hacking by sathish232323


Hacking the data from many servers making the data many availability software. in hacking we
are having two types.

Threads: - a programs which have designed destroying the data.

Trap dose:- trap dose is the back door of virus.

Logic bomb :- logic bombs is a particular program is deigned when we give the data that it will
burst the system.

Trojans :- Trojans virus enters in to the system it will collapse system.

Warm:- warm virus will be keep on ruining in system.

Threads :-threads are nothing but accessing a server with establishing some links via client
systems. A program written which we access remote system basically are twao types.

1)   Internal thread:- internal thread from co-user hacking the data with organization.

2) External thread :- external thread is a user [or] a hacker accessing information illegal via
the internet. (its nothing but running the software in some other database from remote location
collecting all the information illegal

3)   Ex:- virus attacks, Trojans horse , warms , boot virus , sniphers.etc

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