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					Outlines: Poet Research
       First Set up your FOUR Paragraph
•   I. Biography info
      – Start with general info about poet
      – Move into more specific info (that is going to help set up how the theme of change ran
         through his life and work)
      – State your THESIS—your big point for the essay

     II. How does theme of change run through his life and work?
     – Give evidence by explaining what types of things has he written and how have they been
         “transformational”? Offer an explanation
     – Give evidence by explaining what in his past could have led him to write this way. Offer
         an explanation

     III. Share one poem that shows an example of this theme of change
     – Quote lines as evidence to show the theme. Offer an explanation about the meaning
          and how it fits with the theme of change in your poet’s work
     IV. Conclusion
     - Sum up your argument of how your poet was transformational
Once all of your sources have been cited you
  need to print your bibliography. There a
  couple things you need to remember

•   All lines after the first one must be indented
•   Your entries must be in alphabetical order
•   Your name and Block should be at the top of your paper in a
             Correct Format
• "NEA - Dr. Seuss's Biography." NEA – NEA
     Home. Web. 09 Nov. 2011. <http:/

• Theodor Seuss Geisel - "Dr. Seuss" Biography.
     Web. 10 Nov. 2011. <http://
   Start to write out your notecard
• One side will have your outline
• The other side will have your notes. You may only write in
  bullet points—no sentences except your research questions at
  the top
• Only put down the info you don’t think you can remember,
  like specific dates, examples, quotations, etc.
• If you choose not to follow the guidelines above, you will not
  be able to use your card during the assessment
              Today’s Goals:
1. Complete your research and make sure you
   run your idea of how your poet is
   transformational by a teacher.
2. Write out your outline draft on a piece of
   paper ( or use inspiration)and have a teacher
   check it.
3. Complete your bibliography and print it
4. Transfer your outline to your notecard
5. Fill out the notes on your notecard
        Assessment is Tuesday
• Whatever you don’t finish today, you will need
  to complete as homework
• You will have the entire period on Tuesday to
• On Tuesday you must bring your bibliography,
  your notes and your notecard.

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