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									Savannah Presbytery’s
J. Richard Bass

School Laity                   of the

     Class of 2013 Enrollment Brochure

       Come Be a Part of the Next Graduating Class
     of This Innovative Savannah Presbytery Ministry
             Known as the School of the Laity!
         Registration Deadline is Friday, May 13th!
      Brought to you by the Education & Training Ministry Team
                       of Savannah Presbytery
What is the J. Richard Bass School of the Laity?
The School of the Laity is a groundbreaking lay education ministry of the Savannah
Presbytery, sponsored and conducted by the Education and Training Ministry Team. The
intent of this program is to prepare lay people for their Christian witness to the world. The
Church exists for the sake of the world to do the will of God as revealed in Jesus Christ (John

Focused on Scripture, reformed theology, and ministry, the School of the Laity is a two year
program of weekend classes and additional homework and preparation time. Students
participate in a total of three summer sessions, two fall sessions, and two spring sessions.
As evidence of their serious intent, students pay tuition fees and provide for their own
transportation costs. Most classes are held at the beautiful Epworth by the Sea Conference
Center on St. Simons Island, GA.

Graduates can apply to enter the Lay Pastor Program, a continuing education program that
prepares individuals for lay ministry, and possible commissioning to serve a church as a Lay

History of the J. Richard Bass School of the Laity
The School of the Laity began in the 1980s as a vision of the late Rev. Dr. J. Richard “Dick”
Bass, who was then Executive Presbyter of Savannah Presbytery. Dr. Bass saw the desire of
laypersons to engage in serious study of scripture, theology, and ministry. Out of a response
to that desire, this important ministry was born.

In the fall of 1988, ten lay people of Savannah Presbytery became the first graduating class
of this innovative Presbytery ministry. To date over 250 laypeople have participated in the
School of the Laity, representing two thirds of the churches of the Presbytery. Its graduates
are providing outstanding leadership in their congregations, the Presbytery, and the
Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.

Course Information
Summer Courses are usually held in June and consist of 18 hours of class time with
additionalhours of personal study. Presbyterian Seminary and college professors teach these
courses. The summer course are Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to Reformed
Theology, and Introduction to Practical Ministry.

Fall and Spring Courses are usally held in October and March and consist of 12 hours of
class time with additional hours of personal study. Savannah Presbytery ministers and other
qualifi ed leaders teach these studies on such subjects as Old Testament; New Testament;
History, Mission and Polity; and Christian Ethics.
Textbooks & Homework
Books or Textbooks requested by the instructors may be purchased or borrowed from a
church library or from a previous School of the Laity class participant. The cost of the
textbooks usually does not exceed $25 per session and information is posted on the website
prior to each class meeting.
Homework Papers are required after class work for some sessions as a way to solidify
topics discussed in a particular session. The papers are not for a pass or fail grade, but
completion of all homework assignments is a requirement for graduation.

Costs, Lodging, & Registration
Session Costs include lodging and meals, and are currently $120 for each summer session,
and $95 for each spring and fall session. In 2010 Savannah Presbytery subsidized more than
$10,000 in administration and leadership costs. Scholarship opportunities are available and
costs are subject to change as the Presbytery is in transition.
Lodging is double occupancy, meaning you will be expected to share a room. Private
Rooms are available at an additional cost.
Program Registration starts by sending in the Participant Agreement card, which is
included in this brochure. Once the card is received, a packet will be mailed to each student
which will include the Room Registration Form, June Pre-Work Assignment, and the
General Schedule. After the first session, students must access registration information,
forms, and schedules on the Savannah Presbytery website, which will be available at least 4
weeks before each session.

Course Location: Epworth by the Sea
The J. Richard Bass School of the Laity is held at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons Island,
GA. Epworth also serves as the home for another popular Savannah Presbytery program, the
Leadership Development Conference, which takes place there each February.

Epworth is a hospitality ministry of the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist
Church, providing a Christian place for worship, study and fellowship. It offers a wide variety
of accommodations and facilities to meet the needs of guests attending retreats and
conferences as well as individuals on vacation.

Epworth is named in honor of the boyhood home of John and Charles Wesley, founders of
Methodism. Epworth is a place where you find warm relationships and beautiful
surroundings for worship, study and fellowship.
A visit to Epworth may help you revive some fond memories and create a few new ones
along the way!
Directions to Epworth: From US-17 in Brunswick, take the F.J. Torras Causeway to St.
Simons Island. Once you reach St. Simons Island, follow the roundabout left onto Sea Island
Road. Go straight through the light at Demere Road. Take the first left at Hamilton
Road, then right on Arthur J. Moore Drive. Once you go through the Entrance Gate, the Pitts
Building will be on your left, which houses the Front Desk. Please check-in there.
Epworth by the Sea is located at 100 Arthur J. Moore Drive, St. Simons Island, GA 31522. If
you need help with directions, you can call them directly at (912) 638-8688

Class of 2013 Course Calendar (Revised)
June 3-5, 2011: Introduction to the Bible: Introduces students to the types of literature
in the Scripture, study tools, and an eight step “strategy for interpreting a passage.” Led by
Dr. Robert Bryant, Bible Professor at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.
October 8-9, 2011: Old Testament: An in depth study of one of the books in the Old
Testament, using tools learned in the Introduction to the Bible course. Led by Savannah
Presbytery pastors.
March 10-11, 2012: New Testament: An in depth study of one of the books in the New
Testament, using tools learned in the Introduction to the Bible course. Led by Savannah
Presbytery pastors.

June 1-3, 2012: Introduction to Reformed Theology:
A study of the basics of the faith such as sovereignty of God, the Trinity, incarnation,
salvation, justification, grace, sanctification, and predestination. Current leader: Dr. Kirk
Nolan, Assistant Professor of Theology at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.
October 6-7, 2012: History, Mission, and Polity: A look at who we are as Reformed
Presbyterian Christians, how we reach out to the world around us and how we “put our
theology into action” through our church government. Led by the Rev. Eric Beene, Pastor at
White Bluff PC in Savannah.
March 2013: Christian Ethics: An exploration into the ways we make ethical decisions
and an opportunity to discover new tools for future decision making. Led by the Rev. Ricky
Porter, Pastor at Washington Street PC in Dublin.

June 2013: Introduction to Practical Ministry: A look at methods, models, and tools to
enable leaders to better mobilize the faith commitments of church members. Led by Dr.
David Sawyer, Director of Lifelong Learning, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
October 2013: Graduation: Held at the Fall Stated Meeting of Savannah Presbytery.
Students who have completed all courses and course work will receive a certificate of
completion at the graduation ceremony.
Tentative Course Schedule

Saturday    Before 10 am   CHECK IN
            10:00 am       Class time (2.0 hours)
            12:00 pm       LUNCH
            1:00 pm        Class time (4.5 hours)
            5:30 pm        DINNER
            6:30 pm        Class Time (1.5 hours)
            8:00 pm        EVENING PRAYER
            SUNDAY         7:00 am BREAKFAST & CHECK OUT
            8:00 am        Class time (4.0 hours)
            12:00 pm       DISMISSED


Friday      Before 1:30 pm CHECK IN
            1:30 pm       Class Time (4.0 hours)
            5:30 pm       DINNER
            6:30 pm       Class Time (2.0 hours)
            8:30 pm       RECEPTION GATHERING
Saturday    7:30 am       BREAKFAST
            8:30 am       Class Time (3.5 hours)
            12:00 pm      LUNCH
            1:00 pm       Class Time (4.5 hours)
            5:30 pm       DINNER
            7:00 pm       WORSHIP
Sunday      7:30 am       BREAKFAST & CHECK OUT
            8:30 am       Class Time (4.0 hours)
            12:30 pm      DISMISSED

Important! Please Note!
*Course leaders & schedules are subject to change when necessary and at the
discretion of the Education and Training Team of Savannah Presbytery.

*Breaks will be decided by the instructors of the classes.
Continuing Education Opportunities
Learning doesn’t have to stop at graduation! School of the Laity graduates can take
advantage of the Continuing Education courses that are offered at each session every year.
Classes include Preaching, Pastoral Care, Christian Education, Advanced Polity, Calvin,
various book studies, and more.

If you feel a call to serve on a pastoral level, graduates can also enter Savannah Presbytery’s
Lay Pastor Program; upon completion, they may be eligible to be commissioned to a church
as a Lay Pastor.

                        Savannah Presbytery’s
                  Education & Training Ministry Team
                     Mary Beene, Supply Pastor, Faith (Team Leader)
                           Joanne Boone, Brunswick Second
                                 Melinda Hicks, Vidalia
                               Mary Holley, First Eastman
                         Andy Meeker, Pastor, Wilmington Island
                    Susan Parrish, Dir. of Christian Ed, First Statesboro
                              Charles Rogers, Allenhurst
                     Nat Scott, Dir. of Christian Ed & Youth, St. Simons
                              Paul Walter, Skidaway Island
                                  Sue Williams, Vidalia

                      Your Savannah Presbytery Staff
            Russell Gladding, Acting General Presbyter/Stated Clerk/Treasurer
                         Liz Richardson, Business Manager

                               Contact Information
                                   Savannah Presbytery
                                3590 Darien Highway, Suite 8
                                    Brunswick, GA 31525
                            Phone: 912-264-1997 Fax: 912-262-6815
                               PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT
                    Savannah Presbytery, Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.)
                           J. Richard Bass School of the Laity

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ____________________________ State: ________ Zip: ___________

Phone: (home) _____________________ (work) _____________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

Church: _______________________________________________________

What is the best method and time to reach you?
                                                                Mail Email Home Phone Work Phone

       I agree to participate faithfully in the School of the Laity. I agree to attend and complete all
assignments for each course. Finally, I agree that I will seek to apply the learning from the
program in my work and ministry as a layperson in the Church universal.

Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________


1. Fill out this form COMPLETELY, sign, and date.

2. Do not include payment. Upon receipt of this agreement, a June Registration Packet will be mailed to
    you with further information on completing the registration process and the upcoming class.

3. Mail to      J. Richard Bass School of the Laity
                c/o Savannah Presbytery
                3590 Darien Highway, Suite 8
                Brunswick, GA 31525


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