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e-commerce architect

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                                             Question: 1.
Warren wants a simple way to specify a default target for all the links on his web page. Which HTML tag
should he use?

C. < BASE>

                                               Answer: C

                                             Question: 2.
Which browsing the web, Nina downloads a page that takes a long time. She notices that the images
appears progressively throughout the download, but the applets do not. Thestatus bar shows the remaining
percentage for the applet the to complete. Why is Nina unable to see applet while it downloads.

A. Java applets must register parameters with the JVM
B. Java applets cannot instantiate without a class file.
C. Java applets have no streaming capability.
D. Java applets are memory intensive throughout downloading.

                                               Answer: C

                                             Question: 3.
John is instructed to create visually a appealing bitmap image for the home page that links to all the other
pages. What should he create?

A. An image map
B. A pcture Map
C. A hypermap
D. A link map

                                               Answer: A
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper                                         2
                                             Question: 4.
Which component is absolutely necessary in order to connect to the internet?

B. A network interface card (NIC)
C. An e-mail client.
D. A direct connection.

                                              Answer: A

                                             Question: 5.
Which one of the following statements about cookies is accurate?

A. Cookies are simple graphic files
B. Cookies can contain user-enable latent viruses
C. Cookies are stored in multiple locations on the user’s computer.
D. Cookies are sent in the HTTP response header.

                                              Answer: D

                                             Question: 6.
Dieter structures his site’s web pages so that certain is visible and persistent while other information
changes. Dieter produces this functionality using panes in the browser Window. What is the name of these

A. Frames
B. Tables
C. Navigation links
D. Date elements

                                              Answer: A
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper                                    3
                                              Question: 7.
Marie want to use flash for her entire website. What is the main disadvantage?

A. Rapid site develop,ment and maintenance are not possibel without a team of skilled flash developers.
B. The repid change in Internet techhnology maket site diffulcut to keep pace using this
pseclized tehnology.
C. Similar Techonloies are energin that mighty render flash obolste.
D. The cost and time required to develp a flas site are prohibtive.

                                               Answer: A

                                              Question: 8.
To identify a downloadable file on her web site, Frank includes the following code.

A. Specify the visited hyperlink colour.
B. Add a file type description and site.
C. Enter the file name in all uppercase
D. Provide alternative file types.

                                               Answer: B

                                              Question: 9. sells a variety of products on its Web site to the highest bidder. What type of
business model are they using?

A. Affiliate Marketing.
B. Online Auction
C. Supply chain improver
D. Name your price.

                                               Answer: B
Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper                                          4
                                           Question: 10.
You want to buy stock in company, and you need some unbiased information about the company’s business
practices. Which is the best way to learn objective information?

A. Visit the company Web site.
B. Research the company in a newsgroup
C. Create mailing list that sends messages to several employees in the company asking them for information
D. Review the company’s stock at Yahoo. Com.

                                            Answer: A.
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                        EC0-232                                     Eccouncil

e-commerce architect

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