Epic Poetry (PowerPoint download) by ert554898


									Epic Poetry
 – A long poem that tells a story

 – details the heroic deeds and events
  important to a culture or nation
Elements of Epic Poetry
• Important hero who has great historical or
 legendary significance
 Vast setting, covering many nations, or
 even worlds
 Action consists of deeds of great courage,
 sometime even superhuman courage
 Elevated language used throughout
Literary Conventions
• Opens by stating the theme or cause of the epic

• Invocation: writer invokes a Muse to provide him with
  divine inspiration to tell the story of the great hero

• In medias res: “in the middle of things” Poem opens in
  the middle of the story, when the hero is at his worst,
  then tells earlier parts of the story through flashbacks.

• uses epithets: descriptive word or phrase in place of a
  person or thing.
Famous Epic Poems
• Epic of Gilgamesh
• Odyssey
• Iliad
• Ramayana
• Aeneid
• Beowulf
• Paradise Lost

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