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									                                                                 FAQs: Human Resources

Posted     Human Resources Question:                                  Answer:

9/17/2003 Can the FTE flag that is used to create the position         No, the FTE flag is used on the Department Budget FTE page by
          status report be used to create reports in other funded OPM. The Monthly Position Status report looks at the FTE field
          areas besides general fund. Is this a possibility or is the and breaks out by all account codes for each position.
          flag only tied to general fund?
                                                                       Agency users will also be able to also create queries to identify
                                                                       other position related information.
9/17/2003 Is there a report that will list all employees with multiple No. Due to Department Security. If the users need this information
          jobs in the system?                                          as part of verifying a new hire, he/she should call DAS auditing
                                                                       because DAS has statewide security.
9/17/2003 How are employee's handled in the Hire or Maintain           It is up to each agency how they want to track their employees time.
          Workforce process when an employee is on Loan to             Since the employee is ultimately charging his/her time to his/her
          another agency?                                              agency, there isn't anything in Hire or Maintain that needs to be
                                                                       updated. The account codes of the position do not change.

9/17/2003 Can an agency use the 'accomodations' portion of the       Yes, these pages are available if agencies want to capture
          disability data for bookkeeping purposes?                  accomodations information.
9/17/2003 When running reports for the Personnel Actions History     No. The Personnel Actions History report only runs for Dept IDs
          report the parameters for the Run Control are for the      and will break by Action, Action Date (date entered) and Job
          Dept. ID. Will the run control further break down the      Effective Date.
          department parameters for Location as well?

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                                                                FAQs: Human Resources

9/17/2003 Is seniority automatically calculated in Core-CT?            For converted employees, the answer is no unless the seniority
                                                                       date was provided by the agency. If the agency did not provide a
                                                                       seniority date, then the seniority date for these converted
                                                                       employees defaults to the employee's hire date.

                                                                 Seniority Date field will not be available at go live. Rules have not
                                                                 been fully tested. The process should be available around March
                                                                 or April and agencies will be notified. Once the process is
                                                                 activated, a seniority program will run monthly to calculate
                                                                 employees' seniority date. For those employees whose seniority
                                                                 date cannot be calculated due to complex rules, the seniority
                                                                 program will list them in an exception report that can be used by
                                                                 agencies to identify for whom the seniority date was defaulted to
                                                                 the hire date.
9/17/2003 Can the Last Date Worked field be manually populated They should use the Appointment End Date. The Last Date Worked
          for faculty members ending their assignment in May and is system populated.
          they will not be coming back...or should they use the
          Appointment End Date?

9/17/2003 On the Identity/Diversity page under the Referral Source     They would use it if the person who referred them to the job is a
          section, when do users use the checkbox for "Applicant       relative.
          is a Family Member"?
9/17/2003 Is the Social Security Number on the Employee Data           SSNs are picked up by Benefits. There is no override feature to
          picked up by Benefits to be sent to the Carrier? If so, is   prevent SSN's being sent to the carriers.
          there an override feature in Benefits that prevents the
          Social Security Number from being sent to the Carrier?

9/17/2003 When entering an application, on the Education page,         Although there is an asterisk next to the field, this is not a required
          isn’t using the date degree acquired field be age            field.
9/17/2003 There is no choice for GED. What should they put if          This option was added, so at go live the GED option will be
          they have a GED instead of a High School Diploma?            available for selection.
9/17/2003 Why aren’t all the schools (high school, college, etc)       For schools, Core-CT added (to a list that was preloaded with a
          listed under the look up? Who put this list together?        PeopleSoft program) all Connecticut colleges but no high schools,
                                                                       middle schools, etc.

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                                                                  FAQs: Human Resources

9/17/2003 After searching for applicants in the General Pool, if you   Yes, you can save the search to use at a later time.
          do not attach them to a requisition can you save this
          search to use again or would you have to start the
          search process over again?
9/17/2003 If someone takes an exam that DAS has announced              DAS will make this information available to agencies upon request.
          and an agency wants that person how do they go about
          accessing that individuals application?
9/17/2003 Can you assign more than one position number to a            If you have more than one position of the same class title, change
          posting?                                                     the target number of positions to the number you have available
                                                                       and do not put in a position number. Just post the requisition with
                                                                       the class information and leave the position number blank.

9/17/2003 If an agency wants to add questions sets to the e-recruit Agencies can send the questions to DAS.
          pages , who do they send them to?
9/17/2003 If my application was pulled from the General Pool and Yes, you would be able to attach your Application/Resume to an
          attached to a job requisition, can I apply for another job? existing job requisition or resubmit it to the General Pool for future
9/17/2003 In the Screening Process how is the score calculated? Each question can be attached to a certain amount and/or
          Exactly what criteria is included in this process and what percentage of points.
          are the point values?
9/17/2003 When I go to review my resume how do I know if my           There isn't anywhere in the system where the applicant can check
          resume has been tied to a job requisition and what          who has viewed and attached his/her resume to a job requisition.
          agency it’s tied to?                                        The interested agency will have to notify the applicant.

9/17/2003 After you do the Preliminary Screening how do you track      There is no place in Core-CT to record this information before the
          why you didn’t move a person into the interview              Interview Process. One option is to record this information
          process? This information is needed for Affirmative          manually and keep paper files or you could move all applicants into
          Action.                                                      the Interview Phase and record this information under the Interview
                                                                       Evaluation Process. You could record your preliminary screen
                                                                       evaluation here and put information in the comments section that
                                                                       the individual was not interviewed and the reason why.

New        If a termination is effective dated Monday will the         The termination date should always be the morning after the last
           Termination Date be the Sunday or Friday?                   day worked. For example, if the last day worked was Monday, then
                                                                       the termination date would be Tuesday. If the last day worked was
                                                                       Friday then the termination date would be Saturday.

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                                                             FAQs: Human Resources

New   How is the position count handled on a Temporary              In the instance that an employee is on a PAID leave, there will be
      Service in a Higher Class? In the instance that an            two positions. But if the incumbent is on an Unpaid leave, and the
      employee is on a paid leave and the agency wants to           agency wants to temp fill that position there should only be one
      temporarily fill that position will there be two incumbents   position.
      filling that position or is a separate Temporary position
      created that doesn't add to the agencies position count?

New   Why, in the case of rehiring a retiree with paid up Life   This is needed in order for Comptrollers to be able to track those
      Insurance, is the employee being hired as a Concurrent entitled to Life Insurance.
      Job instead of a Transfer?
New   If I want to change the classification of an already       Yes, if the new classification is subject to review.
      existing position - does it have to go through any sort of
      approval process?

New   Does the marital status field on the personal data pages No, this information is not tied to benefits or taxes.
      tie to the Benefits or Tax related information?

New   We have full time employees with teachers retirement          You can have one FICA indicator per job.
      as their retirement plan with partial or no FICA for their
      full time position.
      They work summer as a part-time lecturer. Dual empl
      for second job they need FICA.

      Can we have two FICA Indicators for two jobs?
New   At what point is shift and weekend shift fields filled in on The shift defaults to 1 and the eligible for weekend differential
      Employment Data - Time Reporter Data                           defaults to no. If the HR user knows the values for these fields,
                                                                     then he/she can change the default. The Time and Labor will also
                                                                     verify the values of these fields and make the appropriate updates if
New   Can you create a position at one level and then actually Yes, this can be done but it must meet the Q-Item requirements.
      hire an individual at a lower level position, e.g., under fill
      the position?
New   Can you hire a person part time into a full time position? Yes, however this must meet bargaining unit and state statute

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                                                            FAQs: Human Resources

New   Regarding temporary service in a higher class, if the        No, the position head count does not need to be modified.
      position already has an incumbent in it, does the
      position head count need to be modified? Is there a          If a person is in an unpaid leave of absence status then they are not
      way to be certain that there is not an incumbent already     receiving pay. Else, must verify through payroll.
      being paid when we enter a new person into the
New    If when an individual is in temporary service in a higher   The jobcode for the TSHC position defaults in. The union code
      class position and the union code is different from their    should match the jobcode set up with the position. Permanent
      original position, does the union code need to be            position should be on an unpaid leave of absence; TSHC
      changed? Which union code should be used – the one           assignment should be concurrent position. Union code deduction
      from the original job or the one for the new higher level    overriden in payroll.
      position? Which code automatically defaults into the
New   Who will be able to access Disability Accommodation          The agency HR Specialist role has access.
      Information, especially diagnostic codes in light of
      HIPPA restrictions and ADA?
New   How are hyphenated names handled? Will they be               Alphabetical by first hyphenated name
      listed alphabetically by first hyphenated name or second
      hyphenated name?
New   What does the 26.1 for Frequency on the                      The State of Connecticut calculates most annual salaries by 26.1
      Compensation Page in Job Data mean?

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