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                                                  January 26, 2012

Dear Parents:

        We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide food service for students at Indian River Charter High
School. Our goal is to provide a menu of quality food choices that is healthier and appetizing for your teen, and
meal plans that parents find to be fair, affordable, and budget-friendly.

        Food services have been available on campus since November 7, 2011 and it is important that we ensure
that every parent has been given the information they need, the opportunity to enroll their child(ren) in the lunch
program, or to opt out and not participate at all.

General Food Service Policies:

    1. Food service is facilitated through catering services and a pre-order system. This means students/parents
        must order the lunches they would like from a menu and submit their order by the stated deadline.
    2. Participation requires the selection and purchase of a lunch plan. A Meal Plan Enrollment Form must be
        completed by a parent/legal guardian and submitted to the food service department along with your initial
        payment. Completion of the “food allergy section” of the form is required for your form to be processed and
        service to begin.
    3. All meals must be pre-ordered from our published menu, and pre-paid, regardless of meal plan type.
    4. Meals can only be pre-ordered using the appropriate menu/order forms, which we will pre-print and
        distribute to students through their home base teacher every other week.
    5. 3-day and 5-day lunch plans are available. The weekly cost for a 3-day lunch plan is $10 and for a 5-day
        lunch plan is $15.
    6. The co-payment for a reduced lunch is $1.10 per day or $5.50 per week.
    7. All students, including those approved for free or reduced price lunches, must purchase beverages
        separately. The cost for beverages is $.50 daily, $2.50 weekly, or $10 monthly.
    8. Payments for meal plans, beverage plans, and co-payments for reduced lunch participants must be made
        and submitted in advance along with the bi-weekly order form.
    9. A very limited ala carte menu will be available for last minute purchases; however, ala carte orders must be
        made no later than the 9:30 a.m. in the café. Payment for ala carte orders must be made at the time the
        order is placed.
    10. At this time, only checks and cash can be accepted as payment for meal plans
    11. Changes to or termination of meal plans may be made at any time, however, change requests will be
        effective for the following week of service after the request is made.
    12. A student representative will be assigned to pickup all meals ordered for his/her home base classroom at
        11:30 a.m. daily (so that the greatest number of students possible can receive a lunch), and coordinate
        other program-related activities within their home base classroom. Student representatives have been
        approved by the school’s director to receive volunteer hours for their services, which are eligible to be used
        to meet their annual academic requirements at IRCHS.
    13. Parents must contact the school administration office to apply for free or reduced meal plan eligibility.
    14. A biweekly or monthly menu can be viewed and/or printed from the homepage of the s school’s website.
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Additional Information:

        The success of the food service program is based solely upon it use by parents and students.

        Breakfast service is currently suspended due to low participation in the past. If breakfast service is
         resumed, it will feature primarily grab-n-go items such as bagels, muffins, cereal, etc. for $1.00.

        We hope to implement and manage food ordering, lunch plan purchases, and payments online through We are also finalizing plans to setup and operate up to 2 kiosks on campus to increase
         our visibility and make services more convenient and accessible to students. The anticipated start date for
         these program enhancements is early to mid-February.

    If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 772-501-5169 or at extension 142.

Jacqueline J. Idlette-Reason
Jacqueline J. Idlette-Reason
Executive Director

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