Obsvn-Customisation-U42-11-12 by abuzar251


									Division: ICT

Observation Record
 Course: BTEC Level-3 Extended Diploma in IT

                                                                         Year: 2011/12
 Unit 42: Spreadsheet Modelling

 Candidate’s Name: Muhammad Yasir Uddin                                  ID: S45224225

 Activity Title: Customisation (P5)
    a) In order to make the spreadsheet model user friendly it need to be customised. You
       need to add customisation features such as restricting data entry, for example hiding
       information, protecting worksheets and cells, modifying toolbars and menus, checking
       data, for example data validation, range checking, not NULL and display error
       messages. This task needs to be demonstrated to the tutor.

    -   The student must provide a list of customisation techniques (i.e. must be typed in the box
        below) that have been introduced to the spreadsheet.
    -   The customisations techniques must then be demonstrated to the tutor.
    -   This form to be signed by the tutor if the techniques are found satisfactory.

 Customisation techniques

I can confirm the candidate’s performance was satisfactory.

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