Wordsworths theory of poetry by ert554898


									Wordsworth’s theory of poetry
              Described in the
              “Preface” to the
              second edition of
              Lyrical Ballads,
              published in 1800
   “[P]oetry is the spontaneous overlow of
    powerful feelings. . .recollected in tranquility”
   It is concerned with the emotions of the
    individual poet as opposed to being concerned
    with great events in human history
   Although nature is a persistent subject, the real
    subject of the poetry is the thoughts and
    feelings of the poet
   “The principle object, then, which I proposed to
    myself in these poems was to choose incidents
    and situations from common life, and to relate
    or describe them, throughout, as far as was
    possible, in the selection of language really
    used by men.”
   “Low and rustic life was generally chosen”
   The aim of this poetry is to refresh our sense of
    wonder in the every day, the trivial, the familiar
   The purpose of poetry is to “throw over
    [situations from common life] a certain coloring
    of imagination, whereby ordinary hings should
    eb presented to the mind in an unusual way”
   Sometimes it achieves a sense of wonder
    through the use of the supernatural or altered
    states of consciousness

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