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									SQBOK Phase 3 Team Charters

Overall Mission / Scope: There are three SQBOK goals for 2010:
   1. Expand on tools, providing more examples, while making this section on tools more user-
      friendly than the current Excel spreadsheet.
   2. Develop a process for integrating resources with ASQ QBOK, then update and maintain
      the list of recommended supporting resources.
   3. Cross-link existing ASQ training programs to the SQBOK, then recommend additional
      training programs to help satisfy any identified gaps.

Targeted Completion: Service Quality Division Conference / September 13, 2010

Recommended Teams: Steering Committee, Tool, Resource, and Training


Team: Steering Committee
Team Sponsor: Rob Houle, SQD Chair
Team Leader: John Iverson
Team Size: 4-6 + Noel Wilson (ASQ)

Mission / Scope: The Steering Committee maintains responsibility for achieving the goals
outlined by the Service Quality Division. This committee decides how the work shall be
executed and communicates progress to Service Quality Division leadership.

Key Deliverables:
    Achievement of 3 2010 SQBOK Goals
    Updated Tool page with additional examples
    Resource management process
    Updated list of recommended resources
    Recommended ASQ Training
    Proposal for additional ASQ training course development

Key Inputs:
    SQBOK: http://www.asq.org/service/body-of-knowledge/index.html
    SQBOK SharePoint site: http://asqgroups.asq.org/divisions/SQD/bok/

Process Notes:
    The team will meet approximately every two weeks
    The team may modify the scope of the project with approval of SQD leadership.

Team Volunteers:
Name                     Email                                 Role
Rob Houle                Robert_Houle@tufts-health.com         Sponsor
John Iverson             John.iverson@vangent.com              Project Coordinator
Lori Dellinger      ldellinger74@gmail.com
Jen Piccotti        jen_piccotti@yahoo.com      FaceBOK
Leia Patzernuk      Leia.Patzernuk@maritz.com
Noel Wilson (ASQ)   nwilson@asq.org             ASQ Liaison

Team: Tool Team
Team Leader: TBD
Team Size: 6-8

Mission / Scope: This team will expand on previous SQBOK work to further develop
recommended tools. Specifically, the team is asked to adjust the existing tools list so that it is
more closely linked with the rest of the SQBOK. This includes linking tools to knowledge areas
and changing to HTML format. More examples are highly desired. Optionally, a recommended
process for maintaining the tools portion of the SQBOK would be highly valued.

Key Deliverables:
    Electronic list of tools
          o Linked to knowledge areas
          o With examples
          o In HTML format (or convertible to HTML)
    (Optional) Recommended process for tool section maintenance

Key Inputs:
    SQBOK: http://www.asq.org/service/body-of-knowledge/index.html
    SQBOK tools list: http://www.asq.org/service/2009/10/sqbok-tools.xls

Process Notes:
    The team may choose to link tools to knowledge area families instead of specific focus
    It is advised that the team first focus on a proposed layout / format for the site.

Targeted Completion: July 31, 2010 for the completed list to allow time for review and page
updates. The Steering Committee will work with the Tool Team to set interim goals once the
order of work is established by the team.

Team: Resource Team
Team Leader: TBD
Team Size: 10-12 + Noel Wilson (ASQ)

Mission / Scope: This team will first identify a process by which SQBOK recommended
resources will be updated and integrated with ASQ’s QBOK. Then, the team will use the
process to update the list of recommended SQBOK resources. Optionally, the team may develop
the means for qualitative ratings by service quality professionals.

Key Deliverables:
    Resource identification and integration process
    Updated list of resources divided by SQBoK Knowledge Area
    (Optional) Web functionality for qualitative ratings by division members

Key Inputs:
    SQBOK: http://www.asq.org/service/body-of-knowledge/index.html
    SQBOK Resource List: http://www.asq.org/service/body-of-knowledge/resources.html
    ASQ Library / BoK:

Process Notes:
    It is desirable that the process for inclusion in the SQBOK recommended list require
      more than one opinion.
    The following resource attributes should be avoided:
          o Out of print
          o Web link (only source is web page)
          o Not readily accessible
          o Past edition
          o Published without formal review (i.e. self-published)
    Specific citations within resources are advised when the applicable content is a small
      percentage of the overall work.
    The scope of this team is to identify sources of information. It is not necessary to extract
      the information from the resources.

Targeted Completion: Process - March 31, 2010; Updated List – July 31, 2010

Team: Training Team
Team Leader: TBD
Team Size: 4-6

Mission / Scope: This team will first compare the SQBOK knowledge areas and descriptions to
existing ASQ training offerings, linking the offerings to knowledge area groups. Then the team
will recommend training opportunities based on gaps between current offerings and the SQBOK.
Optionally, the team will make role-specific recommendations for training.

Key Deliverables:
    Crosswalk of ASQ training to SQBOK knowledge areas
    Knowledge area gaps for which no ASQ training exists
    Recommendation for additional ASQ training
    (Optional) Role-based recommendations for ASQ training

Key Inputs:
    SQBOK: http://www.asq.org/service/body-of-knowledge/index.html
    ASQ Training List
    (Optional) Levels of mastery: http://www.asq.org/service/2009/10/sqbok-mastery-

Process Notes:
    It is outside of team scope to evaluate the quality of ASQ training; however, it may be
      necessary to review training for applicability to service.

Targeted Completion: Crosswalk - April 30, 2010; List of Gaps – April 30, 2010;
Recommendation for training – June 30, 2010.


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