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					   Continuing Education Registration

How to Register for Classes                                                    5. For Online Classes Only
                                                                                  • To get started with your online course please visit
                                                                                   Complete online orientation at

1. Apply for Admission
    New students and students who have not attended classes in 2 years
                                                                                  • Click the orientation link
    must apply for admission in one of three ways:
                                                                                  • Type the name of your class in the search box to your right and
    IN PERSON: At the Admissions and Records Office,
                                                                                    click “go.”
                 Room B 101, Grayslake Campus.
                                                                                  • Click on the class you registered for with the College of Lake
    BY FAX or MAIL: The Student Information Form is on page 44P.
           • Fax: (847) 543-3061
                                                                                  • Scroll down until you see the “enroll now” link and click on it
           • Mail to: College of Lake County
                                                                                  • Select the date you wish to begin the class
                      Attn: Admissions and Records
                                                                                  • You will either need to log-in as you have before or if this is
                      19351 W. Washington Street
                                                                                    your first time taking an online course you will have to set up a
                      Grayslake, IL 60030-1198
                                                                                    new account and follow the instructions to complete the
                                                                                  • If you have paid for the course click “already paid”
                                                                                  • If you have not yet paid for the course click “have not paid”
2. Learn your CLC Student ID and create your
                                                                                  • When completed the orientation click on the classroom button
   personal login
   When your application has been processed (usually within 2 working
   days), you will receive your 7-digit CLC Student ID number in the mail.          located at the top of the page.
   Go to to create your personal login.              • Log in to your class with the email and password you previously
   • If you have NEVER registered for a class at CLC, click                         entered.
     “Create Login for New Students.” Enter your CLC ID,                          • Click on enter classroom
     First and Last Name, and Birth Date (ex. mmddyy).                            • You will now be able to start your online class
   • Returning students should click the link for “Create Login for
     Active/Returning Students.” Your PIN was initially set to your
     6-digit date of birth (mmddyy).                                           When to Register
   Follow the steps to create your login. It is very important that you
                                                                               Monday through Thursday                8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
                                                                               Scheduled hours for on-site or Web registration are:
   remember your username and password, and that you choose security
   questions with answers that you can remember. If you forget your            Friday                                 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
   username and password, or would like to change your password or             Saturday (August 15 & 22)             10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
   security questions, visit
                                                                               Note: Occasionally the computer may not be accessible for
                                                                               Web registration is available 24-hours a day

   By Internet                                registration, but students are advised to keep trying.
3. Register for Continuing Education Classes
   Use the class schedule to select your classes. The most current
   schedule is available on the web. Before you can register, you must
   establish your user login. Follow the instructions on the web at
                                                                               • By Web from anywhere
                                                                               Where to Register Once you have logged in, you may
   continue on to register at anytime. If you need assistance with
   registration, come to the Admissions office in B101 at the Grayslake        • Grayslake Campus

   Campus, the Student Services office at the Lakeshore Campus, or the
                                                                                 19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake
   main office at the Southlake Campus.
                                                                               • Lakeshore Campus
4. Pay Tuition and Fees                                                          111 North Genesee Street, Waukegan
   To avoid being dropped from classes for non-payment, you must pay in
                                                                               • Southlake Campus
   full or enroll in the collegeʼs FACTS installment tuition payment plan by
   your due date. Check the amount of your bill online by logging into           1120 South Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills
   myStudentCenter and selecting the “View, Pay or Setup FACTS Plan”
   link. Financial aid is not available for Continuing Education classes.                                                                        43P
Continuing Education — Student Information Form
Web Application:

1. ] STUDENT STATUS                                                         10. ] MAILING ADDRESS:
           J Never attended CLC                                             If you have a different address for the purpose of receiving
           J Returning to CLC, enter 7-digit Student ID
                                                                            mail you may list it below. You must also list your home
           (if known) _____________________________________                 address in question 8.

2. ] COMPLETE LEGAL NAME:                                                   _____________________________________________________
                                                                            Number and Street
(Last)                   (First)                         (Middle)           _____________________________________________________
                                                                            City or Town

Former or Maiden Name:________________________________

3. ] SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (REQUIRED):                                     State & Zip Code                                  County (if Illinois)

_________________ – _________ – _______________                             11. ] TELEPHONE:
4. ] GENDER:        J Male     J Female                                     Home: ( _________ ) __________ – __________________
                                                                                        Area Code         Telephone Number
5. ] DATE OF BIRTH: ________ /________ /________
     (REQUIRED)       Month      Day       Year                                     ( _________ ) __________ – __________________
                                                                                        Area Code          Telephone Number

Are you a U.S. Citizen J YES        J NO
                                                                            12. ] E-MAIL ADDRESS:

           If no, what is your status in the U.S.?                          ______________________________________________________
           J Immigrant (Permanent Resident)
           J Student Visa (F-1)
                                                                            13. ] WILL ATTEND CLC BEGINNING:

                                                                                         (Year) __________________
           J Other (please indicate type if known):
           _____________________________________                                         J Fall (August-December)
If on a Visa, what is you home country of origin?                                        J Spring (January-May)
                                                                                         J Summer (June-July)

Are you a Hispanic or Latino J YES          J NO
                                                                            14. ] CERTIFICATION:

Are you from one or more of    the following racial groups?                 I understand that withholding information requested on this
                                                                            application or giving false information may make me ineligible for
J Asian or Pacific lslander     J Black Non-Hispanic
                                                                            admission to the College or subject to dismissal. With this in mind,
J American Indian or            J White Non-Hispanic
                                                                            I certify that the above statements are correct and complete. (Your
  Alaskan Native                J Choose not to Respond
                                                                            signature and date are required before CLC can process this
                                                                            application.) The College of Lake County affirms and adheres to a
Which of the above-noted racial groups is your primary group?
                                                                            policy of equal opportunity in all aspects of education and
______________________________________________________                      employment.
Must be listed to document legal residence for tuition assessment
and state reporting purposes:                                               ______________________________________________________
Number and Street                                                           ______________________________________________________
City or Town                                                                MAIL TO: 19351 West Washington Street
______________________________________________________                                   Grayslake, Illinois 60030-1198
State & Zip Code                                     County (if Illinois)   FAX:         (847) 543-3061
J I have / J I have not
                                                                            If you need assistance completing this form, please call the

been a resident of Lake County for 30 days prior to the first day of
                                                                            Office of Admissions and Records at (847) 543-2061.

the semester in which I intend to enroll.
                                                                                          Payment Information

Payment Options
The following payment options are available for tuition and fees:
                                                                                   • Pay In-Person. The Grayslake Campus Cashierʼs office,
• Pay your Account in full online at
                                                                                     room A101, accepts cash, check, money order and credit Click the “Log in to
                                                                                     card payments. A night depository at the Cashierʼs Office is
 myStudentCenter” link. After you have logged in, select View,
                                                                                     provided for your convenience. Cashier Hours: Monday-
 Pay or Set up FACTS Plan. CLC accepts VISA, MasterCard,
                                                                                     Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Fridays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
 American Express and all Novus cards including Discover.
                                                                                     Lakeshore Campus - Checks are accepted at the Student
                                                                                     Services Center. Southlake Campus – Checks are accepted
• Set up a FACTS Installment Payment Plan Online Each
                                                                                     in the administration office.
  Semester. The plan allows you to make payments on tuition,
 fees and other student charges including childcare throughout
                                                                                   • Pay by Phone with Credit Card: Call (847) 543-2085 and
 the semester. Some course fees, such as those for extended
                                                                                     select the option to speak to a cashier
 travel, are not eligible for this plan.
     Set up your plan online each semester using a credit card,
                                                                                   • Pay by Mail: Checks, money orders and credit card
 debit card or bank account for automated bank payments
                                                                                     payments may be mailed to College of Lake County,
 (ACH). A non-refundable enrollment fee is charged each term
                                                                                     Cashierʼs Office, 19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake,
 ($25 for Spring, $15 for Summer, $25 for Fall). Detailed
                                                                                     Illinois 60030-1198. Make check or money order payable to
 information and plans available can be found at
                                                                                     College of Lake County and include studentʼs name and ID
     To set up a FACTS plan, log into myStudentCenter and
 click on View, Pay or Set up FACTS Plan. See the FACTS
 Installment Payment Plan Schedules below for details.
     Please note: A FACTS deferred payment plan option
 (see “financial aid” bullet below) is available to students who
 have demonstrated financial aid eligibility for the semester.

                        Payment Deadlines
                        You may be dropped for all classes if you have not paid in full, set up a payment plan or
                        demonstrated eligibility for financial aid by your published due date as shown below.

                        If you register during                                             The drop date
                                                          The due date is:
                        these periods:                                                     (and time) is:

                         FALL 2009                        FALL 2009                       FALL 2009
                        April 13 Through August 3, 2009   Monday, August 3, 2009          Tuesday, August 11, 2009 (10 pm)

                        August 4 through September 1, 2009 Tuesday, September 1, 2009     Wednesday, September 9, 2009 (10 pm)

                        September 2, 2009 and later       Three weeks from enrollment     No drop scheduled

                                  Your account must be paid in full before you can register for the next term.
                                            Previously extended pay plans will be the exception

                                                      Questions about how to pay?
                                                 Call (847) 543-2085 or (847) 543-2231.

Payment Information

                FACTS Installment                                                        Withdrawals and Refunds
                                                                                         Tuition and fee refunds will be issued to eligible students based
                                                                                         upon the effective date of official withdrawal, which is
              Payment Plan Schedule
                                                                                         by the date a request for withdrawal is recorded by the Office
                                    Fall 2009
                                                                                         of Admissions and Records.
  Last Day to Enroll   Down Payment Required   Number of Payments   Months of Payment

    July 2                    none                     5               July-November
                       Payments on the 5th of the month

  August 3                    none                     4             August-November
  August 25                   20%                      3            September-November
                                                                                         Unofficial Withdrawals:
 September 8                  30%                      2             October-November    Students who stop attending class without notifying CLC will be
                                                                                         withdrawn by the institution using a date of last attendance
   July 16                    none                     5               July-November
                       Payments on the 20th of the month

                                                                                         determined by the instructor. Students who are unofficially
  August 18                   none                     4             August-November
  August 29                                            3            September-November   withdrawn are not eligible for any tuition/fees refund. This
 September 8                  30%                      2             October-November    includes students who register and never attend class.
            Note: All down payments are processed immediately!

Other Important Payment                                                                                      Refund Schedule
Information                                                                                           Withdrawal on or before start
                                                                                                      of class = 100 percent refund
Current Tuition & Fee Charges
To view your current balance, log into myStudentCenter and click
on View, Pay or Set up FACTS Plan or call (847) 543-2085 and
                                                                                                     Withdrawal BEFORE 15 percent

select the option to speak to a cashier during regular office hours.
                                                                                                of class days pass = 100 percent refund

                                                                                                     Withdrawal AFTER 15 percent
Drop for Non-Payment of Tuition & Fees                                                               of class days pass = no refund
Any students who have not met their payment responsibility by
paying in full, enrolling in the FACTS installment payment plan or
                                                                                                            ONE-DAY CLASSES:
secured Financial Aid by their due dates may be dropped from
ALL classes for non-payment. Note: Third party documents/                                                 Withdrawal the day
arrangements are recognized as payment towards your tuition.                                       before class = 100 percent refund

Billing Statements                                                                                        Withdrawal on or after

A billing statement will be sent at a later date on unpaid accounts.
                                                                                                         day of class = no refund

However, it is the studentsʼ responsibility to meet their payment
deadlines to avoid being dropped from classes.

Financial Obligation
Students must officially withdraw by the refund dates listed in the
student's class schedule to cancel their financial obligation. To
locate your refund deadline(s), sign onto myStudentCenter and
click on the academic calendar deadlines icon 31i next to the
class within your term schedule under Academics.
     All unpaid tuition and fees will be subject to the collection
procedures of the college, including placing holds on future
registration, withholding transcripts and check-cashing privileges
and possibly referring the matter to a collection agency.

                                                                                  Payment Information
Tuition Costs                                                        Are You 60 Years Old or Older?
The total cost for each class is provided in the individual course   All in-district residents who are 60 years of age or older at time of
listings in this schedule. For non-credit courses, the total cost    registration may enroll in credit courses offered by the college at
includes the course fee and any additional fees for equipment or     one-half the regular tuition rate, with all other fees remaining
supplies. For credit courses, the total cost is based on CLCʼs per   unchanged. Residents who are 65 or older at the time of
credit hour tuition and fee rate plus any additional fees for        registration and who qualify financially according to Illinois Statute,
equipment and supplies. The bill you receive will be itemized to     may enroll in credit courses offered by the college without paying
show these components.                                               tuition or activity fees.

Official Withdrawals:                                                Business Educational Service Agreement
You may officially withdraw from a class on the web at               Students who live outside of the College of Lake County's district or by coming in person to the Office of          and are currently employed 35 or more hours a week in the
Admissions and Records on the Grayslake Campus, the                  College of Lake County's district can enroll at CLC under the
Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan or the Southlake Campus in              Business Educational Service Agreement and pay the current in-
Vernon Hills. On the Grayslake and Lakeshore campuses, the           district tuition rate including prevailing comprehensive fee
business hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday         regardless of their place of residence. For more information,
and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. Call the Southlake Campus at         contact the Admissions Office
(847) 478-1833 for business hours.                                   at (847) 543-2061.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your withdrawal is
completed on time. For one-day classes, you must                     Special Program for Public Aid Recipients
                                                                     The Public Assistance Program offers Adult Education vocational
withdraw the prior day to avoid penalty.
                                                                     skills and GED classes at no cost to public aid recipients. For
The deadlines for each course will be listed on the individual       additional information, contact the Public Assistance Program,
schedule of classes sent to students after they register.            Building 4, (847) 543-2021.
Students may also determine the withdrawal deadlines for
each course by consulting the schedule of classes appearing
on the CLC web site at These dates will
be posted by the start of the semester or session.

A full refund of tuition and fees is granted if the
college cancels a class.

When academically advisable, the administration may approve
full or partial refunds of tuition or fees when students exchange
one course for another.

When a student is unable to attend class due to uncontrollable
and unforeseen circumstances such as extended hospitalization,
a prorated tuition and fee refund may be made based upon a
documented Request for Adjustment. This adjustment form may
be obtained from the cashierʼs window.

For questions regarding refunds call (847) 543-2222.

General Information
Admission and Records; Counseling,                           Parking
Advisement and Transfer Center; and                          On the Grayslake campus, student parking spaces are
Financial Aid Office                                         available in lots 2-6. Disabled students with proper
                                                             identification on their vehicles may park in any of the 48,
Admission and Records; Counseling, Advisement and            16 foot-wide “disabled only” parking spaces located in lots
Transfer Center; and Financial Aid Office are normally       1 and 7. Otherwise, lots 1, 7 & 8 are restricted to Staff
open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and     Only (permits required). Parking spaces are available for
from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. Offices close at        Lakeshore Campus students in the municipal garage
4:30 p.m. when classes are not in session unless             behind the building. At Adlai Stevenson High School,
registration is underway.                                    students should park in lot D. There are no parking
                                                             restrictions at the Southlake Campus except for “disabled
Bookstores                                                   only” spaces.
Bookstores operate on each CLC campus—Grayslake,
Lakeshore (Waukegan) and Southlake (Vernon Hills).           Public Transportation
Regular hours of operation and services are available at     Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) buses numbered                               570 and 572 service CLC Monday through Saturday. Each
                                                             bus originates from a different area in Lake County. Bus
Campus Police                                                schedules are available at the information desk in the main
                                                             lobby on the Grayslake campus. The Lakeshore Campus is
Campus Police is a law enforcement department that is
                                                             served by a large number of RTA buses from many
open 24 hours every day. The office is located in A151,
                                                             surrounding communities. For information, call RTA at
where information is available on services, procedures and
the Campus Crime Act. (Crime statistics are published on     1-800-972-7000.
CLCʼs web site at as required by the
Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Policy        Smoking/Clean Air Act
and Campus Crime Statistics Act.) The Campus Police          Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in
office can be reached at (847) 543-2081 (non-emergency),     all college buildings and vehicles. On the Grayslake and
(847) 223-0134 (TTY) or ext. 5555                            Lakeshore campuses, smoking is only allowed 15 feet
(on-campus emergency).                                       away from designated outside areas. At the Southlake
                                                             Campus, smoking is allowed in the parking lot but not on
Health Center                                                sidewalks or at outside entrances. See CLCʼs web site for
A Health Center is located in Room A149 on the Grayslake     details.
Campus. Services include immunizations and health
education programs.                                          Student Discrimination & Complaint
Job Placement                                                The college has developed policies prohibiting harassment
Job Placement services are available to students, alumni     and discrimination in any of its education programs,
and community residents in the Office of Career and          activities or employment practices. These policies, and
Placement Services (in the Job Center of Lake County in      procedures for filing complaints are outlined in the college
Building E on the Grayslake Campus). Call (847) 543-2059     catalog. To receive a copy of the catalog, contact the
for information.                                             admission and records office at (847) 543-2061, room
                                                             B101 on the Grayslake Campus.

Use is open to all Lake County residents as well as          Office for Students with Disabilities
students. The John C. Murphy Memorial Library is on the      The Office for Students with Disabilities (L112 on the
Grayslake Campus and library materials can be ordered        Grayslake Campus) offers support services and academic
through the Lakeshore Campus Learning Assistance             accommodations to students with documented disabilities.
Center and at the Southlake Campus library.                  To schedule an appointment, call (847) 543-2055 or
                                                             TTY (847) 223-0134.

More information on these and other services is available at

                                                                                                                              Campus Maps

Grayslake Campus Map / 19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake

                                                                                                   A, B, & C - Administrative/Faculty Offices & Classrooms

                                                                                                            D - Administrative/Faculty Offices, Classrooms
                                                                                                                & Child Care Center
                                                                                                           E - Job Center of Lake County JOBC
                                                                                                           H - Ornamental Horticulture
                                                                                                         JLC - James Lumber Center for the Performing Arts
                                                                                                                Theatres, Classrooms, Offices and Box Office
                                                                                                            L - Library/Learning Resource Center
                                                                                                            T - Technology Wing
                                                                                                            4 - Adult Education
                                                                                                            7 - Physical Education Center
                                                                                                         HST - Lake County High Schools
                                                                                                                Technology Campus

                                                                                                           Student & Visitor - Lots 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
                                                                                                   PARKING LOTS

                                                                                                           Staff - Lots 1, 7, 7a, 3b & 8
                                                                                                           Job Center of Lake County - Lot 3b
                                                                                                           Visitor - Circle Drive & Lot 7

               Lakeshore Campus                                                                                  Southlake Campus
 1 North, 33 North & 111 North Genesee Street, Waukegan                                               1120 South Milwaukee Avenue, Vernon Hills

                                                                                                  I Building V:
BUILDINGS                                                                                         BUILDINGS
                                                                                                                                                  TO ROUTE 60

I 111 North Genesee
  (North Building):                                                                                 Campus & Student
  Classrooms                                                                                           Support Center
                                                      GRAND AVENUE

  Community                                                                                         Bookstore
    Development                                                                                     Classrooms                                                  ROUTE 21 - MILWAUKEE AVENUE

  Computer Labs                                                                                     Conference Area

  Dental Hygiene                                                                                    Glass Enclosed

                                                                                                       Student Lounge
                                                                                                                             PARKING              V


                                                                                                    Open Computer Lab
                                                                                                                                  EN TER TER

                                                     CLAYTON STREET

                                                                                                    Science Laboratory
    Center (LAC)
                                                                                                    Discovery! Center

  Student Services
                                                  111 North

                                                                                                       for Personal
                                                (North Building)

                                                                                                                                           PORT CLINTON                                   JAMESTOWN

I 33 North Genesee

  (South Building):                                                                                 Library / Learning
                                                                                  SHERIDAN ROAD

  Administration                                                                                      Assistance Center

  Bookstore                                                                                         Green Roofing
  Campus Safety
                                                    33 North
                               GENESEE STREET


  Childcare                                                                                       I Building R:
                                                 (South Building)

  Classrooms                                                                                        Classrooms
                                                                                                                                       ROUTE 45

                                                                                                                                                                                OLDE HALF DAY

I 1 North Genesee:                                                                                  Distance Learning
                                                                     City Lot
                                                1 North                 &

  Adult Education                                                                                     Room
                                                Genesee             CLC Parking


                                                                                                    Massage and
                                                   WASHINGTON STREET

                                                                                                      Wellness Clinic
City Lot Parking

& CLC Parking                                                                                                                                                                                    49P
Other CLC Campuses and Locations

CLC has three major educational
service centers: the Grayslake
                                           Southlake Campus                              Great Lakes Center
Campus, the Lakeshore Campus in            The College of Lake County – Southlake        CLC has an office at the Great
Waukegan and the Southlake                 Campus is located at 1120 S. Milwaukee        Lakes Naval Base to serve active
Campus in Vernon Hills. CLC also           Ave., Vernon Hills, IL, offers close-to       duty military personnel, their family
offers classes at the Great Lakes          home convenience for south Lake               members, DOD employees, and
Center.                                    County residents.                             civilian students.
                                                                                               The Great Lakes Center is
                                           In 2007 the college opened a new              located in the Navy Lifelong Learning
                                           47,000+square foot classroom building         Center, Building 617, second floor,
                                           at Southlake. The new building features       Room 209.
Lakeshore Campus
Lakeshore Campus, Waukegan,                a science laboratory, four computer labs,
serves the northeast portion of the        a library, a learning center, full time and     Office Hours:
CLC district at a location convenient      adjunct faculty offices, and a conference        Monday–Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm
to the shoreline communities. The          room suitable for community and
campus provides a full range of            business meetings.                              Book Sales:
academic and support services.                                                               Monday - Thursday:
                                           The Southlake Bookstore is located on             August 24-27, 2009;
                                           the first floor of the V building, V134.          August 31-September 1, 2009;
                                           Beginning July 1, 2009, the Hours of              October 21-22, 2009;
                    The Lakeshore          operation are 8:30 am - 8:30 pm,                  October 26-28, 2009
                   Campus features         Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm                   (if needed);
  a full-service bookstore, a child-care   on Friday. The Bookstore is opened on
  center for students and staff, state-    Saturdays the week before and after the       Hours: 4:00 pm-8:00 pm
  of-the-art laboratory facilities and     beginning of the semester. Hours may             Non-military personnel are
  free parking spaces in the nearby        vary during college breaks. For more             required to obtain a Base Pass
  municipal parking lot.                   information, call 847-543-6530.                  prior to the start of class to gain
                                                                                            entrance to the Naval Base.
                                                                                            Please call (847) 543-2972 for

                                                                            OFF CAMPUS CENTERS

                                                                                  111 North Genesee Street
                                                                              1   Lakeshore Campus
                                                                                  Waukegan, IL 60085
                                                                                  (847) 543-2191
                                                                                  TTY (847) 223-0134

                                                                                  1120 South Milwaukee Avenue
                                                                              2   Southlake Campus
                                                                                  Vernon Hills, IL 60061
                                                                                  Voice (847) 543-6501
                                                                                  TTY (847) 223-0134

                                                                                  Building 617, Second Floor, Room 209
                                                                              3   Great Lakes Center
                                           2                                      Great Lakes, IL 60088
                                                                                  (847) 543-2972