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                              iPad 3 Features Rumors

iPad 3 release is right at the corner! On January 19, Apple held a small conference.
Even the conference is small, the influence is great. On this day, Apple call for a
re-definition of textbooks so as to thoroughly change the books issued way in
education sector. And we can make the meeting as the warm-up for the release of iPad

In accordance with the established practice of two generations of iPad before, iPad 3
will be released in this spring. Now is the beginning of February, so it should not be
too far from the release. We may wish to guess some iPad characteristics according to
the iPad 3 features rumors recently.

iPad 3 Features Rumors - iPad 3 Most Anticipated Features

1. Retina Screen

First is the most concerned Retina screen by most iPad users. This new feature certainly will
appear in the iPad 3 since that the current iPad 1024 x 768 resolution is insufficient to show
the contents of the paper books. The printing resolution nowadays is 300DIP, which is much
higher than the current iPad screen resolution. So if want to move the contents of the
paper-based books on the iPad, it is necessary to improve the resolution of iPad.

If iPad 3 resolution is 2048 x 1536, then the resolution is about 250DIP which is close to
Retina and the print resolution. And the crystal lattice of LCD is relatively clear and would
have no printed film diffusion problem. So 250DPI's imaging effect would not be worse than
the paper print.

2. Extended Memory

The second one would be that the memory of the iPad 3 should once again be extended. Since
iPad 2 increase one times in the memory than the first generation, the running effect is fairly
ideal. But if iPad 3 screen resolution is doubled, then the actual display pixel would be times
than the original. For this reason, the memory requirements would be much higher. This is
really needed especially when working for 3D graphics computing.

Since iPad should not set up an independent large capacity memory that expanding memory
becomes the most convenient way to solve problem. Besides the current memory chip is very
cheap that if not considering about the power consumption of the memory, the larger memory
would be the better.
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3. Larger Storage Capability

If the iPad 3 screen resolution is doubled, then iPad 3 built-in storage will certainly upgrade.
Apple began to provide new textbook downloads after the iBooks conference days ago. The
capacity of these textbooks is very terrible that an ordinary book is more than 800MB and the
exquisite one can achieve 2GB. So if you use 16GB iPad to download these textbooks, you
can just save a few of them actually. Then the said of using iPad to replace the bag would not
be available. So the basic version of iPad 3 may upgrade it flash to 32GB.

By the way, if the iPad 3 comes with larger storage capacity, then you are able to download
and save more videos on it for leisure time entertainment. If you once want to input DVD
movies or HD videos into iPad 3, it would also be available as long as you convert these
media files into iPad compatible video formats with DVD and Video to iPad Converter.

Ok, that's all about the iPad 3 features rumors and the guess on iPad 3 most anticipated and
available features.

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