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									Things To Do In Shanghai 2010
Shanghai 2010 is going to attract the world's attention, as the World Expo is going to be held here. Is
Shanghai travel on your schedule yet? Have you plan what to do in this highly cosmopolitan financial
city of China? As a native Chinese who travels to Shanghai frequently, here is my suggested list of
top 10 things to do in Shanghai.

'Shanghai At Night' is famous in China and worldwide. The Bund is the most famous and attractive
sight here. The best time to admire the Bund is after dark when all the buildings are lit up creating an
extremely colourful and breathtaking scene. There are 52 blocks of buildings of different architectural
styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance - comprising banks,
hotels, MNC headquarters etc. The stunning views here do not only attract visitors but film producers.
There are two ways to admire the Bund.

1. Admire the Bund by Cruise
There are lots of sightseeing cruises to let you view the beautiful Bund every night. Make sure to go
on one of these cruises.

2. Admire the Bund on the west bank of Huangpu River
Take a relax walk on the walking corridor along the Bund. However as of December 2009, the
corridor was under renovation in preparation for the 2010 Expo. Even so, you can drive along the
Huangpu river bank and stop by the end of the Bund nearby Russian Consulate where you can
oversee the Pearl TV Tower at the opposite bank. While you are not able to take good photos on
board a cruise, this is the best photogenic spot for you to take plenty of beautiful photos of Shanghai.

3. Xin Tian Di
Enjoy a cup of high tea at Shanghai Xin Tian Di at Puxi. It is a fashionable pedestrian street
composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. It retains the antique walls, tiles and exterior
of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai. On the other hand, its interior embodies a totally different
world of international gallery, bars and cafes, boutiques or theme restaurants, accompanied by a
central fountain.

4. City God Temple
This is one of the most remarkable landmarks of Shanghai. You must come here to taste the most
authentic world-famous Shanghai Nanxiang Juicy Bun (Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao). There are also
plenty of traditional Chinese restaurants and souvenior shops along with Starbucks. But don't expect
to find a temple here, though the place is called City God Temple.

5. Nanjing Road
Even if you are not a shopperholic, please do spare an hour to visit this premier shopping street in
Shanghai - Nanjing Road. Upscale department stores within buildings of 1920s style along with world-
famous brands and restaurants. This place is also ideal to shop for authentic Shanghainese snacks
and souveniors. If you don't want to walk, a trackless sightseeing train would only cost 3 yuan. After
dark, flashing neon signs illuminate the magnificent buildings and make the Nanjing Road an
extremely shinning place in Shanghai.

6. Maglev Train
Take the Shanghai Maglev Train from Pudong International Airport to the Lujiazui financial district.
The Maglev has a regular service speed of 430 km/h and is the fastest railway system in commercial
operation in the world. This point-to-point 30-km ride takes about eight minutes and 50 yuan only for
one way and 80 yuan for a round trip.

7. Jin Mao Tower
Take a good aerial view of Shanghai from the observation deck on the 88/F of Jin Mao Tower. Being
the fourth tallest building of the world and the second tallest building in China, Jin Mao Tower is
located in the centre of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Districts in Pudong. This building includes modern
offices, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, exhibition halls and banquet halls.

8. Hairy Crabs (seasonal at Autumn)
Go do a crab feast. Food hunting is important for most travellers. Shanghai cuisine is famous and
hairy crabs are what you must eat here. However hairy crabs are seasonal. If you come between
September and November, it is the best time to not only enjoy hairy crabs, but a crab feast.

9. World Expo 2010 (May to Oct, 2010)
Attend The Expo 2010 in Shanghai. This international event will provide a platform for participants to
share their experiences and discuss advanced ideas on cities, and explore new approaches to eco-
friendly lifestyles under the theme of 'Better City, Better Life'. By June, 2009, 239 countries, cities and
international organisations have confirmed to take part in Expo 2010. Don't miss the Expo 2010 in

10. Rowing Boat - Water Village Tours
Take a rowing boat trip at one of the water villages nearby Shanghai. These Venice-like villages are
namely Wu Zhen, Zhujiajiao, and Zhuo Zhuang - featuring river bank village houses and beautiful
bridges - very picturesque.

To visit Shanghai, don't forget a China visa, as all visitors would need one. Here are the guidelines to
apply for a China Visa.

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