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									RYAN HECK                                                               Assistant Art Director
(917) 886-8067           310 East 6th Street Apt. 9                             New York, NY 10003
Please visit my online portfolio at: www.heckwithdesign.com
Member of United Scenic Artists Local 829
 feature films:
 2007 “Righteous Kill”         -Assistant Art Director     2004 “Poolhall Prophets”                -Set Designer
        Millenium Films                                             Sony Pictures
        Tracey Gallacher- Production Designer                       Alex Tavoularis- Visual Consultant
 2007 “The Better Man” -Assistant Art Director             2001 "Kermit’s Swamp Years"          -Set Designer
      Universal Pictures                                            Henson Productions
      Bill Elliott- Production Designer                             David Gumpel- Director
 2006 “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”                2001 "Flying Tigers"                    -Set Designer
      -Set Designer                                               Morgan Creek, Wayne Morris- Producer
      Don Burt- Production Designer                               Jaymes Hinkle- Production Designer
 2006 “Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay”              2001 "Florida City"                      -Art Director
      -Conceptual Illustrator                                     Treat Yourself Films
      Stephen Daldry- Director                                    Ralph Clemente- Director
 2005 “Miami Vice”                      -Set Designer      2000 "American Outlaws"                 -Set Designer
        Universal Pictures, Michael Mann- E.P.                    Morgan Creek                       Florida Crew
        Victor Kempster- Production Designer                      Wayne Morris- Producer
 2004 "All the King's Men"              -Set Designer      1999 "Final Destination"                    -Illustrator
        Columbia Pictures, Michael Hausman- E.P.                  New Line Cinema                    Florida Crew
        Patrizia Von Brandenstein- Production Designer            James Wong- Director
 2007 "Law & Order SVU" -Assistant Art Director            2002 "Animal Jam"              -Assistant Art Director
        “Snitch” episode                                            Henson Productions
        NBC / Universal Television                                  Mark Garner- Production Designer
        Dean Taucher- Production Designer                  2000-01 "Sheena"          -Illustrator / Set Designer
 2006 "Knights of Prosperity"-Assistant Art Director                 Columbia/Tri-Star
        ABC Television                                               Orvis Rigsby- Production Designer
        Scott Murphy- Production Designer                  1999 "E.R."               -Illustrator / Set Designer
 2004 "Madam’s Family: The Truth About                            Warner Brothers Television
      the Canal Street Brothel"     -Set Designer                 Stephanie Girard- Art Director
        CBS Television          (movie of the week)        1998-99 "Mortal Kombat Conquest" -Set Designer
        Penny Hadfield- Production Designer                       New Line Television, Wayne Morris- Producer
                                                                  Orvis Rigsby- Production Designer
 television commercials (Assistant Art Director):
 AMERICAN EXPRESS – Art Dir: Carlos Menendez - Dir: Barry Levinson - Radical Media/Jerry Seinfeld (NY)
 AMERITECH – Art Dir: Carlos Menendez - Director: Paul Goldman - Cohn & Company (NY)
 BLACK & DECKER - Art Dir: Carlos Menendez - Director – Tim Abshire – Backyard Productions (NY)
 CAPITAL ONE – Art Dir: Carlos Menendez - Dir: Paul Goldman – Partizan Entertainment – Stillking (PRAGUE,CZ)
 theme parks:
 2001-04 Universal Creative- Show Set Lead- "Universal Studios Shanghai" Shanghai, China
                             Set Designer- "The Mummy" Universal Studios, Orlando
 2002-03 Nickelodeon Recreation- Art Director- "Nickelodeon Central" Dreamworld Theme Park, Australia

specialized skills:
        SketchUp computer 3-D modeling (pre-viz)          Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
        Vectorworks CAD and manual drafting               Graphic design and conceptual rendering
               1996-1998        Valencia Community College, Orlando FL
                                Associate in Science- Film Production Technology (1998)
               1995-1996        School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL  Major: Film / Fine Art
               1993-1995        Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota FL     Major: Illustration / Fine Art
               Carlos Menendez           (212)929-0741                     Gary Baugh          (773) 805-1521
               Patrizia Von Brandenstein (212) 206-9770                    Kelly Curley        (504) 393-8124

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