RESEARCH 2009 PRESENTATION SCHEDULE
                                     Thursday, August 06, 2009
                                    Oral sessions, SL3050/60/70
                                     Poster session, SL2020/30

                  Oral sessions: 12 minute presentations, 3 minutes Q&A + set-up

ORAL SESSION I (SL3050/60/70            10:00am − 11:45am)
  TIME          NAME                    TITLE (Faculty mentor)                                             .
10:00 - 10:15    Gabriella Pardee   A complex trophic interaction in a coffee agroecosystem: Effects of a
                                    parasitic phorid fly on ants and the coffee berry borer (Stacy Philpott)
10:15 - 10:30    Ethan Landry       The Effects of Knee Bracing on Dynamic Stability During Landing
                                    (Phillip Gribble)
10:30 - 10:45    David Hartwig      Etheridge Knight Manuscript Collection (Thomas Barden)
10:45 - 11:00    Alicia Spalding    Effects of Exercise on Endothelial Function Following a High Fat
                                    Meal (Barry Scheuermann)
11:00 - 11:15    Andrea Smith       A Systematic Review to Identify Specific Pharmacists’ Interventions
                                    and Outcomes Associated with Drug Therapy (Sharrel Pinto)
11:15 - 11:30    Heather Wimer      Evaluation of Muscarinic Agonists for Antipsychotic Activity in Rats
                                    (William Messer)
11:30 - 11:45    Steven Lombardo    Investigating the Use of Rhamnose as a Tumor-Antigen Coupling
                                    Immunogen (Katherine Wall)

12:00 - 12:15 Welcome from Provost Rosemary Haggett

Poster session, SL2020/30, 12:15pm - 1:00pm (Pizza and other refreshments provided. See
below for listings)

ORAL SESSION II (SL3050/60/70           1:15pm − 3:00pm)
  TIME           NAME                   TITLE (Faculty mentor)                                             .
1:15 - 1:30      Stephen Markowiak Study of Mouse Insulin Receptor Over-Expressing Transgenic Mice
                                  (Marcia McInerney)
1:30 - 1:45      Lisa Samaroo     Estimated Cost-Savings Analysis of Pharmacists’ Interventions for
                                  Diabetic Patients Enrolled in a Medication Therapy Management
                                  Program (Sharrel Pinto)
1:45 - 2:00      Jeff Kodysh      Toledo: Infrastructure and Innovation (Paul Ringlein)
2:00 - 2:15      Justin Yeary     The Importance of Miguel de Unamuno's Niebla to Existential
                                  Thought (Susan Purviance)
2:15 - 2:30      Zachary Wick     Matrix Representations of Lie Algebras (Gerald Thompson)
2:30 - 2:45      Colleen Nagel    Yellow Perch and the ~ (Thomas Bridgeman)
2:45 - 3:00      Brian Muntean    Investigation of a Key Chemical Transformation in the Synthesis of
                                  the Potential Anticancer Agent Ponicidin (Virange Tillekeratne)
POSTER SESSION (SL2120/30           12:15pm − 1:00pm)
Poster        NAME                        TITLE (Faculty mentor)                               .
P-001         Josh Mooney           Steinbeck & the Arthurian Legend (Thomas Barden)
P-002         Kristen Stroud        Drawing As Thinking: My Solution to the Problem (Brent Dedas)
P-003         Kristin Sanchez       Endowment Effect and Handedness (John Jasper)
P-004         Julie Sizemore        Effect of DEK knockdown on p53-mediated apoptosis in colon
                                    tumor cells (Brian Ashburner)
P-005         Alexa Elliott         Effect of HDAC-3 knockdown on NF-κB activity in Hela Cells
                                    (Brian Ashburner)
P-006         Hillary LeMelle       The effect of SSAT2 on NF-κB activity in Hela cells (Brian
P-007         Andrew Wash           Microemulsions & Their Effect on Microbial Growth (Jerry
P-008         Stephen Kosik         Investigation of a New Class of Modified LAH Compounds on
                                    Selective Reduction (Viranga Tillekeratne)
P-009         Yasmeen Omar          Open Chain Epothilone (Viranga Tillekeratne)
P-010         Krzysztof Ozga        Controlling the Diasteroselectivity of Glycosylation Reactions
                                    (Steven Sucheck)
P-011         Max Kupresanin        Mayor’s Office (Carleton Finkbeiner)
P-012         Rachel Klein          Rates of Perceived Effort at Submaximal Exercise Levels (Danny
P-013         Lea Murphy            Acetyltransferase Domain of the Circadian Oscillation Protein
                                    Clock (John Bellizzi)
P-014         Matthew Miller        Enantioselective Alcohol Oxidation with Camphor-derived
                                    Aminoxyl Radical Organocatalyst (Kana Yamamoto)
P-015         Sarah Easley          Facilitative Language Technique Differences Between Hearing
                                    Impaired Children and Typically Developing Children: A
                                    Comparative Study (Lori Pakulski)
P-016         Lauren Broadbent      Board of Community Relations Internship (Juanita Greene)
P-017         David Holtzapple      Preparation of Modified Aluminum Hydrides for Reducing
                                    Aldehydes and Ketones (Mark Mason)
P-018         Shuo Xu               Fabrication of Chloramine Microsensor for In-Situ Monitoring of
                                    chloramines in Water Distribution System (Youngwo Seo)
P-019         Iyabode Tiamiyu       Borealin Phosphorylation (William Taylor)
P-020         Robert Fischbach      The Downregulation of Anti-Apoptotic Proteins from the
                                    Synergism Between Pro-Apoptotic Stimuli and the Activation of
                                    the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (William Taylor)
P-021         Adam Zettel           Regulation of Mixed Lineage Kinase 3 by Merlin (Debra Chadee)
P-022         Tony Smith            C-elegans (John Plenefisch)
P-023         Alaina Schnapp        The Effects of Thimerosal on Zebrafish (Frederick Williams)
P-024         Shah Dhaval           Preparation of Phosphine Ligands for Use in Palladium-
                                    Catalyzed C–C Bond Formation (Mark Mason)

P-025         Evan Bruneau          Enantioselective Aminoxyl Radical Catalyzed Oxidations with
                                    Binaphtyl (Kana Yamamoto)
P-026         OPEN
P-027         OPEN
P-028         OPEN
P-029         Emily Fray            Germ Warfare in Contemporary Art (Diana Attie)
P-030         OPEN

Presentations at other venues and/or at other times:
   Hannah West presented her research to the civil engineering department on Wed., July 29.
   Marina Kounkel presented her research to the physics and astronomy department on Wednesday,
            August 05, as required by the NSF-REU program. (jointly-funded).
   Amanda Kitson will present her research at a latter date.
   Erin Swedish will present her research at a latter date.

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