went in flight to           the waste land, to her place, where
the waste land, where she has a              she is given food for a time, and
place made ready by God, so that             times, and half a time, from the face
there they may give her food a tho u-        of the snake.
sand, two hundred and sixty days.             15 And the snake sent out of his
 7 And there was war in heaven: M i-         mouth after the woman a river of
chael and his angels going out to the        water, so that she might be taken
fight with the dragon; and the dra g-        away by the stream.
on and his angels made war,                   16 And the earth gave help to the
 8 And they were overcome, and               woman, and with open mouth took
there was no more place for them in          up the river which the dragon sent
heaven.                                      out of his mouth.
 9 And the great dragon was forced            17 And the dragon was angry with
down, the old snake, who is named            the woman and went away to make
the Evil One and Satan, by whom all          war on the rest of her seed, who
the earth is turned from the right           keep the orders of God, and the wi t-
way; he was forced down to the               ness of Jesus:
earth, and his angels were forced
down with him.                                            CHAPTER 13
 10 And a great voice in heaven               1 And he took his place on the sand
came to my ears, saying, Now is              of the sea. And I saw a beast coming
come the salvation, and the power,           up out of the sea, having ten horns
and the kingdom of our God, and the          and seven heads, and on his horns
authority of his Christ: because he          ten crowns, and on his heads unholy
who says evil against our brothers           names.
before our God day and night is               2 And the beast which I saw was
forced down.                                 like a leopard, and his feet were as
 11 And they overcame him through            the feet of a bear, and his mouth as
the blood of the Lamb and the word           the mouth of a lion: and the dragon
of their witness; and loving not             gave him his power and his seat and
their lives they freely gave the m-          great authority.
selves up to death.                           3 And I saw one of his heads as if
 12 Be glad then, O heavens, and             it had been given a death -wound;
you who are in them. But there is            and his death-wound was made well:
trouble for the earth and the sea:           and all the earth was wondering at
because the Evil One has come                the beast.
down to you, being very angry, hav-           4 And they gave worship to the

                                R E V E L AT I O N

dragon, because he gave authority to          are turned from the true way by him
the beast; and worshipping the                through the signs which he was gi v-
beast, they said, Who is like the             en power to do before the beast;
beast? and who is able to go to war           giving orders to those who are on
with him?                                     the earth to make an image to the
 5 And there was given to him a               beast, who was wounded by the
mouth to say words of pride against           sword, and came to life.
God; and there was given to him a u-           15 And he had power to give breath
thority to go on for forty-two                to the image of the beast, so that
months.                                       words might come from the image
 6 And his mouth was open to sa y             of the beast, and that he might have
evil against God, and against his             all those who did not give worship
name and his Tent, even against               to the image of the beast put to
those who are in heaven.                      death.
 7 And it was given to him to make             16 And he gives to all, small and
war on the saints and to overcome             great, the poor and those who have
them: and there was given to him              wealth, the free and those who are
authority over every tribe and pe o-          not free, a mark on their right hand
ple and language and nation .                 or on their brows;
 8 And all who are on the earth will           17 So that no man might be able to
give him worship, everyone whose              do trade but he who has the mark,
name has not been from the first in           even the name of the beast or the
the book of life of the Lamb who              number of his name.
was put to death.                              18 Here is wisdom. He who has
 9 If any man has ears, let him give          knowledge let him get the number of
ear.                                          the beast; because it is the number
 10 If any man sends others into              of a man: and his number is Six
prison, into prison he will go: if any        hundred and sixty-six.
man puts to death with the sword,
with the sword will he be put to                          CHAPTER 14
death. Here is the quiet strength and          1 And I saw the Lamb on the m oun-
the faith of the saints.                      tain of Zion, and with him a hu n-
 11 And I saw another beast coming            dred    and    forty-four   thousand,
up out of the earth; and he had two           marked on their brows with his
horns like a lamb, and his voice was          name and the name of his Father.
like that of a dragon.                         2 And a voice from heaven came to
 12 And he makes use of all the a u-          my ears, like the sound of great w a-
thority of the first beast before his         ters, and the sound of loud thunder:
eyes. And he makes the earth and              and the voice which came to me was
those who are in it give worship to           like the sound of players, playing on
the first beast, whose death -wound           instruments of music.
was made well.                                 3 And they made as it seemed a
 13 And he does great signs, even             new song before the high seat, and
making fire come down from heaven             before the four beasts and the ru l-
on the earth before the eyes of men.          ers: and no man might have
 14 And those who are on the earth            knowledge of the song but the hu n-

                              R E V E L AT I O N

dred and forty-four thousand, even          name.
those from the earth whom God has            12 Here is the quiet strength of the
made his for a price.                       saints, who keep the orders of God,
 4 These are they who have not              and the faith of Jesus.
made themselves unclean with                 13 And a voice from heaven came
women; for they are virgins. These          to my ears, saying, Put in writing,
are they who go after the Lamb              There is a blessing on the dead who
wherever he goes. These were taken          from now on come to their end in
from among men to be the first              the Lord: yes, says the Spirit, that
fruits to God and to the Lamb.              they may have rest from their tro u-
 5 And in their mouth there was no          bles; for their works go with them.
false word, for they are untouched           14 And I saw a white cloud, and on
by evil.                                    the cloud I saw one seated, like a
 6 And I saw another angel in flight        son of man, having on his head a
between heaven and earth, having            crown of gold, and in his hand a
eternal good news to give to those          sharp curved blade.
who are on the earth, and to every           15 And another angel came out
nation and tribe and language and           from the house of God, crying with
people,                                     a loud voice to him who was seated
 7 Saying with a loud voice, Have           on the cloud, Put in your blade, and
fear of God and give him glory; b e-        let the grain be cut: because the
cause the hour of his judging is            hour for cutting it is come; for the
come; and give worship to him who           grain of the earth is over-ready.
made heaven and earth and the sea            16 And he who was seated on the
and the fountains of water.                 cloud sent in his blade on the earth;
 8 And a second angel came after,           and the grain of the earth was cut.
saying, Destruction has come to              17 And another angel came out
Babylon the great, which gave to all        from the house of God which is in
the nations the wine of the wrath of        heaven, having a sharp curved
her evil ways.                              blade.
 9 And a third angel came after              18 And another angel came out
them, saying with a loud voice, If          from the altar, who has power over
any man gives worship to the beast          fire; and he gave a loud cry to him
and his image, and has his mark on          who had the sharp curved blade,
his brow or on his hand,                    saying, Put in your sharp blade, an d
 10 To him will be given of the wine        let the grapes of the vine of the
of God’s wrath which is ready u n-          earth be cut; for her grapes are fully
mixed in the cup of his wrath and he        ready.
will have cruel pain, burning with           19 And the angel sent his blade into
fire before the holy angels and b e-        the earth, and the vine of the earth
fore the Lamb:                              was cut, and he put it into the great
 11 And the smoke of their pain goes        wine-crusher of the wrath of God.
up for ever and ever; and they have          20 And the grapes were cru shed
no rest day and night, who give             under foot outside the town, and
worship to the beast and his image,         blood came out from them, even to
and have on them the mark of his            the head-bands of the horses, two

                               R E V E L AT I O N

hundred miles.                               gels were ended.

             CHAPTER 15                                   CHAPTER 16
 1 And I saw another sign in heaven,          1 And a great voice out of the
great and strange; seven angels ha v-        house of God came to my ears, sa y-
ing the seven last punishments, for          ing to the seven angels, Go, and let
in them the wrath of God is com-             that which is in the seven vessels of
plete.                                       the wrath of God come down on the
 2 And I saw a sea which seemed              earth.
like glass mixed with fire; and those         2 And the first went, and let what
who had overcome the beast and his           was in his vessel come down on the
image and the number of his name,            earth; and it became an evil poiso n-
were in their places by the sea of           ing wound on the men who had the
glass, with God’s instruments of             mark of the beast, and who gave
music in their hands.                        worship to his image.
 3 And they give the song of Moses,           3 And the second let what was in
the servant of God, and the song of          his vessel come out into the sea; and
the Lamb, saying, Great and full of          it became blood as of a dead man;
wonder are your works, O Lord                and every living thing in the sea
God, Ruler of all; true and full of          came to an end.
righteousness are your ways, eternal          4 And the third let what was in his
King.                                        vessel come out into the rivers and
 4 What man is there who will not            the fountains of water; and they b e-
have fear before you, O Lord, and            came blood.
give glory to your name? because              5 And the voice of the angel of the
you only are holy; for all the n a-          waters came to my ears, saying,
tions will come and give worship             True and upright is your judging, O
before you; for your righteousness           Holy One, who is and was from all
has been made clear.                         time:
 5 And after these things I saw, and          6 For they made the blood of saints
the house of the Tent of witness in          and prophets come out like a stream,
heaven was open:                             and blood have you given them for
 6 And the seven angels who had the          drink; which is their right reward.
seven punishments came out from               7 And a voice came from the altar,
the house of God, clothed with li n-         saying, Even so, O Lord God, Ruler
en, clean and bright and with bands          of all, true and full of righteousness
of gold about their breasts.                 is your judging.
 7 And one of the four beasts gave            8 And the fourth let what was in his
to the seven angels seven gold ve s-         vessel come out on the sun; and
sels full of the wrath of God, who is        power was given to it that men
living for ever and ever.                    might be burned with fire.
 8 And the house of God was full of           9 And men were burned with great
smoke from the glory of God, and             heat: and they said evil things
from his power, and no one was able          against the name of the God who
to go into the house of God, till the        has authority over these punis h-
seven punishments of the seven an-           ments; and they were not turned

                               R E V E L AT I O N

from their evil ways to give him             three parts, and the towns of the n a-
glory.                                       tions came to destruction: and Bab y-
 10 And the fifth let what was in his        lon the great came into mind before
vessel come out on the high seat of          God, to be given the cup of the wine
the beast; and his kingdom was               of his wrath.
made dark; and they were bi ting              20 And every island went in flight,
their tongues for pain.                      and the mountains were seen no
 11 And they said evil things against        longer.
the God of heaven because of their            21 And great drops of ice, every
pain and their wounds; and they              one about the weight of a talent,
were not turned from their evil              came down out of heaven on men:
works.                                       and men said evil things against
 12 And the sixth let what was in his        God because of the punishment of
vessel come out on the great river           the ice-drops; for it is very great.
Euphrates; and it became dry, so
that the way might be made ready                         CHAPTER 17
for the kings from the east.                  1 And one of the seven angels who
 13 And I saw coming out of the              had the seven vessels came and said
mouth of the dragon, and out of the          to me, Come here, so that you may
mouth of the beast, and out of the           see the judging of the evil woman
mouth of the false prophet, three            who is seated on the great waters;
unclean spirits, like frogs.                  2 With whom the kings of the earth
 14 For they are evil spirits, work-         made themselves unclean, and those
ing signs; who go out even to the            who are on the earth were full of the
kings of all the earth, to get them          wine of her evil desires.
together to the war of the great day          3 And he took me away in the Spi r-
of God, the Ruler of all.                    it into a waste land: and I saw a
 15 (See, I come as a thief. Happy is        woman seated on a bright red beast,
he who is watching and keeps his             full of evil names, having seven
robes, so that he may not go un-             heads and ten horns,
clothed, and his shame be seen.)              4 And the woman was clothed in
 16 And they got them together into          purple and bright red, with orn a-
the place which is named in Hebrew           ments of gold and stones of gr eat
Armageddon.                                  price and jewels; and in her hand
 17 And the seventh let what was in          was a gold cup full of evil things
his vessel come out on the air; and          and her unclean desires;
there came out a great voice from             5 And on her brow was a name,
the house of God, from the high              SECRET, BABYLON THE GREAT,
seat, saying, It is done.                    THE MOTHER OF THE EVIL
 18 And there were flames and voi c-         WOMEN AND OF THE UNCLEAN
es and thunders; and there was a             THINGS OF THE EARTH.
great earth-shock so that never,              6 And I saw the woman overcome
from the time when men were on the           as with the wine of the blood of the
earth, had there been so great an            saints, and the blood of those put to
earth-shock, so full of power.               death because of Jesus. And when I
 19 And the great town was cut into          saw her, I was overcome with a

                               R E V E L AT I O N

great wonder.                                mies, and nations and languages.
 7 And the angel said to me, Why              16 And the ten horns which you
were you surprised? I will make              saw, and the beast, these will be
clear to you the secret of the wo m-         turned against the evil woman, and
an, and of the beast on which she is         will make her waste and uncovered,
seated, which has the seven heads            and will take her flesh for food, and
and the ten horns.                           will have her burned with fire .
 8 The beast which you saw was,               17 Because God has put it in their
and is not; and is about to come up          hearts to do his purpose, and to be
out of the great deep, and to go into        of one mind, giving their kingdom
destruction. And those who are on            to the beast, till the words of God
the earth, whose names have not              have effect and are complete.
been put in the book of life from the         18 And the woman whom you saw
first, will be full of wonder when           is the great town, which is ruling
they see the beast, that he was, and         over the kings of the earth.
is not, and still will be.
 9 Here is the mind which has wi s-                      CHAPTER 18
dom. The seven heads are seven                1 After these things I saw another
mountains, on which the woman is             angel coming down out of heaven,
seated:                                      having great authority; and the earth
 10 And they are seven kings; the            was bright with his glory.
five have come to an end, the one is,         2 And he gave a loud cry, saying,
the other has not come; and when he          Babylon the great has come down
comes, he will have to go on for a           from her high place, she has come
little time.                                 to destruction and has become a
 11 And the beast which was, and is          place of evil spirits, and of every
not, is himself the eighth, and is of        unclean spirit, and a hole for every
the seven; and he goes into destru c-        unclean and hated bird.
tion.                                         3 For through the wine of the wrath
 12 And the ten horns which you              of her evil desires all the nations
saw are ten kings, which still have          have come to destruction; and the
been given no kingdom; but they are          kings of the earth made themselves
given authority as kings, with the           unclean with her, and the traders of
beast, for one hour.                         the earth had their wealth increased
 13 These have one mind, and they            by the power of her evil ways.
give their power and authority to the         4 And another voice from heaven
beast.                                       came to my ears, saying, Come out
 14 These will make war against the          of her, my people, so that you may
Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome             have no part in her sins and in her
them, because he is the Lord of              punishments.
lords and King of kings; and those            5 For her sins have gone up even to
who are with him are named,                  heaven, and God has taken note of
marked out, and true.                        her evil-doing.
 15 And he said to me, The waters             6 Give to her as she gave, even an
which you saw, where the evil wo m-          increased reward for her works; in
an is seated, are peoples, and ar-           the cup which was mixed by her, let

                               R E V E L AT I O N

there be mixed as much again for             be seen.
herself.                                      15 The traders in these things, by
 7 As she gave glory to herself, and         which their wealth was increased,
became more evil in her ways, in             will be watching far off for fear of
the same measure give her pain and           her punishment, weeping and cry-
weeping: for she says in her heart, I        ing;
am seated here a queen, and am no             16 Saying, Sorrow, sorrow for the
widow, and will in no way see so r-          great town, she who was clothed in
row.                                         delicate linen, and purple, and red;
 8 For this reason in one day will           with ornaments of gold and stones
her troubles come, death and sorrow          of great price and jewels!
and need of food; and she will be             17 For in one hour such great
completely burned with fire; for             wealth has come to nothing. And
strong is the Lord God who is her            every shipmaster, and all who are
judge.                                       sailing on the sea, and sailors and
 9 And the kings of the earth, who           all who get their living by the sea,
made themselves unclean with her,            were watching from far away,
and in her company gave themselves            18 And crying out when they saw
up to evil, will be weeping and cry-         the smoke of her burning, saying,
ing over her, when they see the              What town is like the great town?
smoke of her burning,                         19 And they put dust on their
 10 Watching from far away, for fear         heads, and were sad, weeping and
of her punishment, saying, Sorrow,           crying, and saying, Sorrow, sorrow
sorrow for Babylon, the great town,          for the great town, in which was i n-
the strong town! for in one hour you         creased the wealth of all who had
have been judged.                            their ships on the sea because of her
 11 And the traders of the earth are         great stores! for in one hour she is
weeping and crying over her, b e-            made waste.
cause no man has any more desire              20 Be glad over her, heaven, and
for their goods,                             you saints, and Apostles, and prop h-
 12 Gold, and silver, and stones of          ets; because she has been judged by
great price, and jewels, and delicate        God on your account.
linen, and robes of purple and silk           21 And a strong angel took up a
and red; and perfumed wood, and              stone like the great stone with
every vessel of ivory, and every             which grain is crushed, and sent it
vessel made of fair wood, and of             into the sea, saying, So, with a great
brass, and iron, and stone;                  fall, will Babylon, the great town,
 13 And sweet-smelling plants, and           come to destruction, and will not be
perfumes, and wine, and oil, and             seen any more at all.
well crushed grain, and cattle and            22 And the voice of players and
sheep; and horses and carriages and          makers of music will never again be
servants; and souls of men.                  sounding in you: and no worker, e x-
 14 And the fruit of your soul’s de-         pert in art, will ever again be living
sire has gone from you, and all              in you; and there will be no so und
things delicate and shining have             of the crushing of grain any more at
come to an end and will never again          all in you;

                               R E V E L AT I O N

 23 And never again will the shining         married, and his wife has made her-
of lights be seen in you; and the            self ready.
voice of the newly-married man and            8 And to her it was given to be
the bride will never again be soun d-        clothed in delicate linen, clean and
ing in you: for your traders were the        shining: for the clean linen is the
lords of the earth, and by your evil         righteousness of the saints.
powers were all the nations turned            9 And he said to me, Put in the
out of the right way.                        book, Happy are the guests at the
 24 And in her was seen the blood of         bride-feast of the Lamb. And he said
prophets and of saints, and of all           to me, These are the true words of
who have been put to death on the            God.
earth.                                        10 And I went on my face before
                                             his feet to give him worship. And he
            CHAPTER 19                       said to me, See you do it not: I am a
 1 After these things there came to          brother-servant with you and with
my ears a sound like the voice of a          your brothers who keep the witness
great band of people in heaven, sa y-        of Jesus: give worship to God: for
ing, Praise to the Lord; salvation           the witness of Jesus is the spirit of
and glory and power be to our God:           the prophet’s word.
 2 For true and upright are his deci-         11 And the heaven was open; and I
sions; for by him has the evil wo m-         saw a white horse, and he who was
an been judged, who made the earth           seated on it was named Certain and
unclean with the sins of her body;           True; and he is judging and making
and he has given her punishment for          war in righteousness.
the blood of his servants.                    12 And his eyes are a flame of fire,
 3 And again they said, Praise to the        and crowns are on his head; and he
Lord. And her smoke went up for              has a name in writing, of which no
ever and ever.                               man has knowledge but himself.
 4 And the four and twenty rulers             13 And he is clothed in a robe
and the four beasts went down on             washed with blood: and his name is
their faces and gave worship to God          The Word of God.
who was seated on the high seat,              14 And the armies which are in
saying, Even so, praise to the Lord.         heaven went after him on wh ite
 5 And a voice came from the high            horses, clothed in delicate linen,
seat, saying, Give praise to our God,        white and clean.
all you his servants, small and               15 And out of his mouth comes a
great, in whom is the fear of him.           sharp sword, with which he ove r-
 6 And there came to my ears the             comes the nations: and he has rule
voice of a great army, like the sound        over them with a rod of iron: and he
of waters, and the sound of loud             is crushing with his feet the grapes
thunders, saying, Praise to the Lord:        of the strong wrath of God the Ruler
for the Lord our God, Ruler of all,          of all.
is King.                                      16 And on his robe and on his leg
 7 Let us be glad with delight, and          is a name, KING OF KINGS, AND
let us give glory to him: because the        LORD OF LORDS.
time is come for the Lamb to be               17 And I saw an angel taking his

                               R E V E L AT I O N

place in the sun; and he was crying          were seated on them, and the right
with a loud voice, saying to all the         of judging was given to them: and I
birds in flight in the heavens, Come         saw the souls of those who were put
together to the great feast of God;          to death for the witness of Jesus,
 18 So that you may take for your            and for the word of God, and those
food the flesh of kings, and of ca p-        who did not give worship to the
tains, and of strong men, and of             beast, or to his image, and had not
horses and of those who are seated           his mark on their brows or on their
on them, and the flesh of all men,           hands; and they were living and ru l-
free and unfree, small and great.            ing with Christ a thousand years.
 19 And I saw the beast, and the              5 The rest of the dead did not come
kings of the earth, and their armies,        to life again till the thousand years
come together to make war against            were ended. This is the first coming
him who was seated on the horse              back from the dead.
and against his army.                         6 Happy and holy is he who has a
 20 And the beast was taken, and             part in this first coming: over these
with him the false prophet who did           the second death has no authority,
the signs before him, by which they          but they will be priests of God and
were turned from the true way who            of Christ, and will be ruling with
had the mark of the beast, and who           him a thousand years.
gave worship to his image: these              7 And when the thousand years are
two were put living into the sea of          ended, Satan will be let loose out of
ever-burning fire.                           his prison,
 21 And the rest were put to death            8 And will go out to put in error the
with the sword of him who was on             nations which are in the four qua r-
the horse, even the sword which              ters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to
came out of his mouth: and all the           get them together to the war, the
birds were made full with their              number of whom is like the sands of
flesh.                                       the sea.
                                              9 And they went up over the face of
             CHAPTER 20                      the earth, and made a circle about
 1 And I saw an angel coming down            the tents of the saints, and the well
out of heaven, having the key of the         loved town: and fire came down out
great deep and a great chain in his          of heaven for their destruction.
hand.                                         10 And the Evil One who put them
 2 And he took the dragon, the old           in error was sent down into the sea
snake, which is the Evil One and             of ever-burning fire, where the beast
Satan, and put chains on him for a           and the false prophet are, and their
thousand years,                              punishment will go on day and night
 3 And put him into the great deep,          for ever and ever.
and it was shut and locked over him,          11 And I saw a great white seat,
so that he might put the nations in          and him who was seated on it, b e-
error no longer, till the thousand           fore whose face the earth and the
years were ended: after this he will         heaven went in flight; and there was
be let loose for a little time.              no place for them.
 4 And I saw high seats, and they             12 And I saw the dead, great and

                                R E V E L AT I O N

small, taking their places before the         and the end. I will freely give of the
high seat; and the books were open,           fountain of the water of life to him
and another book was open, which              who is in need.
is the book of life; and the dead              7 He who overcomes will have th e-
were judged by the things which               se things for his heritage; and I will
were in the books, even by their              be his God, and he will be my son.
works.                                         8 But those who are full of fear and
 13 And the sea gave up the dead              without faith, the unclean and takers
which were in it; and death and Hell          of life, those who do the sins of the
gave up the dead which were in                flesh, and those who make use of
them; and they were judged every              evil powers or who give worship to
man by his works.                             images, and all those who are false,
 14 And death and Hell were put i n-          will have their part in the sea of e v-
to the sea of fire. This is the second        er-burning fire which is the second
death, even the sea of fire.                  death.
 15 And if anyone’s nam e was not in           9 And one of the seven angels who
the book of life, he went down into           had the seven vessels in which were
the sea of fire.                              the seven last punishments, came
                                              and said to me, Come here, and see
             CHAPTER 21                       the bride, the Lamb’s wife.
 1 And I saw a new heaven and a                10 And he took me away in the
new earth: for the first heaven and           Spirit to a great and high mountain,
the first earth were gone; and there          and let me see the holy town Jerus a-
was no more sea.                              lem, coming down out of heaven
 2 And I saw the holy town, new J e-          from God,
rusalem, coming down out of heaven             11 Having the glory of God: and
from God, like a bride made beaut i-          her light was like a stone of great
ful for her husband.                          price, a jasper stone, clear as glass:
 3 And there came to my ears a great           12 She had a wall great and high,
voice out of the high seat, saying,           with twelve doors, and at the doors
See, the Tent of God is with men,             twelve angels; and names on them,
and he will make his living-place             which are the names of the twelve
with them, and they will be his pe o-         tribes of the children of Israel.
ple, and God himself will be with              13 And on the east were three
them, and be their God.                       doors; and on the north three doors;
 4 And he will put an end to all their        and on the south three doors; and on
weeping; and there will be no more            the west three doors.
death, or sorrow, or crying, or pain;          14 And the wall of the town had
for the first things have come to an          twelve bases, and on them the
end.                                          twelve names of the twelve Apostles
 5 And he who is seated on the high           of the Lamb.
seat said, See, I make all things              15 And he who was talking with me
new. And he said, Put it in the book;         had a gold measuring-rod to take the
for these words are certain and true.         measure of the town, and of its
 6 And he said to me, It is done. I           doors, and its wall.
am the First and the Last, the start           16 And the town is square, as wide

                                 R E V E L AT I O N

as it is long; and he took the mea s-          of life.
ure of the town with the rod, one
thousand and five hundred miles: it                         CHAPTER 22
is equally long and wide and high .             1 And I saw a river of water of life,
 17 And he took the measure of its             clear as glass, coming out of the
wall, one hundred and forty-four               high seat of God and of the Lamb,
cubits, after the measure of a man,             2 In the middle of its street. And on
that is, of an angel.                          this side of the river and on that was
 18 And the building of its wall was           the tree of life, having twelve sorts
of jasper, and the town was clear              of fruits, giving its fruit every
gold, clear as glass.                          month; and the leaves of the tree
 19 The bases of the wall of the               give life to the nations.
town had ornaments of all sorts of              3 And there will be no more curse:
beautiful stones. The first base was           and the high seat of God and of the
jasper; the second, sapphire; the              Lamb will be there; and his servants
third, chalcedony; the fourth, eme r-          will be worshipping him;
ald;                                            4 And they will see his face; and
 20 The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth,            his name will be on their brows.
sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the           5 And there will be no more night;
eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the           and they have no need of a light or
tenth, chrysoprase; the eleventh, j a-         of the shining of the sun; for the
cinth; the twelfth, amethyst.                  Lord God will give them light: and
 21 And the twelve doors were                  they will be ruling for ever and ev-
twelve pearls; every door was made             er.
of one pearl; and the street of the             6 And he said to me, These words
town was clear gold, as clear as               are certain and true: and the Lord,
glass.                                         the God of the spirits of the prop h-
 22 And I saw no Temple there; b e-            ets, sent his angel to make clear to
cause the Lord God, the Ruler of               his servants the things which are
all, and the Lamb are its Temple.              now to come about.
 23 And the town has no need of the             7 See, I come quickly. A blessing
sun, or of the moon, to give it light:         on him who keeps the words of this
for the glory of God did make it               book of the prophet.
light, and the light of it is the Lamb.         8 And I, John, am he who saw these
 24 And the nations will go in its             things and to whose ears they came.
light: and the kings of the earth will         And when I had seen and given ear,
take their glory into it.                      I went down on my face to give
 25 And the doors of it will never be          worship at the feet of the angel who
shut by day (for there is no night             made these things clear to me.
there):                                         9 And he said to me, See you do it
 26 And the glory and honour of the            not; I am a brother-servant with you
nations will come into it:                     and with your brothers the prophets,
 27 And nothing unclean may come               and with those who keep the words
into it, or anyone whose works are             of this book: give worship to God.
cursed or false; but only those                 10 And he said to me, Let not the
whose names are in the Lamb’s book             words of this prophet’s book be kept

                                 R E V E L AT I O N

secret, because the time is near.              Even so come, Lord Jesus.
 11 Let the evil man go on in his               21 The grace of the Lord Jesus be
evil: and let the unclean be still u n-        with the saints. S o be it.
clean: and let the upright go on in
his righteousness: and let the holy
be holy still.
 12 See, I come quickly; and my r e-
ward is with me, to give to every
man the outcome of his works.
 13 I am the First and the Last, the
start and the end.
 14 A blessing on those whose robes
are washed, so that they may have a
right to the tree of life, and may go
in by the doors into the town.
 15 Outside are the dogs, and t hose
who make use of evil powers, those
who make themselves unclean, and
the takers of life, and those who
give worship to images, and ever y-
one whose delight is in what is
 16 I, Jesus, have sent my angel to
give witness to you of these things
in the churches. I am the root and
the offspring of David, the bright
and morning star.
 17 And the Spirit and the bride say,
Come. And let him who gives ear,
say, Come. And let him who is in
need come; and let everyone desi r-
ing it take of the water of life
 18 For I say to every man to whose
ears have come the words of this
prophet’s book, If any man makes
an addition to them, God will put on
him the punishments which are in
this book:
 19 And if any man takes away from
the words of this book, God will
take away from him his part in the
tree of life and the holy town, even
the things which are in this book.
 20 He who gives witness to these
things says, Truly, I come quickly.


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