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					Poetry Annotation

    Finding literary devices within
          a work of poetry
Annotating a poem
 Texts and poems require many
 readings and often annotation to
 clarify the many layers of meaning
 that the author has created.
 Annotation is common in literary
 criticism and analysis, particularly for
 poetry which is often densely packed
 with literary devices and carefully
 considered word choice and order.
Annotating a poem

 Annotation: Providing critical (as in
 criticism) and explanatory notes for a
 work of literature. Annotation is often
 placed in the margins of text or poetry
 that has been annotated with specific
 references to lines, words and
 phrases. Use of literary devices as
 applied to the work is common.
Annotating a poem
 As you annotate, consider carefully each
 word and turn of phrase and determine its
 purpose within the writing.
  Some questions to consider are: What is
 the author saying through this particular
 speaker/persona? What is the natural
 progression of the poem? What is its
 purpose? What is the tone and style of the
Annotating a poem
 What is the poem’s structure which
 explains its progression along with the
 major turning points
 Is there any language such as dialect that
 denotes regionality, education of speaker,
 rhetorical purpose, etc. Is it
 conversational, colloquial or does the
 speaker fall back on formal language?
 Tone: Is the poem celebratory, depressed,
 confused? Does it shift or change?
Annotating a poem

 Speaker/Persona: What does the
 poem reveal about the speaker?
 Imagery: What images does the
 poem use to create meaning or set
 the mood?
 Symbolism: What images become
Annotating a poem
 Any other characteristics that are
 specific to your poem--Every poem is
 As you research, you will discover
 that particular poets are known for
 certain techniques or styles. If this
 poem follows that trend or veers from
 it, this may be important to your
 understanding of the poem.
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