Hepworth Supersleve by scarfie


									Clay Civils
Hepworth is the UK's largest manufacturer of drainage
products supplying civil engineering and construction
projects throughout the UK and Worldwide.

The diverse range of products available from Hepworth
meets the needs of specifiers, contractors and
groundworkers involved in a variety of projects and
applications, including adoptable and private sewers,
industrial and commercial developments, road
construction, sub-soil drainage, power and
communications ducting.

Product Selector

SuperSleve 150
Pipes                                                          Fittings                                                      Adaptors (polypropelene)
           Description                     Dia       Cat No               Description                     Dia       Cat No            Description                      Dia    Cat No

           Full Length                                                    Socket Adaptor                  150       SA1/2               Double Ended Spigot            150    SA15/2
           150mm x 1.75m                   150       SP2                  for connection to traditional                                 Adaptor Converts
                                                                          pipes and fittings                                            PlastiDrain to SuperSleve
           Rocker                          0.3m      SP030/2
                                           0.6m      SP060/2              Adaptor to HepSeal              150       SA2/2               Sliding Coupling               150    SC4/2
                                           1.0m      SP100/2

Fittings                                                                  Low-back P-trap                 150       SG1/2               Adaptor to Cast Iron           150    SA14/2
           Description                     Dia       Cat No                                                                             Pipes made to BS 437

           Couplings (Polyproplylene)                                     Hopper, integral inlet                                        Stopper                        150    SS1/2
           With EPDM sealing rings         150       SC1/2                complete with plastic grid      150       SH3/2
           With Nitrile sealing rings      150       SC3/2                + Spares
                                                                          Grid                                      IG1P                Testing Stopper                150    SS2/2
           90º Bend                        150       SB1/2                Bridge                                    QB2                 with integral nipple

                                                                          Rodding Point                   150       SRP1/2              Water Stop                     150    SWS2
           45º Bend                        150       SB2/2                Oval (aluminum)                                               375mm on 150mm coupling

                                                                          Access Pipe                     150       SPA2
           30º Bend                        150       SB3/2                                                                   SuperSleve 225
                                                                          45º Access Bend                 150       SBA2
           15º Bend                        150       SB4/2                                                                   Pipes
                                                                                                                                        Description                     Dia   Cat No
                                                                          45º Single Oblique Access       150x100   SJA2L
           Rest Bend                       150       SBR2                 Junction Left-hand              150x150   SJA3L               Full Length                     225   SP175/4S
                                                                          (illustrated)                                                 225mm x 1.75m

                                                                          45º Single Oblique Access       150x100   SJA2R               Plain End Pipes                 225   SP175/4
           45º Oblique Junction            150x100   SJ1/2                Junction Right-hand             150x150   SJA3R               225mm x 1.75m
                                           150x150   SJ1/3                                                                              Plain end pipes for use with
                                                                          Access Raising Piece            Height                        Nitrile couplings
                                                                                                          75mm      SRP1
           90º Curved Square               150x100   SJ2/2                                                100mm     SRP2                Rocker
           Junction                        150x150   SJ2/3                                                225mm     SRP3                0.3m                            225   SP030/5
                                                                                                          300mm     SRP4                0.6m                            225   SP060/5
                                                                                                                                        1.0m                            225   SP100/5
           Oblique Saddle                                                 Alloy Lid & Frame                         ISO
           Small - For pipes up to and                                                                                                  Short Length
           including 300mm dia             150       SJS1/1                                                                             0.3m                            225   SP030/5S
                                                               Adaptors (polypropelene)                                                 0.6m                            225   SP060/5S
           Large - For pipes larger than                                Description                       Dia       Cat No              1.0m                            225   SP100/5S
           300mm dia                       150       SJS2/2
                                                                          Rainwater Adaptor               150       SA21     Fittings
           Square Saddle                                                  to round or square rainwater                                  Description                     Dia   Cat No
           Small - For pipes up to and                                    pipes up to 100x100mm
           including 300mm dia             150       SJS4/2                                                                             Spare Couplings
                                                                          Adaptor Coupling                150       SA3/2               EPDM                            225   SC1/5
           Large - For pipes larger than                                  to HepSleve                                                   NItrile                         225   SC3/5
           300mm dia                       150       SJS5/2
                                                                          Adaptors to 160mm                                             Cut End Protector               225   SEP5
                                                                          PVCu soil pipes
           Taper Pipe                      100-150   ST2/1                SuperSleve                      150       SA10
                                           150-225   ST3/2                HepSleve                        150       VA10

                                                                                                                Civils and Infrastructure
SuperSleve 225
Fittings                                                        Fittings                                                        Fittings
           Description                      Dia      Cat No                Description                     Dia mm    Code                  Description                        Dia mm    Code

           90º Bend                         225      SB1/5S                Taper Pipe                      225-300   ST4/3                 Square Saddle
                                                                           to 225mm SuperSleve                                             Small - for pipes up to and        150       SJS4/2
                                                                                                                                           including 300mm dia.
           45º Bend                         225      SB2/5S                Stopper                         300       SS3/7
                                                                                                                                           Large - for pipes larger than      150       SJS5/2
                                                                                                                                           300mm dia.                         225       SJS5/5
           30º Bend                         225      SB3/5S                Adaptor to HepSeal              300       SA2/7
                                                                                                                                           Taper Pipe                         150x100   ST2/1
                                                                                                                                                                              225x150   ST3/2
           15º Bend                         225      SB4/5S                Adaptor to HepSleve             300       SA3/6                                                    300x225   ST4/3

                                                                                                                                           Adaptor to HepSeal                 150       SA2/2
           Rest Bend                       225       SBR5S                 Socket Adaptor                  300       SA1/7                                                    225       SA2/5
                                                                           for connection to                                                                                  300       SA2/7
                                                                           traditional pipes + fittings
           Taper Pipe                      150-225   ST3/2                                                                                 Adaptor to HepSleve                150       SA3/2
                                                                                                                                                                              225       SA3/4

           45º Oblique Junction           225x100    SJ1/7S
                                                                Hepworth SuperSeal®                                                                                           300       SA3/6

           one coupling on barrel         225x150    SJ1/8S
           coupling on the barrel and arm 225x225    SJ1/9D     Pipes
                                                                           Description                     Dia mm    Code
           90º Curved Square Junction 225x100        SJ3/7S
           one coupling on barrel         225x150    SJ3/8S                Socket/Plain End                                     Yard Gullies
           coupling on the barrel and arm 225x225    SJ2/9D                with EPDM sealing rings                                        Description                         Dia mm    Code
                                                                           Std. length
           Oblique Saddle                  225       SJS2/5                1.75m                           150       FP2S                  Yard Gully Supplied complete with
                                                                           1.75m                           225       FP175/4S              domestic duty grating and frame
                                                                           2.0m                            300       FP7S                  (up to 1 tonne)
           Square Saddle                   225       SJS5/5                                                                                Nominal Internal Back         Outlet
                                                                Short Length Pipes                                                         Internal    depth    Inlet    dia
                                                                         Description                       Dia mm    Code                  width mm mm          dia
           Adaptor to HepSeal              225       SA2/5                                                                                 225         585      -        100            RGP5
                                                                           Plain End                                                       225         585      100      100            RGP5B
                                                                           Length                                                          225         585      -        150            RGP7
           Socket Adaptor                  225       SA1/5                 0.6m                            150       SP060/2               225         585      100      150            RGP7B
           for Connection to traditional                                   0.3m                            225       SP030/5               With medium duty grating
           pipes + fittings                                                0.6m                            225       SP060/5               (up to 5 tonnes)
                                                                           1.0m                            225       SP100/5               225         585      -        100            RGP6
Adaptors (polypropylene)                                                   0.3m                            300       SP030/7               225         585      100      100            RGP6B
         Description                       Dia mm    Code                  0.6m                            300       SP060/7               225         585      -        150            RGP8
                                                                           1.0m                            300       SP100/7               225         585      150      150            RGP8B
           Adaptor Coupling                225       SA3/4                                                                                 Spare Stoppers                               RSG2
           to HepSleve                                                     Socket/Plain End
                                                                           Length                                                          Combined filter and
           Stopper                         225       SS3/4                 0.6m                            150       FP060/2S              silt bucket                        205       IBP3
           Clay                                                            0.3m                            225       FP030/5S
                                                                           0.6m                            225       FP060/5S
                                                                           1.0m                            225       FP100/5S              Gully Extras
SuperSleve 300                                                             0.3m
                                                                                                                                           Raising Piece
                                                                                                                                           300mm Plain Raising Piece          225       SP030/5
                                                                           1.0m                            300       FP100/7S              600mm Plain Raising Piece          225       SP060/5
           Description                     Dia mm    Code       Fittings                                                                   Spare Couplings
                                                                           Description                      Dia mm Code                    EPDM                               225       SC1/5
           Full length
           300mm x 2.0m                    300       SP7S                  Couplings (Polypropylene)                                       Road Gully, round, with
                                                                           Nitrile Sealing Rings           150       SC3/2                 rodding eye & stopper
           Plain End Pipes                                                                                 225       SC3/5                 Internal      Internal             Outlet
           300mm x 2.0m                    300       SP7                                                   300       SC3/7                 depth mm      width mm             dia
           Plain end pipes for use with                                                                                                    600           300                  100       RGR1
           Nitrile couplings                                               90° Bend                        150       FB1/2S                600           300                  150       RGR2
                                                                                                           225       FB1/5S                750           400                  150       RGR3
           Rocker                                                                                          300       FB1/7S                900           450                  150       RGR4
           0.3m                            300       SP030/7
           0.6m                            300       SP060/7               45° Bend                        150       FB2/2S                Spare Stoppers                               RSG1
           1.0m                            300       SP100/7                                               225       FB2/5S
                                                                                                           300       FB2/7S     Plastic Road Gullies
           Short length                                                                                                                   Description                                   Code
           0.3m                            300       SP030/7S              30° Bend                        150       FB3/2S
           0.6m                            300       SP060/7S                                              225       FB3/5S                Polypropylene Road
           1.0m                            300       SP100/7S                                              300       FB3/7S                Gully, plain 150mm outlet
                                                                                                                                           Internal diameter 510mm                      MGP1/1
Fittings                                                                   15° Bend                        150       FB4/2S                Internal depth 920mm
           Description                     Dia mm    Code                                                  225       FB4/5S
                                                                                                           300       FB4/7S                Adaptor to SuperSleve 150mm                  MGPA
           Spare Couplings EPDM            300       SC1/7
                                                                           Rest Bend                       150       SBR2                  Polypropylene Road Gully Trap
           Nitrile                         300       SC3/7                 (DN150 Illustrated)             225       FBR5S                 For inserting into outlet
                                                                                                           300       FBR7S                 of plain gully after reversing
           Cut End Protector               300       SCEP7                                                                                 sealing grommet                              MGPT
                                                                           Polypropylene                   150       SS1/2                 Adaptor to SuperSleve 150mm                  SA3/2
           90° Bend                        300       SB1/7S                Clay                            225       SS3/4
                                                                           Clay                            300       SS3/7                 Polyethylene Gully,
                                                                                                                                           trapped 150mm SuperSleve outlet
           45° Bend                        300       SB2/7S                45° Oblique Junction            150x100   FJ1/2S                Internal dia x Internal depth
                                                                           Double Socket                   225x100   FJ1/7S                375x750mm                                    MGP2/2
                                                                           with single socket on barrel    300x100   FJ1/14S               510x840mm                                    MGP3/2
           30° Bend                        300       SB3/7S
                                                                           Junction has a socket           150x150   FJ1/3D     Traps
                                                                           on the barrel and arm           225x150   FJ1/8D                Description                        Dia mm    Code
           15° Bend                        300       SB4/7S                                                225x225   FJ1/9D
                                                                                                           300x150   FJ1/15D               Universal Grease Trap
                                                                                                                                           550mm deep                         100/110   RGU1
           45° Oblique Junction                                            90° Curved Square               150x100   FJ2/2S                Supplied complete including
           Junction has one                300x100   SJ1/14S               Junction Double Socket          225x100   FJ3/7S                filter basket, spatula, cover
           coupling on the barrel          300x150   SJ1/15S               with single socket on barrel    300x100   FJ2/14S               and frame and 100/110
                                                                                                                                           conversion adaptors
           Junction has a coupling         300x225   SJ1/17D               Junction has a socket           150x150   FJ2/3D
           on the barrel and arm           300x300   SJ1/19D               on the barrel and arm           225x150   FJ3/8D                Internal length   Internal width
                                                                                                           225x225   FJ2/9D                600mm             450mm
           90° Square Junction                                                                             300x150   FJ2/15D
           Junction has one                300x100   SJ3/14S                                               300x300   FJ2/19D               Spare Cover and Frame                        IGUCI
           coupling on the barrel          300x150   SJ3/15S
                                                                           Square Tumbling                 150x150   FJ6/3S                Spare Filter Basket                          RGUFB
           Junction has a coupling         300x225   SJ3/17D               Bay Junction                    225x225   FJ6/9S                and Spatula
           on the barrel and arm           300x300   SJ3/19D               Branch and barrel equal         300x300   FJ6/19S
                                                                           Single socket on barrel
           Oblique Saddle                  300       SJS2/7
                                                                           Oblique Saddle
                                                                           Small - for pipes up to and     150       SJS1/2
           Square Saddle                   300       SJS5/7                including 300mm dia.

                                                                           Large - for pipes larger than   150       SJS2/2
           Rest Bend                       300       SBR7S                 300mm dia.                      225       SJS2/5
Inspection Chambers
Inspection Chambers                                           Short Length Pipes                                           Channel Pipes Socketed
          Description                   Dia mm      Code               Description                     Dia mm    Code               Description                   Dia mm    Code

         Up to 1.2m Deep                                                 Spigot/PlainEnded             400       HPS1/5             Plain ended                   400       CBP5/5
                                                                         Length 0.6m                   450       HPS1/6             221/2° (1/16 circle)          450       CBP5/6
         Mixed Base PPIC                 150/160    SPIC1/2                                            500       HPS1/7                                           500       CBP5/7
         Polypropylene                   100/110                                                       600       HPS1/8
         Inspection Chamber                                                                                                         Supplied in 2                 600       CBP5/8
         150/160 straight through                                        Socket/PlainEnded             400       HPS2/5             separate segments
         main channel with 2x150/160                                     Length 0.6m                   450       HPS2/6
         branches at 90˚ & 2x100/110                                                                   500       HPS2/7             Oblique Junction              100x100   CJP1/1L
         branches at 45˚                                                                               600       HPS2/8             left-hand (illustrated)       150x100   CJP1/2L
         475mm dia. 1030mm deep.                                                                                                                                  150x150   CJP1/3L
         Supplied with 4 inlet stoppers.                                 Spigot/Socket                 400       HPS3/5
         Conversion adaptors supplied.                                   For use where necessary       450       HPS3/6             Oblique Junction              100x100   CJP1/1R
                                                                         as rocker pipes.                                           right-hand                    150x100   CJP1/2R
         Raising Piece,                             SPIC4                Length 0.6m                                                                              150x100   CJP1/3R
         175mm deep, 475mm diameter                                      Length 1.0m                   400       HPS4/5
                                                                                                       450       HPS4/6             Curved Square Junction        100x100   CJP2/1L
         Sealing Ring                   100/110     SPIC5                Note:                         500       HPS4/7             left-hand (illustrated)       150x100   CJP2/2L
         for Raising Piece              or                               Other lengths available       600       HPS4/8                                           150x150   CJP2/3L
         475mm diameter                 150/160                          to special order only.
                                                                                                                                    Curved Square Junction        100x100   CJP2/1R
         Mixed Base, 315mm deep,         150/160    SPIC6/2   Fittings                                                              right-hand                    150x100   CJP2/2R
         150/160 straight through        100/110                         Description                   Dia mm    Code                                             150x150   CJP2/3R
         main channel with 2x150/160
         branches at 90˚ & 2x100/110                                     Sealing Rings Nitrile         400       RN5                                   Length m
         branches at 45˚                                                                               450       RN6                Pipe               0.3        100       CP1/1
         Supplied with 4 inlet stoppers.                                                               500       RN7                                   0.3        150       CP1/2
         Conversion adaptors supplied.                                                                 600       RN8                                   0.3        225       CP1/3
                                                                                                                                                       0.3        300       CP1/4
         Round Ductile Iron                                              EPDM (Spare Rings)            450       R6E                                   0.6        100       CP2/1
         Cover & Plastics Frame                     SPK8                                               500       R7E                                   0.6        150       CP2/2
         Includes security clips                                                                       600       R8E                                   0.6        225       CP2/3
         for additional safety                                                                                                                         0.6        300       CP2/4
         EN 124 A15 35kN                                                 90° Bend                      400       HB1/5                                 1.0        100       CP3/1
                                                                                                       450       HB1/6                                 1.0        150       CP3/2
         Round Ductile Iron                                                                            500       HB1/7                                 1.0        225       CP3/3
         Cover & Plastics Frame                     SPK9                                               600       HB1/8                                 1.0        300       CP3/4
         Includes security clips
         for additional safety EN 124                                    45° Bend                      400       HB2/5     Channel Fittings Socketed
         Colour - Black B125                                                                           450       HB2/6              Description                   Dia mm    Code
                                                                                                       500       HB2/7
         Round Composite                                                                               600       HB2/8              Enlarger                      100x150   CT2/1
         Cover & Plastics Frame                     SPK10                                                                                                         150x225   CT2/2
         Includes security clips                                         221/2° Bend                   400       HB5/5                                            225x300   CT2/3
         for additional safety EN 124                                                                  450       HB5/6
         Colour - Black                                                                                500       HB5/7
                                                                                                       600       HB5/8              Reducer                       150x100   CT1/1
         Round Composite                                                                                                                                          225x150   CT1/2
         Cover & Plastics Frame                     SPK11                45° Oblique Junction          400x100   HJ3/11                                           300x225   CT1/3
         Includes security clips                                         with SuperSleve arm           400x150   HJ3/12
         for additional safety EN 124                                                                  450x100   HJ3/14    Channel Bends Socketed
         Colour - Green                                                                                450x150   HJ3/15             Description                   Dia mm    Code
                                                                                                       500x150   HJ3/18
         Square Ductile Iron                                                                                                        90° Bend           LH         100       CB1/1L
         Cover & Frame (airtight)                   SPKS8                90° Curved Square Junction 400x150      HJ4/12             medium             RH         100       CB1/1R
         Includes security clips                                         with SuperSleve arm                                        left-hand          LH         150       CB1/2L
         for additional safety                                           supplied with square arm                                   right-hand         RH         150       CB1/2R
         EN 124 A15 35kN                                                                                                                               LH         225       CB1/3L
                                                                         Square Tumbling               400x400   HJ6/13                                RH         225       CB1/3R
         Recessed Cover for                                              Bay Junction                                                                  LH         300       CB1/4L
         optional surface cover         –           SPCR8                Branch and barrel equal                                                       RH         300       CB1/4R

         Inlet Adaptor from                                                                                                         45° Bend           LH         100       CB2/1L
         150-100mm                      150/100     SPIC7     Channels                                                              medium
Reduced Access Chamber                                                                                                              right-hand         RH         150       CB2/2R
        Description                     Dia mm      Code      Channel Pipes Plain Ended                                                                LH         225       CB2/3L
                                                                       Description                     Dia mm    Code                                  RH         225       CB2/3R
         Depth range 1.2 - 3.0m                                                                                                                        LH         300       CB2/4L
                                                                                            Length m                                                   RH         300       CB2/4R
         Telescopic Raising                                              Pipe               0.3        100       CPP1/1
         Piece Assembly                             SPIC3/7                                 0.6        100       CPP2/1             30° Bend           LH         100       CB3/1L
         Airtight, Class B square cover                                                     1.0        100       CPP3/1             medium             RH         100       CB3/1R
         with 350mm vertical and 4˚                                                         0.3        150       CPP1/2             left-hand          LH         150       CB3/2L
         angular adjustment, c/w installation                                               0.6        150       CPP2/2             right-hand         RH         150       CB3/2R
         instructions. Access not greater than                                              1.0        150       CPP3/2                                LH         225       CB3/3L
         350mm dia. (BSEN752)                                                               1.0        225       CPP3/3                                RH         225       CB3/3R
                                                                                            1.0        300       CPP3/4                                LH         300       CB3/4L
         Raising Piece                              SPIC3/4                                 1.0        400       CPP3/5                                RH         300       CB3/4R
         700mm deep, pre-sealed                                                             1.0        450       CPP3/6
         475mm diameter                                                                     1.0        500       CPP3/7             15° Bend           LH         100       CB4/1L
                                                                                            1.0        600       CPP3/8             medium             RH         100       CB4/1R
         Raising Piece                              SPIC4                                                                           left-hand          LH         150       CB4/2L
         175mm deep                                           Channel Fittings Plain Ended                                          right-hand         RH         150       CB4/2R
         475mm diameter                                                Description                     Dia mm    Code                                  LH         225       CB4/3L
                                                                                                                                                       RH         225       CB4/3R
         Sealing Ring                               SPIC5                Enlarger/Reducer              100x150   CTP1/1                                LH         300       CB4/4L
         For raising piece                                                                             225x300   VCTP4/3                               RH         300       CB4/4R
         475mm diameter                                                                                300x400   CTP1/4
                                                                                                                                    Enlarger           LH         100x150   CBT2/1L
         Mixed Base PPIC                 150/160    SPIC1/2              90° Bend                      100       CBP1/1             left-hand          RH         100x150   CBT2/1R
         Polypropylene                   100/110                                                       150       CBP1/2             right-hand         LH         150x225   CBT2/2L
         Inspection Chamber                                                                            225       VCB1/3                                RH         150x225   CBT2/2R
         150/160 straight through                                                                      300       VCB1/4                                LH         225x300   CBT2/3L
         main channel with 2x150/160                                                                                                                   RH         225x300   CBT2/3R
         branches at 90˚ & 2x100/110                                     45° Bend                      100       CBP2/1
         branches at 45˚                                                                               150       CBP2/2             Reducer            LH         225x150   CBT1/2L
         475mm dia. 1030mm deep.                                                                       225       VCB2/3             left-hand          RH         225x150   CBT1/2R
         Supplied with 4 inlet stoppers.                                                               300       VCB2/4             right-hand
         Conversion adaptors supplied.
                                                                         30° Bend                      100       CBP3/1             90º Curved         LH         100x100   CJ2/1L
                                                                                                       150       CBP3/2             Square             RH         100x100   CJ2/1R
HepSeal                                                                                                225
                                                                                                                                    right-hand         LH         150x150   CJ2/3L
Pipes                                                                    15° Bend                      100       CBP4/1                                RH         150x150   CJ2/3R
         Description                    Dia mm      Code                                               150       CBP4/2                                LH         225x100   CJ2/4L
                                                                                                       225       VCB4/3                                RH         225x100   CJ2/4R
         Supplied with EPDM sealing rings                                                              300       VCB4/4                                LH         225x150   CJ2/5L
         Special-purpose Nitrile Rings available.                                                                                                      RH         225x150   CJ2/5R
                                                                         Plain ended                   400       CBP2/5                                LH         225x225   CJ2/6L
         Standard length m                                               45° (1/8 circle)              450       CBP2/6                                RH         225x225   CJ2/6R
         2.0                            400         HP200/5                                            500       CBP2/7                                LH         300x150   CJ2/8L
         2.0                            450         HP200/6              Supplied in 3                 600       CBP2/8                                RH         300x150   CJ2/8R
         2.0                            500         HP200/7              separate segments                                                             LH         300x225   CJ2/9L
         2.5                            600         HP8                                                                                                RH         300x225   CJ2/9R
                                                                                                                                                       LH         300x300   CJ2/10L
                                                                                                                                                       RH         300x300   CJ2/10R
Channel Bends Socketed                              Branch Channel Bends Socketed                             Manhole Covers
         Description            Dia mm    Code              Description                     Dia mm    Code            Description                Weight Clear     Code
        45º Oblique       LH    100x100   CJ1/1L             50° left-hand     LH           100       CX1CL
        Junction          RH    100x100   CJ1/1R             50° right-hand    RH           100       CX1CR                                      kg    mm
        left-hand         LH    150x100   CJ1/2L                               LH           150       CX2CL              Double Triangular
        right-hand        RH    150x100   CJ1/2R                               RH           150       CX2CR              Ductile
                          LH    150x150   CJ1/3L                               LH           225       CX3CL              Grade D-400             90    600x600    IDC1
                          RH    150x150   CJ1/3R                               RH           225       CX3CR
                          LH    225x100   CJ1/4L                                                                         Double Triangular
                          RH    225x100   CJ1/4R             70° left-hand     LH           100       CX1DL              Cast Iron
                          LH    225x150   CJ1/5L             70° right-hand    RH           100       CX1DR              Grade D-400             140   600x600    IDC2
                          RH    225x150   CJ1/5R                               LH           150       CX2DL
                          LH    225x225   CJ1/6L                               RH           150       CX2DR              Rectangular (Slide Out)
                          RH    225x225   CJ1/6R                               LH           225       CX3DL              Ductile
                          LH    300x150   CJ1/8L                               RH           225       CX3DR              Grade B-125          62       600x450    IDC4
                          RH    300x150   CJ1/8R                                                                         Grade B-125          77       600x600    IDC6
                          LH    300x225   CJ1/9L             90° left-hand     LH           100       CX1EL
                          RH    300x225   CJ1/9R             90° right-hand    RH           100       CX1ER              Rectangular
                          LH    300x300   CJ1/10L                              LH           150       CX2EL              Cast Iron
                          RH    300x300   CJ1/10R                              RH           150       CX2ER              Grade A-15              51    600x600    IDC7
                                                                               LH           225       CX3EL
        45º Double Oblique      100x100   CJ3/1                                RH           225       CX3ER   Gully Gratings & Frames
        Junction                150x100   CJ3/2                                                                         Description              Weight Clear     Code
                                150x150   CJ3/3              115° left-hand LH              100       CX1FL                                             Opening
                                225x150   CJ3/5              115° right-hand RH             100       CX1FR
                                225x225   CJ3/6                              LH             150       CX2FL                                      kg    mm
                                300x150   CJ3/8                              RH             150       CX2FR              Ductile Triangle
                                300x225   CJ3/9                                                                          Ductile Grade D400      46    434x434    1DG1
                                                             140° left-hand LH              100       CX1GL
        90º Double Curved       100x100   CJ4/1              140° right-hand RH             100       CX1GR
        Square Junction         150x100   CJ4/2                              LH             150       CX2GL              Rectangular End
                                150x150   CJ4/3                              RH             150       CX2GR              Hinged
                                225x150   CJ4/5                                                                          Ductile Grade D400      37    400x400    1DG7
                                225x225   CJ4/6              165° left-hand LH              100       CX1HL
                                300x150   CJ4/8              165° right-hand RH             100       CX1HR              Ductile Grade C250      19    360x310    1DG8
                                                                             LH             150       CX2HL
        45º Breeches Oblique    100x100   CJ5/1                              RH             150       CX2HR              Ductile Grade D400      46    500x350    1DG9
        Junction                150x100   CJ5/2
                                150x150   CJ5/3                                                                          Lifting Keys
                                                    Metalwork                                                            Heavy Duty (per pair) –
                                                                                                                         Light Duty (per pair) –
                                300x225   CJ5/9
                                300x300   CJ5/10    Grids and Sealing Plates
                                                             Description                    Dia mm    Code
        90º Breeches Square     100x100   CJ6/1
        Junction                150x100   CJ6/2              Gully Grid,       Alloy        120       IG1
                                150x150   CJ6/3              (Square)          Alloy        150       IG2     Temporary Manhole Cover
                                225x150   CJ6/5                                Alloy        225       IG3             Description                      Clear      Code
                                225x225   CJ6/6                                Alloy        300       IG4                                              Opening
                                300x300   CJ6/10                               Cast Iron    120       IG1C
                                                                               Cast Iron    150       IG2C                                             mm
Branch Channel Bends Socketed                                                  Cast Iron    225       IG3C
        Description             Dia mm    Code                                 Cast Iron    300       IG4C               Temporary                     To fit   TMC1
                                                                               Galvanised   150       IG2G               Manhole Cover                 600x600
        Half-section      LH    100       CX1/1L                               Galvanised   225       IG3G                                             and
        10° left-hand     RH    100       CX1/1R                                                                                                       675x675
        10° right-hand    LH    150       CX2/1L             Alloy only        Alloy        265x120   IG5                                              square
                          RH    150       CX2/1R             Gully Grid                                                                                openings
        30° left-hand     LH    100       CX1/2L
        30° right-hand    RH
                                                             For use with:     Hopper
                          RH    150       CX2/2R                               Gully                  SG4/1
                          LH    225       CX3/2L                                                              Ducts
                          RH    225       CX3/2R                               Gully size mm                             Description                   Dia mm     Code
                                                             Gully Grid,       100 Alloy     140      IG6
        50° left-hand     LH    100       CX1/3L             (Round)           150 Alloy     197      IG7                Standard length
        50° right-hand    RH    100       CX1/3R                               225 Alloy     284      IG8                m
                          LH    150       CX2/3L                               100 Cast Iron 140      IG6C               1.6     Plain Ended           100        DP2
                          RH    150       CX2/3R                               150 Cast Iron 197      IG7C               1.75    Plain Ended           150        DP4
                          LH    225       CX3/3L                               225 Cast Iron 284      IG8C
                          RH    225       CX3/3R                                                                         1.75    Single Socket         225        DP175/5
                                                                               Dish size mm
        70° left-hand     LH    100       CX1/4L             Dish Grid,        300 Alloy     178      IG11               Split/Grooved Duct
        70° right-hand    RH    100       CX1/4R             (Round)           300 Cast Iron 178      IG11C              loose wrap-round plastic sleeve
                          LH    150       CX2/4L                                                                         included with 100 and 150mm diameters.
                          RH    150       CX2/4R             Hinged            Alloy        120       IH1                Standard length
                          LH    225       CX3/4L             Gratings          Alloy        150       IH2                m
                          RH    225       CX3/4R             and               Alloy        230       IH3                1.6     100                            DPS2
                                                             Frames            Alloy        316       IH4                1.75    150                            DPS4
        90° right-hand    LH    100       CX1/5L             (Square)          Cast Iron    150       IH2C               1.75    225                            DPS175/5
        90° right-hand    RH    100       CX1/5R                               Cast Iron    230       IH3C
                          LH    150       CX2/5L                               Cast Iron    316       IH4C    Fittings
                          RH    150       CX2/5R                                                                         Description                   Dia mm     Code
                          LH    225       CX3/5L                               Gully size mm
                          RH    225       CX3/5R             Hinged            100 Alloy     135      IH5                90° Bend                      100        DB1/2
                                                             Gratings          150 Alloy     193      IH6
        115° left-hand LH       100       CX1/6L             and               225 Cast Iron 265      IH7C               Note: Plain Ended Bend -
        115° right-hand RH      100       CX1/6R             Frames            300 Cast Iron 368      IH8C               Coupling required from
                        LH      150       CX2/6L             (Round)                                                     SuperSleve Range
                        RH      150       CX2/6R
                        LH      225       CX3/6L             Sealing           Alloy        120       IS1                45° Bend                      100        DB2/2
                        RH      225       CX3/6R             Plate and         Alloy        150       IS2                                              150        DB2/4
                                                             Frame,            Alloy        225       IS3                Note: Plain Ended Bend -
        140° left-hand LH       100       CX1/7L             (Square)          Cast Iron    120       IS1C               Coupling required from
        140° right-hand RH      100       CX1/7R                               Cast Iron    150       IS2C               SuperSleve Range
                        LH      150       CX2/7L                               Cast Iron    225       IS3C
                        RH      150       CX2/7R                                                                         30° Bend                      100        DB3/2
                        LH      225       CX3/7L             Sealed            Sizes: 120mm                                                            150        DB3/4
                        RH      225       CX3/7R             version in        & 150mm                                   Note: Plain Ended Bend -
                                                             alloy on                                                    Coupling required from
        165° left-hand LH       100       CX1/8L             request                                                     SuperSleve Range
        165° right-hand RH      100       CX1/8R
                        LH      150       CX2/8L                               Gully size mm                             22 1/2° Bend                  100        DB4/2
                        RH      150       CX2/8R             Sealing           100 Alloy     140      IS5                                              150        DB4/4
                                                             Plate and         150 Alloy     197      IS6                Note: Plain Ended Bend -
        Three-            LH    100       CX1AL              Frame,            225 Alloy     273      IS7                Coupling required from
        quarter-section   RH    100       CX1AR              (Round)           150 Cast Iron 197      IS6C               SuperSleve Range
        10° left-hand     LH    150       CX2AL                                225 Cast Iron 273      IS7C
        10° right-hand    RH    150       CX2AR                                                                          15° Bend                      100        DB5/2
                          LH    225       CX3AL              Access Sealing                 Nominal                                                    150        DB5/4
                          RH    225       CX3AR              Plate and Frame                Size                         Note: Plain Ended Bend -
                                                                                            300x150   IS0                Coupling required from
        30° left-hand     LH    100       CX1BL                                                                          SuperSleve Range
        30° right-hand    RH    100       CX1BR
                          LH    150       CX2BL                                                                          11 1/4° Bend                  100        DB6/2
                          RH    150       CX2BR                                                                                                        150        DB6/4
                                                                                                                         Note: Plain Ended Bend -
                                                                                                                         Coupling required from
                                                                                                                         SuperSleve Range
Fittings                                                        Fittings                                                       Fittings
            Description                    Dia mm    Code                  Description                     Dia mm    Code                 Description                      Dia mm    Code

            Spigot Plain                   100       DBM2/2                15° Bend                        100       RB5/1                Square Gully
                                           150       DBM2/4                                                150       RB5/2                P Outlet               100 LHI   150x100   RGS5/1
                                                                                                                                          1 Horizontal           100 RHI   150x100   RGS6/1
            Plastic Bellmouth              100       DBM3/2                                                                               Inlet
            (removable)                    150       DBM3/4                Rest bend                       100       RBR1
                                                                                                           150       RBR2                 Square Gully P Outlet
            Draw Rope (nylon)              –         MDR                                                                                  2 Horizontal Inlets
            220 metres coil                                                                                                               mm                               mm
                                                                           Oblique Junction                100x100   RJ1/1                100 LH1             100 RHI      150x100   RGS7/1
                                                                                                           150x100   RJ1/2                100 HB1             100 RBI      150x100   RGS9/1
HepLine                                                                                                    150x150   RJ1/3
                                                                                                                                          Square Gully
                                                                           Curved Square                   100x100   RJ2/1                                                           mm
Pipes                                                                      Junction                        150x100   RJ2/2
            Description                    Dia mm    Code                                                  150x150   RJ2/3                P Outlet               100 VBI   150x100   RGS10/1
                                                                                                                                          One Vertical Inlet     100 VRI   150x100   RGS12/1
                                                                           Taper                           150x100   RT1/1
                                                                           Reducer                                                        Dish Tops                        100       RDR2
                                                                                                                                                                           150       RDR3
Standard 100+150mm diameter                                                Double                          100       RDC1
Coupling required from the SuperSleve Range                                Collar                          150       RDC2
1.6m      Perforated     Plain Ended   100           LP1                                                   225       RDC3      Flexible Couplings
1.75m     Perforated     Plain Ended   150           LP2
                                                                           Loose                           100       RLC1
                                                                           Collar                          150       RLC2      Standard Couplings
                                                                                                                                        Description                        Dia mm    Code
1.75m       Perforated     Single Socket   225       LP175/3               Socket Adaptor                  100       SA1/1
2.0m        Perforated     Single Socket   300       LP200/4               Connects SuperSleve to          150       SA1/2                Standard                     110 to 1999     †
2.0m        Slotted        Socketed        400       HLP200/5              traditional pipes + fittings    225       SA1/5
2.0m        Slotted        Socketed        450       HLP200/6                                              300       SA1/7
Plain Ended Pipe - Coupling Supplied                                       Stopper                         100       RS1                  Description                      Dia mm    Code
                                                                           Plain                           150       RS2
Fittings                                                                                                   225       RS3                  Universal            110-121 to 260-285      †
Stoppers and Fittings for HepLine subsoil drainage systems                 Interceptor                     100       RI 1/1
are available as follows:                                                  With fall between inlet         150       RI 1/2               Drainage                80-95 to 265-290     †
                                                                           and outlet. c/w stopper         225       RI 1/3               Range
SuperSleve Range for 100-300mm,
HepSeal Range for 400-450mm                                                Interceptor                     100       RI 2/1
                                                                           c/w stopper                     150       RI 2/2    Bushes
                                                                                                           225       RI 2/3               Description                      Dia mm    Code
Land Drain                                                                 Interceptor                     100       RI 3/1                                            101 to 1999     †
                                                                           Reverse Action                  150       RI 3/2
Pipes                                                                      c/w stopper                     225       RI 3/3
            Description                    Dia mm    Code                                                                      † SEE DRAINAGE PRICE LIST FOR FULL DETAILS
                                                                                              Height mm
            Length mm                                                      Round              75           150       RRP2/1
                                                                           Raising Piece      150
            300                            150       ALD3                                     300          150       RRP2/4
            300                            225       ALD4                                     75           225       RRP3/1    Accessories
                                                                                              150          225       RRP3/2             Description                        Dia mm    Code
                                                                                              225          225       RRP3/3
Junctions                                                                                     300          225       RRP3/4               Pipe Cutter
            Description                    Dia mm    Code                                     150          300       RRP4/2               Lever                            100       MPC1
                                                                                              225          300       RRP4/3                                                100/150   MPC2
            Length mm                                                                         300          300       RRP4/4
            300                            75X75     ALJ1                                                                                 Pipe Cutter
            300                            100X100   ALJ2                  Square             75           150       RRS2/1               Screw                            up to 225 MPC6
            300                            150X100   ALJ3                  Raising Piece      150          150       RRS2/2
            300                            150X150   ALJ4                                     225          150       RRS2/3
                                                                                              300          150       RRS2/4               Pipe Trimmer                     100/150   MPT1
                                                                                              75           225       RRS3/1
Unjointed                                                                                     150
                                                                                                                     RRS3/3               Masonry Saw Blade                300       DTB1
                                                                                              300          225       RRS3/4               HepBlade                                   DTB2
Pipes                                                                                         75           300       RRS4/1               Diamond tipped blade
            Description                    Dia mm    Code                                     150          300       RRS4/2               recommended for cutting
                                                                                              225          300       RRS4/3               ceramic pipes
            Standard pipe length                                                              300          300       RRS4/4
            1.0m                           100       RP1                                                                                  Expanding Pipe Stoppers          100       QTP1
            1.0m                           150       RP100/2               Rainwater Shoe                                                                                  150       QTP2
            1.0m                           225       RP100/3               with Vertical Back Inlet                                                                        200       QTP3
            1.0m                           300       RP100/4               100mm with 100mm Inlets         100       RRWS3/1                                               225       QTP4
                                                                           150mm with 150mm Inlets         150       RRWS3/2                                               300       QTP6
Fittings                                                                   accepts lid + frame                       ISO
            Description                    Dia mm    Code                                                                                                        Pipe size
                                                                           Pipe Flap Valves                100       RPV1                                        mm
            90° Bend                       100       RB1/1                                                 150       RPV2                 Lever Locking          100       140       IL1
                                                                                                           225       RPV3                 Stoppers               150       188       IL2
                                                                                                           300       RPV4                                        225       267       IL3

            45° Bend                       100       RB2/1                 Low Back Trap                   100x100   RGL1/1               Lubricant - 1 kilo                         SL1
                                           150       RB2/2                 P Outlet                        150x150   RGL1/3               Lubricant - 2.5 kilo                       SL2

            30° Bend                       100       RB3/1                 Round Gully                                                    High Performance Jointing                  SL1C
                                           150       RB3/2                 P Outlet              150x100             RG1/2                Lubricant - recommended for
                                                                                                                                          HepSeal, Nitrile Seals, cold
                                                                           Antiflood Gully                                                and / or wet weather - 1 kilo
                                                                           P Outlet              150x100             RGA1
Recommended Bedding Requirements                                                                                                                                                                                Class D*          Class D (Bedding factor 1.1)
Main Traffic Roads                                                                                                                                                                                                                 If the sub-soil falls within types III to VI in Table
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  E1 in Approved Document A1/2 of The
               DN                         150                                225                           300                                400             450                  500             600                            Building Regulations 1985 (see below left),
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  hand-trim the trench bottom with a spade
 Class No.                          187        267 124                       160       200           113         240                120         160           120        96          120            95         Natural Trench
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  to support the pipe along the length of its
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Class N*          barrel, allowing for any socket recesses.
                 System Type


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Class N (Bedding factor 1.1)







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Where the subsoil cannot be trimmed




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  accurately, excavate the trench to a depth of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Blanket of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As-Dug          at least 50mm below the pipe barrel for
 Strength kN/m                      28          40                 28        36          45           34         72                 48          64             54        48              60          57           Material        Sleve pipes, and 100mm for Socketed pipes,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Class F          increasing this in rocky ground to 150mm for
                               1                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sleve, and 200mm for Socketed pipes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (shown as a in the diagrams).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Form a bed for the pipe from as-dug, if
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Flat Bed        suitable, or granular material, well compacted
                               3                                                                                                                                                                                                  and covering the full trench width. Socket
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Class B
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  holes should be taken out and the pipe barrel
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  rested firmly on its bedding. Any granular
   Depth of Cover (m)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  material used should be packed by slicing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with a spade.
                               5                                                                                                                                                                                  Haunch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Class F (Bedding factor 1.9)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Class S
                               6                                                                                                                                                                                                  Recommended for maximum installed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  cost savings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Class B (Bedding factor 2.5) and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Surround         Class S (Bedding factor 2.5)
                               8                                                                                                                                                                                                  The bedding factors listed above are limited
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  to use with clay pipes only. This provides the
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Selected backfill
                               9                                                                                                                                                                                                  benefit of savings in excavation, removal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  from site and imported material, especially
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Granular material   when compared with flexible pipes which
                               10                                                                                                                                                                                                 require a full granular surround.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              As dug material
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  * see Agrément Certificate 02/3884 for SuperSleve
                        Concrete                          Bedding Factor 1.1                                    Bedding Factor 1.9                                       Bedding Factor 2.5
                        Surround                          Class D+N                                             Class F                                                  Class B+S

Extract from Table E1 in Approved Document A1/2 of The Building Regulations 1985                                                                                                                                                  Sizing of Bedding Material
Type of subsoil                                            Conditions Field test applications                                                                                                                                      Nominal bore          Size mm             Size mm Graded
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of pipe (mm)          Single sized
III Clay                                                   Stiff                  Cannot be moulded with the fingers, and requires a
Sandy clay                                                                        pick or mechanically operated spade for its removal                                                                                              150-200               10 or 14            14 to 5
IV Clay                                                   Firm                   Can be moulded by substantial pressure with the                                                                                                   225-300               10,14 or 20         14 to 5 or 20 to 5
Sandy clay                                                                       fingers and can be excavated with graft or spade                                                                                                  375-500               14 or 20            14 to 5 or 20 to 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Exceeding 500         14,20 or 40         14 to 5, 20 to 5 or 40 to 5
V Sand                                                     Loose                 Can be excavated with a spade.
Clayey sand/Silty sand                                                           Wooden peg 50mm square in cross-section can be easily driven                                                                                     All granular material to be single sized or graded in accordance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with BS 882: 1992, sintered pulverized-fuel ash to BS 3797:
VI Silt                                                    Soft                   Fairly easily moulded in the fingers and readily excavated
Sandy clay/Silty clay                                                                                                                                                                                                             1990 and air-cooled blast furnace slags to BS 1047: 1983 are

For Bedding information on Fields and Gardens, please refer to the Hepworth website at: www.hepworth.co.uk

Sitework and Installation Instructions
Health and Safety Information                                                                                                       should never be                                                              Fig. 1           Successive rows should be turned end-
To ensure your safety; Hepworth strongly                                                                                            passed through the                                                                            for-end, with the spigots projecting
recommend the use of the correct form of                                                                                            barrel of the pipe,                                                                           beyond the sockets, and with timber
personal protective equipment (PPE) when                                                                                            and multiple pipe                                                                             wedges or battens at the ends of the
cutting or handling clay pipes. This should                                                                                         lifting with slings                                                                           bottom row to prevent movement (Fig. 2).
include goggles or similar eye protection,                                                                                          should be avoided,
along with sturdy gloves.                                                                                                           as this could result in                                                                       Trench Preparation
                                                                                                                                    damaged pipes.                                                                                The trench should not be excavated too far
Further Health and Safety data is available                                                                                                                                                                                       in advance of pipe laying and should be
in the form of a Material Safety Data sheet                                                                                         Never unload pipes by dropping them,                                                          backfilled as soon as possible. Trench
for Fired Clay Products. (Available from the                                                                                        and avoid moving the pipes on site by                                                         widths should be as narrow as practicable
Hepworth web site at: www.hepworth.co.uk).                                                                                          rolling or dragging.                                                                          but not less than the pipe OD plus 300mm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  to enable proper compaction of sidefill.
Delivery                                                                                                                            Storage                                                                                       Trench sides should be correctly
                                                                                                                                                                         Fig. 2
Vitrified clay pipes can be delivered to site                                                                                       If stacking is                                                                                supported.
in pre-packed form and can be mechanically                                                                                          necessary, this
off-loaded quickly by the delivery vehicle, if                                                                                      should be on level                                                                            The type of bedding and filling needed
pre-arranged at the time of ordering for full                                                                                       ground, and the                                                                               depends on:-
vehicle loads only, or by the customer’s                                                                                            bottom layer of pipes                                                                         • pipe type and size
own plant such as fork lift or crane (Fig. 1).                                                                                      should be firmly wedged for stability.                                                        • depth of pipe under surface
Large diameter pipes not in packs should                                                                                            Socketed pipes should be kept clear of                                                        • width of trench
be carefully off-loaded using slings. These                                                                                         the ground by a wooden batten (Fig. 2).                                                       • type of subsoil
• load on surface of trench                      masonry saw, using either a carborundum           Clean the spigot and fit the rubber ring into
  (eg. under a road, field or garden)            or diamond tipped blade. Diamond tipped           the groove. Push the spigot fully home into the
                                                 blades cut most efficiently, and have the         socket by hand, using
Selected material       Fig. 3                   longest blade life. Carborundum blades will       a slight side-to-side    Fig. 7
and, where required,                             produce a good cut but may be slightly slower     movement (Fig. 7).
subsoil and topsoil                              and have a shorter blade life. The quality        To joint a cut
should be put aside                              of cut may vary according to the blade            HepSeal pipe use
for backfilling at a                             specification. Please contact the Technical       a flexible coupling.
later stage (Fig. 3).                            Advisory Service for further information.
                                                 When using a powered masonry saw a safe           Special care should
All excavated material should be placed 4 to     system of work should be followed;                be taken with large
5 metres from the edge of the excavation         • Before any pipe cutting operation is started,   diameter pipes of all
or outside a 45° line drawn from the                read and adhere to the safety and operating    systems. To ease
bottom of the trench.                               instructions of both the masonry saw and       handling lower the
                                                    the blade manufacturer.                        pipes on a double                Fig. 8
If applicable, buried services such as gas,      • Check that the masonry saw is fitted with       sling support, centre
electricity and water should be uncovered           the correct specification of blade.            the spigot in the
with extreme care.                               • Make a clear mark around the circumference      socket or coupling
                                                    of the pipe at the desired length.             and push the joint
Trenches should be kept free from water,         • The pipe being cut should be positioned         home (Fig. 8).
where possible, and the trench formation            in a horizontal and stable position.
should be maintained free from disturbance       • Care should be taken to support and secure      Trench Backfilling
due to foot traffic.                                both halves of the pipe being created by       In the first stages of backfill, selected material
                                                    the cut, to avoid the blade being nipped       should be placed uniformly on both sides
Pipe Cutting                                        as the pipe separates.                         of the pipe by hand in layers not exceeding
New Short               Fig. 4                   • With the correct personal protective            100mm in thickness, each layer being
Length Pipes                                        equipment in place commence the cut;           compacted by hand tamping until the pipe
Pipe cutting can                                    the best quality cut is generally achieved     has a minimum of 150mm compacted cover.
be minimised and                                    by making one continuous cut.
installation time                                • After cutting, any sharp edges may              Further backfill should be placed in layers
reduced by the use                                  require trimming with an emery stone.          not exceeding 300mm, each layer being
of standard short                                • Alternatively on 225 & 300mm diameters a        well compacted. Mechanical compaction
lengths. They are                                   pipe end protector may be used see Fig. 5.     equipment should not be used until there is
primarily for use at                                                                               a minimum of 450mm of compacted material
manhole positions as                             Pipe End Protection                               above the crown of the pipe.
                                                                            Fig. 5
rocker pipes or to                               Trimming of the pipe
adjust the pipeline length at manhole or         is not required if the                            Flexible Couplings
junction positions.                              pipe cut end protector                            A wide range of flexible couplings are available
                                                 is used prior to jointing.                        for replacement and repair operations. They
Recommended Cutting Method by                    Once the protector is                             may be used for the placing of new pipes
Pipe Diameter                                    placed over the end                               into a drain or sewer to replace damaged or
SuperSleve 150mm - Lever action chain            of the pipe the joint                             failed pipes, for the insertion of junctions
cutter Code MPC2                                 can be made quickly                               into existing pipelines or for the connection
SuperSleve 225mm - Screw action chain            and easily without the                            of different sizes or types of pipes (Fig. 9).
cutter Code MPC6 / Masonry saw                   risk of damaging the
SuperSleve 300mm - Masonry saw                   rubber seal (Fig. 5).                             Fig. 9
                                                 Sharp edges should be removed with a pipe              Pipe Repairs

Pipe Chain Cutter                                trimmer, emery stone or coarse file prior to
This procedure should be followed to ensure      jointing if the pipe cut end protector is not
a good quality cut with either a Lever or        used.
Screw action pipe chain cutter (Fig. 4).
                                                                                                                      New pipe               Existing pipe
• Make a clear mark around the                   Pipe Jointing
  circumference of the pipe at the               SuperSleve/SuperSeal®/HepDuct/HepLine                  Section of new pipe cut to suit,
  desired length.                                Check that the                                         re-located, secured and resealed
                                                                          Fig. 6
• Pass the chain under the pipe, aligning        components are not                                     Junction Insertion
  the cutting wheels on the desired mark.        damaged in any way
• Hook the chain link onto the jaw of            that could result in an
  the pipe cutter.                               unsatisfactory joint.
• Tighten the chain upon the pipe by closing     Lower the pipe on
  the arms of the lever cutter together. Or      slings into the
  turn the tension bar of the screw cutter       trench. Ensure that                                   A suitable section of pipe is cut and removed from
  until tight.                                   the inside of the                                     the existing pipeline. The new junction is located, the
• Make a final check for correct alignment       coupling and the                                      orientation of the junction arm established and the
                                                                                                       junction secured and sealed
  of the chain with the pipe, then continue to   exterior of the spigot
  increase the chain tension by either method    is clean. Spread a layer of lubricant over the
  until the pipe cuts.                           pipe end to the required insertion depth
• After cutting, any sharp edges may             and push the coupling home onto the pipe          Testing
  require trimming with an emery stone.          (Fig. 6). Lower the next pipe into the trench,    Before any backfilling takes place, Hepworth
  For 150mm diameter SuperSleve use              inserting the pipe into the coupling of the       advise that testing should be carried out in
  pipe trimmer - product code MPT1.              pipe previously laid.                             accordance with the recommendations set
• Alternatively on 225mm diameter a pipe                                                           out in BS EN 1610: 1998. The Air and Water
  end protector may be used see Fig. 5.          Large Diameter HepSeal/HepLine                    test procedure is detailed in the Hepworth
                                                 Check that the component is not damaged           Drainage Solutions Handbook and web site
Powered Masonry Saw                              in any way that could result in an                under Technical – Specifier Manual –
A powered masonry saw can be used to cut         unsatisfactory joint. Ensure that the inside of   Sitework – Testing.
any diameter of pipe. Generally, 100 &           the socket is clean. Spread a layer of
150mm diameters are cut with a pipe chain        Hepworth Lubricant over the polyester             ‘Building Regulations Approved Document
cutter for speed and efficiency. 225 & 300mm     moulding inside the socket.                       H’ (clause 2.63) states that their test
diameters are generally cut by a powered         Do not lubricate the spigot or rubber seal.       requirements can be met by following the
recommendations set out in BS EN 1610:                                          Polypropylene couplings comply with BS                                           Lifetime Jetting Guarantee
1998.                                                                           EN 295-1. The rubber sealing rings conform
                                                                                to BS EN 681-1: 1996: Elastomeric seals -                                        The increasing use of high pressure jetting
Sewers for adoption states that their test                                      Material requirements for pipe joint seals                                       as a routine and cost-effective method of
requirements can be met by following the                                        used in water and drainage applications.                                         removing blockages in sewers has led to
recommendations set out in clause 4.7.4                                         Part 1. Vulcanised rubber.                                                       concerns among water companies, local
and 4.7.5, and recommends that further                                                                                                                           authorities, developers, contractors and
advice can be found as set out in BS EN                                         Flexible couplings up to 600mm in diameter                                       water jetting specialists about the ability of
1610: 1998.                                                                     also comply with BS EN 295-4: 1995 Vitrified                                     pipelines to withstand such applications.
                                                                                clay pipes and fittings and pipe joints for drains                               In response to these concerns Hepworth
System Performance                                                              and sewers Part 4. Requirements for special                                      Building Products has introduced a unique
and Applications                                                                fittings, adaptors and compatible accessories.                                   Lifetime Jetting Guarantee* on its sewerage
                                                                                                                                                                 systems for jetting maintenance up to
Chemical Resistance                                                             Hepworth clay drainage systems have been                                         7,500 psi.
Clay pipes are resistant to practically all                                     designed to meet the provisions laid out in
chemical attack. When designing a new                                           ‘Sewers for Adoption - a design and                                              The Guarantee
sewer system and selecting the materials,                                       construction guide for developers’.                                              All products in the Hepworth Clay Drainage
consideration should be given to the nature                                     Universal Inspection/Access systems has                                          range are guaranteed for the system lifetime
of the development and the possibility of                                       Agrément Certificate: 02/3884.                                                    against penetration of the pipe wall caused
discharge of harmful material.                                                                                                                                   by the following jetting criteria:
                                                                                All systems are capable of meeting the design,                                   •     High pressure water jet used at a
The principal causes of chemical attack are                                     layout, construction, testing and maintenance
                                                                                                                                                                       pressure of up to 7,500 psi (517 bar)
trade effluents, which can be a wide variety                                    requirements in BS EN 752 parts 1 to 4 and
of chemical types, and contamination in                                         BS EN 1610: 1998 for foul, surface and                                           •     At a flow rate not exceeding 20 gallons
surrounding soils. Land in which sewers are                                     ground water drainage.                                                                 per minute (1.5 litres per second)
to be laid is commonly contaminated e.g.
ex gas work sites, and pipe specification                                       Quality Assurance                                                                •     Held immobile for a constant period of
is important.                                                                   All Hepworth drainage products are                                                     not more than 5 minutes
                                                                                manufactured under a quality management
Clay is an inert material and does not generally                                system which is approved                                                         * When laid in accordance with Hepworth
require internal or external protection. Clay is                                to BS EN ISO 9001:2000                                                             instructions and the requirements of the
unaffected by acid conditions resulting from                                    Quality Management                                                                 codes of practice and guides relevant to
the presence of hydrogen sulphide in sewers                                     Systems -Requirements.                                                             their use.
and remains unaffected where the pH value
is between 2 and 12.                                                            All Hepworth manufacturing
                                                                                sites operate Environmental
Standards                                                                       Management Systems
The SuperSeal®, SuperSleve, HepSeal and                                         which comply with the
HepLine drainage systems comply with all                                        requirements of and are certified to BS EN
the relevant clauses of BS EN 295: 1991:                                        ISO 14001, Certificate Nos. EMS 71221,
Vitrified clay pipes and fittings and pipe                                      EMS 79968, EMS 77181, EMS 77364 and
joints for drains and sewers.                                                   EMS 82340.

HepDuct complies with BS 65: 1991:
Vitrified clay pipes, fittings and ducts, also
flexible mechanical joints for use solely with
surface water pipes and fittings.

System Applications
 System                                 Nominal Diameter (mm)                   Applications                                                                                                Specification

 SuperSleve                                  150, 225, 300                      Foul and surface water in housing, industrial commercial, highway drainage and adoptable sewers.            BS EN 295: 1991 Part 1

 SuperSeal®                                  150, 225, 300                      Adoptable sewers and foul and surface water in industrial, commercial and highway drainage.                 BS EN 295: 1991 Part 1

 HepSeal                                  400, 450, 500, 600                    Adoptable sewers and foul and surface water in industrial, commercial and highway drainage.                 BS EN 295: 1991 Part 1

 HepDuct                                  100, 150, 225, 300                    Communication and power ducting in commercial, industrial and road developments.                            BS 65: 1991

 HepLine                              100, 150, 225, 300, 400, 450              Surface water collection - highways, playing fields, sports grounds, forestry, waste tips and               BS EN 295: 1991 Part 5
                                                                                general land drainage.Effluent dispersal in housing and industrial developments.

 Flexible Couplings                           110 to 1999                       Repair, adapting to other systems and secondary connections.                                                BS EN 295: 1995 Part 4

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