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									                     MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE
                            ELMHURST PARK DISTRICT
                           BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS
                                          November 12, 2007

Minutes of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Elmhurst Park District Board of Commissioners held
on Monday, November 12, 2007 at the Wilder Park Administration Office, 225 Prospect, Elmhurst, IL.
Prior notice of the meeting was posted. The meeting was called to order by Board President Kubiesa at
7:03 p.m.

Present:        Commissioners Reinertsen, Ubriaco, Spaeth, Morissette-Moll, Kies, Healy and Kubiesa.

Absent:         None.

Also Present: Richard Grodsky, Executive Director
              Jim Rogers, Deputy Director of Parks/Recreation Services
              Cathy Medema, Director of Finance/HR
              Colleen Callahan, Director of Marketing/Communications
              Don Chapman, Director of Enterprise Services
              Dave Kenny, Director of Information Services
              Laura Guttman, Special Projects Coordinator
              Angela Ferrentino, Division Manager, Facilities
              Nancy Fraveletti, Division Manager, Administration-Enterprise Services
              Brian McDermott, Division Manager, Programming-Enterprise Services
              Jerry Pask, Landscape Architect
              Geoff Penman, Division Manager, Parks
              Cindy Szkolka, Division Manager, Recreation
              Greg Utaski, Division Manager, Facilities & Grounds-Enterprise Services

Visitors:       Jeff Danna, The Doings




President Kubiesa shared a letter she received from the Mary Ann Stein family thanking the Park District
for assisting Ahlgrim’s Funeral Home in coordinating a memorial service at the Rose Garden at Wilder


Commissioner Reinertsen made a motion for the Board to approve the Consent Agenda of November 12,
2007 and Commissioner Morissette-Moll seconded the motion.

Park District Board Meeting
November 12, 2007

Commissioner Ubriaco asked that a correction be made to the regular meeting minutes of October 22,
2007 on page three to correct the spelling of Jerry Sletten’s name. Commissioner Kies asked that future
minutes include a list of upcoming Committee Meetings. Commissioner Kies asked that the Point of
Order raised by Commissioner Ubriaco at the October 22, 2007 Park Board Meeting be included in the
minutes. After discussion, Commissioner Kies asked that the following point of order from the October
22, 2007 Park Board Meeting be included in these minutes: “Commissioner Ubriaco raised a Point of
Order regarding a potential conflict of interest and possible appearance of impropriety related to
President Kubiesa’s status as Partnership Secretary of the City attorney’s law firm and her spouse’s paid
advisory role with the city with respect to agreements between the City of Elmhurst and the Elmhurst
Park District. Further, Commissioner Ubriaco requested a written legal opinion from either the district’s
legal counsel or the Illinois Attorney General.” President Kubiesa reminded Commissioners that items
requiring discussion need to be removed from the Consent Agenda.

The Board was polled. Ayes: Commissioners Reinertsen, Morissette-Moll, Healy and Kubiesa. Nays:
Commissioners Ubriaco, Kies and Spaeth. Motion passed 4 Ayes to 3 Nays.

It should be noted that the following items were approved on the Consent Agenda: Truth in Taxation
Hearing Minutes of October 22, 2007, Regular Meeting Minutes of October 22, 2007, Check Registers
(10/18/07 $716,005.04, 10/25/07 $194,388.28 and 11/01/07 $513,587.60) and the 2007 3rd Quarter
Report. A correction to the regular meeting minutes was made to correct the spelling of PEP Chairman
Jerry Sletten’s name.

Proposed FY2008 Budget

Executive Director Grodsky presented an overview of the Proposed FY 2008 Budget Presentation and
handed out a copy of the slide show presentation. The Commissioners received a copy of the budget on
November 1, 2007. A copy for public review is available at the Administration Office and the Elmhurst
Public Library. He explained that he would give an overview and each department would then give a
presentation on their areas. The Board was invited to ask questions.

He explained that the entire budgeting process followed the District’s Strategic Plan and certain
parameters needed to be followed by staff in order to develop the budget. He also explained the focus for
2008; property taxes; expenditure and revenue summaries and the projected budget for 2008. The total
operating revenue for 2008 is $19,781,411, total operating expenditures are $18,974,029. The net
operations for 2008 is $807,382, C & I planned spend down is $3,461,341, leaving a total of
Commissioners asked questions about the medical insurance, cash and investments, and the proposed
capital reserve policy, which were all answered.

Special Projects Coordinator Guttman reviewed long-range planning, budget document format, capital
improvement plan and administrative functions. The future outlook includes an indoor facility study,
updating the long-range capital plan, and coordinating the 2008-2012 strategic plan. Administration is
4% of total District expenditures by function excluding capital, transfers and debt.

Park District Board Meeting
November 12, 2007

Director of Finance and Human Resources Medema explained the department overview, the budget
highlights including the addition of staff, risk management budget reporting and continuing with PDRMA
compliance programs. Finance and Human Resources is 7% of total District expenditures by function
excluding capital, transfers and debt. Future outlook includes expansion of training program, wage and
hour audit and enhance the audit to a CAFR.

Director of Information Technology Kenny explained the department overview, strategic plan initiatives,
and expenditures. The budget highlights include the addition of an Information Technology Specialist
and PC replacement schedule. The future outlook for IT includes security, additional wireless capabilities
at park district locations and GIS. Information Technology is 4% of total District expenditures by
function excluding capital, transfers and debt.

Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation Services Rogers explained the department overview, strategic
plan initiatives, and capital improvements. The overall budget highlights included the change in reporting
expenses for parks and facilities by splitting expenses into two separate categories, the addition of four
new full-time positions, preventative maintenance standards for grounds, vehicles and equipment,
restoration of the Wilder Park Conservatory, and athletic field improvements. The future outlook for
Parks and Recreation includes development and implementation of maintenance standards and
development of facilities for senior populations. Parks is 11% of total District expenditure by function,
facilities is 16% of total operating expenditures and recreation is 22% of total operating expenditures by
function excluding capital, transfers and debt.

Director of Enterprise Services Chapman explained the department overview, strategic plan initiatives,
and capital improvements. The overall budget highlights for Enterprise Services are the Courts Plus
Phase II remodel, concessions increase, platinum membership at Courts Plus and the addition of a facility
and rental supervisor. The future outlook includes growing the businesses at Courts Plus, Sugar Creek
Golf Course and the hospitality and concessions areas. Enterprise Services is 25% of total District
expenditure by function excluding capital, transfers and debt.

Director of Marketing and Communications explained the department overview, strategic plan initiatives,
and expenditures. The budget highlights include the grand opening events at Wilder Mansion and the
Synthetic Turf at Berens. The future outlook includes increasing the District’s volunteer base, marketing
and promotions for Wilder Mansion and expansion of the Park Ambassador program. Marketing and
Communications is 4% of total District expenditures by function excluding capital, transfers and debt.

Executive Director Grodsky concluded the presentation by stating that the Proposed FY 2008 Budget
addresses the Board’s strategic plan initiatives, creates appropriate surpluses for future capital investment,
adheres to Board policy, minimal impact on tax increases, and capitalizes on long range conservative
fiscal policies…and in the end…is a balanced budget.

Commissioners thanked the staff for the presentation.

Park District Board Meeting
November 12, 2007



Commissioner Kubiesa -
   • Announced that the son of former Alderwoman Jan Vanek was killed in Iraq on Sunday.
     Commissioner Kubiesa suggested a commemorative brick or tree in memory of Joe Vanek be
     donated by the park district and, hearing no objections, asked staff to send out the appropriate
     information. Please keep the family in your thoughts.

Commissioner Kies -
   • Two weeks ago WTTW had a special on Strides Riding Therapeutic Center for people with
     disabilities about the therapeutic value of horseback riding.
   • On November 3rd the Historical Museum held its annual Gala and 20 volunteers from the
     Elmhurst Garden Club worked on 45 centerpieces.
   • Courts Plus Showcase event was well attended on November 3.
   • Gave the park district a copy of “The Kirtland’s Warbler” VCR to use as an educational tool.
   • On November 14 the Elmhurst Library is having a program on climate observations and what
     researchers are learning.

Commissioner Ubriaco –
  • Recommended “Treasurers of Elmhurst History” book which features many park district
  • Winter Brochure has been delivered and is well put together with great new programs. Marketing
     has done a great job with the Update Newsletter and Winter Brochure.

Commissioner Spaeth –
  • The Elmhurst Historical Museum had their Annual Gala on November 3 and would like to see
     something similar for the Wilder Mansion.

Commissioner Healy –
   • In response to Commissioner Ubriaco’s question at the last meeting and raised again tonight by
     Commissioner Kies about a potential conflict of interest, the Park District Attorney rendered an
     opinion that there was no conflict of interest and would like that information entered into the
     public record. Commissioner Kies asked that the cover letter be included in the record as well.

Upcoming Committee Meetings
People for Elmhurst Parks November 15, 2007
Sugar Creek Golf Course   November 27, 2007
Art Museum                December 12, 2007
Gateway                   December 13, 2007

Committee Reports
Gateway – Rogers
   • This Friday November 16th The Abbey will host the Thanksgiving Special Event.
   • Winter / Spring Brochure will be going to the printer and will be delivered in early December.

Park District Board Meeting
November 12, 2007

Lizzadro – Kies
    • Case lights have been burning out due to the motors overheating.
    • Have received a grant from the City to fund the cameo project.
    • Cameo Exhibit is going on with lecturers through January.
    • New projection equipment is being purchased.
    • Becoming Smithsonian Affiliate.
    • Membership is up and contributions are up.

Future Agenda

Commissioner Spaeth asked that the park district continue to look at future opportunities with the City of

Commissioner Ubriaco asked that the Carver Governance Workshop be scheduled possibly in February

Staff Information

Executive Director - Grodsky
   • Park District offices will be closed next week for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday,
       November 22 and 23, 2007. Courts Plus is open from 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Thursday,
       November 22 and regular hours on Friday, November 23, 2007.
   • Please confirm your interest in attending the state conference with Executive Director Grodsky.
       Currently Commissioners Kubiesa, Kies, Ubriaco and Reinertsen will be attending.


There being no further discussion, Commissioner Spaeth moved to adjourn at 9:50 p.m. and
Commissioner Ubriaco seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 7 p.m. at the
Wilder Park Administration Office Boardroom, 225 Prospect, Elmhurst, IL. Prior notice will be posted.

_______________________________                           ________________________________
Colette Kubiesa, Board President                           Jacquelyn Campagnolo, Recording Secretary


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