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                                                                                                     STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES
                     Academic Success Center                            Financial Aid Information
           Acceleration of Degree Completion                                      New Directions
                                    Admission                                         Orientation
                         Apprentice Programs           Re-Admission After Disciplinary Suspension
                          Articulation Program                  Re-Admission of Former Students
               Assessment and Testing Center                              Registration Procedures
                                      Athletics                          Student Activities Office
                  Career Development Center                            Student Code of Conduct
 Certificate of Completion and Special Diploma                  Student Government Association
                      Counseling and Advising                              Supplemental Services
                    Disability Support Services                Veterans Services and Certification

                           STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES
                           Admission                                                                6.    International students must contact the International
                               Seminole Community College maintains an open-door pol-                     Student Office (Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, Student
                           icy that guarantees admission for high school graduates with                   Services building, room A-104, or call 407.708.2041).
                           standard diplomas, GED graduates and graduates from                      7.    Second language English speakers whose CPT scores

                           approved home school educational programs, pursuant to                         and/or timed writing samples reflect a need for college
                           Florida Statutes.                                                              preparatory English may be required to take specifically
                               All correspondence concerning admission should be sent                     designed English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses,
                           to: Seminole Community College                                                 Adult Education ESOL courses or intensive English
                                  Admissions Office                                                       Language Institute courses.
                                  100 Weldon Blvd.                                                  8.    Applicants with a disability who require information
                                  Sanford, FL 32773                                                       about the admission process, an application for admis-
                               For more information, students may call the SCC                            sion or any other information in an alternative format
                           Admissions Office at 407.708.2050.                                             should contact Disability Support Services in room S-002
                               Students are admitted to the College prior to the Fall,                    on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, or at 407.708.2109
                           Spring and Summer terms. Prior to registering, a student                       or TDD/ITTY 407.708.2110.
                           should have on file in the Records Office:                               9.    Students may not attend class unless they have met
                           1. A completed admissions application;                                         admission requirements and paid all tuition and fees.
                           2. An affidavit of residence;                                            10. Students are responsible for understanding the require-
                           3. A copy of placement test results;                                           ments for the degree, diploma or certificate that they
                           4. Transcripts of all previous college work (prior to the first                seek and for the admission policies and procedures pub-
                               day of classes);                                                           lished in the SCC Catalog.
                           5. Proof of high school completion (prior to the first day of            11. The College may consider the past actions of any person
                               classes).                                                                  applying for admission or enrollment and may deny
                               Sealed official transcripts must be sent directly by the high              admission or enrollment to an applicant because of mis-
                           school or college to the SCC Records Office.                                   conduct if determined to be in the best interest of SCC.
                                                                                                    12. Furnishing false or fraudulent statements in connection
                                                                                                          with an application for admission or residency affidavit
                           General Admissions                                                             may result in disciplinary action, denial of admission,
                              The procedure for freshmen or transfer students seeking                     loss of financial aid and invalidation of credits or
                           admission to SCC is as follows:                                                degrees earned.
                           1.   Complete an online application at www.scc-                          13. SCC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
                       Students may also obtain an application for                 creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, sexual ori-
                                admission from any SCC Admissions Office or download                      entation, marital or disability status in any of its educa-
                                one online.                                                               tional programs or other programs and practices.
                           2.   Complete the application for admission. The print copy                 Applicants who are suspended from another institution for
                                should be returned to the Admissions Office. The appli-             disciplinary reasons will not be admitted until they are eligible
                                cant will be notified of the status of his/her application          for re-admission to the suspending institution. In accordance
                                by mail.                                                            with Florida Statutes, any student who has previously been
                           3.   All first time in college students (FTIC) must have current         expelled from a Florida community college or university for
                                (less than 2 years old) ACT, Computerized Placement                 unlawful possession, sale or use of narcotic drugs will not be
                                Test (CPT) or SAT scores to register for college credit             admitted to SCC for a period of one year from the date of
                                courses. All FTIC degree-seeking students, and all stu-             expulsion. Any student who has been found guilty of campus
                                dents who register for their 12th college credit hour               disruption will not be admitted to SCC for a period of two
                                must meet the entry testing requirements. All FTIC stu-             years from the date of such finding. In exceptional cases, stu-
                                dents without current scores are required to take the               dents may petition the Admissions and Graduation
                                CPT. Students presenting a College Ready Diploma                    Committee for further consideration. The Office of the Vice
                                (CRD) issued to Florida public high school graduates                President for Student Success Services should be consulted for
                                beginning in 1998 may be waived from placement test-                information concerning the petition procedure.
                                ing provided they enroll in the appropriate general edu-
                                cation coursework within two years of graduation from
                                high school. Test scores will determine initial placement
                                                                                                    General Admission Requirements for
                                in some courses. The institution should have the scores             College Credit Programs
                                forwarded to the SCC Admissions Office. If test scores              First-Time-in-College
                                are more than 2 years old, students should go to the                Degree-Seeking Students
                                Assessment and Testing Office and take the CPT exam                 1.    Standard High School Diploma
                                (no appointment is necessary).                                            Florida high school graduates must have earned a stan-
                           4.   Consult the College Academic Calendar section in this                     dard high school diploma. Non-Florida high school
                                catalog for important admission and registration dates.                   graduates must meet requirements specified in Florida
                           5.   The Admissions Office will notify students regarding ori-                 Statutes. An official high school transcript with the
                                entation and registration dates.                                          graduation date is required for admission and prior to

STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES                                                                                        Admission continued

     the first day of classes.                                            Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)*
2.   General Equivalency Diploma (GED)                                       Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in
     Students are eligible for admission who have the General             Interior Design program will be open to all applicants who
     Equivalency Diploma (GED). An official transcript of the             meet the admission requirements. These requirements are:

                                                                                                                                             STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES
     GED results is required for admission.                               1.    Prospective students must complete a College application
3.   Florida Certificate of Completion                                          to the Bachelor of Applied Science program and be
     A. Students who have met the 2.0 GPA and all course                        accepted to Seminole Community College. Applications
         requirements for a standard high school diploma, but                   are available online and from an, SCC Admissions’ Office.
         did not pass the FCAT will be issued a Certificate of            2.    Applicants for the program usually have earned an
         Completion. This new credential will allow the stu-                    Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in interior design from
         dent to take the CPT and be placed into either col-                    any Florida state college or community college totaling
         lege credit or remedial courses.                                       75 credit hours, with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher.
     B. To identify this new credential (certificate), the                      Students who have completed an Associate in Arts (A.A.)
         Withdrawal Reason "W8A" will appear on the high                        degree or another A.S., or bachelor’s degree in another
         school transcript. In addition, the certificate will bear              major may be considered for admission on a case-by-case
         the designation "College Placement Test Eligible."                     basis.
         This designation will differentiate between the "old"            3.    Prior to graduation, students must show a modern lan-
         Certificate of Completion and the "new" Certificate                    guage proficiency equivalent to two years in high school
         of Completion.                                                         or eight college credits in a single language. A standard-
     C. Students with the new certificate of completion who                     ized examination for modern language may be used to
         need remediation should be classified as "degree                       meet the requirement.
         seeking" students. These students must meet the                  4.    Students will be admitted to the College without com-
         college preparatory requirements outlined in section                   pleting all the common prerequisites if all other admis-
         1008.30(4)(a), Florida Statutes (the same require-                     sions requirements are met. These common prerequisites
         ments apply to students with a standard high school                    can be completed at SCC. It is strongly recommended
         diploma).                                                              students complete the prerequisites before applying.
     D. Students with the new certificate of completion may                     *Please refer to the College Academic Calendar for Fall
         be eligible to receive federal student aid through                     and Spring Application deadline.
         meeting the "ability to benefit" (ATB) requirement. If
         the ATB is not demonstrated through the appropriate              Transfer Students
         demonstration of skills on an approved ATB test
                                                                          1.   Students shall be admitted as transfer students if they
         (financial aid will have the approved list), then stu-
                                                                               have previously attended a college or university.
         dents will not be eligible to received federal aid until
                                                                          2.   Students who have earned less than 12 semester hours
         they either earn a high school diploma, GED or meet
                                                                               of transferable college credit must also submit an official
         the ATB testing.
                                                                               high school transcript.
     E. Students who do not meet the federal ATB require-
                                                                          3.   Transfer students must request that official transcripts
         ment may be advised by the College to enroll in an
                                                                               from all previous colleges and universities be sent direct-
         adult education program or to pursue other available
                                                                               ly to the director, Enrollment Services and Registrar. All
         options for earning a high school diploma.
                                                                               credits attempted and earned at the baccalaureate level
     F. Students will not be admitted to "limited access"
                                                                               from regionally accredited colleges and universities are
         programs, programs requiring a high school diploma,
                                                                               accepted (credit from non-regionally accredited institu-
         or programs that may include licensure requirements
                                                                               tions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis) to fulfill SCC
         that include a high school diploma. Students should
                                                                               degree requirements provided a grade of "D" or better
         not be admitted to those particular programs until
                                                                               was earned. An accepted transfer course satisfies gener-
         they have earned the standard high school diploma
                                                                               al education requirements for the associate degrees only
         or its equivalent.
                                                                               if the course is essentially the same as a corresponding
4.   Home Education Graduate
                                                                               SCC course satisfying those requirements.
     Students who have graduated from a home education
                                                                          4.   All official transcripts are required prior to students
     program are eligible for admission as high school gradu-
                                                                               beginning classes. Students whose transcripts have not
     ates. Students must have affidavits signed by a parent or
                                                                               been received by the end of the first semester of initial
     legal guardian attesting that they have completed a high
                                                                               enrollment will not be allowed to continue at SCC. In
     education program pursuant to the requirements in
                                                                               addition, a restriction will be placed on the student's
     232.0201 F.S and provide their high school transcripts.
                                                                               record and not removed until the Records Office receives
                                                                               the transcripts.
                                                                          5.   Credits earned at institution’s accredited by one of the
                                                                               six regional associations will be accepted to fulfill SCC
                                                                               degree requirements provided a grade of "D" or better
                                                                               was earned. However, Gordon Rule courses must be
                                                                               completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

                           STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES                                                                                      Admission continued

                           Accredited Institutions                                                college level courses at a regionally accredited institution
                              For the purposes of this undergraduate catalog, "accredit-          other than SCC, and have passed the college level communi-
                           ed institutions" are those colleges and universities accredited        cation and computation examinations are eligible for admis-
                           by any of the following six regional associations:                     sion to the associate degree programs.

                           • New England Association of Schools and Colleges;
                           • Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary                  Transient Students
                              Schools, Commission on Instituions of Higher Education;                Students in good standing at other Florida public postsec-
                           • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools,                   ondary institutions may be admitted as transient students to
                              Commission on Instituions of Higher Education;                      take courses for transfer back to their home institution. The
                           • Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools,               electronic transient form may be accessed at
                              Commission on Colleges and Universities;                            or a transient form or letter is required that indicates the stu-
                           • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and                    dent's good standing, specific courses to be taken and the
                           • Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting              parent institution's willingness to accept the credits earned.
                              Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities and                 The transient electronic form or transient letter is required
                              Accrediting Commission for Junior Colleges.                         prior to registration for classes.
                              The accreditation status of all foreign institutions must be
                           evaluated through Josef Silny and Associates Inc., World               International Student Admissions
                           Education Services, or any current NACES Members                          International students seeking college credit admission on
                           (                                           the F-1 visa or seeking post-secondary adult vocational admis-
                              Credits from non-regionally accredited institutions will be         sion on the M-1 visa must meet the following requirements:
                           evaluated on an individual basis at the request of the student.        1.    Satisfaction of all requirements for admission as a U.S.
                           Students may be required to provide additional documenta-                    student.
                           tion that will assist in this process.                                 2.    Submission of scores on the Test of English as a Foreign
                                                                                                        Language (TOEFL) as proof of sufficient knowledge of
                           Testing Requirements for Transfer Students                                   the English Language. Seminole Community College
                             Transfer students who have ACT, SAT, or CPT scores that are                accepts a minimum score of 450 on paper-based-test or
                           more than 2 years old, who were initially placed using their                 130 on computer-based tests. If TOEFL score is not avail-
                           ACT, SAT, or CPT scores are exempt from taking the CPT for                   able, the student may take the LOEP exam for place-
                           placement if they were placed according to Florida require-                  ment into English for Academic Purposes (EAP).
                           ments and completed all required preparatory coursework.               3.    Admission materials must be sent to SCC one month
                           Students whose transfer credit meets SCC's English require-                  prior to the term or session for which the applicant
                           ment (CPT Reading and Writing) and/or those whose transfer                   seeks admission.
                           credit meets SCC's Math requirement (Math CPT) are exempt              4.    Completion of the Application for Admission Form and
                           from CPT placement testing. Students will be exempted from                   International Student Form
                           entry testing when their official test scores arrive and are           5.    Foreign Education Transcript:
                           entered into SCC's student database.                                         A. If the student attended only high school, transcripts
                                                                                                             must be officially translated to English and then eval-
                           Admissions of Transfer Students on Academic                                       uated by a member of the National Association of
                           Probation, Suspension or Dismissal                                                Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). The NACES
                           1.  Students are allowed to apply for admission to the                            members most commonly used by SCC students are
                               College if they are on academic probation, academic                           World Education Services or Joseph Silny and
                               suspension, or academic dismission from another col-                          Associates, or any NACFS evaluator.
                               lege. Once their transcript is received and evaluated                    B. If the student has attended high school and any uni-
                               their academic status can change. After transcripts are                     versity (completed or uncompleted), both transcripts
                               evaluated the student is alerted to their Standards of                      must be translated to English and then evaluated by
                               Academic Progress as indicated on their SCC transcript.                     World Education Services or Joseph Silny and
                           2.  The Enrollment Services Office will notify students with                    Associates, or any NACFS evaluator.
                               regard to their transcript evaluation during their first           6.    All foreign education evaluations must be presented to
                               semester of enrollment. The students may appeal the                      the Records Office. Only original documents will be
                               evaluation prior to the end of their second semester of                  accepted. Facsimiles and photocopies will not be
                               attendance at the College. SCC does not award college                    accepted.
                               credit based upon experiential learning. The final deter-          7.    Formal or informal color photograph of the student is
                               mination for transfer of credit equivalency decisions rest               required.
                               with the director of Enrollment Services and Registrar.            8.    Financial support documents include the following:
                                                                                                        A. Signed bank letter from student or sponsor, as appli-
                           Non-High School Graduates                                                        cable stating when account was opened, type of
                             Students who are not high school graduates but have suc-                       account, and current balance.
                           cessfully completed a minimum of 12 semester credits of col-                 B. Signed and notarized Affidavit of Support must state
                           lege level courses at another institution and have passed the                   relationship to and responsibility to pay all study and
                                                                                                           personal expenses of student; also whether student

STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES                                                                                          Admission continued

       will live in sponsor's home.                                       Guidelines for students not meeting State of
    C. If bank funds are not enough to cover cost of study                Florida and SCC English and Reading
        and living, then: signed letter from employer of stu-
        dent or sponsor, as applicable, stating job title, salary,        Requirements

                                                                                                                                               STUDENT SUCCESS SERVICES
        length of time employed. Note: It is possible to have                Before enrolling in courses that require these proficiencies,
        more than one sponsor. The sponsor(s) need not be                 students take additional English and reading coursework
        residing in the United States, nor do they need to be             based on the following guidelines:
        family relatives.                                                 1.   Students who attended high school in the United States
    D. Only documents in English will be accepted.                             for at least four years without taking ESOL classes are
        Translations must be done by an official body (notary                  placed into preparatory English and reading courses
        public does not automatically qualify as a translator).                based on CPT scores.
        Only original documents will be accepted. Fascimiles              2.   Students who attended high school in the United States
        and photocopies will not be accepted.                                  for fewer than four years or took any ESOL classes dur-
9.  For transfer students only, the following are needed:                      ing high school are placed into preparatory EAP courses,
    completed International Student Transfer Form, and                         or college credit English for Academic Purpose courses
    photocopy of previous I-20 (2 sides), I-94, and passport.                  based on CPT, LOEP, and writing sample scores.
10. According to USCIS, an international student must study               3.   Students who attended high school outside the United
    full time. Full-time college credit studies at SCC is: mini-               States in a country where English is the only official lan-
    mum 12 credits each semester and two consecutive                           guage who do not meet English and reading require-
    semesters.                                                                 ments are placed into preparatory EAP courses, or col-
                                                                               lege credit EAP courses based on CPT, LOEP, and writing
                                                                               sample scores.
Guidelines for Level of English Proficiency
(EAP) Assessment
                                                                          1.    Provide documentation that the applicant is a U.S. citi-
1.    For placement purposes only, all SCC students must meet
                                                                                zen, permanent resident, refugee or holder of another
      State of Florida test score requirements (CPT, ACT, SAT)
                                                                                qualifying immigration status.
      prior to enrollment in courses that require English and
                                                                          2.    Provide documentation that the applicant is 16 years old
      reading proficiency. Students who do not meet state
                                                                                or older.
      minimal requirements are required to complete addition-
                                                                          3.    Applications are accepted during designated times pre-
      al English and/or reading coursework prior to entry into
                                                                                vious to the start of each term.
      those college-level courses.
                                                                          4.    Students are placed into levels of proficiency based on
2.    Students who have attended high school in English in the
                                                                                CASAS scores.
      United States for at least four years without enrollment
      in ESOL classes take preparatory course work to meet the
      state requirements.                                                 General Admission Requirements for
3.    Students who have not attended high school in English               Postsecondary Adult Vocational (PSAV)
      in the United States for at least four years without enroll-        Programs
      ment in ESOL classes take English for Academic Purposes                All students entering apprenticeship programs, Automotive
      (EAP) courses to meet state requirements. Some take                 Service Technology, Child Care Development Specialist,
      non-credit courses prior to EAP. Placement into EAP may             Computer Service and Repair (A+ Certification), Home Health
      require students to take the LOEP and complete a writ-              Aid (HHA), Nursing Assistant (CNA), or Patient Care Assistant
      ing sample to help assure the most appropriate place-               programs are required to take the TABE test. A TABE test is
      ment.                                                               required for all vocational programs of 450 contact hours or
4.    Students who have attended high school in English in                more students must meet minimum TABE scores before grad-
      countries outside the United States where English is the            uation. The TABE is first administered before students register
      official language may be placed into college level English          for the first semester. The STAR lab offers free tutoring for stu-
      courses based on CPT scores or preparatory (EAP) cours-             dents needing support to meet the minimum scores for grad-
      es based on CPT scores, LOEP scores and a writing sam-              uation.
      ple. If language interference problems are assessed in
      writing samples done by students from countries where
      English is the official language, students are placed into
      preparatory EAP courses.


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