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					Recently in CTS interview one of my friend was asked some questions.....

(1) If Digital Communication has so many advantages over Analog communication then why do
we use Analog Communication. My friend answered simplicity to implement but they were
looking for some more specific answers.
(2) Physical realization of Phase Modulation.
(3) Can a DC source be used as a supply to PC.
(4) Utility of Null Pointer
(5) Advantage of "Transistor Over FET"
(6) Bridge- Gateway difference (Plzz give more than 2 diff., excluding the common one)
(7) What type of I/O device is needed for C.
(8) Use four 4's to get 4 by using +-*/ and nothing else.
(9) One HR....being an Electronics engg. how u can apply urself in a software firm. I need some
related answer to this specific HR question as I am unable find a "good answer"..Plzz help.

Technical Interview:

They are asking questions mostly from our own fields but C is a must for the interview……

They don't ask your area of interest & they don't know what u know .

They will ask what they know.

Most of the interview panels are asking questions about Communication & Computer network
.Don't forget to revise digital & optical communication….

They ask me lot of the questions from those two

   i.    Why optical fibre is preferred with respect to Coaxial cable ?
  ii.    How signal are transmitted in optical communication ?
  iii.   What are the specific areas of application for LED and LASER and the differences
         between the two devices ?
 iv.     What is effect of quantisation on bandwidth of signal ?
  v.     Questions based on basic network topologies , 7 layer protocal

Structure of TCP/IP, basic protocal of physical layer , data link layer,physical layer, routing
procedures etc & all that what we have read for the semester ….

Even they are asking questions from Telecommunication & Microwave.

From basic electronics they are asking very easy question from diodes, transistors FET , IC
theory etc what u can easily answer.
They are taking interviews minimum 25 minutes to 40 minutes….

*They asked me some HR question in the time of technical & *** most surprisingly so many
technical questions in the time of HR…

HR Interview:

I am not getting the job due the HR interview… My interviewer was a tough person to crack &
chewed my head……

They will give u a form to fill up which contains the columns like ur strength,

weakness, why u prefer CTS , what u know about CTS, ur plans with CTS, the skills needed to be
a software professional & why u prefer to be a software professional….

Please fill up those carefully because in HR interview they will cross those points.

Some questions that they asked me and others in HR

   i.    If u want to be a software professional, then why u chose Electronics as ur subject ?
  ii.    Give me a quick run on your CV ?
  iii.   What is ur hobby ? (Don't lie in this case because they will ask a lot more from ur hobby.)
 iv.     What is ur next five years plan ?
  v.     Judge urself both as an engineer & as a human being ?
 vi.     What u know about CTS ?
vii.     If u get 7 days holiday how do u want to spend it ?
viii.    What is ur family background ?

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