Scan Kerb Brochure by scarfie


                         Type B

                         Straight kerb (Reinforced)             800mm long
                         External Radius
                         0.5m                                   785mm long
                         1.0m                                   520mm long
                         2.0m                                   785mm long
                         3.0m                                   785mm long
                         4.5m                                   785mm long
                         6-12m straight with angled ends        500mm long
                         Left hand taper to 40mm                800mm long
                         Right hand taper to 40mm               800mm long
                         40mm drop kerb                         800mm long
                         External angle                         400x400mm
                         Internal angle                         400x400mm
                         Internal radius as per external radius dimensions

                         Type MS

                         Straight kerb                       500mm long
                         End taper                           500mm long

                         Type GCM

                         Straight kerb                       500mm long
                         Left hand taper to 40mm
                         Right hand taper to 40mm                                                          THE QUICK, LIGHT AND EASY TO INSTALL
                      For further details on kerbs type A,C,D and 1000 please call 0844 855 2105
                                                                                                           KERBING SOLUTION

                      Additional Materials

                      Scan Strip 1 metre long       25 litres cans of Scan Coat

                                         Coln Industrial Estate              t: 0844 855 2105
                                         Old Bath Road                       f: 0844 855 2106
                                         Colnbrook                           e:
                                         Slough Berkshire SL3 0NJ            w:

                         SCAN KERB has been established for many years supplying a     HOW   TO   LAY SCAN KERB
                         range of high performance, light weight and easy to install
                                                                                       The installation of Scan Kerb is both a cost effective and
                         kerb solutions. This unique system has been employed in a
                                                                                       rapid process of laying kerbs in a variety of applications.
                         variety of traffic management and cycleway schemes
                                                                                       Unlike traditional kerb systems, Scan Kerb can be adhered to
                         throughout England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.
                                                                                       any existing road, cycleway or car park surface. This
                                                                                       prevents the need for costly excavation and plant hire,
                                                                                       thereby reducing the duration of the project and installation
                         The versatile concrete range of kerbs has been used in a
                                                                                       costs significantly
                         variety of applications including:
                         • Cycle paths
                                                                                       1. PREPARATION
                         • Traffic management projects
                                                                                          The surface of the highway should be swept with a broom                             2
                         • Traffic calming schemes                                        to remove any large particles
                         • Bridge kerbing
                         • Applications where services are close to the surface of     2. MARKING OUT
                           the highway                                                    Mark the highway with a line to show where the Scan
                         • Car parks                                                      kerb is to be laid using a wax road marker for the radius
   Cycleway Project                                                                       and a string line for straight lines.
                         • Replacement for damaged asphalt kerbing
                         • Temporary & permanent kerb for new housing                  3. SCAN KERB INSTALLATION
                                                                                          Scan Kerbs are supplied with a rubber asphalt based
                                                                                          adhesive applied to the underside of the units. *Scan Coat                          3
                         THE BENEFITS   OF   SCAN KERB                                    adhesive is applied by hand roller to the area of the
                                                                                          highway that the kerbs are to be adhered to and left to
                         • The reduced installation period limits congestion and
                                                                                          dry. In warm dry conditions the kerbs can be laid straight
                           inconvenience to traffic
                                                                                          onto the applied coating of Scan Coat and the kerb
                         • No requirement for costly on site excavation                   coating will flux to the ground securing the unit.
                         • No requirement for heavy plant                                 In wet or generally inclement conditions the surface to
                                                                                          which the kerb is to be applied should be dried using a
                         • Quick & easy to install
                                                                                          gas torch with a mouth piece of at least 50mm. The base
                         • Cost effective in comparison to traditional kerb               of the kerb should be heated until ‘tacky’ using the same
                           installation methods                                           sized gas torch. The kerbs may then be put in place.
                         • Flexible and versatile system                                  * One litre of Scan Coat will usually be enough to lay 15 linear
                                                                                          metres of Scan Kerb. The quantity required is dependant on the
                         • Easy to handle units
                                                                                          air temperature and porosity of the laying surface.

Traffic Calming Scheme
                                                                                       4. SCAN KERB BASE ADJUSTMENT
                                                                                          Additional sections of Scan Strip should be placed onto the
                                                                                          Scan Coat laying strip prior to the heating process where
                                                                                          the highway is uneven, to ensure optimum adhesion and
                                                                                          evenness along the full length of each kerb unit.

                                                                                       5. KERB ALIGNMENT
                                                                                          The kerbs should be aligned using a long wooden
                                                                                          handled tool or rubber maul to prevent damage to the
                                                                                          kerb face.

                                                                                       Scan Kerb are pleased to offer assistance with any enquiries
                                                                                       you may have from the specification of the product range to
                                                                                       advice on installation. Please contact our technical support
                                                                                       team on 0844 855 2105 or by email at

                                                                                       Health & Safety                                                       Technical Data
                                                                                       All the necessary personal protective equipment should                Technical data relating to the performance specification of the
                                                                                       be worn in conjunction with the site safety rules. The                product range and the relevant COSH data can be obtained
                                                                                       recommendations of the manual handling operation                      by contacting our technical support team.
                                                                                       regulation 1992 should be complied with.

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