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									                 Tarves Community Council
     Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 16th August 2011
                    In Tarves at 7.30pm.
Councillors Present: Davidson (Chair), Marr, Reville, Taylor and
Also Present: P Johnston.
Apologies: Councillors Andrew, Beattie, R Massie, I Massie, Insp. Pratt, J
Gifford, A Hendry. J Loveday continues to refuse to acknowledge receipt of
minutes, agendas and fails to give apologies for non attendance.
Police Report
PC Nicol reported on Tarves related issues; - attempted fraud at Tarves Post
Office, suspect has been apprehended. Central heating oil stolen from South
Auquhorthies. Minor incident of youth annoyance at Craigdam. CC
requested that amenity and neighbour issues at 11 Pringle Avenue be looked
into; PC Nicol agreed to do this.
Wheel trims stolen from a car in Square, suspect being dealt with.
Minutes of Previous Meeting on 19th July 2011
Amended minutes proposed for approval by Thomson and seconded by
Reville, with minor changes re. PUT.
Barthol Chapel matters.
Potholes requiring attention beside School and at Balgove junction again.
Drainage on hill near Balgove and Nether Kirkton requires some attention
Matters Arising
Planted area on corner of Kirk Brae (Stephens Corner). The majority of
residents are happy enough to see the overgrown shrubs etc removed and
more space created for parking. There remains an issue with some residents
in this area illegally parking on the pavement near the Kirk, blocking the
drop kerb access for the less able. Hopefully increasing parking space will
address this issue however the CC appeals to residents to be responsible and
not to park on the pavement beside the Kirk. Chair to contact Roads.
Mackie Ave Allotments There remains some difficulties with
Aberdeenshire Council in finalising the terms of lease.
Matters Arising (from Minutes)
Old Aberdeen Road – no sign of new litter bin. Chair to enquire.
Mackie Ave Garages; now demolished – CC not aware of Planning app for
this. Paul Johnston asked to establish why Aberdeenshire Council appears
not to have to apply for permission for development that all others have to. –
update next meeting
Review of Dispensing by Haddo Medical Group at Methlick and
Pitmedden surgeries. NHS Grampian is to conduct a review, CCs to raise
any concerns regarding those who will have severe difficulty in accessing a
Pharmacy. - Examples of cases needed ASAP
Street naming at Braiklay Park site. Developer apparently not keen on
John Bain Park or John Bain Crescent. CC to suggest Bain’s Park as the
Conservation Area Review -, some changes /additions required to the draft
appraisal doc. Extra streetlights needed in Square, Photos of acceptable
designs/ materials options including small selection of PVC windows.
Mackie Ave/Crescent; - new heathers have been planted by Landscape
Roads, Paths and Signs –
Road repairs – the practice of top dressing has had limited success locally
with chips lifting soon after work completed e.g. Cairnbrogie to
Auchenhuive and Meldrum golf course roads. Walls around Square – DR
has spoken to a tradesman who is interested in doing this work. Potholes; -
both ends of Square need a permanent repair. Lighting it would be
beneficial to have 2 extra streetlights around the Square.
Matters Remaining Unresolved
Mackie Avenue Playpark, tree and general open space maintenance at
new housing. Tidy Village Scheme - No volunteers have come forward for
this, possibility of a job share. Those interested contact Councillor Reville.
Braiklay Ave park drainage.
Planning Matters: - Erection of Signage at 8 Duthie Road, Tarves
(retrospective) Layout and colours of signage could be more in keeping
with CA as Duthie’s shop succeeded in doing. FPP for Alts and Ext to
dwellinghouse at 48 Mackie Ave – acceptable.
Decision Notices, all approved, Alts and Ext at Bede House and Gateside
A.C. Local Members Report
P. Johnston reported; Mackie Ave – reports re speeding traffic; - he has
written to Roads. He will get Info re Renewable Energy available from
DETAS including setting up Community Benefit trusts. Concerns have been
raised re Landscape planting at new housing at former Mathers factory and
whether or not the pavement will continue along the full roadside frontage of
the site as per conditions. Duthie Road/B999 need to look at the speed limit
approaching Braiklay crossroads and possible road improvements
Turriff A 2 B Bus Service promotional leaflets from Aberdeenshire
Council – doesn’t operate in Tarves area (Auchterless is as near as it gets)
Leaflets to be returned. Royal Horticultural Society In Bloom Campaign
info, Renewable Energy Networking Event info – Carnoustie 18th Oct 11
Pringle Ave – concerns expressed by residents (in Police Report) E Mail
from J Gifford re PUT.
Numerous interim e-mails circulated by Chair.
School Remote controlled heating - problems had been raised with this
system previously and apparently are not resolved. In warm April heating
remained high resulting in windows and doors opened to cool School. In
colder times School not warm enough. Issue also re no hot water at times. It
would appear that no one in school can control heating or hot water as this is
done from a remote point possibly Woodhill House. Waste of resources,
increasing the School carbon footprint unnecessarily. Chair to ask Head
Teacher and Parent Council Chair if any progress has been made.
Members were encouraged to submit any expenses claims before the end of
Aug. Area of ground next to Old Police Station; - Members agreed that
work needs carried out to tidy this area. Members to liaise to organise this.
The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 20th
September 11 in Tarves School.

Robert P. Davidson

      Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public


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