Windows Mobile 7 (PowerPoint) by faraj1978


									About Windows Mobile 7
  Windows Mobile 7 will bring back Microsoft from the
  smartphone race. Its proud features include beautiful
  new user interface, grand use of visible information,
  great Zune and Xbox Live integration, etc. Microsoft
  brought to experience on a mobile phone the Xbox Live
  games and Zune music and video. The Zune HD
  interface of the Windows Mobile 7 has large graphics
  and text where you can pan, flip, zoom, and scroll from
  screen to screen.
 For the interface of Windows Mobile 7, it is different and
 known as Metro UI. It has large sets of smooth squares,
 “Live Tiles”, which pile up on the screen. These can
 show information and notifications at a glimpse. Not like
 the common interface where you have rectangular
 thumbnail-sized icons. The text size is beautifully big no
 other phone ever has before. The icons can be viewed in
 10 icons per page in Windows Mobile 7. It has
 manageable size. The home screen is located in the left
 The Windows Mobile 7 other features include arranged
 set of hubs like People, Game, Marketplace, Pictures,
 Music + Videos, and Office. In the People hub, real time
 updates from Facebook and Windows Live can also be
 seen. It does not function only as your contacts. The
 People hub experience that Windows Mobile 7 provide is
 yet the best social networking found on a phone. You can
 also update your Windows Live and Facebook status on
 your own profile page where you can search your
 present social situation. An update called “Mango” was
 expectedly launched last late 2011 which adds more
 integrations like Twitter, mobile Internet Explorer 9, and
 Xbox on a phone! That is one of the best features of Windows
  Mobile 7. Your Xbox Live profile can be tied up to your
  smartphone. This is loved by all games as the phone can be a
  portable Xbox. Most of games from Xbox 360 can now be on
  your phone and a lot more games will soon be tied up.
 You can also view and send emails in Windows Mobile 7
  phone. It comes with Outlook email application. It is yet the
  best mobile mail app yet because it beautiful with has large
  text and got Exchange support. Its browser on the other hand
  is the Internet Exploder. It has several touch powers on the
  box. It can also provide various browser windows. You can
  even pin web pages into the Start page.
 Microsoft is trying to regain its reputation in creating mobile
  operating system. The Windows Mobile 7 requires minimal
  hardware requirements. Other great features are modern
  sensors which include GPS, compass, and accelerometer. It
  also has a dedicated camera button where you can access your
  phone’s camera easily when trying to take pictures or videos
  even if the phone is locked. You can even upload pictures
  immediately to the SkyDrive of Windows Liveonline locker.
 For those who are in business, it also comes with Office app
  that you can use to view documents using your phone. You
  can create and view Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.
  Powerpoint is not included yet. You can easily take down
  notes also using the OneNote app.

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